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Abbreviation:   PR8  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   Puerto Rico/8/34
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Antiviral effects against influenza A virus infection by a short hairpin RNA targeting the non-coding terminal region of the viral nucleoprotein gene. IAV, MEFs, NP, RNAi, shRNA, vRNA
2019 Development and comparison of two H5N8 influenza A vaccine candidate strains. BBCM, HPAI
2018 A Promising IFN-Deficient System to Manufacture IFN-Sensitive Influenza Vaccine Virus. CA04, IFN, NS1, WT
2018 Attenuation of Influenza A Virus Disease Severity by Viral Coinfection in a Mouse Model. MHV-1, RV1B
2018 C5a receptor1 inhibition alleviates influenza virus-induced acute lung injury. ALI
2018 Novel mutations in avian PA in combination with an adaptive mutation in PR8 NP exacerbate the virulence of PR8-derived recombinant influenza A viruses in mice. NP, PA
2018 Protective efficacy of a high-growth reassortant H1N1 influenza virus vaccine against the European Avian-like H1N1 swine influenza virus in mice and pigs. EAH1N1, HI, SH1, SIVs
2018 Specific Mutations in the PB2 Protein of Influenza A Virus Compensate for the Lack of Efficient Interferon Antagonism of the NS1 Protein of Bat Influenza A-Like Viruses. HA, IFN, NA
2017 Absence of anti-hypocretin receptor 2 autoantibodies in post pandemrix narcolepsy cases. CHO, ELISA, EO-N, HCRT, HEK, IgG, MS, NP, O-C, OD, pH1N1, PP-C, PP-N
10  2017 Broadening the H5N3 Vaccine Immunogenicity against H5N1 Virus by Modification of Neutralizing Epitopes. BSL-3, HA, HPAI, RG-H5N3HA
11  2017 Generation of a Genetically Stable High-Fidelity Influenza Vaccine Strain. HA, NA
12  2017 NS1 Protein Amino Acid Changes D189N and V194I Affect Interferon Responses, Thermosensitivity, and Virulence of Circulating H3N2 Human Influenza A Viruses. CPSF30, IAVs, NS1, ts
13  2017 Optimized clade H5N1 recombinant-vaccine strains against highly pathogenic avian influenza. ECEs, HPAI, PB2
14  2017 Orally administered live attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium protects mice against lethal infection with H1N1 influenza virus. IFN, PBMCs, StIR, TLRs
15  2017 Salivary Blockade Protects the Lower Respiratory Tract of Mice from Lethal Influenza Virus Infection. ---
16  2016 Antiviral activity of hydroalcoholic extract from Eupatorium perfoliatum L. against the attachment of influenza A virus. EGF, IAV, MDCK II, SI
17  2016 Development of an Influenza A Master Virus for Generating High-Growth Reassortants for A/Anhui/1/2013(H7N9) Vaccine Production in Qualified MDCK Cells. org-PR8
18  2016 Human primary airway epithelial cells isolated from active smokers have epigenetically impaired antiviral responses. COPD, CS, HBEC, IAV, IFN, TLR3
19  2016 Influenza NA and PB1 Gene Segments Interact during the Formation of Viral Progeny: Localization of the Binding Region within the PB1 Gene. RNP, vRNAs
20  2016 Prior infection with influenza virus but not vaccination leaves a long-term immunological imprint that intensifies the protective efficacy of antigenically drifted vaccine strains. FM1
21  2016 Rearrangement of Influenza Virus Spliced Segments for the Development of Live-Attenuated Vaccines. LAIVs, Ms, NEP, NS1, NSs, PTV-1
22  2016 The Effect of Oseltamivir on the Disease Progression of Lethal Influenza A Virus Infection: Plasma Cytokine and miRNA Responses in a Mouse Model. ---
23  2016 Toll-like receptor 9 ligand D-type oligodeoxynucleotide D35 as a broad inhibitor for influenza A virus replication that is associated with suppression of neuraminidase activity. NA
24  2015 A Functional Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 (FGFR1) in the Suppression of Influenza A Virus Replication. FGFR, FGFR1
25  2015 A single NS2 mutation of K86R promotes PR8 vaccine donor virus growth in Vero cells. ---
26  2015 A Vero-cell-adapted vaccine donor strain of influenza A virus generated by serial passages. ---
27  2015 A viable recombinant rhabdovirus lacking its glycoprotein gene and expressing influenza virus hemagglutinin and neuraminidase is a potent influenza vaccine. HA, HPAIV, NA, VN1203, VSV
28  2015 Comparative mutational analyses of influenza A viruses. IAV, RdRp
29  2015 Development of high-yield influenza A virus vaccine viruses. ---
30  2015 Development of influenza A(H7N9) candidate vaccine viruses with improved hemagglutinin antigen yield in eggs. CVV, HA, HI, IDMS
31  2015 Establishment of functional influenza virus-specific CD8(+) T cell memory pools after intramuscular immunization. i.p, IM
32  2015 Identification of Influenza A/PR/8/34 Donor Viruses Imparting High Hemagglutinin Yields to Candidate Vaccine Viruses in Eggs. HA, NA
33  2015 Infection with a Mouse-Adapted Strain of the 2009 Pandemic Virus Causes a Highly Severe Disease Associated with an Impaired T Cell Response. ---
34  2015 Influenza A virus infection of vascular endothelial cells induces GSK-3beta-mediated beta-catenin degradation in adherens junctions, with a resultant increase in membrane permeability. GSK, IAV
35  2015 Intranasal administration of poly-gamma glutamate induced antiviral activity and protective immune responses against H1N1 influenza A virus infection. CA04, CTL, gamma-PGA, IFN-beta, IL-12, NK
36  2015 Protection against multiple subtypes of influenza viruses by virus-like particle vaccines based on a hemagglutinin conserved epitope. HA, HBc, LAH, MIR, VLP
37  2015 Suppressive Effects of Chronic Stress on Influenza Virus Protection after Vaccination with Plasmid DNA-Encoded Nucleoprotein. NP
38  2015 Transcriptional analysis of immune-related gene expression in p53-deficient mice with increased susceptibility to influenza A virus infection. IAV
39  2014 Dextran sulfate-resistant A/Puerto Rico/8/34 influenza virus is associated with the emergence of specific mutations in the neuraminidase glycoprotein. DS, NA
40  2014 Early cytokine dysregulation and viral replication are associated with mortality during lethal influenza infection. IAV
41  2014 Efficacy of a high-growth reassortant H1N1 influenza virus vaccine against the classical swine H1N1 subtype influenza virus in mice and pigs. cH1N1, HA, HI, NA, SI, SwIVs
42  2014 Influenza virus PB1 and neuraminidase gene segments can cosegregate during vaccine reassortment driven by interactions in the PB1 coding region. HA, NA
43  2014 Response of mice and ferrets to a monovalent influenza A (H7N9) split vaccine. HA, NA
44  2013 Compensatory hemagglutinin mutations alter antigenic properties of influenza viruses. HA, NA
45  2013 Composition of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase affects the antigen yield of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 candidate vaccine viruses. HA, NA
46  2013 Diet-induced obese mice exhibit altered heterologous immunity during a secondary 2009 pandemic H1N1 infection. pH1N1
47  2013 Inactivated influenza virus vaccine is efficient and reduces IL-4 and IL-6 in allergic asthma mice. TLR
48  2013 Kinetics of coinfection with influenza A virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae. ---
49  2013 Molecular signature of high yield (growth) influenza a virus reassortants prepared as candidate vaccine seeds. HA, HYR, NA, WT
50  2013 Olfactory bulb and hypothalamic acute-phase responses to influenza virus: effects of immunization. APR, HT, IFN, OB
51  2013 SUMOylation affects the interferon blocking activity of the influenza A nonstructural protein NS1 without affecting its stability or cellular localization. ASL, IFN, SUMO
52  2013 The source of the PB1 gene in influenza vaccine reassortants selectively alters the hemagglutinin content of the resulting seed virus. HA, NP, vRNA
53  2012 A novel combined adjuvant for nasal delivery elicits mucosal immunity to influenza in aging. Ab, DC, HA, ODN, sIgA, URT
54  2012 Antigenic diversity and cross-reactivity of avian influenza H5N1 viruses in Egypt between 2006 and 2011. H5N1, HI, HPAI
55  2012 beta-Glucan derived from Aureobasidium pullulans is effective for the prevention of influenza in mice. AP-CF, MDA5
56  2012 Cloned cDNA of A/swine/Iowa/15/1930 internal genes as a candidate backbone for reverse genetics vaccine against influenza A viruses. HA, MDCK, NA
57  2012 Increased hemagglutinin content in a reassortant 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus with chimeric neuraminidase containing donor A/Puerto Rico/8/34 virus transmembrane and stalk domains. HA, NA, NP, RP-HPLC, TM
58  2012 Laninamivir octanoate and artificial surfactant combination therapy significantly increases survival of mice infected with lethal influenza H1N1 Virus. ARDS, DAD, NAIs
59  2012 Multifunctional CD4 cells expressing gamma interferon and perforin mediate protection against lethal influenza virus infection. DLN, GrB, IL-2, TNF-alpha, WT
60  2012 One influenza virus particle packages eight unique viral RNAs as shown by FISH analysis. FISH
61  2011 A contributing role for anti-neuraminidase antibodies on immunity to pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza A virus. ELISA, HI, NA, pH1N1, pH1N1, rg, TIV
62  2011 GM-CSF modulates pulmonary resistance to influenza A infection. ---
63  2011 Improved antigen yield in pandemic H1N1 (2009) candidate vaccine viruses with chimeric hemagglutinin molecules. HA, NA
64  2011 Reassortant H1N1 influenza virus vaccines protect pigs against pandemic H1N1 influenza virus and H1N2 swine influenza virus challenge. H1N2, HA, HI, NA
65  2011 Serial histopathological examination of the lungs of mice infected with influenza A virus PR8 strain. ARDS, DAD, H1N1
66  2011 Sex chromosome complement contributes to sex differences in coxsackievirus B3 but not influenza A virus pathogenesis. CVB3, FCG, FOXP3, IAV, IFN, IL, Th1, Treg, WT
67  2011 Survival of influenza A(H1N1) on materials found in households: implications for infection control. ---
68  2011 The influenza virus protein PB1-F2 inhibits the induction of type I interferon at the level of the MAVS adaptor protein. IFN, MAVS
69  2010 Improved haemagglutinin antigen content in H5N1 candidate vaccine viruses with chimeric haemagglutinin molecules. HA, NA
70  2010 Prevention and treatment of influenza with hyperimmune bovine colostrum antibody. Ab
71  2010 Protective memory responses are modulated by priming events prior to challenge. ---
72  2009 Development and application of avian influenza vaccines in China. ---
73  2009 Optimizing viral protein yield of influenza virus strain A/Vietnam/1203/2004 by modification of the neuraminidase gene. HA, NA, VN1203
74  2009 Structure of NS1A effector domain from the influenza A/Udorn/72 virus. ---
75  2008 Influenza PR8 HA-specific Fab fragments produced by phage display methods. HA, mAb
76  2007 Cross-reactive neuraminidase antibodies afford partial protection against H5N1 in mice and are present in unexposed humans. huN1, NA
77  2007 Extensive accumulation of influenza virus NS1 protein in the nuclei causes effective viral growth in vero cells. vaEng53, Vero
78  2007 Generation of an attenuated H5N1 avian influenza virus vaccine with all eight genes from avian viruses. HA, HPAIVs, IVPI, NA
79  2007 Neuraminidase inhibitor-resistant recombinant A/Vietnam/1203/04 (H5N1) influenza viruses retain their replication efficiency and pathogenicity in vitro and in vivo. NA, VN1203
80  2007 Visualization of microtubule-mediated transport of influenza viral progeny ribonucleoprotein. NP
81  2006 The development and characterization of H5 influenza virus vaccines derived from a 2003 human isolate. HA
82  2006 Vaccines developed for H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza in China. Re-1
83  2004 Generation of high-yielding influenza A viruses in African green monkey kidney (Vero) cells by reverse genetics. Vero
84  2004 Responsiveness to a pandemic alert: use of reverse genetics for rapid development of influenza vaccines. GMP
85  2003 Evaluation of a genetically modified reassortant H5N1 influenza A virus vaccine candidate generated by plasmid-based reverse genetics. HA
86  2003 Generation and evaluation of a high-growth reassortant H9N2 influenza A virus as a pandemic vaccine candidate. AIVs, HA, NA
87  2003 Safety evaluation in chickens of candidate human vaccines against potential pandemic strains of influenza. i.n, i.v
88  2000 A comprehensive systematic approach to identification of influenza A virus genotype using RT-PCR and RFLP. RT-PCR
89  2000 Human memory CTL response specific for influenza A virus is broad and multispecific. CTL, FLU, PBMC
90  1997 MHC affinity, peptide liberation, T cell repertoire, and immunodominance all contribute to the paucity of MHC class I-restricted peptides recognized by antiviral CTL. ER, rVVs
91  1996 Neuroendocrine regulation of cytokine production during experimental influenza viral infection: effects of restraint stress-induced elevation in endogenous corticosterone. CORT, RST
92  1992 Influenza virus infection elicits class II major histocompatibility complex-restricted T cells specific for an epitope identified in the NS1 non-structural protein. ---