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Long Form:   pathological gambling
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 ADHD Symptoms in Pathological and Problem Gamblers in Singapore. ADHD
2018 Decision-Making Under Risk, but Not Under Ambiguity, Predicts Pathological Gambling in Discrete Types of Abstinent Substance Users. CGT, IGT
2018 Distinct Response Inhibition Patterns in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Patients and Pathological Gamblers. HC, OCD, RT
2018 Gambling behavior in Parkinson's Disease: Impulsivity, reward mechanism and cortical brain oscillations. BAS, BIS-11, CG, EEG, IGT, PD
2018 Pathological Gambling in Parkinson's disease: Autonomic measures supporting impaired decision-making. HR, IGT, PD, SCL, SCRs
2018 Personality Traits and Cortical Activity Affect Gambling Behavior in Parkinson's Disease. CG, fNIRS, IGT, PD, PDG, PDNG
2018 Plasma levels of leptin in patients with pathological gambling, internet gaming disorder and alcohol use disorder. AUD, IGD
2018 The Economic Burden of Pathological Gambling and Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. ---
2018 Who Are the Subjects with Gambling-Related Problems Requiring Treatment? A Study in Northern Italy. CMHC, HOS, PGs, SERD
10  2018 [Migration Background and Pathological Gambling: Results of a Nationwide Epidemiological Study on the Impact of Region of Origin in Germany]. RO
11  2017 A prospective follow-up study of younger and older subjects with pathological gambling. NODS, SOGS
12  2017 Adult ADHD Is Associated With Gambling Severity and Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Treatment-Seeking Problem Gamblers. OR
13  2017 Assessing the effects of cocaine dependence and pathological gambling using group-wise sparse representation of natural stimulus FMRI data. CD, N-fMRI
14  2017 Comorbid pathological gambling, mental health, and substance use disorders: Health-care services provision by clinician specialty. PCPs
15  2017 Dopamine and Opioid Neurotransmission in Behavioral Addictions: A Comparative PET Study in Pathological Gambling and Binge Eating. BED, BPND
16  2017 Frontal cortex gray matter volume alterations in pathological gambling occur independently from substance use disorder. GM, HCs, PGPURE, SUD
17  2017 Neurobiological correlates of internet gaming disorder: Similarities to pathological gambling. IGD, MMOs
18  2017 Post-traumatic stress symptoms in pathological gambling: Potential evidence of anti-reward processes. PTSS
19  2017 Reduced loss aversion in pathological gambling and alcohol dependence is associated with differential alterations in amygdala and prefrontal functioning. AD, HC, LA
20  2017 Serotonin transporter density in binge eating disorder and pathological gambling: A PET study with [11C]MADAM. BED, PET, SERT
21  2017 White matter integrity between left basal ganglia and left prefrontal cortex is compromised in gambling disorder. ---
22  2016 A Preliminary Study of DBH (Encoding Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase) Genetic Variation and Neural Correlates of Emotional and Motivational Processing in Individuals With and Without Pathological Gambling. DBH, HC
23  2016 A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of As-Needed Naltrexone in the Treatment of Pathological Gambling. OPRM1
24  2016 Association Between Gambling and Exposure to Guns Among Cocaine-Using Women. VEQ
25  2016 Blunted Endogenous Opioid Release Following an Oral Amphetamine Challenge in Pathological Gamblers. HV, MOR, ROI
26  2016 Brain Activity During Cocaine Craving and Gambling Urges: An fMRI Study. CD, fMRI
27  2016 Cue-induced Behavioral and Neural Changes among Excessive Internet Gamers and Possible Application of Cue Exposure Therapy to Internet Gaming Disorder. CET, IGD, SUDs
28  2016 Effects of High Frequency Repeated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation on Gambling Reinforcement, Delay Discounting, and Stroop Interference in Men with Pathological Gambling. cTBS, PFC, rTMS
29  2016 Heterogeneity of Loss Aversion in Pathological Gambling. HC
30  2016 Intergenerational Childhood Maltreatment in Persons with DSM-IV Pathological Gambling and Their First-Degree Relatives. FDRs
31  2016 Pathological Gambling in Parkinson's disease patients: Dopaminergic medication or personality traits fault? ICDs, PD
32  2016 The association between pathological gambling and suicidality in treatment-seeking pathological gamblers in South Africa. ---
33  2016 Working memory, executive function and impulsivity in Internet-addictive disorders: a comparison with pathological gambling. BIS-11, IAD
34  2016 [ADH/D and impulsiveness: Prevalence of impulse control disorders and other comorbidities, in 81 adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADH/D)]. CB, ICD, IED
35  2015 Age at onset of DSM-IV pathological gambling in a non-treatment sample: Early- versus later-onset. ---
36  2015 Associations between obsessive-compulsive classes and pathological gambling in a national cohort of male twins. LCA, OC
37  2015 At-Risk/Problematic Shopping and Gambling in Adolescence. ARPG, ARPS, PS
38  2015 Cocaine-specific neuroplasticity in the ventral striatum network is linked to delay discounting and drug relapse. CD, HC
39  2015 Comfort for uncertainty in pathological gamblers: a fMRI study. ---
40  2015 Compulsivity and Impulsivity in Pathological Gambling: Does a Dimensional-Transdiagnostic Approach Add Clinical Utility to DSM-5 Classification? ADs, HCs, OCD
41  2015 Gambling disorder in financial markets: Clinical and treatment-related features. ---
42  2015 Higher volume of ventral striatum and right prefrontal cortex in pathological gambling. ---
43  2015 Increased impulsivity in pathological gambling: Considering nicotine dependence. ND
44  2015 Inpatient treatment for pathological gamblers in Germany: setting, utilization, and structure. ---
45  2015 Mapping brain volumetric abnormalities in never-treated pathological gamblers. HV, MRI
46  2015 Pathological gambling and alcohol dependence: neural disturbances in reward and loss avoidance processing. AD
47  2015 Pathological gambling: understanding relapses and dropouts. ---
48  2015 Personality Disorders, Impulsiveness, and Novelty Seeking in Persons with DSM-IV Pathological Gambling and Their First-Degree Relatives. BIS
49  2015 Piribedil and pathological gambling in six parkinsonian patients. DA, ICD, PD
50  2015 Reward-based decision making in pathological gambling: the roles of risk and delay. ---
51  2015 Should pathological gambling and obesity be considered addictive disorders? A factor analytic study in a nationally representative sample. ---
52  2015 Sociodemographic, neuropsychiatric and cognitive characteristics of pathological gambling and impulse control disorders NOS in Parkinson's disease. ICD, ICD-NOS, PD
53  2015 Suicide Ideations, Suicide Attempts, and Completed Suicide in Persons with Pathological Gambling and Their First-Degree Relatives. ---
54  2015 The neural basis of impulsive discounting in pathological gamblers. HC, LDR, SIR
55  2015 The relationship of DSM-IV pathological gambling to compulsive buying and other possible spectrum disorders: results from the Iowa PG family study. ---
56  2015 The Role of Prospection in Steep Temporal Reward Discounting in Gambling Addiction. EFT, HCs, PG/HC, TD
57  2015 Towards a comprehensive developmental model of pathological gambling. aOR, NESARC, OR, SUD
58  2015 [The use of agomelatine (valdoxan) in gambling therapy: a pilot study]. HADS
59  2014 A model-based analysis of impulsivity using a slot-machine gambling paradigm. BIs, CS, DUs, HGF, MS, RL
60  2014 Age of pathological gambling onset: clinical and treatment-related features. ---
61  2014 Almost winning: induced MEG theta power in insula and orbitofrontal cortex increases during gambling near-misses and is associated with BOLD signal and gambling severity. BOLD, fMRI, MEG, OFC
62  2014 Amantadine and cognitive flexibility: decision making in Parkinson's patients with severe pathological gambling and other impulse control disorders. Ama, PD, PD-ICD
63  2014 An 8-week stress management program in pathological gamblers: a pilot randomized controlled trial. GA
64  2014 Anger in pathological gambling: clinical, psychopathological, and personality correlates. ---
65  2014 Anhedonia in Parkinson's disease patients with and without pathological gambling: a case-control study. ICDs, PD, SHAPS
66  2014 Attention problems and pathological gaming: resolving the 'chicken and egg' in a prospective analysis. ---
67  2014 Chronic exposure to a gambling-like schedule of reward predictive stimuli can promote sensitization to amphetamine in rats. CS, DA
68  2014 Contingency learning in alcohol dependence and pathological gambling: learning and unlearning reward contingencies. AD, ADs, HCs, PGs
69  2014 Cortical volume and folding abnormalities in Parkinson's disease patients with pathological gambling. G-SAS, LGI, OFC, PD, VBM
70  2014 Decreased connectivity of the default mode network in pathological gambling: a resting state functional MRI study. DMN, PG-YBOCS
71  2014 Differences between early-onset pathological gambling and later-onset pathological gambling: data from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC). AUDADIS-IV, CI, NESARC, OR
72  2014 Dimensions and disorder specificity of impulsivity in pathological gambling. AD, GTS, HC
73  2014 Dopamine DRD2/ANKK1 Taq1A and DAT1 VNTR polymorphisms are associated with a cognitive flexibility profile in pathological gamblers. DA, SCWT, TMT, WCST
74  2014 DSM-5 gambling disorder: prevalence and characteristics in a substance use disorder sample. GD, SUD
75  2014 Early detection of pathological gambling: betting on GPs' beliefs and attitudes. PrG
76  2014 From symptoms to neurobiology: pathological gambling in the light of the new classification in DSM-5. SUDs
77  2014 Gambling disorder during dopamine replacement treatment in Parkinson's disease: a comprehensive review. DA, GD, PD
78  2014 Getting a grip on problem gambling: what can neuroscience tell us? ACC, PrG
79  2014 Hippocampal and amygdalar volumetric differences in pathological gambling: a preliminary study of the associations with the behavioral inhibition system. BAS, BIS, HC
80  2014 In vivo evidence for greater amphetamine-induced dopamine release in pathological gambling: a positron emission tomography study with [(11)C]-(+)-PHNO. DA
81  2014 Insular activation during reward anticipation reflects duration of illness in abstinent pathological gamblers. ---
82  2014 Is Internet addiction a psychopathological condition distinct from pathological gambling? IA
83  2014 Is pathological gambling moderated by age? ---
84  2014 Male and female pathological gamblers: bet in a different way and show different mental disorders. ---
85  2014 Multidimensional examination of impulsivity in relation to disordered gambling. ---
86  2014 Pathological gambling and impulsivity: an Italian study. BIS-11, SOGS
87  2014 Pathological gambling subtypes: A comparison of treatment-seeking and non-treatment-seeking samples from Brazil and Canada. TCI
88  2014 Pathological gambling: update on decision making and neuro-functional studies in clinical samples. ---
89  2014 Pharmacological treatments in pathological gambling. ---
90  2014 Prevalence of suicide attempts in pathological gamblers in a nationwide Austrian treatment sample. SAH
91  2014 Stroop task among patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and pathological gambling (PG) in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). MMT, OCD, RTs
92  2014 The clustering of psychiatric disorders in high-risk gambling populations. ---
93  2014 Working memory and affective decision-making in addiction: a neurocognitive comparison between heroin addicts, pathological gamblers and healthy controls. IGT, SOPT
94  2013 A case of frontotemporal dementia with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis presenting with pathological gambling. ---
95  2013 A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of topiramate for pathological gambling. BIS
96  2013 A proof of concept study of tolcapone for pathological gambling: relationships with COMT genotype and brain activation. COMT, PG-YBOCS
97  2013 Abnormalities of functional brain networks in pathological gambling: a graph-theoretical approach. GAT, HCs
98  2013 Cocaine Dependent Individuals and Gamblers Present Different Associative Learning Anomalies in Feedback-Driven Decision Making: A Behavioral and ERP Study. CDI, PRLT
99  2013 Cognitive distortions, anxiety, and depression among regular and pathological gambling online poker players. HADS, NPG, PbG, SOGS
100  2013 Decision-making deficits in pathological gambling: the role of executive functions, explicit knowledge and impulsivity in relation to decisions made under ambiguity and risk. PGs