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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Liver Zonation Index of Drug Transporter and Metabolizing Enzyme Protein Expressions in Mouse Liver Acinus. Ent1, OAT2, OCT1, PC, SR101
2018 Shotgun Lipidomics Combined with Laser Capture Microdissection: A Tool To Analyze Histological Zones in Cryosections of Tissues. LCM, PC, t-SIM
2014 An in vitro hepatic zonation model with a continuous oxygen gradient in a microdevice. PC
2011 Variable responses of small and large human hepatocytes to hypoxia and hypoxia/reoxygenation (H-R). H-R, PV, ROS
2009 Convergence of Wnt signaling on the HNF4alpha-driven transcription in controlling liver zonation. BIO, PV, RT-PCR
2005 Vascular binding, blood flow, transporter, and enzyme interactions on the processing of digoxin in rat liver. BSA, KHB, Oatp2, P-gp, PV, RBC
2004 Susceptibility of murine periportal hepatocytes to hypoxia-reoxygenation: role for NO and Kupffer cell-derived oxidants. eNOS, I/R, iNOS, NOS, PV, SOD
2002 Chronic ethanol administration decreases the ligand binding properties and the cellular content of the mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor II receptor in rat hepatocytes. PV
2002 The role of endogenous heme oxygenase in the initiation of liver injury following limb ischemia/reperfusion. HO, I/R, PC, PI
10  2001 A high-sucrose diet increases gluconeogenic capacity in isolated periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. DHA, G6Pase, GNG, PEPCK, PV, SU
11  2001 Effect of oxygen concentration on the expression of glutathione S-transferase activity in periportal and perivenous rat hepatocyte cultures. GS, GST, PV
12  2001 Sucrose diets increase glucose-6-phosphatase and glucose release and decrease glucokinase in hepatocytes. PV, SU
13  2001 Sulfation is rate limiting in the futile cycling between estrone and estrone sulfate in enriched periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. PV
14  2000 Effect of zonal transport and metabolism on hepatic removal: enalapril hydrolysis in zonal, isolated rat hepatocytes in vitro and correlation with perfusion data. PV
15  2000 Tumor-influenced amino acid transport activities in zonal-enriched hepatocyte populations. PV
16  2000 Uptake of enalapril and expression of organic anion transporting polypeptide 1 in zonal, isolated rat hepatocytes. PV
17  1999 Hepatic zonation of the formation and hydrolysis of cholesteryl esters in periportal and perivenous parenchymal cells. ACAT, CEH, PV
18  1999 Uptake and glutathione conjugation of ethacrynic acid and efflux of the glutathione adduct by periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. EA, PV
19  1998 Effects of gonadal hormones on the zonal expression of rat hepatic phenol sulfotransferases. EB, PST, PV, TP
20  1998 [Intracellular calcium channels, hormone receptors and intercellular calcium waves]. InsP3R, PV
21  1997 Heterogeneous zonal distribution of sulfotransferase isoenzymes in rat liver. 2-NAP, DHEA, PV, ST
22  1996 The location of hepatocytes in the rat liver acinus determines their sensitivity to calcium-mobilizing hormones. PC
23  1996 Zonal differences in ethanol-induced impairments in fluid-phase endocytosis in rat hepatocytes. FPE, PV, RME
24  1995 Feeding S-adenosyl-L-methionine attenuates both ethanol-induced depletion of mitochondrial glutathione and mitochondrial dysfunction in periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. ATP, PV, SAM, UCR
25  1995 Increased production of hydroxyl radical by pericentral microsomes compared to periportal microsomes after pyrazole induction of cytochrome P4502E1. PC
26  1995 Regulation of intracellular pH in periportal and perivenular hepatocytes isolated from ethanol-treated rats. C rats, PV
27  1995 Transforming growth factor beta 1 increases the number of apoptotic bodies and decreases intracellular pH in isolated periportal and perivenular rat hepatocytes. EGF, PV, TGF-beta1
28  1995 Transforming growth factor beta 1 preferentially induces apoptotic cell death in rat hepatocytes cultured under pericentral-equivalent conditions. PC, TGF-beta1
29  1994 Different drug metabolizing capacities in cultured periportal and pericentral hepatocytes. CDNB, DCNB, GST, MC, PB, PC
30  1994 Effect of chronic ethanol feeding on glutathione and functional integrity of mitochondria in periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. PV
31  1994 Plasma membrane order parameter in periportal and perivenular hepatocytes isolated from ethanol-treated rats. EtOH, PM, PV
32  1994 Quantitative comparison between the gel-film and polyvinyl alcohol methods for dehydrogenase histochemistry reveals different intercellular distribution patterns of glucose-6-phosphate and lactate dehydrogenases in mouse liver. G6PDH, LDH, MZ, PC, PVA
33  1993 Regulation of intracellular pH in isolated periportal and perivenular rat hepatocytes. PV
34  1993 Zonal differences in ethanol-induced impairments in hepatic receptor binding. ASOR, EGF, PV
35  1992 C-25 hydroxylation of vitamin D3 in periportal and perivenous region of hepatic acinus. EGTA, PV
36  1992 Distribution of alcohol dehydrogenase and the low Km form of aldehyde dehydrogenase in isolated perivenous and periportal hepatocytes in rats. ADH, ALDH, PV
37  1992 Intralobular localization of different cytochrome P-450 form dependent monooxygenase activities in the liver of normal and inducer-treated rats. 7EROD, 7PROD, BNF, EMND, NAND, PB, PCN, PV
38  1992 [Comparison of bidirectional collagenase perfusion with one way perfusion in the isolation of periportal or perivenous hepatocytes in rats]. PV
39  1991 Biochemical and morphological studies on perivenous and periportal liver parenchymal cells from female rats isolated by digitonin-collagenase method. PV
40  1991 Zonation of total and plasma protein turnover in rat liver: effects of chronic ethanol treatment. PV
41  1990 Differential localization of microsomal mixed function oxidase activity in periportal and perivenous hepatocytes isolated from rat liver. DMNA, PV
42  1990 Role of cysteine and taurine in regulating glutathione synthesis by periportal and perivenous hepatocytes. GCS, PV
43  1989 Hepatic zonation of drug metabolizing enzymes. Studies on hepatocytes isolated from the periportal or perivenous region of the liver acinus. PV
44  1988 Allyl alcohol cytotoxicity and glutathione depletion in isolated periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. ADH, AlOH, PV
45  1988 Functional heterogeneity of rat hepatocytes: predominance of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in perivenular zone. AHH, PV
46  1987 Acinar distribution of glutathione-dependent detoxifying enzymes. Low glutathione peroxidase activity in perivenous hepatocytes. G6PDH, GPx, GR, GST, PV, Se-independent
47  1987 Effect of phenobarbital on the distribution of drug metabolizing enzymes between periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes prepared by digitonin-collagenase liver perfusion. PB, PV
48  1986 The distribution of cytochrome P-450-mediated drug oxidation and glutathione in periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes after phenobarbital treatment. PV
49  1985 Comparison of ethanol metabolism in isolated periportal or perivenous hepatocytes: effects of chronic ethanol treatment. ALAT, GLDH, PV
50  1984 The effect of chronic ethanol ingestion on ethanol metabolizing enzymes in isolated periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. PV
51  1983 Cellular utilization of cytosolic NADPH in kidney and liver cells from rats fed a normal or a vitamin D-deficient diet. CL, DCT, G6PD, PR
52  1980 Histochemical acitivity of acid phosphatase in rat liver after perfusion fixation. CL