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Long Form:   polypropylene glycol
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2020 Adenine-functionalized polypropylene glycol: A novel stationary phase for gas chromatography offering good inertness for acids and bases combined with a unique selectivity. APPG, PEG
2020 Aqueous polypropylene glycol induces swelling and severe plasticization of high Tg amphiphilic copolymers containing hexafluoroisopropanol groups. PEG
2020 Effects of Polypropylene Glycol at Very Low Concentrations on Rheological Properties at the Air-Water Interface and Foam Stability of Sodium Bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate Aqueous Solutions. BAM
2020 Flexible Graphite/PPG Hybrid Composite-Based Resistive Sensor for Sensing Organic Compounds. HC, PET
2020 Isostructural softening of vulcanized nanocomposites. ---
2020 Thermoresponsive Poly(epsilon-Caprolactone)-Poly(Ethylene/Propylene Glycol) Copolymers as Injectable Hydrogels for Cell Therapies. ACT, DSC, GPC, PCL, PEG, ROP
2020 Tough combinatorial poly(urethane-isocyanurate) polymer networks and hydrogels synthesized by the trimerization of mixtures of NCO-prepolymers. PCL, PEG, PTMC, PUI
2020 Unique Behavior of Poly(propylene glycols) Confined within Alumina Templates Having a Nanostructured Interface. ---
2019 Antifouling Properties of Dendritic Polyglycerols against Marine Macrofouling Organisms. ATR-FTIR, PEG, PGs
10  2019 Coordination Dynamics and Thermal Stability with Aminal Metallogels and Liquids. HTs, PEG, PHT
11  2019 Exploring matrix effects and quantifying organic additives in hydraulic fracturing associated fluids using liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. ADBAC, HF, LC-ESI-MS, PEG
12  2019 Isostructural softening of the filler network in SBR/silica nanocomposites. ---
13  2019 Light-Induced Redox-Responsive Smart Drug Delivery System by Using Selenium-Containing Polymer@MOF Shell/Core Nanocomposite. DH-Se, DOX, MOF, PEG, ROS, Se
14  2019 Osseointegration effects of local release of strontium ranelate from implant surfaces in rats. BA, BIC, EISA, MT, QCM-D, SEM, Sr-ranelate, test group
15  2019 PPG-Terminated Tetra-Carbamates as the Toughening Additive for Bis-A Epoxy Resin. HDI, PTMG
16  2019 Preparation and Properties of Toluene-Diisocyanate-Trimer-Modified Epoxy Resin. PUP, TDIT
17  2019 Rheological, Thermal, and Degradation Properties of PLA/PPG Blends. MW, PLA
18  2019 Self-Healable, Fast Responsive Poly(omega-Pentadecalactone) Thermogelling System for Effective Liver Cancer Therapy. CGC, CMC, DOX, DTX, PEG, PPDL
19  2019 Structure and thermal properties of various alcoholysis products from waste poly(ethylene terephthalate). DPG, NPG, PET
20  2019 Unexpected Polypseudorotaxanes Formed from the Self-assembly of beta-Cyclodextrins with Poly( N-isopropylacrylamide) Homo- and Copolymers. beta-CDs, PNIPAAm, PPRs
21  2018 Comparative study of the physicochemical and photocatalytic properties of water-soluble polymer-capped TiO2 nanoparticles. PEG, PTMG, RhB
22  2018 Electrospray Ionization of Polypropylene Glycol: Rayleigh-Charged Droplets, Competing Pathways, and Charge State-Dependent Conformations. CEM, CRM, ESI, IEM, MD
23  2018 Large-scale preparation of a 3D patchy surface with dissimilar dendritic amphiphiles. PEI
24  2018 Poly(carbonate urethane)-Based Thermogels with Enhanced Drug Release Efficacy for Chemotherapeutic Applications. CGC, DOX, LCST, PEG
25  2018 Purification of the Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein Using Aqueous Two-Phase System Composed of Recyclable CO2-Based Alkyl Carbamate Ionic Liquid. ATPS, DIMCARB, GFP
26  2018 Separation of immunoglobulin G using aqueous biphasic systems composed of cholinium-based ionic liquids and poly(propylene glycol). ABS, IgG, ILs
27  2018 Surfactant Free Delivery of Docetaxel by Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate-(R)-3-hydroxyhexanoate]-Based Polymeric Micelles for Effective Melanoma Treatments. DTX, PEG, PHBHx
28  2018 Synthesis and Characterization of Isosorbide-Based Polyurethanes Exhibiting Low Cytotoxicity Towards HaCaT Human Skin Cells. IPDI, PGSE
29  2018 The solvent side of proteinaceous membrane-less organelles in light of aqueous two-phase systems. ATPSs, PEG, PMLOs, PVP
30  2017 Adsorption Studies of Lead(II) from aqueous solution onto Nanochitosan /Polyurethane /Polypropylene glycol ternary blends. NCS, PU
31  2017 Droplet Assisted Inlet Ionization for Online Analysis of Airborne Nanoparticles. DAII
32  2017 Effect of end segment on physicochemical properties and platelet compatibility of poly(propylene glycol)-initiated poly(methyl methacrylate). CA, MMA, PG
33  2017 Organic Chemical Characterization and Mass Balance of a Hydraulically Fractured Well: From Fracturing Fluid to Produced Water over 405 Days. DOC, PEGs, TIPA
34  2017 Preparation of Mesalamine Nanoparticles Using a Novel Polyurethane- Chitosan Graft Copolymer. BD, DLS, DMPA, IPDI
35  2017 Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings with Covalently Linked Black Dye Sudan Black B. FTIR, PBA, PCL, PTMG, SDB, WPUs
36  2016 Mixed Micelles for Targeted and Efficient Doxorubicin Delivery to Multidrug-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells. DOX, HA, MDR
37  2015 Complete Genome Sequence of a Polypropylene Glycol-Degrading Strain, Microbacterium sp. No. 7. NITE
38  2015 Phosphorylcholine-Based Zwitterionic Biocompatible Thermogel. PC
39  2015 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polycarbonate Based Polyurethane/Polymer Wrapped Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites: Mechanical Properties, Osteoconductivity and Biocompatibility. APTT, nHA, PT, SBF, TPU
40  2014 Preparation of polypseudorotaxanes composed of cyclodextrin and polymers in microspheres. CyD, MSs, PEG, PPRXs
41  2014 Size-selective permeation of water-soluble polymers through the bilayer membrane of cyclodextrin vesicles investigated by PFG-NMR. CDs, CDVs, PEG, PFG-STE
42  2013 A toxicological review of the propylene glycols. DPG, MPG, TPG
43  2013 Estimation of activation energy from the survival yields: fragmentation study of leucine enkephalin and polyethers by tandem mass spectrometry. DOF, PEG, PTHF, RRK, RRKM, SY
44  2012 A simple method to estimate relative stabilities of polyethers cationized by alkali metal ions. DOF, PEG, PTHF
45  2012 Biodegradable hyperbranched amphiphilic polyurethane multiblock copolymers consisting of poly(propylene glycol), poly(ethylene glycol), and polycaprolactone as in situ thermogels. CGCs, HMDI, LCST, LPEC, PCL, PEG
46  2011 Effects of various plasticizers and nanoclays on the mechanical properties of red algae film. RA, TS, WVP
47  2011 Hierarchically porous titania thin film prepared by controlled phase separation and surfactant templating. ---
48  2011 Important effects of lithium carbonate on stoichiometry and property of the inclusion complexes of polypropylene glycol and beta-cyclodextrin. CD
49  2011 Preparation and characterization of nanoporous thin films from fully aliphatic polyimides. AFM, APIs, SEM, TGA, trans-DACH, WAXD
50  2011 Preparation of polymeric micelles consisting of poly(propylene glycol) and poly(caprolactone). CL, CMC
51  2010 Controlled drug release from biodegradable thermoresponsive physical hydrogel nanofibers. PCL, PEG
52  2010 Formation, characterization, and thermal degradation behavior of a novel tricomponent aggregate of beta-cyclodextrin, ferrocene, and polypropylene glycol. beta-CD, Fc
53  2010 Investigation of DNA condensing properties of amphiphilic triblock cationic polymers by atomic force microscopy. LPEI
54  2010 Self-assembly of block copolymer micelles: synthesis via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization and aqueous solution properties. CPDB, PHFBMA, RAFT, TEM
55  2009 Biodegradable thermogelling poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate]-based block copolymers: micellization, gelation, and cytotoxicity and cell culture studies. PEG, PHB
56  2009 FT-IR spectroscopic investigation of ionic interactions in PPG 4000: AgCF3SO3 polymer electrolyte. FTIR
57  2009 Preparation and characterization of PEG-modified polyurethane pressure-sensitive adhesives for transdermal drug delivery. PEG-PU-PSAs, PSAs, PTMG, TDDS
58  2008 An electrospray mass spectrometric method for accurate mass determination of highly acid-sensitive phosphoramidites. PDE, PEG
59  2008 Biodegradable thermogelling poly(ester urethane)s consisting of poly(lactic acid)--thermodynamics of micellization and hydrolytic degradation. CGC, CMC, LCST, PEG, PLA, TGA
60  2008 Polypropylene glycol is a selective binding inhibitor for LTA and other structurally related TLR2 agonists. LTA, TLR
61  2008 Proposed oxidative metabolic pathway for polypropylene glycol in Sphingobium sp. strain PW-1. ---
62  2008 Pseudorotaxane-like supramolecular complex of coenzyme Q10 with gamma-cyclodextrin formed by solubility method. CoQ10, gamma-CyD
63  2008 Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (SALDI-MS) of low molecular weight organic compounds and synthetic polymers using zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles. DHB, MALDI, PEG, PMMA, PS, PSD, SALDI-MS, ZnO
64  2008 Synthesis and water-swelling of thermo-responsive poly(ester urethane)s containing poly(epsilon-caprolactone), poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(propylene glycol). PCL, PEG
65  2008 Unusual behavior of PEG/PPG/Pluronic interfaces studied by a spinning drop tensiometer. PEG
66  2007 A novel preparation method for microspheres of water soluble polymers using polypropyleneglycol as the dispersion medium. MS
67  2007 Biodegradability relationships among propylene glycol substances in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ready- and seawater biodegradability tests. OECD, PGs
68  2007 Characterization of polyether mixtures using thin-layer chromatography and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry. MALDI-MS, PEG, PTMG, TLC
69  2007 Hydrolytic degradation and protein release studies of thermogelling polyurethane copolymers consisting of poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate], poly(ethylene glycol), and poly(propylene glycol). PEG, PHB
70  2007 Isolation of bacteria able to grow on both polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polypropylene glycol (PPG) and their PEG/PPG dehydrogenases. PEG, PEG-DH, PPG-DH, PVA-DH
71  2007 New biodegradable thermogelling copolymers having very low gelation concentrations. CGC, CMC, PEG, PHB, TGA
72  2007 The surface modification of stainless steel and the correlation between the surface properties and protein adsorption. GPTS, PDMS, PEG, PTG, RMS
73  2006 Description of response and charge-state distribution of poly(ether glycol)s in electrospray. PEG
74  2006 Desorption electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry of low molecular weight synthetic polymers. DESI, MS, MS/MS, PEG, PMMA
75  2006 Experimental investigation of the spontaneous wetting of polymers and polymer blends. DPDCS, OTS
76  2006 Generation of end-group information from polyethers by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry. MALDI-CID, PBG, PEG, PTMeG, TOF
77  2006 Sol-gel multicapillary columns for gas-solid chromatography. MCCs
78  2006 The structural basis of sirtuin substrate affinity. Sir2Tm
79  2005 A laboratory investigation of the effectiveness of various skin and surface decontaminants for aliphatic polyisocyanates. ---
80  2005 Dynamics of propylene glycol and its oligomers confined to a single molecular layer. PG
81  2005 Hydrogen bonding interactions between adsorbed polymer molecules and crystal surface of acetaminophen. HEC, HPC, HPMC, PEG, PVA
82  2005 Multiple charging of poly(propylene glycol) by binary mixtures of cations in electrospray. ESI
83  2005 Statistical evaluation of internal and external mass calibration laws utilized in fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. MMA
84  2005 [Research on the modification of Kevlar fiber by polypropylene glycol and cis-2-butene-1,4-diol]. TDI
85  2004 Isothermal titration calorimetric studies on the temperature dependence of binding interactions between poly(propylene glycol)s and sodium dodecyl sulfate. CMC, ITC, LCST, SDS
86  2004 Relaxation dynamics of a polymer in a 2D confinement. ---
87  2004 Supramolecular self-assembly of conjugated diblock copolymers. AFM, OPV, SANS, TEM
88  2004 The influence of electrospray deposition in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry sample preparation for synthetic polymers. MALDI, MMD, MS, PEG, PS, TOF
89  2003 Analysis of polypropyleneglycols using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Effects of cationizing agents on the mass spectra. CID, ESI-MS, MS/MS
90  2003 Analysis of protein adsorption and binding at biosensor polymer interfaces using X-ray photon spectroscopy and scanning electrochemical microscopy. SECM, XPS
91  2003 Dielectric relaxation studies of poly(propylene glycol) confined in vermiculite clay. ---
92  2003 Effect of salts and temperature on the adsorption of bovine serum albumin on polypropylene glycol-Sepharose under linear and overloaded chromatographic conditions. BSA, HIC
93  2003 Glassy dynamics of polymers confined to nanoporous glasses revealed by relaxational and scattering experiments. PDMS
94  2003 In vitro biocompatibility assessment of sulfonated polyrotaxane-immobilized polyurethane surfaces. alpha-CDs, PEG, PU
95  2003 Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometric study of bis(imidazole-1-carboxylate) endfunctionalized polymers,. PEG, PIB, PSD
96  2003 Physical organogels composed of amphiphilic block copolymers and 1,3:2,4-dibenzylidene-D-sorbitol. PEG
97  2002 Investigation of an enhanced resolution triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for high-throughput liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry assays. Da, FWHM, MRM, S/N
98  2002 Microbial degradation of polyethers. DGA, PEG, PEG-DH, PPG-DH, PTMG
99  2001 Amended final report on the safety assessment of PPG-40 butyl ether with an addendum to include PPG-2, -4, -5, -9, -12, -14, -15, -16, -17, -18, -20, -22, -24, -26, -30, -33, -52, and -53 butyl ethers. i.p
100  2001 Final report on the safety assessment of PPG-11 and PPG-15 stearyl ethers. ---