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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Xylosyltransferase-deficient human HEK293 cells show a strongly reduced proliferation capacity and viability. ECM
2019 Arthroscopic Determination of Cartilage Proteoglycan Content and Collagen Network Structure with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. NIR
2019 Biologic Characteristics of Shoulder Articular Cartilage in Comparison to Knee and Ankle Articular Cartilage From Individual Donors. GHJ
2019 Chondroprotective effect of curcumin and lecithin complex in human chondrocytes stimulated by IL-1beta via an anti-inflammatory mechanism. COX-2, HA, IL, iNOS, NF, NO, PGE2, TIMP, TNF
2019 Computational modeling of novel inhibitory peptides targeting proteoglycan like region of carbonic anhydrase IX and in vitro validation in HeLa cells. CAIX
2019 Detection of proteoglycan loss from articular cartilage using Brillouin microscopy, with applications to osteoarthritis. AC, ECM, OA
2019 Evaluation of canine 2D cell cultures as models of myxomatous mitral valve degeneration. EndoMT, VECs, VICs
2019 Galectin-3 Regulates the Expression of Tumor Glycosaminoglycans and Increases the Metastatic Potential of Breast Cancer. ECM, GAGs, Gal-3
2019 IL-10 Could Play a Role in the Interrelation between Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoarthritis. col, DM, ECM, HAC, HG, HI, IL, NG, OA, OUMS
10  2019 Interrelationship of cartilage composition and chondrocyte mechanics after a partial meniscectomy in the rabbit knee joint - Experimental and numerical analysis. ECM, FCD, FE, PCM, PM
11  2019 Keratan sulfate (KS)-proteoglycans and neuronal regulation in health and disease: the importance of KS-glycodynamics and interactive capability with neuroregulatory ligands. GAGs, KS
12  2019 Multiparametric MR Investigation of Proteoglycan Diffusivity, T2 Relaxation, and Concentration in an Ex Vivo Model of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration. CEST, DW-MRS, ECM, GAG, IVDD, T2 W-MRS
13  2019 Rifaximin Alters Intestinal Microbiota and Prevents Progression of Ankylosing Spondylitis in Mice. AS, TLR4
14  2019 Safranin O without fast green is the best staining method for testing the degradation of macromolecules in a cartilage extracellular matrix for the determination of the postmortem interval. ECM, PMI
15  2019 Simultaneous Quantitation of Cationic and Non-ionic Contrast Agents in Articular Cartilage Using Synchrotron MicroCT Imaging. CECT, QDECT
16  2019 Spatial correlation of native and engineered cartilage components at micron resolution. ECM, FT-IRIS, MIR, NIR, TE
17  2019 Stress-activated miR-204 governs senescent phenotypes of chondrocytes to promote osteoarthritis development. OA, SASP
18  2019 Structural deciphering of the NG2/CSPG4 proteoglycan multifunctionality. CSPG4
19  2019 Synovium extra cellular matrices seeded with transduced mesenchymal stem cells stimulate chondrocyte maturation in vitro and cartilage healing in clinically-induced rat-knee lesions in vivo. BMP-2, GFP, HA, OA, sConstructs, sECM, sMSC
20  2018 Articular cartilage response to a sliding load using two different-sized spherical indenters1. ECM
21  2018 Compositional Assessment of Human Tracheal Cartilage by Infrared Spectroscopy. NIR
22  2018 Conventional Anti-glioblastoma Chemotherapy Affects Proteoglycan Composition of Brain Extracellular Matrix in Rat Experimental Model in vivo. CS, DXM, GBM, HS, TMZ
23  2018 Deferoxamine-Soaked Suture Improves Angiogenesis and Repair Potential After Acute Injury of the Chicken Achilles Tendon. CTL, DFO
24  2018 Detection of Glycan Shedding in the Blood: New Class of Multiple Sclerosis Biomarkers? BBB, EAE, GAG, GLX, MS
25  2018 Dilated Minute Chambers in Laryngeal Vocal Fold Polyps: Histopathological and Ultrastructural Features. HA
26  2018 Evaluation of equine synovial-derived extracellular matrix scaffolds seeded with equine synovial-derived mesenchymal stem cells. BMP, GFP, HA, synECM, synMSCs
27  2018 Ezetimibe in Combination With Simvastatin Reduces Remnant Cholesterol Without Affecting Biliary Lipid Concentrations in Gallstone Patients. apoB, T2DM
28  2018 Mediolateral Differences of Proteoglycans Distribution at the ACL Tibial Footprint: Experimental Study of 16 Cadaveric Knees. ---
29  2018 Multiparametric MRI and Computational Modelling in the Assessment of Human Articular Cartilage Properties: A Comprehensive Approach. CFO, CO, FF, qMRI
30  2018 Non-Glycanated Biglycan and LTBP4: Leveraging the extracellular matrix for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy therapeutics. DMD, ECM, LTBP4
31  2018 Oral administration of salmon cartilage proteoglycan extends the survival of allografts in mice. ---
32  2018 Osteogenic differentiation enhances the MC3T3-E1 secretion of glycosaminoglycans with an affinity for basic fibroblast growth factor and bone morphogenetic protein-2. bFGF, BMP, DM, GAG
33  2018 Salmon cartilage proteoglycan attenuates allergic responses in mouse model of papain‑induced respiratory inflammation. ---
34  2018 Salmon cartilage proteoglycan promotes the healing process of Staphylococcus aureus-infected wound. ---
35  2018 Shortwave-infrared Raman spectroscopic classification of water fractions in articular cartilage ex vivo. RS
36  2018 The Effect of Surgical Insertion and Proinflammatory Cytokines on Osteochondral Allograft Survival and Metabolism. FC, IC, IL, OCA, UIC
37  2018 [Mechanism of thermosensitive moxibustion on knee osteoarthritis in rabbit models]. KOA, NO, TSM
38  2017 An epitope-specific DerG-PG70 LEAPS vaccine modulates T cell responses and suppresses arthritis progression in two related murine models of rheumatoid arthritis. GIA, RA, Th
39  2017 Attenuation of obesity-induced inflammation in mice orally administered with salmon cartilage proteoglycan, a prophylactic agent. HFD
40  2017 Characterization of layered chondrocyte sheets created in a co-culture system with synoviocytes in a hypoxic environment. ACAN, FN1, ITGalpha10, MMP3, SOX9, TIMP1
41  2017 Chondrodysplasia with multiple dislocations: comprehensive study of a series of 30 cases. ---
42  2017 Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans from salmon nasal cartilage inhibit angiogenesis. CS, CSPGs
43  2017 Combination of optical coherence tomography and near infrared spectroscopy enhances determination of articular cartilage composition and structure. ICRS, NIRS, OCT
44  2017 Correlation of insulin-like growth factor 1 and osteoarthritic cartilage degradation: a spontaneous osteoarthritis in guinea-pig. HE, IGF-1
45  2017 Cyclic loading of human articular cartilage: The transition from compaction to fatigue. ---
46  2017 Effect of Choline on the Composition and Degradation Enzyme of Extracellular Matrix of Mice Chondrocytes Exposed to Fluoride. ACAN, HE, HiF, RT-PCR
47  2017 Effects of annulus defects and implantation of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA)/fibrin gel scaffolds on nerves ingrowth in a rabbit model of annular injury disc degeneration. IVD, PLGA, PLGA
48  2017 Effects of hemarthrosis on cartilage and synovium in rabbits. HA
49  2017 Effects of pentosan polysulfate and polysulfated glycosaminoglycan on chondrogenesis of canine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in alginate and micromass culture. cBMSC, CDM, MMC, MSC, OA, PPS, PSGAG, qPCR
50  2017 High fat-diet and saturated fatty acid palmitate inhibits IGF-1 function in chondrocytes. ER, FFA, IGF-1, JNK, MAP, PBA
51  2017 Improved molecular recognition of Carbonic Anhydrase IX by polypeptide conjugation to acetazolamide. AZM, HCA II, HCA IX
52  2017 Murine articular cartilage morphology and compositional quantification with high resolution cationic contrast-enhanced muCT. muCT
53  2017 Salmon nasal cartilage proteoglycan enhances growth of normal human dermal fibroblast through Erk1/2 phosphorylation. NHDF, Salmon-PG
54  2017 Senescent intervertebral disc cells exhibit perturbed matrix homeostasis phenotype. IDD
55  2017 Structure-function relationships of human meniscus. ---
56  2017 Vitamin D Deficiency and Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA, VitD
57  2017 [Effect of dentin proteoglycans on the stability of resin-dentin bonds against artificial saliva storage]. C-ABC, GAG, TRY
58  2016 Acid glycosaminoglycan (aGAG) excretion is increased in children with autism spectrum disorder, and it can be controlled by diet. aGAG, ASD, CNS, CS, GAGs, HS
59  2016 Advances in biological therapy for nucleus pulposus regeneration. AF, IVD, NP
60  2016 Antioxidative therapy in an exvivo human cartilage trauma-model: attenuation of trauma-induced cell loss and ECM-destructive enzymes by N-acetyl cysteine. ECM, MMPs, NAC
61  2016 Cationic Contrast Agent Diffusion Differs Between Cartilage and Meniscus. CECT
62  2016 Characteristic Formation of Hyaluronan-Cartilage Link Protein-Proteoglycan Complex in Salivary Gland Tumors. ACC, HA, LP, PA
63  2016 Characterization and Localization of Citrullinated Proteoglycan Aggrecan in Human Articular Cartilage. ACPA, CitPG, OA, RA, rhG1
64  2016 Danshen prevents articular cartilage degeneration via antioxidation in rabbits with osteoarthritis. ACLT, MDA, OA
65  2016 Data defining markers of human neural stem cell lineage potential. ESC, NPCs, NSCs
66  2016 Immune Recognition of Citrullinated Proteoglycan Aggrecan Epitopes in Mice with Proteoglycan-Induced Arthritis and in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. ACPA, Cit, PBMC, PGIA, RA
67  2016 Immunolocalization and distribution of proteoglycans in carious dentine. GAGs
68  2016 Inhibition of Complement Retards Ankylosing Spondylitis Progression. AS, SpA
69  2016 Intestinal and peritoneal mast cells differ in kinetics of quantal release. IMC, MC, SG
70  2016 Investigation of intervertebral disc degeneration using multivariate FTIR spectroscopic imaging. FTIR, GAG, IVD, MCR-ALS
71  2016 Metabolism of glycosaminoglycans in the course of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. ECM, GAGs, JIA
72  2016 Near infrared spectroscopic imaging assessment of cartilage composition: Validation with mid infrared imaging spectroscopy. MIR, NIR, OA, PLS
73  2016 Prognostic Value of ADAMTS Proteases and Their Substrates in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. ---
74  2016 Proteoglycans as Target for an Innovative Therapeutic Approach in Chondrosarcoma: Preclinical Proof of Concept. ECM, MEL, Mel-QA, QA
75  2016 Rat Articular Cartilages Change Their Tissue and Protein Compositions During Perinatal Period. AC, Col, ECM, GAG
76  2016 Systemic Administration of Proteoglycan Protects BALB/c Retired Breeder Mice from Experimental Arthritis. ---
77  2016 Targeting of Proteoglycan Synthesis Pathway: A New Strategy to Counteract Excessive Matrix Proteoglycan Deposition and Transforming Growth Factor-beta1-Induced Fibrotic Phenotype in Lung Fibroblasts. TGF-beta1
78  2016 The CS Sulfation Motifs 4C3, 7D4, 3B3[-]; and Perlecan Identify Stem Cell Populations and Their Niches, Activated Progenitor Cells and Transitional Areas of Tissue Development in the Fetal Human Elbow. CS, HS
79  2016 Transport of Iodine Is Different in Cartilage and Meniscus. CECT
80  2015 A computational analysis on the implications of age-related changes in the expression of cellular signals on the role of IGF-1 in intervertebral disc homeostasis. IGF-1, IGFBP, IVD
81  2015 A Nucleotomy Model with Intact Annulus Fibrosus to Test Intervertebral Disc Regeneration Strategies. AF, FSUs, IVD, LDH, NP
82  2015 Alterations in subchondral bone plate, trabecular bone and articular cartilage properties of rabbit femoral condyles at 4 weeks after anterior cruciate ligament transection. ACLT, CTRL, OA
83  2015 Amino acid sequence surrounding the chondroitin sulfate attachment site of thrombomodulin regulates chondroitin polymerization. CS, TM
84  2015 Contrast enhanced imaging of human meniscus using cone beam CT. CA, CECT, MRI
85  2015 DEC205+ Dendritic Cell-Targeted Tolerogenic Vaccination Promotes Immune Tolerance in Experimental Autoimmune Arthritis. DCs, PGIA
86  2015 Effect of highly purified capsaicin on articular cartilage and rotator cuff tendon healing: An in vivo rabbit study. GHJ
87  2015 Electromagnetic fields counteract IL-1beta activity during chondrogenesis of bovine mesenchymal stem cells. EMFs, IL-1beta, MSCs, OA, TGFbeta3
88  2015 Heavy chain transfer by tumor necrosis factor-stimulated gene 6 to the bikunin proteoglycan. CS, HA, HC, TSG-6
89  2015 Intervention of rAAV-hTERT-Transducted Nucleus Pulposus Cells in Early Stage of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: A Study in Canine Model. NP, NPCs, rAAV, RGI
90  2015 Is the T1rho MRI profile of hyaline cartilage in the normal hip uniform? ---
91  2015 MicroRNA-146a reduces IL-1 dependent inflammatory responses in the intervertebral disc. ECM, IHC, IL-1, IVD, KO, NP, OA, qRT-PCR, WT
92  2015 Multiparametric MRI of Epiphyseal Cartilage Necrosis (Osteochondrosis) with Histological Validation in a Goat Model. OC
93  2015 N-acetylcysteine treatment ameliorates the skeletal phenotype of a mouse model of diastrophic dysplasia. DTD, NAC
94  2015 Osteoarthritis-like pathologic changes in the knee joint induced by environmental disruption of circadian rhythms is potentiated by a high-fat diet. HFD, OA
95  2015 PAPST1 regulates sulfation of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in epithelial MDCK II cells. HS, PAPS, PAPST, PGs
96  2015 Piperine mediates LPS induced inflammatory and catabolic effects in rat intervertebral disc. IDD, NP
97  2015 Possible chondroprotective effect of canakinumab: an in vitro study on human osteoarthritic chondrocytes. IL, iNOS, NO, OA, TEM, TNF
98  2015 Proteoglycans: Potential Agents in Mammographic Density and the Associated Breast Cancer Risk. BC, MD
99  2015 Spatial mapping of proteoglycan content in articular cartilage using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. NIR, PC, PLS
100  2015 T1rho magnetic resonance: basic physics principles and applications in knee and intervertebral disc imaging. AF, SAR