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Abbreviation:   PKCalpha  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   protein kinase Calpha
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 ATF4/CEMIP/PKCα promotes anoikis resistance by enhancing protective autophagy in prostate cancer cells. ATF4, Bcl-2, CEMIP, ECM, PCa
2022 COVID-19 and erythrocrine function: The roller coaster and danger. NO, S1P
2022 Evidence that PKCα inhibition in Dalton's Lymphoma cells augments cell cycle arrest and mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis. NHL
2022 Fructose ingestion modifies NMDA receptors and exacerbates the seizures induced by kainic acid. KA, NMDAR
2022 GPRC6A is a key mediator of palmitic acid regulation of lipid synthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells. BMECs, FAs, PA, PI3K, SREBP-1c
2022 Human-rat integrated microRNAs profiling identified a new neonatal cerebral hypoxic-ischemic pathway melatonin-sensitive. HI, KEGG, miRNA, NE
2022 Independent of Renox, NOX5 Promotes Renal Inflammation and Fibrosis in Diabetes by Activating ROS-Sensitive Pathways. DKD, Egr-1, NOX5, ROS, TXNIP
2022 Inhibition of protein kinase C alpha attenuates lipopolysaccharide-triggered acute lung injury by alleviating the hyperinflammatory response and oxidative stress. ALI, BCA, CCK-8, ELISA, IHC, LDH, LPS, NF-kappaB, qRT-PCR
2022 Long Intergenic Noncoding RNA MIAT as a Regulator of Human Th17 Cell Differentiation. lincRNA, MIAT, Th17
10  2022 Maprotiline Ameliorates High Glucose-Induced Dysfunction in Renal Glomerular Endothelial Cells. DN, HG, HRGECs
11  2022 PATAS, a First-in-Class Therapeutic Peptide Biologic, Improves Whole-Body Insulin Resistance and Associated Comorbidities In Vivo. ---
12  2022 PKCα/ZFP64/CSF1 axis resets the tumor microenvironment and fuels anti-PD1 resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma. anti-PD1, HCC, ZFP64
13  2022 Programmed Exercise Attenuates Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Transgenic E22K Mice via Inhibition of PKC-α/NFAT Pathway. FHCM, NFAT
14  2022 Protein Kinase C-α Is a Gatekeeper of Cryptosporidium Sporozoite Adherence and Invasion. PRKCA, SNPs
15  2021 Achyranthes aspera L. leaf extract induced anticancer effects on Dalton's Lymphoma via regulation of PKCalpha signaling pathway and mitochondrial apoptosis. AAML, DL, NHLs
16  2021 AhR/miR-23a-3p/PKCalpha axis contributes to memory deficits in ovariectomized and normal aging female mice. AAV-pre-miR-23a-3p, AhR, LTP, miR-23a-3p, miRNA
17  2021 Apelin Promotes Endothelial Progenitor Cell Angiogenesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease via the miR-525-5p/Angiopoietin-1 Pathway. Ang-1, APLN, EPC, PLCgamma, RA, RASFs
18  2021 Berberine Reverses Nitroglycerin Tolerance through Suppressing Protein Kinase C Alpha Activity in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. NTG, PKC, VSMCs
19  2021 Binding of the Andes Virus Nucleocapsid Protein to RhoGDI Induces the Release and Activation of the Permeability Factor RhoA. ANDV, ARDS, ECs, HPS, PKA, PMECs, VEGF
20  2021 CXC chemokine ligand-13 promotes metastasis via CXCR5-dependent signaling pathway in non-small cell lung cancer. CXCL13, PLCbeta, VCAM-1
21  2021 Diosmetin Induces Modulation of Igf-1 and Il-6 Levels to Alter Rictor-Akt-PKCalpha Cascade in Inhibition of Prostate Cancer. IGF
22  2021 Electroacupuncture attenuates vascular hyporeactivity in a rat model of portal hypertension induced by bile duct ligation. 6-keto-PGF1alpha, BDL, COX-1, EA, NOS, PHT, TGFbetaR, TNF-alpha, VEGF
23  2021 Endothelial pannexin 1-TRPV4 channel signaling lowers pulmonary arterial pressure in mice. P2Y2R, PA, Panx1, PAP, TRPV4
24  2021 Exploring the five different genes associated with PKCalpha in bladder cancer based on gene expression microarray. BC
25  2021 Extracellular Matrix Stiffness Regulates DNA Methylation by PKCα-Dependent Nuclear Transport of DNMT3L. DNMT3L, ECM, mESCs
26  2021 HMGB1 signaling phosphorylates Ku70 and impairs DNA damage repair in Alzheimer's disease pathology. AD, DSB, HMGB1, TLR4, TRIAD
27  2021 Identification of Activated Protein Kinase Calpha (PKCalpha) in the Urine of Orthotopic Bladder Cancer Xenograft Model as a Potential Biomarker for the Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer. ---
28  2021 IGFBP-1 hyperphosphorylation in response to nutrient deprivation is mediated by activation of protein kinase Cα (PKCα). Bis II, FGR, IGF, IGFBP, PKC, PMA, PRM-MS
29  2021 LSD1-S112A exacerbates the pathogenesis of CSE/LPS-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in mice. COPD, LSD1
30  2021 N-acetyl l-aspartate and Triacetin modulate tumor suppressor MicroRNA and class I and II HDAC gene expression induce apoptosis in Glioblastoma cancer cells in vitro. GBM, HDAC, HDACs, mTORC2, NAA, Protor 2, TA
31  2021 Pharmacological rescue of cognitive function in a mouse model of chemobrain. ---
32  2021 PKCalpha Inhibition as a Strategy to Sensitize Neuroblastoma Stem Cells to Etoposide by Stimulating Ferroptosis. CSCs, ROS, SSZ
33  2021 PKCalpha-mediated phosphorylation of the diacylglycerol kinase zeta MARCKS domain switches cell migration modes by regulating interactions with Rac1 and RhoA. DGKzeta
34  2021 PKCα is a Potentially Useful Marker for Planning Individualized Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. DMFS, LRFS, NPC, OS, PFS
35  2021 PKCα: Prospects in Regulating Insulin Resistance and AD. AD
36  2021 Progesterone Receptor Together with PKCα Expression as Prognostic Factors for Astrocytomas Malignancy. PR
37  2021 Protein Kinase C alpha-Responsive Gene Carrier for Cancer-Specific Transgene Expression and Cancer Therapy. LPEI, pcDNA-hcasp8
38  2021 Regulation of Autophagy Enzymes by Nutrient Signaling. AMPK, ATG16L1, CSNK2, LC3, mTORC1, ULK1, Vps34
39  2021 Spatiotemporal distribution of PKCα, Cdc42, and Rac1 before directed cell migration. WCs
40  2021 The effects of YKL-40 on angiogenic potential of HUVECs are partly mediated by syndecan-4. ERKs, HUVECs, sh
41  2021 The Pyrazolyl-Urea Gege3 Inhibits the Activity of ANXA1 in the Angiogenesis Induced by the Pancreatic Cancer Derived EVs. ANXA1, EVs, PC
42  2020 A metabolic reaction-diffusion model for PKCalpha translocation via PIP2 hydrolysis in an endothelial cell. DAG
43  2020 Alteration of orexin-A and PKCalpha in the postmortem brain of pure-opioid and multi-drug abusers. LPFC, MDA, mPFC, NAc, OFC, SUD
44  2020 CXCL13/CXCR5 Interaction Facilitates VCAM-1-Dependent Migration in Human Osteosarcoma. NF-kappaB, PLCbeta, VCAM-1
45  2020 Cytosolic Ca2+ Modulates Golgi Structure Through PKCalpha-Mediated GRASP55 Phosphorylation. DTT, TG, TM, UPR
46  2020 Evaluation of Toxic Amyloid 42 Oligomers in Rat Primary Cerebral Cortex Cells and Human iPS-derived Neurons Treated with 10-Me-Aplog-1, a New PKC Activator. Abeta42, AD, APP, bryo-1, nELAV
47  2020 Five Constituents in Psoralea corylifolia L. Attenuate Palmitic Acid-Induced Hepatocyte Injury via Inhibiting the Protein Kinase C-alpha/Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate Oxidase Pathway. NASH, NOX
48  2020 Fluid Shear Stress Induces Endothelial Cell Injury via Protein Kinase C Alpha-Mediated Repression of p120-Catenin and Vascular Endothelial Cadherin InVitro. EC, FSS, HUVECs, NF-kappaB, p-S879p120ctn, p120ctn, VE-cadherin
49  2020 Hyaluronic Acid-Mediated Drug Delivery System Targeting for Inflammatory Skin Diseases: A Mini Review. AD, HA
50  2020 Increase in PKCalpha Activity during Heart Failure Despite the Stimulation of PKCalpha Braking Mechanism. DAG, HF, MI
51  2020 Jowiseungki decoction affects diabetic nephropathy in mice through renal injury inhibition as evidenced by network pharmacology and gut microbiota analyses. alpha-SMA, COX-2, DN, iNOS, IRS-1, JSD, MAPK, NF-kappaB, PI3K, STZ, TGF-beta1
52  2020 Methionine represses the autophagy of gastric cancer stem cells via promoting the methylation and phosphorylation of RAB37. GCSCs, Hcy, Met
53  2020 PKCalpha and Netrin-1/UNC5B positive feedback control in relation with chemical therapy in bladder cancer. ERK, siRNA
54  2020 PKCα mediated by the PI3K/Akt-FOXA1 cascade facilitates cypermethrin-induced hyperthyroidism. CYP, TH
55  2020 Protein Kinase C Alpha (PKCalpha) overexpression leads to a better response to retinoid acid therapy through Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta (RARbeta) activation in mammary cancer cells. ATRA, PKC, RARbeta, RARE, RARs
56  2020 Protein Kinase Calpha Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Schwann Cells by Activating ERK Signaling Pathway. PMA, PNI, SCs, WD
57  2020 Tetraspanin CD82 drives acute myeloid leukemia chemoresistance by modulating protein kinase C alpha and beta1 integrin activation. AML, MAPK
58  2020 The complexities of PKCα signaling in cancer. ---
59  2020 The mTOR inhibitor manassantin B reveals a crucial role of mTORC2 signaling in Epstein-Barr virus reactivation. EBV, mTORC2
60  2020 The role of protein kinase C alpha in tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate-induced autophagy in human neuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells. NBR1, OPIDN, TOCP, UPS
61  2019 Age-related difference in protective effect of early post-conditioning on ischemic brain injury: possible involvement of MAP-2/Synaptophysin role. I/R, MAP-2, PC
62  2019 Annexin A6 improves anti-migratory and anti-invasive properties of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in EGFR overexpressing human squamous epithelial cells. AnxA6, EGFR, MAPK
63  2019 Canonical Transient Potential Receptor-3 Channels in Normal and Diseased Airway Smooth Muscle Cells. ASMCs, IkappaBalpha, NF-kappaB
64  2019 Cooperative Blockade of PKCα and JAK2 Drives Apoptosis in Glioblastoma. TORKi
65  2019 Heroin-based crack induces hyperalgesia through beta-arrestin 2 redistribution and phosphorylation of Erk1/2 and JNK in the periaqueductal gray area. i.p, MOR, NS, PAG
66  2019 Identification of novel LncRNA targeting Smad2/PKCalpha signal pathway to negatively regulate malignant progression of glioblastoma. GBM, lncRNAs, mRNAs
67  2019 Identification of PKCalpha-dependent phosphoproteins in mouse retina. PKCalpha-KO, RBC, RBCs
68  2019 IL-17A Recruits Rab35 to IL-17R to Mediate PKCalpha-Dependent Stress Fiber Formation and Airway Smooth Muscle Contractility. ASMCs, GEF
69  2019 Involvement of calcium in 50-Hz magnetic field-induced activation of sphingosine kinase 1 signaling pathway. ERK, MF, SK1
70  2019 Involvement of miR-200b-PKCalpha signalling in pulmonary hypertension in cor pulmonale model. LV, MCT, RV
71  2019 Kinase activity of casein kinase 1 delta (CK1delta) is modulated by protein kinase C alpha (PKCalpha) by site-specific phosphorylation within the kinase domain of CK1delta. CDKs, Chk1, CK1, CK1delta, PKA
72  2019 Matrine attenuates high-fat diet-induced in vivo and ox-LDL-induced in vitro vascular injury by regulating the PKCalpha/eNOS and PI3K/Akt/eNOS pathways. eNOS, HUVECs, ox-LDL, PI3K
73  2019 Modulating PKCalpha Activity to Target Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling in Colon Cancer. APC, CRC
74  2019 PACSIN2 Interacts with Nonstructural Protein 5A and Regulates Hepatitis C Virus Assembly. core, HCV, NS5A, S313A, siRNA
75  2019 PKCalpha is required for Akt-mTORC1 activation in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) with EGFR mutation. EGFR, mtEGFR, NSCLC
76  2019 Protein Kinase C Downregulation Enhanced Extracellular Ca2+-Induced Relaxation of Isolated Mesenteric Arteries from Aged Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats. SS
77  2019 Protein kinase Calpha mediates recovery of renal and mitochondrial functions following acute injury. WT
78  2019 Regulation of lipid metabolism in diabetic rats by Arctium lappa L. polysaccharide through the PKC/NF-kappaB pathway. LDL, NF-kappaB, TC, TG
79  2019 Resveratrol in Various Pockets: A Review. ---
80  2019 Rod bipolar cells dysfunction occurs before ganglion cells loss in excitotoxin-damaged mouse retina. ERG, NR2B, PICK1, RBCs, RGCs
81  2019 Role of PLD-PKCzeta signaling axis in p47phox phosphorylation for activation of NADPH oxidase by angiotensin II in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Ang II, BPASMCs, PLD
82  2019 Syndecan-4 regulates extravillous trophoblast migration by coordinating protein kinase C activation. EVT, SDC4
83  2019 Taurine Protects Retinal Cells and Improves Synaptic Connections in Early Diabetic Rats. DR, ERG, GFAP, IEC, INL, OPL, TauT
84  2018 7-Methoxy-luteolin-8-C-beta-6-deoxy-xylo-pyranos-3-uloside exactly (mLU8C-PU) isolated from Arthraxon hispidus inhibits migratory and invasive responses mediated via downregulation of MMP-9 and IL-8 expression in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. AP-1, IL-8, JNK, mLU8C-PU, MMP-9, NF-B, TPA
85  2018 A group I metabotropic glutamate receptor controls synaptic gain between rods and rod bipolar cells in the mouse retina. PLC, RBC
86  2018 A recurrent kinase domain mutation in PRKCA defines chordoid glioma of the third ventricle. ---
87  2018 Activation of protein kinase C-alpha/heme oxygenase-1 signaling pathway improves mitochondrial dynamics in lipopolysaccharide-activated NR8383 cells. Drp1, Fis1, HO-1, LPS, Mfn1, Mfn2, OPA1, RCR, ROS
88  2018 Antrodia cinnamomea Galactomannan Elicits Immuno-stimulatory Activity Through Toll-like Receptor 4. A. cinnamomea, IL-6, MAPK, TNF-alpha
89  2018 Evaluation and Characterization of Endothelial Cell Invasion and Sprouting Behavior. MT-MMPs
90  2018 Evaluation of retinal injury in a rat model of transient ischemic stroke. I/R
91  2018 Galectin 3 inhibition attenuates renal injury progression in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. AKI, CKD, Gal-3, MCP
92  2018 Glucose enhances aggrecan expression in chondrocytes via the PKCalpha/p38-miR141-3p signaling pathway. miR, OA
93  2018 Identification of protein kinase C alpha- and tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive cells in the microbat retina. TH
94  2018 Interfering RNA against PKC-alpha inhibits TNF-alpha-induced IP3R1 expression and improves glomerular filtration rate in rats with fulminant hepatic failure. ET-1, FHF, GFR, GMCs, JNK, Sp1, TNF-alpha
95  2018 Kidney-targeted inhibition of protein kinase C-alpha ameliorates nephrotoxic nephritis with restoration of mitochondrial dysfunction. NTN
96  2018 Organic barn dust inhibits surfactant protein D production through protein kinase-c alpha dependent increase of GPR116. LPS, SP-D
97  2018 Orientin inhibits invasion by suppressing MMP-9 and IL-8 expression via the PKCalpha/ ERK/AP-1/STAT3-mediated signaling pathways in TPA-treated MCF-7 breast cancer cells. AP-1, ERK, IL-8, LU8C-FP, MMP-9, STAT3, TPA
98  2018 PEDF protects cardiomyocytes by promoting FUNDC1‑mediated mitophagy via PEDF-R under hypoxic condition. PEDF
99  2018 Pharmacological inhibition of the mitochondrial NADPH oxidase 4/PKCalpha/Gal-3 pathway reduces left ventricular fibrosis following myocardial infarction. AMPK, Gal-3, MI
100  2018 Phosphorylation of Rab37 by protein kinase C alpha inhibits the exocytosis function and metastasis suppression activity of Rab37. TIMP1