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2019 Different immunohistochemical localization for TMEM16A and CFTR in acinar and ductal cells of rat major salivary glands and exocrine pancreas. CFTR, SLG, SMG
2019 Evaluation of the effectiveness of novel single-intervention adaptive radiotherapy strategies based on daily dose accumulation. ART, MVCT, OARs
2019 Is sonoelastography a helpful method of evaluation to diagnose Sjogren's syndrome? AECG, ARFI, SMG, SS, SWV
2019 Machine Learning Methods Uncover Radiomorphologic Dose Patterns in Salivary Glands that Predict Xerostomia in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer. HNC, RT, SMG
2019 Normal Values for Parotid Gland and Submandibular-Sublingual Salivary Gland Complex Uptake of 99mTechnetium Pertechnetate using SPECT in Mice with Respect to Age, Sex, and Circadian Rhythm. SSC
2019 Pediatric Sialendoscopy for Recurrent Salivary Gland Swelling: Workup, Findings, and Outcomes. CT, SE, SMGs
2019 Shear wave elastography of parotid glands in pediatric patients with HIV infection. SWE
2019 Submandibular gland-specific inflammaging-induced hyposalivation in the male senescence-accelerated mouse prone -1line (SAM-P1). AQP5, SAM-P1, SMG
2018 aPKCzeta-dependent Repression of Yap is Necessary for Functional Restoration of Irradiated Salivary Glands with IGF-1. ---
10  2018 CT-based dose recalculations in head and neck cancer radiotherapy: comparison of daily dose recalculations to less time-consuming approaches. mand, MVCT, OARs, PTV, SC, SuDo
11  2018 Early Prediction of Acute Xerostomia During Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Based on Texture Analysis of Daily CT. CT, CTXS, HNC, MCTN, RT
12  2018 Estimation of proton density fat fraction of the salivary gland. BMI, IgG4-DS, PDFF, SMG, SS
13  2018 Extracorporeal lithotripsy of salivary gland stone: A 55 patients study. ESWL, SMG
14  2018 Gene profiling involved in fate determination of salivary gland type in mouse embryogenesis. SG, SLG
15  2018 Primary parotid carcinoma: analysis of risk factors and validation of a prognostic index. ---
16  2017 Clinical usefulness of the mDIXON Quant the method for estimation of the salivary gland fat fraction: comparison with MR spectroscopy. FF, MRS, SGs, SMG
17  2017 Comprehensive evaluation of ten deformable image registration algorithms for contour propagation between CT and cone-beam CT images in adaptive head & neck radiotherapy. ART, CBCT, CT, DIR, DSC, HD, IMRT, OAR, PE, SMG, VF, VTB
18  2017 Geometric Image Biomarker Changes of the Parotid Gland Are Associated With Late Xerostomia. Xer12m
19  2017 Proteomics analysis of pleomorphic adenoma of the human parotid gland. PA
20  2017 Rebamipide, an anti-ulcerative drug, inhibits induction of salivary dysfunction by benzodiazepines. DZP, SMG
21  2017 The dilemma of parotid gland and pharyngeal constrictor muscles preservation-Is daily online image guidance required? A dosimetric analysis. CBCT, IG, IMRT, MD, OARs, PCMs
22  2017 The effect of parotid gland-sparing intensity-modulated radiotherapy on salivary composition, flow rate and xerostomia measures. HNC, IMRT, LF, TP
23  2017 Three-dimensional cultures of mouse submandibular and parotid glands: a comparative study. GFR-MG, SMG
24  2016 A critical review of 20 years of parotid gland surgery. ---
25  2016 A machine learning tool for re-planning and adaptive RT: A multicenter cohort investigation. ART, DIR, pts, ROs, SVM
26  2016 A Nomogram to predict parotid gland overdose in head and neck IMRT. CT, CTV70, IMRT, LAHNC
27  2016 Effect of Capsaicin Cream on the Secretion of the Submandibular and Parotid Gland in the General Population with Different Chilli-eating Habits. SMG
28  2016 Optimal adaptive IMRT strategy to spare the parotid glands in oropharyngeal cancer. ART, DIR
29  2016 Radiation-induced Parotid Gland Atrophy in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer After Carbon-ion Radiotherapy. C-ion RT, RBE
30  2015 Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse quantitative elastography: a new noninvasive technique for the evaluation of parotid glands. A preliminary study in controls and in patients with irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma. ARFI, SWV
31  2015 Evaluation of deformable image registration methods for dose monitoring in head and neck radiotherapy. ART, DIR, FFD, HNC, IMRT, LM, MI
32  2015 Expression and localization of cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase in major salivary glands of male mice. CSD, EDs, HPLC, IL, mRNA, RT-PCR, SLG, SMG
33  2015 Identifying patients who may benefit from adaptive radiotherapy: Does the literature on anatomic and dosimetric changes in head and neck organs at risk during radiotherapy provide information to help? ART, OARs
34  2015 Immunohistochemical changes and atrophy after chronic ethanol intoxication in rat salivary glands. CAS, CK19, SG
35  2015 Impact of head and neck cancer adaptive radiotherapy to spare the parotid glands and decrease the risk of xerostomia. ART, IMRT, IMRT, LAHNC
36  2015 Radiation dose response simulation for biomechanical-based deformable image registration of head and neck cancer treatment. DSC, SG, VB
37  2015 Rules of parotid gland dose variations and shift during intensity modulated radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. CT, GTVnx, IMRT, NPC
38  2015 Silk fibroin scaffolds promote formation of the ex vivo niche for salivary gland epithelial cell growth, matrix formation, and retention of differentiated function. ECM, pSGECs, SFS, SM, TCP
39  2015 Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB): RapidArc and Tomotherapy Plan Comparison for Unilateral and Bilateral Neck Irradiation. BL, CTs, HNC, HT, OAR, PTV, SIB, TT, TWI, UL
40  2015 [GLP-1 receptor expression in rat major salivary glands and the effects of bilateral maxillary molar extraction on its expression]. GLP-1, GLP-1R, SLG, SMG
41  2014 Comparison of adenoid cystic carcinomas arising from the parotid gland vs. the submandibular gland: focus on systemic metastasis and tumor-associated blood vessels. ACCs, SMG
42  2014 Effects of isoproterenol on aquaporin 5 levels in the parotid gland of mice in vivo. ALLM, AQP5, CHX, IPR
43  2014 Emptying effect of massage on parotid gland radioiodine content. ---
44  2014 Evaluation of diagnostic parameters from parotid and submandibular dynamic salivary glands scintigraphy and unstimulated sialometry in Sjogren's syndrome. AV, DSGS, i.v, MA, MS, MSS, SG, SS, SSV, Tmax, Tmin, UR, UWS
45  2014 Expression and Localization of alpha-amylase in the Submandibular and Sublingual Glands of Mice. GCT, SLG, SMG
46  2014 First bite syndrome after deep lobe parotidectomy: case report. FBS, PPS
47  2013 Cone-beam computed tomography dose monitoring during intensity-modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer: parotid glands. CBCT, IMRT, plan
48  2013 Imaging findings of parapharyngeal space pleomorphic adenoma in comparison with parotid gland pleomorphic adenoma. PA, PPS
49  2012 Adaptive radiotherapy for soft tissue changes during helical tomotherapy for head and neck cancer. ART, Dmax, Dmin, DVHs, HT, inPlan, LX, MVCT, OAR, OC, PTV, SC
50  2012 Association between lymphoepithelial cysts of the pancreas and HIV infection. HIV, LEC
51  2012 Effect of parotid gland massage on parotid gland Tc-99m pertechnetate uptake. ---
52  2012 Neurochemical classification and projection targets of CART peptide immunoreactive neurons in sensory and parasympathetic ganglia of the head. CART, CGRP, ENK, IB4, LG, MCA, MMA, NF200, NM, NPY, TG, TMJ, VIP
53  2012 Submandibular gland-sparing intensity modulated radiotherapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer: sites of locoregional relapse and survival. IMRT, RT, SMG
54  2012 [Rituximab therapy for systemic manifestations and MALT lymphomas of the parotid gland in Sjogren's disease: preliminary data]. CGV, CP, Ig, RT, SD
55  2010 A novel dose constraint to reduce xerostomia in head-and-neck cancer patients treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy. SMG, TG, XT
56  2009 A quantitative analysis of sonographic images of the salivary gland: a comparison between sonographic and sialographic findings. 2-D-FD, avg-area, fBm, Hurst-ori, SS, US
57  2009 Effect of diode laser on enzymatic activity of parotid glands of diabetic rats. LI
58  2009 Induction of calprotectin mRNAs by lipopolysaccharide in the salivary gland of mice. LPS, SMG, TLR
59  2009 Laser phototherapy effect on protein metabolism parameters of rat salivary glands. LP, SMG
60  2008 Expression of Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase alpha subunit isoforms in rat salivary glands: occurrence of sense and antisense RNAs of the alpha3 isoform in the sublingual gland. SLG, SMG
61  2006 Further evidence for AQP8 expression in the myoepithelium of rat submandibular and parotid glands. AQPs, SMG
62  2005 Sodium-phosphate cotransporter in human salivary glands: molecular evidence for the involvement of NPT2b in acinar phosphate secretion and ductal phosphate reabsorption. SMG
63  2003 Specific expression of an A-kinase anchoring protein subtype, AKAP-150, and specific regulatory mechanism for Na(+),K(+)-ATPase via protein kinase A in the parotid gland among the three major salivary glands of the rat. AKAP, PKA, SLG, SMG
64  2002 Rapamycin induces binding activity to the terminal oligopyrimidine tract of ribosomal protein mRNA in rats. 5'-UTR, FCA, r-protein, SLN, TOP
65  2001 The LMP1 gene isolated from Russian nasopharyngeal carcinoma has no 30-bp deletion. EBV, NPC, PBLs
66  2000 ADP-Ribosyl cyclase in rat salivary glands. ADPRC, cADPR, SLG, SMG
67  1999 [Comparative sonographic, x-ray and morphological studies of the salivary glands in Sjogren's syndrome]. LSG, SS
68  1994 [The x-ray changes in the parotid salivary glands of patients with Sjogren's disease]. SD
69  1993 Characterization of T and B cells isolated from mucosa-associated tissues of the rhesus macaque. CD4, LP, MC, MLN, PLN
70  1993 Studies of muscarinic receptor reserve linked to phosphoinositide hydrolysis in parotid gland and cerebral cortex. BCM, CX
71  1991 Human salivary cystatin S. Cloning, sequence analysis, hybridization in situ and immunocytochemistry. SMG
72  1989 [Properties of sialidases from salivary glands, brain, liver and kidney of the rat]. 4MU-AcNeu, MW, SLG, SMG
73  1988 The parotid gland is the main source of human salivary epidermal growth factor. EGF, SLG