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Abbreviation:   PET  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   photosynthetic electron transport
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2019 Guard cell photosynthesis is crucial in abscisic acid-induced stomatal closure. ABA, ROS
2019 Responses of the Photosynthetic Electron Transport Reactions Stimulate the Oxidation of the Reaction Center Chlorophyll of Photosystem I, P700, under Drought and High Temperatures in Rice. PSI, PSII, ROS
2019 SAR-mediated Similarity Assessment of the Property Profile for New, Silicon-Based AChE/BChE Inhibitors. PSII, SAR, SIs
2019 The toxicological effects of oxybenzone, an active ingredient in suncream personal care products, on prokaryotic alga Arthrospira sp. and eukaryotic alga Chlorella sp. OBZ, RET, ROS
2018 In silico study toward the identification of new and safe potential inhibitors of photosynthetic electron transport. QSAR
2018 Synthesis and Spectrum of Biological Activities of Novel N-arylcinnamamides. ---
2017 Antimycobacterial N-alkoxyphenylhydroxynaphthalenecarboxamides affecting photosystem II. PS
2017 Chloroplastic ATP synthase builds up a proton motive force preventing production of reactive oxygen species in photosystem I. EMS, PSI, ROS, WT
2017 Halogenated 1-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-Carboxanilides Affecting Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Photosystem II. ---
10  2017 Photosynthesis-Inhibiting Activity of 1-[(2-Chlorophenyl)carbamoyl]- and 1-[(2-Nitrophenyl)carbamoyl]naphthalen-2-yl Alkylcarbamates. ---
11  2016 "Super-quenching" state protects Symbiodinium from thermal stress - Implications for coral bleaching. PSA, PSI, PSII
12  2016 Beneficial Roles of Melatonin on Redox Regulation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport and Synthesis of D1 Protein in Tomato Seedlings under Salt Stress. Pn, PSII, qP, ROS
13  2016 Gene Expression Patterns during Light and Dark Infection of Prochlorococcus by Cyanophage. FNR, PPP
14  2016 Increased Photochemical Efficiency in Cyanobacteria via an Engineered Sucrose Sink. CB
15  2016 NDH-Mediated Cyclic Electron Flow Around Photosystem I is Crucial for C4 Photosynthesis. CEF, ECS, NDH, NPQ
16  2016 Reduction-Induced Suppression of Electron Flow (RISE) in the Photosynthetic Electron Transport System of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942. FLV1, PQ, RISE, SP
17  2016 Ring-substituted 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxanilides as photosystem II inhibitors. PS
18  2016 Viruses Inhibit CO2 Fixation in the Most Abundant Phototrophs on Earth. ---
19  2015 Enhanced chloroplastic generation of H2O2 in stress-resistant Thellungiella salsuginea in comparison to Arabidopsis thaliana. NPQ, PTOX, RCA
20  2015 Structure-activity relationships of N-benzylsalicylamides for inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport. ---
21  2015 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N-Alkoxyphenyl-3-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxanilides. ---
22  2015 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N-Alkyl-3-(alkylamino)-pyrazine-2-carboxamides. ---
23  2015 Transcriptional control of vitamin C defective 2 and tocopherol cyclase genes by light and plastid-derived signals: the partial involvement of GENOMES UNCOUPLED 1. AsA, GUN1, PGE, TC, Toc, VTC2
24  2014 Effect of Pb2+ ions on photosynthetic apparatus. PS1, PS2
25  2014 New potentially active pyrazinamide derivatives synthesized under microwave conditions. ---
26  2014 Preparation and biological properties of ring-substituted naphthalene-1-carboxanilides. ---
27  2014 Screening of novel chemical compounds as possible inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase and photosynthetic activity of photosystem II. CA, PSII
28  2014 Synthesis and antimycobacterial and photosynthesis-inhibiting evaluation of 2-[(E)-2-substituted-ethenyl]-1,3-benzoxazoles. ---
29  2014 The end of the line: can ferredoxin and ferredoxin NADP(H) oxidoreductase determine the fate of photosynthetic electrons? CEF, Fd, FNR, LEF
30  2013 Antibacterial and herbicidal activity of ring-substituted 2-hydroxynaphthalene-1-carboxanilides. ---
31  2013 Antibacterial and herbicidal activity of ring-substituted 3-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxanilides. ---
32  2013 Antimycobacterial and herbicidal activity of ring-substituted 1-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxanilides. ---
33  2013 Antimycobacterial and photosynthetic electron transport inhibiting activity of ring-substituted 4-arylamino-7-chloroquinolinium chlorides. ---
34  2013 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-hydroxy-3-[(2-aryloxyethyl)amino]propyl 4-[(alkoxycarbonyl)amino]benzoates. ---
35  2012 Anti-infective and herbicidal activity of N-substituted 2-aminobenzothiazoles. ---
36  2012 Environmental control of plant nuclear gene expression by chloroplast redox signals. PQ
37  2012 Investigating the spectrum of biological activity of substituted quinoline-2-carboxamides and their isosteres. ---
38  2012 Investigation of the biological properties of (hetero)aromatic thiosemicarbazones. ---
39  2012 Photosynthetic control of electron transport and the regulation of gene expression. ---
40  2011 Investigating spectrum of biological activity of 4- and 5-chloro-2-hydroxy-N-[2-(arylamino)-1-alkyl-2-oxoethyl]benzamides. ---
41  2011 Methylglyoxal functions as Hill oxidant and stimulates the photoreduction of O(2) at photosystem I: a symptom of plant diabetes. AKR, DBMIB, DCMU, MG, PSI, qP
42  2011 Photosynthesis-dependent anthocyanin pigmentation in Arabidopsis. PQ
43  2011 Photosynthesis-Inhibiting efficiency of 4-chloro-2-(chlorophenylcarbamoyl)phenyl alkylcarbamates. PS2
44  2011 Synthesis and characterization of (Z)-5-arylmethylidene-rhodanines with photosynthesis-inhibiting properties. ---
45  2010 Investigating the activity spectrum for ring-substituted 8-hydroxyquinolines. ---
46  2010 Investigating the spectrum of biological activity of ring-substituted salicylanilides and carbamoylphenylcarbamates. ---
47  2010 Photosynthetic redox imbalance influences flavonoid biosynthesis in Lemna gibba. CHS, DBMIB, DCMU, DHATQ, PETC, ROS, UV
48  2010 Synthesis, antimycobacterial, antifungal and photosynthesis-inhibiting activity of chlorinated N-phenylpyrazine-2-carboxamides. ---
49  2009 Acclimation of tobacco leaves to high light intensity drives the plastoquinone oxidation system--relationship among the fraction of open PSII centers, non-photochemical quenching of Chl fluorescence and the maximum quantum yield of PSII in the dark. NPQ, POS, PQ
50  2009 Investigating biological activity spectrum for novel styrylquinazoline analogues. ---
51  2006 Remote control of photosynthetic genes by the mitochondrial respiratory chain. RET
52  2004 Induction of ASCORBATE PEROXIDASE 2 expression in wounded Arabidopsis leaves does not involve known wound-signalling pathways but is associated with changes in photosynthesis. ABA, APX2, DPI, JA, ROS
53  2004 Two distinct redox signaling pathways for cytosolic APX induction under photooxidative stress. cAPX
54  2002 Circadian gating of photoinduction of commitment to cell-cycle transitions in relation to photoperiodic control of cell reproduction in Euglena. LD
55  2002 Dual roles of photosynthetic electron transport in photosystem I biogenesis: light induction of mRNAs and chromatic regulation at post-mRNA level. PSI
56  2002 Photosynthetic electron transport inhibition by 2-substituted 4-alkyl-6-benzylamino-1,3,5-triazines with thylakoids from wild-type and atrazine-resistant Chenopodium album. ---
57  2001 Photosynthetic electron transport inhibition by pyrimidines and pyridines substituted with benzylamino, methyl and trifluoromethyl groups. ---
58  2001 Triaziflam and Diaminotriazine derivatives affect enantioselectively multiple herbicide target sites. ---
59  1993 Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport (PET) by Halogenated 4-Hydroxypyridine Derivatives. ---