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Long Form:   poly(L-glutamic acid)
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2021 Biomimetic Bilayer Scaffold as an Incubator to Induce Sequential Chondrogenesis and Osteogenesis of Adipose Derived Stem Cells for Construction of Osteochondral Tissue. BMP-2, CS, GAGs, hASCs, IGF-1
2021 Unfolding of Helical Poly(L-Glutamic Acid) in N,N-Dimethylformamide Probed by Pyrene Excimer Fluorescence (PEF). FBM, GdHCl, PEF, PEF
2020 All-in-One Hydrogel Realizing Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Spheroid Production and In Vivo Injection via "Gel-Sol" Transition for Angiogenesis in Hind Limb Ischemia. ASC, Cys, GSH
2018 A tough and self-healing poly(l-glutamic acid)-based composite hydrogel for tissue engineering. ---
2018 Antimicrobial coatings on polyethylene terephthalate based on curcumin/cyclodextrin complex embedded in a multilayer polyelectrolyte architecture. CMBCD, PET, PLL
2018 beta2-Type Amyloidlike Fibrils of Poly-l-glutamic Acid Convert into Long, Highly Ordered Helices upon Dissolution in Dimethyl Sulfoxide. DMSO, HB
2018 In situ formation of hydrophobic clusters to enhance mechanical performance of biodegradable poly(l-glutamic acid)/poly(epsilon-caprolactone) hydrogel towards meniscus tissue engineering. ASCs, CCN, DMA, PCL, TEG
2017 A Natural Bacterium-Produced Membrane-Bound Nanocarrier for Drug Combination Therapy. BMs, DNR, GP
2017 Effects of terminal capping on the fibrillation of short (L-Glu)n peptides. ---
10  2017 Fabrication and characterization of shape memory polymers based bioabsorbable biomedical drug eluting stent. DSC, FTIR, PLA, SEM
11  2017 Hydration of hydrogels regulates vascularization in vivo. ASCs, FGF-2, OEGs, VEGF
12  2016 Beware of Cocktails: Chain-Length Bidispersity Triggers Explosive Self-Assembly of Poly-L-Glutamic Acid beta2-Fibrils. ---
13  2016 Regeneration of hyaline-like cartilage and subchondral bone simultaneously by poly(l-glutamic acid) based osteochondral scaffolds with induced autologous adipose derived stem cells. ASC, ASCs, CS, nHA-g-PLGA, PEC
14  2015 A Solid Phase Vibrational Circular Dichroism Study of Polypeptide-Surfactant Interaction. PLAA, PLAG, PLL, SDS, TTAB, VCD
15  2015 Amyloidogenic Properties of Short alpha-L-Glutamic Acid Oligomers. AFM
16  2015 Bacterial protease triggered release of biocides from microspheres with an oily core. PLL
17  2015 In-situ birth of MSCs multicellular spheroids in poly(L-glutamic acid)/chitosan scaffold for hyaline-like cartilage regeneration. ASCs, CS, MSCs
18  2015 Preparation and in vitro antitumor effects of cytosine arabinoside-loaded genipin-poly-l-glutamic acid-modified bacterial magnetosomes. BMs, FTIR, GP, TEM
19  2015 Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-Coated Stents Inhibit Restenosis in a Rabbit Carotid Artery Model. TFPI
20  2014 Covalent defects restrict supramolecular self-assembly of homopolypeptides: case study of β2-fibrils of poly-L-glutamic acid. n-BA
21  2014 Polyelectrolyte complex-silica hybrid colloidal particles decorated with different polyelectrolytes. PAA, PEC, PSS
22  2014 Polypeptide multilayer self-assembly studied by ellipsometry. LbL, PLL
23  2014 Successful differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells cultured on electrically adjustable indium tin oxide (ITO) surface. ITO, NSPCs, PEM, PLL
24  2013 Fabrication of poly(l-glutamic acid)/chitosan polyelectrolyte complex porous scaffolds for tissue engineering. ASCs, CS
25  2013 Poly(L-glutamic acid)/chitosan polyelectrolyte complex porous microspheres as cell microcarriers for cartilage regeneration. PEC
26  2013 Repair of an articular cartilage defect using adipose-derived stem cells loaded on a polyelectrolyte complex scaffold based on poly(l-glutamic acid) and chitosan. ASCs, CHI
27  2013 Synthesis and self-assembly of thermo/pH-responsive double hydrophilic brush-coil copolymer with poly(L-glutamic acid) side chains. BLG-NCA, EDA, PNIPAM-b-PGMA
28  2012 Adipose tissue engineering with human adipose tissue-derived adult stem cells and a novel porous scaffold. ADSCs, CS, RT-PCR, SCID
29  2012 An FT-IR study on packing defects in mixed beta-aggregates of poly(L-glutamic acid) and poly(D-glutamic acid): a high-pressure rescue from a kinetic trap. ---
30  2011 Control generating of bacterial magnetic nanoparticle-doxorubicin conjugates by poly-L-glutamic acid surface modification. BMPs, PBMP
31  2011 Effect of synthetic cationic protein on mechanoexcitability of vagal afferent nerve subtypes in guinea pig esophagus. PLL
32  2011 Layer-by-layer assembly of poly(L-glutamic acid)/chitosan microcapsules for high loading and sustained release of 5-fluorouracil. 5-FU, CS, LbL, MF
33  2011 Layer-by-layer polypeptide macromolecular assemblies-mediated synthesis of mesoporous silica and gold nanoparticle/mesoporous silica tubular nanostructures. PLL
34  2011 Synthesis of poly-L-glutamic acid grafted silica nanoparticles and their assembly into macroporous structures. NCA
35  2011 Thioflavin T forms a non-fluorescent complex with alpha-helical poly-L-glutamic acid. ThT
36  2010 Polyelectrolyte brushes studied by surface forces measurement. PLL
37  2008 Controlled molecular organization of surface macromolecular assemblies based on stimuli-responsive polypeptide brushes. PAA, PLAA, t-PLL
38  2007 Cell apoptosis control using BMP4 and noggin embedded in a polyelectrolyte multilayer film. BMPs, PLL
39  2006 A molecular dynamics study of the physical basis of stability of polypeptide multilayer nanofilms. LbL, MD, PLL
40  2006 Antimicrobial polypeptide multilayer nanocoatings. HEWL, LbL
41  2006 In vivo BMP-7 (OP-1) enhancement of osteoporotic vertebral bodies in an ovine model. BMD, BMP, OP-1
42  2006 Layer-by-layer-assembled microfiltration membranes for biomolecule immobilization and enzymatic catalysis. PAH, PLL, PSS
43  2006 Multiple and time-scheduled in situ DNA delivery mediated by beta-cyclodextrin embedded in a polyelectrolyte multilayer. LbL, PLL
44  2006 Polypeptide multilayer nanofilm artificial red blood cells. Hb, PLL
45  2006 Synthesis of potent inhibitors of anthrax toxin based on poly-L-glutamic acid. ---
46  2005 Perturbation of nanoscale structure of polypeptide multilayer thin films. CD, PAH, PLL, PSS, QCM, UVS
47  2005 Polypeptide multilayer films: role of molecular structure and charge. CD, LbL, PLL, QCM
48  2005 Pore assembled multilayers of charged polypeptides in microporous membranes for ion separation. PLL
49  2002 Noncovalent interactions of peptides with porphyrins in aqueous solution: conformational study using vibrational CD spectroscopy. ECD, PL, TMPyP, TPPS, VCD
50  2001 Controlled release of clot-dissolving tissue-type plasminogen activator from a poly(L-glutamic acid) semi-interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel. PEG, semi-IPN, tPA
51  1999 Design of polymeric prodrugs of prostaglandin E(1) having galactose residue for hepatocyte targeting. ED, Gal-HZ-PLGA, PLL
52  1999 Disposition characteristics of glycosylated poly(amino acids) as liver cell-specific drug carrier. NPC, PC, PLL
53  1999 Mechanism of salmon sperm decondensation by nucleoplasmin. CD, EB
54  1998 A novel surgical glue composed of gelatin and N-hydroxysuccinimide activated poly(L-glutamic acid): Part 1. Synthesis of activated poly(L-glutamic acid) and its gelation with gelatin. NHS, WSC
55  1998 Hemostatic capability of rapidly curable glues from gelatin, poly(L-glutamic acid), and carbodiimide. WSC
56  1996 A new biological glue from gelatin and poly (L-glutamic acid). WSC
57  1996 Development and pharmacokinetics of galactosylated poly-L-glutamic acid as a biodegradable carrier for liver-specific drug delivery. ---
58  1996 Rapidly curable biological glue composed of gelatin and poly(L-glutamic acid). MW, WSC
59  1985 [Chemical modification of anti-cancer drugs to increase their affinity to tumor antigens]. aAFP, AM, AM, DEX, DM, MMC, UFA
60  1984 A novel method of conjugation of daunomycin with antibody with a poly-L-glutamic acid derivative as intermediate drug carrier. An anti-alpha-fetoprotein antibody-daunomycin conjugate. AFP, DM
61  1984 An anti-alpha-fetoprotein antibody-daunorubicin conjugate with a novel poly-L-glutamic acid derivative as intermediate drug carrier. AFP
62  1984 Antitumor activity of 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine conjugated with polyglutamic acid and its derivative. ara-C, ILS, PHEG