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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A 119dB Dynamic Range Charge Counting Light-to-Digital Converter For Wearable PPG/NIRS Monitoring Applications. DR, LDC, NIRS, PD, SiPM
2020 A Comparative Study of Brachial-Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity and Heart-Finger Pulse Wave Velocity in Korean Adults. baPWV, ECG
2020 A comparative study of photoplethysmogram and piezoelectric plethysmogram signals. PR, PRV, PZPG
2020 A low-complexity PPG pulse detection method for accurate estimation of the pulse rate variability (PRV) during sudden decreases in the signal amplitude. HRV, PRV, PT, SAD
2020 A new photoplethysmographic device for continuous assessment of urethral mucosa perfusion: evaluation in a porcine model. DT, GLMM, MAP, uPI
2020 A new smart wristband equipped with an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation. AF, AI, ECG
2020 A New Spectrum Driven Index for the Assessment of ECG Signal Quality. ECG, SSWT
2020 A Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring SoC Based on Single Wavelength Photoplethysmography. MARD, MLR, NIR, PWL
2020 A pilot study: Wavelet cross-correlation of cardiovascular oscillations under controlled respiration in humans. HRV, LDF
10  2020 A quality metric for heart rate variability from photoplethysmogram sensor data. HRV
11  2020 A Smart Mandibular Advancement Device for Intraoral Cardiorespiratory Monitoring. HR, MAD, RP, RR
12  2020 A Study on the Effect of Contact Pressure during Physical Activity on Photoplethysmographic Heart Rate Measurements. CP, HR
13  2020 A Supervised Approach to Robust Photoplethysmography Quality Assessment. AFib, fPPG, rPPG, SVM, UCSF
14  2020 A Unified Approach to Wearable Ballistocardiogram Gating and Wave Localization. BCG, BP, ECG, PTT
15  2020 A Wristwatch-Based Wireless Sensor Platform for IoT Health Monitoring Applications. LDS, SAR
16  2020 Accuracy of Optical Heart Rate Sensing Technology in Wearable Fitness Trackers for Young and Older Adults: Validation and Comparison Study. CCC, MAPE
17  2020 Accuracy of Wearable Devices for Measuring Heart Rate During Conventional and Nordic Walking. ECG, HR, LOA
18  2020 Accurate Fiducial Point Detection Using Haar Wavelet for Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure Estimation. AAMI, AWWT, BP, DBP, ECG, PAT, SBP
19  2020 An Approach towards Motion-Tolerant PPG-Based Algorithm for Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring of Moving Pigs. CWT, DOG, ECG
20  2020 Analysis of CNN-based remote-PPG to understand limitations and sensitivities. CNN
21  2020 Analysis of Relevant Features from Photoplethysmographic Signals for Atrial Fibrillation Classification. AF, ECG
22  2020 Assessing cognitive load in adolescent and adult students using photoplethysmogram morphometrics. ---
23  2020 Assessing the Quality of Heart Rate Variability Estimated from Wrist and Finger PPG: A Novel Approach Based on Cross-Mapping Method. CM, ECG, HRV, PRV
24  2020 Assessment of a standalone photoplethysmography (PPG) algorithm for detection of atrial fibrillation on wristband-derived data. AF
25  2020 Atrial fibrillation detection using photoplethysmographic signal: the effect of the observation window. ---
26  2020 Automatic Detection of Target Engagement in Transcutaneous Cervical Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Traumatic Stress Triggers. ECG, RSP, SCG, tcVNS
27  2020 Automatic sleep-stage scoring based on photoplethysmographic signals. NREM, PRV, REM
28  2020 Binary CorNET: Accelerator for HR Estimation From Wrist-PPG. CNN, HR, LSTM, MA
29  2020 Blood pressure measurement by coupling an external pressure and photo-plethysmographic signals. DBP, MBP, SBP
30  2020 Blood Pressure Prediction by a Smartphone Sensor using Fully Convolutional Networks. BP, CNNs, MAE
31  2020 Breathing Rate Estimation Using Kalman Smoother With Electrocardiogram and Photoplethysmogram. BR, DB, ECG, RQIs
32  2020 Classification of Diabetes Using Photoplethysmogram (PPG) Waveform Analysis: Logistic Regression Modeling. ---
33  2020 Comparison of different modulations of photoplethysmography in extracting respiratory rate: from a physiological perspective. AM, BW, FM, RF
34  2020 Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation From Electrocardiogram and Photoplethysmogram During Arrhythmias. AdaboostR, BP, DBP, DTR, ECG, IBP, RFR, SBP, SVR
35  2020 Continuous blood pressure measurement from one-channel electrocardiogram signal using deep-learning techniques. BP, DBP, ECG, MAP, SBP
36  2020 Continuous heart rhythm monitoring using mobile photoplethysmography in ambulatory patients. AF, ECG
37  2020 Continuous-Spectrum Infrared Illuminator for Camera-PPG in Darkness. NIR
38  2020 Covariance intersection to improve the robustness of the photoplethysmogram derived respiratory rate. CIF, RR, SF
39  2020 Cuffless and Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation From PPG Signals Using Recurrent Neural Networks. ---
40  2020 Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation for Activities of Daily Living. BP, ECG, NARX
41  2020 Cuffless Single-Site Photoplethysmography for Blood Pressure Monitoring. BP
42  2020 Dataset from PPG wireless sensor for activity monitoring. ---
43  2020 Design and Implementation of a Multifunction Wearable Device to Monitor Sleep Physiological Signals. CPE, FDA, GPIO, MCU, SPI, UART
44  2020 Detecting Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter in Daily Life Using Photoplethysmography Data. AF, AFL, IPI, RF
45  2020 Detecting heart failure using wearables: a pilot study. AUC, HF
46  2020 Detection and Classification of Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea using PPG and SpO2 signals. DAP, PRV, SDBE
47  2020 Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using a Ring-Type Wearable Device (CardioTracker) and Deep Learning Analysis of Photoplethysmography Signals: Prospective Observational Proof-of-Concept Study. AF, SR
48  2020 Development of a Brain-Computer Interface Toggle Switch with Low False-Positive Rate Using Respiration-Modulated Photoplethysmography. BCIs, EEG, EOG, FPR
49  2020 Development of hemorrhage identification model using non-invasive vital signs. ECG
50  2020 Digital Image Processing Features of Smartwatch Photoplethysmography for Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection. AF, CV, NPV, NSR, PAC, PPV, PVC, RF, SVM
51  2020 Discriminative Signatures for Remote-PPG. DIS, NIR
52  2020 EEG-Brain Activity Monitoring and Predictive Analysis of Signals Using Artificial Neural Networks. ANN, DWT, EEG, EMG
53  2020 Efficient Respiratory Rate Extraction on a Smartwatch. FDP, FM, FOM, RR, SFU
54  2020 Enhancing the Robustness of Smartphone Photoplethysmography: A Signal Quality Index Approach. HRV, SPQI
55  2020 Estimating Blood Pressure from the Photoplethysmogram Signal and Demographic Features Using Machine Learning Techniques. BP, DBP, GPR, ML, RMSE, SBP
56  2020 Estimating Reliability of Signal Quality of Physiological Data from Data Statistics Itself for Real-time Wearables. AI, ANN, DReM, ECG, RF, SVM
57  2020 Estimating the Shape of the Fetal Pulse Curve for Transabdominal Pulse Oximetry using Synchronous Averaging. ---
58  2020 Estimation and Validation of Arterial Blood Pressure using Photoplethysmogram Morphology Features in conjunction with Pulse Arrival Time in Large Open Databases. ANN, ECG, HR, LR, RF, RNN
59  2020 Estimation of Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform from Photoplethysmogram Signal using Linear Transfer Function Approach. ABP, BP, LTF
60  2020 Estimation of Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate from PPG Signal Using Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with both Independent Component Analysis and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization. ATM
61  2020 Extracting the Jugular Venous Pulse from Anterior Neck Contact Photoplethysmography. CVDs, CVP, JVP
62  2020 Feasible assessment of recovery and cardiovascular health: accuracy of nocturnal HR and HRV assessed via ring PPG in comparison to medical grade ECG. HR, HRV
63  2020 Fuzzy-Inspired Photoplethysmography Signal Classification with Bio-Inspired Optimization for Analyzing Cardiovascular Disorders. AMO, ApEn, CVD, DS, RBF, SFLA, STD, SVM-RBF, WS
64  2020 Genetic Deep Convolutional Autoencoder Applied for Generative Continuous Arterial Blood Pressure via Photoplethysmography. ABP, CV, DBP, DCAE, GDCAE, SBP
65  2020 Happiness at Your Fingertips: Assessing Mental Health with Smartphone Photoplethysmogram-Based Heart Rate Variability Analysis. HF, HRV, LF, NN, pNN50, RMSSD, SWLS
66  2020 Heart Rate Monitoring using Sparse Spectral Curve Tracing. HR
67  2020 Identification of blood pressure reflecting personalized traits using bilateral photoplethysmography. BP, DBP, SBP
68  2020 In silico and in vivo investigations using an endocavitary photoplethysmography sensor for tissue viability monitoring. ---
69  2020 Influence of mental stress on the pulse wave features of photoplethysmograms. ---
70  2020 Interchangeability of cardiac output measurements between non-invasive photoplethysmography and bolus thermodilution: A systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis. ---
71  2020 Investigating sources of inaccuracy in wearable optical heart rate sensors. ---
72  2020 Investigating the origin of photoplethysmography using a multiwavelength Monte Carlo model. ---
73  2020 Investigating the physiological mechanisms of the photoplethysmogram features for blood pressure estimation. BP, CO, TPR
74  2020 Investigation of Morphological Variations of Photoplethysmography Signal in Human Epilepsy. ECG
75  2020 Investigation of Photoplethysmography Behind the Ear for Pulse Oximetry in Hypoxic Conditions with a Novel Device (SPYDR). ABG, PR, ROBD
76  2020 Is Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring of Livestock a Dream or Is It Realistic? A Review. HR
77  2020 Is Heart Rate a Confounding Factor for Photoplethysmography Markers? A Systematic Review. AGI, CVD, HR, RAGI, RI, SDPPG, SI
78  2020 Kick Ring LL: A Multi-Sensor Ring Capturing Respiration, Electrocardiogram, Oxygen Saturation, and Skin Temperature1. ECG, HR, RR
79  2020 Learning-Based Model for Central Blood Pressure Estimation using Feature Extracted from ECG and PPG signals. BABP, cath, CBP, ECG
80  2020 Low-frequency variability in photoplethysmographic waveform and heart rate during on-pump cardiac surgery with or without cardioplegia. HF, HR, HRV, LF, PPGV, TP
81  2020 Lower limb massage in humans increases local perfusion and impacts systemic hemodynamics. LDF
82  2020 Machine Learning Approaches For Improved Continuous, Non-occlusive Arterial Pressure Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography. AP, ML, SAP
83  2020 Maxim Integrated Smartphone Sensor with App Meets FDA/ISO Standards for Clinical Pulse Oximetry and can be Reliably Utilized by a Wide Range of Patients. HR, RSMD
84  2020 Method for measurement of arterial compliance by fusion of oscillometry and pulse wave velocity. ECG, PWV
85  2020 Mitigating Hypovolemia-Induced Miscalibration of Photoplethysmogram-Derived Blood Pressure. BP, PTT, SQI
86  2020 Mobile Personal Health Care System for Noninvasive, Pervasive, and Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring: Development and Usability Study. BP
87  2020 Modified RGB Cameras for Infrared Remote-PPG. NIR
88  2020 Modulation Model of the Photoplethysmography Signal for Vital Sign Extraction. AM-FM, HR, RR
89  2020 Monolithic InGaN/GaN photonic chips for heart pulse monitoring. LEDs, MQWs, PDMS, PDs
90  2020 Motion Artifact Canceling PPG Heart Rate Sensor Based on an Adaptive Filter Algorithm with Variable Tap Length. HR, MA
91  2020 Motion Artifact Reduction in Wearable Photoplethysmography Based on Multi-Channel Sensors with Multiple Wavelengths. FDR, HR, ICA, PPV, Se
92  2020 Multimodal Detection for Cryptogenic Epileptic Seizures Based on Combined Micro Sensors. CBV, ECoG, MUT
93  2020 Multimodal Monitoring of Cardiovascular Responses to Postural Changes. BP, BRS, CAR, ECG, MAP, NIRS, PWV, SBP
94  2020 Multimodal Photoplethysmography-Based Approaches for Improved Detection of Hypertension. BP
95  2020 Multiple time and spectral analysis techniques for comparing the PhotoPlethysmography to PiezoelectricPlethysmography with electrocardiography. ECG, PEPG
96  2020 Non-Contact Heart Rate Monitoring in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit using RGB Camera. ECG, EVM, HR, ICA, NICU
97  2020 Non-Invasive PPG-Based System for Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring of Incubated Avian Embryo. ---
98  2020 Novel instrumental markers of proximal scleroderma provided by imaging photoplethysmography. APC, iPPG
99  2020 Novel Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Pulsatile Vascular Tissue Phantoms for the In-Vitro Investigation of Light Tissue Interaction in Photoplethysmography. PDMS
100  2020 Objective stress monitoring based on wearable sensors in everyday settings. ECG, GSR