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Long Form:   plantarflexion
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Altered Strength Profile in Achilles Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. AT, PT
2019 Ankle and midtarsal joint quasi-stiffness during walking with added mass. DF, ROM
2019 Blood Flow-restricted Exercise Does Not Induce a Cross-Transfer of Effect: A Randomized Controlled Trial. BFR, CON exercise, EF, LBP, LE, TE
2019 Damage and the repeated bout effect of arm, leg, and trunk muscles induced by eccentric resistance exercises. CK, DOMS, EE, EF, ES, KE, KF, Mb, MVC
2019 Differences in Ankle ROM Between Young Men and Women With a History of Ankle Sprain. ASE, DF, EV, ROM
2019 Effects of passive Bi-axial ankle stretching while walking on uneven terrains in older adults with chronic stroke. DF, EV, INV, ROM
2019 Evaluation of the Isokinetic Calf Muscle Strength and the Range of Motion of Joint in C3 Chronic Venous Insufficiency. DF, ROM, VRT
2019 Kinematics and Laxity of the Ankle Joint in Anatomic and Nonanatomic Anterior Talofibular Ligament Repair: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study. ATFL
2019 Merged plantarflexor muscle activity is predictive of poor walking performance in post-stroke hemiparetic subjects. ---
10  2019 Predicting gait adaptations due to ankle plantarflexor muscle weakness and contracture using physics-based musculoskeletal simulations. GAS, SOL
11  2019 Regular changes in foot strike pattern during prolonged downhill running do not influence neuromuscular, energetics, or biomechanical parameters. TTE
12  2019 Reinforced Feedback in Virtual Environment for Plantar Flexor Poststroke Spasticity Reduction and Gait Function Improvement. FAC, FIM, LE, MAS, RFVE, TR
13  2019 Selective effect of static stretching, concentric contractions, and a balance task on ankle force sense. AE, DF, MVC
14  2019 Selective effect of static stretching, concentric contractions, and a one-leg balance task on ankle motion sense in young and older adults. DF
15  2019 The effect of stress-induced cortisol increase on the sense of ankle proprioception. DF, STAI-I
16  2018 Acute and Delayed Neuromuscular Alterations Induced by Downhill Running in Trained Trail Runners: Beneficial Effects of High-Pressure Compression Garments. CGs, CON, KE, RE, VA
17  2018 Child-adult differences in neuromuscular fatigue are muscle-dependent. KE, MVIC
18  2018 Chronic Stretching During 2 Weeks of Immobilization Decreases Loss of Girth, Peak Torque, and Dorsiflexion Range of Motion. DF, Im, ROM
19  2018 Combined effects of aging and obesity on postural control, muscle activity and maximal voluntary force of muscles mobilizing ankle joint. CG, COP, DF, EG, EMG, LoS, MVC, OG
20  2018 Comparison of Lower Extremity Muscle Flexibility in Amateur and Trained Bharatanatyam Dancers and Nondancers. DF, ROM
21  2018 Does clinically measured ankle plantar flexor muscle strength or weakness correlate with walking performance in healthy individuals? APFPG, HHDs, PAM, PFV
22  2018 Effect of knee angle on neuromuscular assessment of plantar flexor muscles: A reliability study. ICC
23  2018 Exercise tolerance during muscle contractions below and above the critical torque in different muscle groups. ET, IET, KE
24  2018 Explosive voluntary torque is related to whole-body response to unexpected perturbations. COM, KE
25  2018 Functional Capacity in Adults With Cerebral Palsy: Lower Limb Muscle Strength Matters. CP, DF, GMFCS, LSU, TUS
26  2018 Influence of fascicle length on twitch potentiation of the medial gastrocnemius across three ankle angles. DF, MG, MVC, PAP
27  2018 Intramuscular Pressure of Tibialis Anterior Reflects Ankle Torque but Does Not Follow Joint Angle-Torque Relationship. DF, EMD, fwEMG, IMP, MVC, sEMG, TA
28  2018 Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Repeated and Static Eleve in Adolescent Female Dance Students. ROM, WBD
29  2018 Microendoscopy reveals positive correlation in multiscale length changes and variable sarcomere lengths across different regions of human muscle. DF
30  2018 Multidisciplinary approach to improve the quality of below-knee plaster casting. PDSA
31  2018 Muscle size-strength relationship including ultrasonographic echo intensity and voluntary activation level of a muscle group. EI, MV, VA
32  2018 Quantifying Effect of Onabotulinum Toxin A on Passive Muscle Stiffness in Children with Cerebral Palsy Using Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography. ---
33  2018 Quantitative Measures Utilized in Determining Pointe Readiness in Young Ballet Dancers. DF, NWB, ROM, SEBT, WBL
34  2018 Range of motion and ankle injury history association with sex in pediatric and adolescent athletes. ANCOVA, EV, ROM
35  2018 Relationship between ankle range of motion and Biodex Balance System in females and males. EV, HER, HF, HIR, ROM
36  2018 Soleus H-Reflex Inhibition Decreases During 30 s Static Stretching of Plantar Flexors, Showing Two Recovery Steps. SOL
37  2018 The effects of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization on active range of motion, functional fitness, flexibility, and isokinetic strength in high school basketball players. AROM, DF, Ex, FX, IASTM
39  2018 Variations of ankle-foot orthosis-constrained movements increase ankle range of movement while maintaining power output of recumbent cycling. AFO, DF, DPF, FP, PO
40  2017 An acute session of roller massage prolongs voluntary torque development and diminishes evoked pain. CONTRA-R, IPSI-R, MVIC, RM
41  2017 Early results of the conservative treatment of distal radius fractures-immobilization of the wrist in dorsal versus palmar flexion. DF, PRWE, ROM
42  2017 Effect of muscle tone on ankle kinetics during gait with ankle-foot orthoses in persons with stroke. AFO, MMT
43  2017 Effects of the foot strike pattern on muscle activity and neuromuscular fatigue in downhill trail running. KE
44  2017 Explanators of Sarcopenia in Individuals With Diabesity: A Cross-Sectional Analysis. IMAT
45  2017 Force Depression in Plantar Flexors Exists Equally in Plantar Flexed and Dorsiflexed Regions. ---
46  2017 MRI Quantification of the Impact of Ankle Position on Syndesmosis Anatomy. DF, MRI, NP
47  2017 No Alteration of the Neuromuscular Performance of Plantar-Flexor Muscles After Achilles Tendon Vibration ---
48  2017 Outcome measures correlated with falls in nursing home residents-A pilot study. 5TSTS, AROM, DF, GS, MMSE, TUG
49  2017 Relative Strength at the Hip, Knee, and Ankle Is Lower Among Younger and Older Females Who Are Obese. DF, HE, HF, KE, KF
50  2017 The effect of muscle length on transcranial magnetic stimulation-induced relaxation rate in the plantar flexors. DF, MG, MTJ, MVC, TMS
51  2017 The effects of tissue flossing on ankle range of motion and jump performance. CON, DF, FLOSS, ROM, WLBT
52  2016 3D strength surfaces for ankle plantar- and dorsi-flexion in healthy adults: an isometric and isokinetic dynamometry study. DF
53  2016 Acute and delayed peripheral and central neuromuscular alterations induced by a short and intense downhill trail run. DTR, GL, KE, VA, VL
54  2016 Balance and Gait in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparison with Healthy Controls and the Immediate Change after an Intervention based on the Bobath Concept. FSST, GRF, LRT, MS, SLS
55  2016 Effect of muscle length on voluntary activation of the plantar flexors in boys and men. DF, MVC, VA
56  2016 Effect of the Fatigue Induced by a 110-km Ultramarathon on Tibial Impact Acceleration and Lower Leg Kinematics. KE, MUM
57  2016 Measurement of gastrocnemius muscle elasticity by shear wave elastography: association with passive ankle joint stiffness and sex differences. DF, MG, NE
58  2016 Measurement of Resistive Plantar Flexion Torque of the Ankle during Passive Stretch in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Poststroke Hemiplegia. DF, ICCs
59  2016 Motor Imagery Practice for Enhancing Eleve Performance Among Professional Dancers: A Pilot Study. MIP, ROM
60  2016 Peripheral neuromuscular fatigue induced by repeated-sprint exercise: cycling vs. running. KE, PT, RSA
61  2016 Plantar flexor muscle weakness may cause stiff-knee gait. PS, SKG
62  2016 Range of Motion of the Ankle According to Pushing Force, Gender and Knee Position. DF, PROM, ROM
63  2016 Selective activation of lower leg muscles during maximum voluntary isometric contractions. DF, GM, PL, PRO, SUP, TA, TP
64  2016 The bigger, the stronger? Insights from muscle architecture and nervous characteristics in obese adolescent girls. ACSA, FL, KE, MA, MT, MVC, PA, VA
65  2016 The effects of passive stretching plus vibration on strength and activation of the plantar flexors. DF, MTS, PASSTQ, PROM, PT, VIB
66  2016 The involvement of ankle muscles in maintaining balance in the upright posture is higher in elderly fallers. COP, DF, EF, EMG, ENF, YA
67  2015 Acute effects of different stretching techniques on the number of repetitions in a single lower body resistance training session. BS, LC, LE, PSS, RTS, SW
68  2015 Adipose tissue content, muscle performance and physical function in obese adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy. IMAT, PPT
69  2015 Clonus: definition, mechanism, treatment. DF, MLR
70  2015 Dorsiflexion, plantar-flexion, and neutral ankle positions during passive resistance assessments of the posterior hip and thigh muscles. DF, EMG, NTRL, ROM, SLR
71  2015 Factors of force potentiation induced by stretch-shortening cycle in plantarflexors. CON, DF, ECC, ISO, SSC
72  2015 Increasing plantarflexion angle during landing reduces vertical ground reaction forces, loading rates and the hip's contribution to support moment within participants. ---
73  2015 Influence of joint angular velocity on electrically evoked concentric force potentiation induced by stretch-shortening cycle in young adults. DF, SSC, SSC
74  2015 Knee and Ankle Joint Angles Influence the Plantarflexion Torque of the Gastrocnemius. GA
75  2015 Lower Extremity Strength Is Correlated with Walking Function After Incomplete SCI. iSCI, KE, MVIC, RTD
76  2015 Magnetic Resonance Assessment of Hypertrophic and Pseudo-Hypertrophic Changes in Lower Leg Muscles of Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Their Relationship to Functional Measurements. DF, DMD, MRI
77  2015 The increase in hydric volume is associated to contractile impairment in the calf after the world's most extreme mountain ultra-marathon. KE, MUM, VE
78  2015 The influence of occupation and age on maximal and rapid lower extremity strength. BC, LE, LF, peakRTD, PT, WC, WI
79  2014 Ankle voluntary movement enhancement following robotic-assisted locomotor training in spinal cord injury. 10MWT, 6MWT, DF, iSCI, MVC, TUG
80  2014 Combined effects of body composition and ageing on joint torque, muscle activation and co-contraction in sedentary women. MVC
81  2014 Dynamometer-based measure of spasticity confirms limited association between plantarflexor spasticity and walking function in persons with multiple sclerosis. 6MWT, DSM, MAS, max, PwMS, T25FWT
82  2014 Functional electrical stimulation to ankle dorsiflexor and plantarflexor using single foot switch in patients with hemiplegia from hemorrhagic stroke. DF, DPS, DS, FES
83  2014 Functional MR imaging of a simulated balance task. DF
84  2014 Influence of neglecting the curved path of the Achilles tendon on Achilles tendon length change at various ranges of motion. DF
85  2014 Neuromuscular adjustments of the knee extensors and plantar flexors following match-play tennis in the heat. KE, pre, VA
86  2014 Neuromuscular function following muscular unloading and blood flow restricted exercise. BFR, CSA, KE, ULLS
87  2014 Plantarflexor weakness negatively impacts walking in persons with multiple sclerosis more than plantarflexor spasticity. MS
88  2014 Tennis in hot and cool conditions decreases the rapid muscle torque production capacity of the knee extensors but not of the plantar flexors. EMG, KE, MVC, RTD
89  2013 Ankle dorsiflexor strength relates to the ability to restore balance during a backward support surface translation. COP, DF, FBOS, HR
90  2013 Biomechanics assessment of long term consequences of talocrural joint sprain in conservatively treated males. DF, DFM, IT, PFM, RT
91  2013 Changes in passive ankle stiffness and its effects on gait function in people with chronic stroke. DF, PAS
92  2013 Effects of exercise-induced intracellular acidosis on the phosphocreatine recovery kinetics: a 31P MRS study in three muscle groups in humans. CV
93  2013 Sex differences in soleus strength may predispose middle age women to falls. ---
94  2013 Subject-specific measures of Achilles tendon moment arm using ultrasound and video-based motion capture. AT, DF, MVC
95  2013 The effect of prophylactic ankle support during simulated soccer activity. INV, ROM, SAFT90
96  2012 Analysis of the physical and functional parameters of older adults with chronic venous disease. CVD, DF, ROM
97  2012 Effects of extreme-duration heavy load carriage on neuromuscular function and locomotion: a military-based study. KE, MVC, NM, SMM
98  2011 Ankle and foot contributions to extreme plantar- and dorsiflexion in female ballet dancers. DF
99  2011 Ankle clonus and its relationship with the medium-latency reflex response of the soleus by peroneal nerve stimulation. DF, MLR
100  2011 Concurrent strength and endurance training improves physical capacity in patients with peripheral arterial disease. MST, PAD