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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Unifying Pathophysiological Account for Post-stroke Spasticity and Disordered Motor Control. RST, SMA
2019 Acupuncture Enhances Communication between Cortices with Damaged White Matters in Poststroke Motor Impairment. DTI, fMRI, SLF, SMA, SMG
2019 Cortical connections of area 2 and posterior parietal area 5 in macaque monkeys. SMA
2019 Corticotectal Projections From the Premotor or Primary Motor Cortex After Cortical Lesion or Parkinsonian Symptoms in Adult Macaque Monkeys: A Pilot Tracing Study. ANCEs, CST, TST
2019 Dynamic Reorganization of Motor Networks During Recovery from Partial Spinal Cord Injury in Monkeys. SCI
2019 Layer specificity of inputs from supplementary motor area and dorsal premotor cortex to primary motor cortex in macaque monkeys. SMA
2019 The role of the right premotor cortex and temporo-parietal junction in defensive responsesto visual threats. TPJ
2019 Two Distinct Systems Represent Contralateral and Ipsilateral Sensorimotor Processes in the Human Premotor Cortex: A Dense TMS Mapping Study. ---
2018 Changes of motor corticobulbar projections following different lesion types affecting the central nervous system in adult macaque monkeys. ANCE, MCI, PMRF, SCI
10  2018 Functional Characterization of the Left Ventrolateral Premotor Cortex in Humans: A Direct Electrophysiological Approach. CST, HF-DES, MEPs
11  2018 Modeling task-specific neuronal ensembles improves decoding of grasp. ---
12  2017 Corticobulbar projections from distinct motor cortical areas to the reticular formation in macaque monkeys. PM, SMA, PMRF, SMA
13  2017 Injecting Instructions into Premotor Cortex. ICMS
14  2017 Ipsilateral corticotectal projections from the primary, premotor and supplementary motor cortical areas in adult macaque monkeys: a quantitative anterograde tracing study. SC, SMA
15  2017 Real-time measurement of cerebral blood flow during and after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: A near-infrared spectroscopy study. fNIRS, rCBF, rTMS
16  2016 "How Did I Make It?": Uncertainty about Own Motor Performance after Inhibition of the Premotor Cortex. PPC, sTMS, tDCS
17  2015 Altered resting-state network connectivity in stroke patients with and without apraxia of speech. aINS, AOS, IFG
18  2015 Cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation can stabilize perception of movement: Evidence from the two-thirds power law illusion. tDCS
19  2015 Language and motor cortex response to comprehending accidental and intentional action sentences. mPFC, pSMA
20  2015 Motor loop dysfunction causes impaired cognitive sequencing in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. PD, SMA, SPT
21  2015 Neural correlates of ankle movements during different motor tasks: A feasibility study. SMA
22  2015 PMv Neuronal Firing May Be Driven by a Movement Command Trajectory within Multidimensional Gaussian Fields. MGF
23  2015 The effect of rehearsal rate and memory load on verbal working memory. IFG, MFG, SPL, WM
24  2015 When gaze opens the channel for communication: Integrative role of IFG and MPFC. arMPFC, IFG, PPI, SMA
25  2014 Effective connectivity associated with auditory error detection in musicians with absolute pitch. AP, DCM, RP, STG
26  2013 How are the motor system activity and functional connectivity between the cognitive and sensorimotor systems modulated by athletic expertise? ---
27  2013 In vivo optogenetic tracing of functional corticocortical connections between motor forelimb areas. CFA, ChR2, L5b, RFA
28  2013 Joint principles of motor and cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. PD, SPT
29  2013 Multisensory Integration in Non-Human Primates during a Sensory-Motor Task. RT
30  2013 Overlapping connections within the motor cortico-basal ganglia circuit: fMRI-tractography analysis. fMRI, SMA
31  2013 Prediction processes during multiple object tracking (MOT): involvement of dorsal and ventral premotor cortices. FEF, fMRI, MOT
32  2012 Influence of anti-Nogo-A antibody treatment on the reorganization of callosal connectivity of the premotor cortical areas following unilateral lesion of primary motor cortex (M1) in adult macaque monkeys. BDA
33  2011 Brain activation related to combinations of gaze position, visual input, and goal-directed hand movements. ---
34  2010 Anatomical and functional parcellation of the human lateral premotor cortex. fMRI
35  2010 Greater activation of secondary motor areas is related to less arm use after stroke. fMRI, PSC, ROIs, SMA
36  2010 Individual differences in socioaffective skills influence the neural bases of fear processing: the case of alexithymia. ACC, AMG
37  2010 To move or not to move: imperatives modulate action-related verb processing in the motor system. ---
38  2009 Effect of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on parietal and premotor cortex during planning of reaching movements. SPL, TMS
39  2009 Processing of visual signals for direct specification of motor targets and for conceptual representation of action targets in the dorsal and ventral premotor cortex. ---
40  2008 Premotor transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) affects primary motor excitability in humans. rTMS, SICI/ICF, tDCS
41  2008 Social cognition in premotor and parietal cortex. MR
42  2007 A fronto-parietal network is mediating improvement of motor function related to repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation: A PET-H2O15 study. PET, rCBF, rPMS
43  2007 Diffusion-weighted imaging tractography-based parcellation of the human lateral premotor cortex identifies dorsal and ventral subregions with anatomical and functional specializations. ---
44  2007 Encoding of reach and grasp by single neurons in premotor cortex is independent of recording site. ---
45  2007 Understanding non-biological dynamics with your own premotor system. ---
46  2005 Cortical activity in multiple motor areas during sequential finger movements: an application of independent component analysis. fMRI, ICA, SMA
47  2005 Motion class dependency in observers' motor areas revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. ---
48  2005 Premotor neuronal plasticity in monkeys adapting to a new dynamic environment. AFR, DR, DT, MT, PD, THT
49  2004 Functional specialization in dorsal and ventral premotor areas. PMd
50  2003 Impact of expected reward on neuronal activity in prefrontal cortex, frontal and supplementary eye fields and premotor cortex. FEF, PFC, SEF, SMAr
51  2003 Motor-related functional subdivisions of human lateral premotor cortex: epicortical recording in conditional visuomotor task. ERPs, RT
52  2003 The cerebral oscillatory network of parkinsonian resting tremor. EMGs, MEG, PPC
53  2002 Origins of callosal projections to the supplementary motor area (SMA): a direct comparison between pre-SMA and SMA-proper in macaque monkeys. CMA, SMA
54  2002 Projections of the claustrum to the primary motor, premotor, and prefrontal cortices in the macaque monkey. pre-SMA
55  1998 Corticostriatal projections from the somatic motor areas of the frontal cortex in the macaque monkey: segregation versus overlap of input zones from the primary motor cortex, the supplementary motor area, and the premotor cortex. PMd, SMA
56  1998 [Neuronal activity of monkey dorso-lateral premotor cortex during tasks of figure recognition guided motor sequence vs memorized spatial motor sequence]. MSS
57  1997 Attenuation of preparatory activity for reaching movements by a D1-dopamine antagonist in the monkey premotor cortex. DR
58  1996 Application of the GABA antagonist bicuculline to the premotor cortex reduces the ability to withhold reaching movements by well-trained monkeys in visually guided reaching task. GABA, VR
59  1996 Cortical representation of self-paced finger movement. CMA, rCBF, SMA
60  1996 Possible involvement of primary motor cortex in mentally simulated movement: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study. fMRI
61  1995 Somatotopy of monkey premotor cortex examined with microstimulation. ---
62  1994 Are extent and force independent movement parameters? Preparation- and movement-related neuronal activity in the monkey cortex. CNS, PA, PC, PS, RS, RT
63  1994 Differential effects of muscimol microinjection into dorsal and ventral aspects of the premotor cortex of monkeys. GABAA, LED
64  1993 Involvement of NMDA and non-NMDA receptors in motor task-related activity in the primary and secondary cortical motor areas of the monkey. APV, CNQX, SMA
65  1993 Premotor cortex of monkeys: set- and movement-related activity reflecting amplitude and direction of wrist movements. IS, TS
66  1992 Temporal priority of premotor cortex over nearby areas in receiving visual cues in primates. MC, SMA
67  1991 Behavioral deficits induced by local injection of bicuculline and muscimol into the primate motor and premotor cortex. EMG, GABA, MC, MUS
68  1991 Neuronal activity in the primate premotor, supplementary, and precentral motor cortex during visually guided and internally determined sequential movements. SMA
69  1989 Distribution of neurons with set- and movement-related activity before hand and foot movements in the premotor cortex of rhesus monkeys. IS, TS
70  1989 Input-output relationships of the primary face motor cortex in the monkey (Macaca fascicularis). ICMS
71  1987 Neuronal activity preceding self-initiated or externally timed arm movements in area 6 of monkey cortex. SMA
72  1986 Premotor cortex neurons in macaques: activity before distal and proximal forelimb movements. ---
73  1986 [Comparison of triggered movement-related and self paced movement-related neuronal activities in the frontal agranular cortex]. MC, SMA