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Abbreviation:   PEO  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   poly(ethylene oxide)
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A fluorescence study of the loading and time stability of doxorubicin in sodium cholate/PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymer mixed micelles. DLS, DX, PPO, SAXS
2019 A Nonionic Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) Surfactant Model: Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Studies of Kolliphor EL. KOL, MD
2019 Bioadhesive anisotropic nanogrooved microfibers directing three-dimensional neurite extension. PCL, PNE
2019 Biosorption of glycerol impurities from biodiesel production onto electrospun chitosan-based nanofibers: equilibrium and thermodynamic evaluations. CB-EN
2019 Cu nanoparticles constrain segmental dynamics of cross-linked polyethers: a trade-off between non-fouling and antibacterial properties. NPs
2019 Design and optimization of kollicoat IR based mucoadhesive buccal film for co-delivery of rizatriptan benzoate and propranolol hydrochloride. AVgel powder, CCD, DSC, FTIR, PRH, RB, SEM
2019 Effect of halides on the solvation of poly(ethylene oxide) in the ionic liquid propylammonium nitrate. PABr, PACl, PAN, PILs, SANS
2019 Effect of triblock copolymer surfactant composition on flow-induced phase inversion emulsification in a tapered channel. FIPIE, PIE, PPO
2019 Effects of Drug-Polymer Interactions on Tablet Properties During the Development of Abuse-Deterrent Dosage Forms. ADFs
10  2019 Fabrication of a Micro/Nano-Net Membrane Using Cellulose Nanocrystals Derived from Seaweed. CNCs
11  2019 Fabrication of gallic acid loaded Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose nanofibers by electrospinning technique as active packaging material. HPMC, Td
12  2019 Facile Access to Completely Deuterated Single-Chain Nanoparticles Enabled by Intramolecular Azide Photodecomposition. dSCNPs
13  2019 Facile Preparation of Self-Assembled Polydopamine-Modified Electrospun Fibers for Highly Effective Removal of Organic Dyes. MO, PCL, PDA, SVA
14  2019 Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells via Modification of Energy Levels at the Perovskite/Carbon Electrode Interface. PSCs
15  2019 Impact of Polymer Enrichment at the Crystal-Liquid Interface on Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Solid Dispersions. EDS, GSF, SEM
16  2019 Lignin-Based Carbon Nanofibers as Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Couple Electrochemistry. CNFs, DMF, KL
17  2019 Mixed Polymer Brushes for the Selective Capture and Release of Proteins. Fb, HSA, LYZ, PAA, ToF-SIMS
18  2019 Molecular weight fractionation by confinement of polymer in one-dimensional pillar[5]arene channels. ---
19  2019 Morphology Tuning of ZnO/P3HT/P3HT- b-PEO Hybrid Films Deposited via Spray or Spin Coating. HBSCs, P3HT, ZnO
20  2019 Nanostructuring Single-Molecule Polymeric Nanoparticles via Macromolecular Architecture. PS
21  2019 Organoiridium(III) Complexes as Luminescence Color Switching Probes for Selective Detection of Nerve Agent Simulant in Solution and Vapor Phase. CWAs, DCP, PL
22  2019 Separations of antifungal compounds in capillary electrophoresis with two anionic cyclodextrins. CE, HPLC, SFC
23  2019 Space-Charge Effects at the Li7La3Zr2O12/Poly(ethylene oxide) Interface. ---
24  2019 Tailored high cycling performance in a solid polymer electrolyte with perovskite-type Li0.33La0.557TiO3 nanofibers for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries. SPEs
25  2019 Three dimensional sea-urchin-like PdAuCu nanocrystals/ferrocene-grafted-polylysine as an efficient probe to amplify the electrochemical signals for ultrasensitive immunoassay of carcinoembryonic antigen. AuNPs, CEA, Fc-g-PLL, PdAuCu NCs
26  2019 Ultrasound sonication prior to electrospinning tailors silk fibroin/PEO membranes for periodontal regeneration. hPDLs, SF
27  2018 A promising PMHS/PEO blend polymer electrolyte for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries. PMHS
28  2018 A stimulus-responsive, in situ-forming, nanoparticle-laden hydrogel for ocular drug delivery. CBGA, HA, MC, PLA
29  2018 Accumulation of Glassy Poly(ethylene oxide) Anchored in Covalent Organic Framework as Solid-state Li+ Electrolyte. COF
30  2018 Action of ginger essential oil (Zingiber officinale) encapsulated in proteins ultrafine fibers on the antimicrobial control in situ. FTIR, GEO, SPI
31  2018 Adsorption of Pluronic Surfactants in Alkylene Carbonates on Silica. AFM, EC, MWC, PC, PPO
32  2018 Amplified polarization properties of electrospun nanofibers containing fluorescent dyes and helical polymer. 1-methylpyridinium-4-yl, CD, ENFs, HA, LB, LD, PyrMA, TMPyP
33  2018 An implantable depot capable of in situ generation of micelles to achieve controlled and targeted tumor chemotherapy. AIE, CPT, PEG, PELA, TPE
34  2018 An improved surface for enhanced stem cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation using electrospun composite PLLA/P123 scaffold. PLLA, PPO, SEM
35  2018 Anti-inflammatory polymersomes of redox-responsive polyprodrug amphiphiles with inflammation-triggered indomethacin release characteristics. IND, LPS, NSAIDs, RAFT
36  2018 Antibacterial activity of PEO nanofibers incorporating polysaccharide from dandelion and its derivative. FTIR, PD
37  2018 Antibacterial and antibiofouling clay nanotube-silicone composite. HNTs, PDMS
38  2018 Aqueous Two-Phase Emulsion Bioink-Enabled 3D Bioprinting of Porous Hydrogels. GelMA
39  2018 Beta-glucan-loaded nanofiber dressing improves wound healing in diabetic mice. betaG, FESEM, HPMC
40  2018 Binary-blend fibber-based capture assay of circulating tumor cells for clinical diagnosis of colorectal cancer. CTCs, EBFMs
41  2018 Biomimetic mineralization of carboxymethyl chitosan nanofibers with improved osteogenic activity in vitro and in vivo. CMCS, HA, mBMSCs
42  2018 Block Copolymer as a Surface Modifier to Monodisperse Patchy Silica Nanoparticles for Superhydrophobic Surfaces. PSNPs
43  2018 Chitin nanocrystal enhanced wet adhesion performance of mussel-inspired citrate-based soft-tissue adhesive. CA, ChiNC, DA
44  2018 Coated electrospun alginate-containing fibers as novel delivery systems for regenerative purposes. ALG, DEX, DOE, PLGA
45  2018 Crystal orientation of PEO confined within the nanorod templated by AAO nanochannels. AAO, Tc, WAXS
46  2018 Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ethylene oxide) in Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array. CNTs
47  2018 Crystallization of Poly(ethylene oxide) on the Surface of Aqueous Salt Solutions Studied by Grazing Incidence Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering. ---
48  2018 Cyclodextrin-Grafted TiO₂ Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Complexation Capacity, and Dispersion in Polymeric Matrices. CDs, FTIR, SEM, TGA, UV-visible
49  2018 Delivery Considerations of Highly Viscous Polymeric Fluids Mimicking Concentrated Biopharmaceuticals: Assessment of Injectability via Measurement of Total Work Done "WT". HPMC
50  2018 Design of a Well-Defined Polyrotaxane Structure on a Glassy Polymer Surface. CD
51  2018 Determining Abuse Deterrence Performance of Poly (ethylene oxide) Using a Factorial Design. ---
52  2018 Determining electrospun morphology from the properties of protein-polymer solutions. ---
53  2018 Development of electrospun nanofibers containing chitosan/PEO blend and phenolic compounds with antibacterial activity. ---
54  2018 Dielectric Insights into the Microcosmic Behavior of Ionic Liquid-Based Self-Assembly-Microemulsions/Micelles. Bmim, ILs
55  2018 Drug-Loaded Biocompatible Nanocarriers Embedded in Poloxamer 407 Hydrogels as Therapeutic Formulations. PPO
56  2018 Effective Remodelling of Human Osteoarthritic Cartilage by sox9 Gene Transfer and Overexpression upon Delivery of rAAV Vectors in Polymeric Micelles. OA, PPO, rAAV
57  2018 Effects of a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) treatment on chitosan/polyethylene oxide nanofibers and their cellular interactions. CS, DBD, HFFs, NFs, SEM, XPS
58  2018 Efficient scheme for calculating work of adhesion between a liquid and polymer-grafted substrate. ---
59  2018 Efficient Transport Networks in a Dual Electron/Lithium-Conducting Polymeric Composite for Electrochemical Applications. PEDOT
60  2018 Electroosmotic flow of non-Newtonian fluids in a constriction microchannel. PAA, PVP, XG
61  2018 Electrospinning and wound healing activity of beta-chitin extracted from cuttlefish bone. ATR-IR, SEM/EDS, XRD
62  2018 Electrospinning of highly concentrated albumin patches by using auxiliary polymers for laser-assisted vascular anastomosis. BSA, LAVA, PCL, PVA
63  2018 Electrospun Alginate Fibers: Mixing of Two Different Poly(ethylene oxide) Grades to Improve Fiber Functional Properties. ALG, MW
64  2018 Electrospun Chitosan/Poly(ethylene oxide)/Lauric Arginate Nanofibrous Film with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity. LAE
65  2018 Energy Harvester and Cell Proliferation from Biocompatible PMLG Nanofibers Prepared Using Near-Field Electrospinning and Electrospray Technology. ESP, NFES, PMLG
66  2018 Enhanced oral absorption and anticancer efficacy of cabazitaxel by overcoming intestinal mucus and epithelium barriers using surface polyethylene oxide (PEO) decorated positively charged polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles. CTX, CTX-PMONPs, CTX-Sol, PCL
67  2018 Enhancement of the particle stabilization of water-in-water emulsions by modulating the phase preference of the particles. W/W
68  2018 Enhancing surface properties of breast implants by using electrospun silk fibroin. ---
69  2018 Evaluation of a series of silk fibroin protein-based nonwoven mats for use as an anti-adhesion patch for wound management in robotic surgery. PEG, PVA, SFP
70  2018 Fabrication and characterization of electrospun laminin-functionalized silk fibroin/poly(ethylene oxide) nanofibrous scaffolds for peripheral nerve regeneration. DSC, FTIR, LN, SEM, SF, WCA
71  2018 Factors affecting cyclic durability of all-solid-state lithium batteries using poly(ethylene oxide)-based polymer electrolytes and recommendations to achieve improved performance. CODIS
72  2018 Fast Lithium-Ion Transportation in Crystalline Polymer Electrolytes. CD, SPEs
73  2018 Formulation of Poloxamers for Drug Delivery. PPO
74  2018 Gas-Phase Dynamics of Collision Induced Unfolding, Collision Induced Dissociation, and Electron Transfer Dissociation-Activated Polymer Ions. CCS, CES, CID, CIU, IM-MS, MS, MS, PEtP, PnPrOx
75  2018 Gel Polymer Electrolytes Based on Silica-Added Poly(ethylene oxide) Electrospun Membranes for Lithium Batteries. ---
76  2018 Hard Pd Nanorods in the Soft Surfactant Mixture of CTAB and Pluronics: Seedless Synthesis and Their Self-Assembly. ---
77  2018 Heparin-Eluting Electrospun Nanofiber Yarns for Antithrombotic Vascular Sutures. BPEI, F-Hep, PgP, PLGA
78  2018 High Ion-Conducting Solid-State Composite Electrolytes with Carbon Quantum Dot Nanofillers. CQDs, NPE, SPEs
79  2018 High Performance Polymer/Ionic Liquid Thermoplastic Solid Electrolyte Prepared by Solvent Free Processing for Solid State Lithium Metal Batteries. LiTFSI
80  2018 High-resolution separation of monoclonal antibodies mixtures and their charge variants by an alternative and generic CZE method. CQA, EACA, FDA, HPMC, TETA
81  2018 Highly Efficient Spectrally Stable Red Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes. EQEs, LEDs
82  2018 Hybrid Gd3+/cisplatin cross-linked polymer nanoparticles enhance platinum accumulation and formation of DNA adducts in glioblastoma cell lines. MRI
83  2018 Hybrid polycaprolactone/polyethylene oxide scaffolds with tunable fiber surface morphology, improved hydrophilicity and biodegradability for bone tissue engineering applications. hOS, PBS, PCL
84  2018 Hydrogen Bond Induces Hierarchical Self-Assembly in Liquid-Crystalline Block Copolymers. BCs, LCBCs
85  2018 Impact of Bioactive Peptide Motifs on Molecular Structure, Charging, and Nonfouling Properties of Poly(ethylene oxide) Brushes. PDA
86  2018 Impedance Spectroscopy as a Novel Approach to Probe the Phase Transition and Microstructures Existing in CS:PEO Based Blend Electrolytes. CS, UV-vis
87  2018 In Vitro and In Silico Analyses of Nicotine Release from a Gelisphere-Loaded Compressed Polymeric Matrix for Potential Parkinson's Disease Interventions. CSF, HEC, HPMC, PLGA
88  2018 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of controlled-release matrix tablets of highly water-soluble drug applying different mw polyethylene oxides (PEO) as retardants. CMT, COPT
89  2018 In Vitro Assessment of Nasal Insufflation of Comminuted Drug Products Designed as Abuse Deterrent Using the Vertical Diffusion Cell. ADFs, VDC
90  2018 Influence of Nanofiber Orientation on Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Chitosan Mats. CS
91  2018 Insight into fast ion migration kinetics of a new hybrid single Li-ion conductor based on aluminate complexes for solid-state Li-ion batteries. LiAl-PEG, SLIC
92  2018 Invitro particulate and invivo drug retention study of a novel polyethylene oxide formulation for drug-coated balloons. DCB, PAT
93  2018 Ionic Conduction in Composite Polymer Electrolytes: Case of PEO:Ga-LLZO Composites. TEM
94  2018 Laminin-modified and aligned poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/polyethylene oxide nanofibrous nerve conduits promote peripheral nerve regeneration. PHBV
95  2018 Levan based fibrous scaffolds electrospun via co-axial and single-needle techniques for tissue engineering applications. PCL, UTS
96  2018 Mesoscopic Diffusion of Poly(ethylene oxide) in Pure and Mixed Solvents. ---
97  2018 Mg2B2O5 Nanowire Enabled Multifunctional Solid-State Electrolytes with High Ionic Conductivity, Excellent Mechanical Properties, and Flame-Retardant Performance. SSEs, SSLIBs
98  2018 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Strain-Induced Phase Transition of Poly(ethylene oxide) in Water. ---
99  2018 Multilayered, Bipolar, All-Solid-State Battery Enabled by a Perovskite-Based Biphasic Solid Electrolyte. ASSB, BSE
100  2018 Nanoparticle-Cell Interactions: Surface Chemistry Effects on the Cellular Uptake of Biocompatible Block Copolymer Assemblies. PDPA, PHPMA, PMPC