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Long Form:   paradoxical sleep
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 A Particular Medullary-Spinal Inhibitory Pathway is Recruited for the Expression of Muscle Atonia During REM Sleep. GABA, RBD, VMM
2018 Discharge and Role of Acetylcholine Pontomesencephalic Neurons in Cortical Activity and Sleep-Wake States Examined by Optogenetics and Juxtacellular Recording in Mice. ACh, ChAT, LDT, PMT, PPT, REM, SubLDT, SWS, Tg, UA
2018 Neural mechanism of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in improving heart rate variability and sleep disturbance after myocardial infarction. ACEI, AW, CAA, CSA, HRV, MI, QS
2018 Neuroanatomical and Neurochemical Bases of Vigilance States. non-REM, SWS, VLPO
2018 Neuropeptide S Counteracts Paradoxical Sleep Deprivation-Induced Anxiety-Like Behavior and Sleep Disturbances. BLA, CeA, EEG, MeA, MMPM, NPS, NPSR, PSD
2018 Post-learning paradoxical sleep deprivation impairs reorganization of limbic and cortical networks associated with consolidation of remote contextual fear memory in mice. ---
2018 The mysteries of sleep and waking unveiled by Michel Jouvet. SWS
2017 Changes in Sleep Architecture under Sustained Pain in Adult Male Rats Subjected to Neonatal Short-Lasting Local Inflammatory Insult. ANS, AW, QS
2017 Differential origin of the activation of dorsal and ventral dentate gyrus granule cells during paradoxical (REM) sleep in the rat. dDG, FG, PSR, SumL, vDG
10  2017 Effects of Chronic Social Defeat Stress on Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Are Mitigated by Kappa-Opioid Receptor Antagonism. CSDS, KOR, SWS
11  2017 Electrophysiological Evidence That the Retrosplenial Cortex Displays a Strong and Specific Activation Phased with Hippocampal Theta during Paradoxical (REM) Sleep. ACA, aWk, HPC, RSC, SWS
12  2016 Sleep architecture and homeostasis in mice with partial ablation of melanin-concentrating hormone neurons. MCH, SWA, SWS
14  2015 Genetic deletion of melanin-concentrating hormone neurons impairs hippocampal short-term synaptic plasticity and hippocampal-dependent forms of short-term memory. MCH, PTP
15  2015 Paradoxical (rapid eye movement) sleep-on neurons in the laterodorsal pontine tegmentum in mice. EEG, LDT, SubLDT, SWS
16  2015 Paradoxical sleep: A vigilance state to gate long-term brain plasticity? L-LTP, LTP, qPCR
17  2014 Does exposure to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field modify thermal preference in juvenile rats? RF-EMF, Ta
18  2014 The inhibition of the dorsal paragigantocellular reticular nucleus induces waking and the activation of all adrenergic and noradrenergic neurons: a combined pharmacological and functional neuroanatomical study. DPGi
19  2014 Theta activity in local field potential of the ventral tegmental area in sleeping and waking rats. LFP, SWS, VTA
20  2013 Differential effects of retinal degeneration on sleep and wakefulness responses to short light-dark cycles in albino mice. FVB, ICR, LD, NREMS
21  2013 Sleep deprivation before stroke is neuroprotective: a pre-ischemic conditioning related to sleep rebound. SWS, TSD
22  2012 Brainstem mechanisms of paradoxical (REM) sleep generation. REM, vlPAG
23  2012 Neuropeptide S promotes wakefulness through activation of the posterior hypothalamic histaminergic and orexinergic neurons. DMH, LH, NPS, NPSR, PeF, SWS, TMN
24  2012 Paradoxical sleep deprivation modulates tyrosine hydroxylase expression in the nigrostriatal pathway and attenuates motor deficits induced by dopaminergic depletion. alpha-MT, DA, PSD, TH
25  2012 The lateral hypothalamic area controls paradoxical (REM) sleep by means of descending projections to brainstem GABAergic neurons. CTB, dDpMe, LH, MCH, SLD, vlPAG
26  2012 Tuberal hypothalamic neurons secreting the satiety molecule Nesfatin-1 are critically involved in paradoxical (REM) sleep homeostasis. MCH, NUCB2, SWS, THA
27  2011 Brainstem neurons responsible for postural, masseter or pharyngeal muscle atonia during paradoxical sleep in freely-moving cats. MC, Pc, peri-LCa
28  2011 Escitalopram reduces circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines and improves depressive behavior without affecting sleep in a rat model of post-cardiac infarct depression. MI
29  2011 Sleep-waking discharge profiles of dorsal raphe nucleus neurons in mice. DR, SWS
30  2011 [Thermophysiology of the paradoxical sleep]. ---
31  2010 A very large number of GABAergic neurons are activated in the tuberal hypothalamus during paradoxical (REM) sleep hypersomnia. MCH
32  2010 Differential effect of procaine injection into the rostral and caudal part of the nucleus pontis oralis on hippocampal theta rhythm in urethane-anesthetized rats. RPO
33  2010 Paradoxical sleep insomnia and decreased cholinergic neurons after myocardial infarction in rats. ChAT, CNS, EEG, EMG, LDT, MI, PPT
34  2010 Paradoxical sleep suppresses immediate early gene expression in the rodent suprachiasmatic nuclei. SCN
35  2010 Sleep-waking discharge of ventral tuberomammillary neurons in wild-type and histidine decarboxylase knock-out mice. EEG, HA, HDC-KO, SWS, VTM, WT
36  2009 Characterization and mapping of sleep-waking specific neurons in the basal forebrain and preoptic hypothalamus in mice. BFB, POA, SWS
37  2009 Delayed changes of sleep duration after rewarded olfactory discrimination learning in the rat. SWS
38  2009 Electrophysiological correlates of sleep disturbance induced by acute and chronic administration of D-amphetamine. AMPH, BD, SWS
39  2009 Localization of the brainstem GABAergic neurons controlling paradoxical (REM) sleep. vlPAG
40  2009 Melanin-concentrating hormone neurons discharge in a reciprocal manner to orexin neurons across the sleep-wake cycle. MCH, SWS
41  2009 Orexin/hypocretin and histamine: distinct roles in the control of wakefulness demonstrated using knock-out mouse models. HA, OX, WT
42  2009 Paradoxical (REM) sleep deprivation causes a large and rapidly reversible decrease in long-term potentiation, synaptic transmission, glutamate receptor protein levels, and ERK/MAPK activation in the dorsal hippocampus. PSD, PSR, SWS
43  2009 Reductions in paradoxical sleep time in adult rats treated neonatally with low dose domoic acid. EEG
44  2009 Role of the melanin-concentrating hormone neuropeptide in sleep regulation. MCH
45  2009 Self-reinforcing loop mechanism in epilepsy. ---
46  2009 [Effect of the exposure to factors inducing diffuse damage of cerebral tissue on sleep structure in laboratory rats]. ---
47  2008 Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone: an alternative approach when thinking about restless legs syndrome? ACTH, alpha-MSH, AW, QW, RLS, SWSI, SWSII
48  2008 Asymmetry in sympathetic and vagal activities during sleep-wake transitions. AW, EMG, MPF, QS
49  2008 Effect of paradoxical sleep deprivation on oxidative stress parameters in brain regions of adult and old rats. ---
50  2008 Laser evoked responses to painful stimulation persist during sleep and predict subsequent arousals. ---
51  2008 MDMA treatment 6 months earlier attenuates the effects of CP-94,253, a 5-HT1B receptor agonist, on motor control but not sleep inhibition. 5-HTT, AW, PW
52  2008 Modulation of cortical activation and behavioral arousal by cholinergic and orexinergic systems. ORX
53  2008 MPTP-treated mice: long-lasting loss of nigral TH-ir neurons but not paradoxical sleep alterations. MPTP, TH-ir
54  2008 Muscarinic-2 and orexin-2 receptors on GABAergic and other neurons in the rat mesopontine tegmentum and their potential role in sleep-wake state control. ACh, GAD, M2R, MES, NeuN
55  2008 Paradoxical sleep deprivation impairs acquisition, consolidation, and retrieval of a discriminative avoidance task in rats. PM-DAT, PSD
56  2008 Participation of the cholinergic system in the ethanol-induced suppression of paradoxical sleep in rats. ---
57  2008 Sleep architecture of the melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1-knockout mice. MCH
58  2007 Characterization of the melanin-concentrating hormone neurons activated during paradoxical sleep hypersomnia in rats. CART, MCH
59  2007 Circadian desynchronization of core body temperature and sleep stages in the rat. SWS
60  2007 Human thalamic and cortical activities assessed by dimension of activation and spectral edge frequency during sleep wake cycles. DA, dSWS, dSWS, SEEG
61  2007 Prominent burst firing of dopaminergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area during paradoxical sleep. ---
62  2007 The "ways" we look at dreams: evidence from unilateral spatial neglect (with an evolutionary account of dream bizarreness). OKN, REMs
63  2007 The effects of serotoninergic, noradrenergic, cholinergic and dopaminergic drugs on vigilance states in MPTP-treated mice. ---
64  2007 The medial septum acts through the medial preoptic area for thermoregulation and works with it for sleep regulation. LMA, MPOA, MS, S-W, SWS, Tamb, Tb
65  2006 A potent non-monoaminergic paradoxical sleep inhibitory system: a reverse microdialysis and single-unit recording study. dcFTC, SWS
66  2006 A tryptic hydrolysate from bovine milk alphaS1-casein improves sleep in rats subjected to chronic mild stress. CH, SWS
67  2006 Comparison of the sleep pattern throughout a protocol of chronic sleep restriction induced by two methods of paradoxical sleep deprivation. MMPM, SPM
68  2006 Effects of AP5 infusion into the lateral ventricle on the activities and hippocampal electrical patterns of sleep episodes in rats. AP5, NMDA, SPWs, SWS
69  2006 Effects of selective neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibition on sleep and wakefulness in the rat. NO, NOS, SWS
70  2006 Localization of the neurons active during paradoxical (REM) sleep and projecting to the locus coeruleus noradrenergic neurons in the rat. CTB, DPGi, LC, LPGi, vlPAG
71  2006 Modulation of somatosensory evoked potentials during wake-sleep states and spike-wave discharges in the rat. SEPs, SWDs, SWS
72  2006 Paradoxical (REM) sleep genesis: the switch from an aminergic-cholinergic to a GABAergic-glutamatergic hypothesis. DPGi, DPMe, LC, SWS, vlPAG
73  2006 Pentylenetetrazole kindling affects sleep in rats. NMDA, PTZ
74  2006 Sleep dynamics: a self-organized critical system. SWS
75  2005 Acute administration of the novel serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, S33005, markedly modifies sleep-wake cycle architecture in the rat. EEG, SWS
76  2005 Changes in sleep on chronic exposure to warm and cold ambient temperatures. EEG, EMG, EOG, S-W, SWS, Ta, TST
77  2005 Cholinergic and noncholinergic brainstem neurons expressing Fos after paradoxical (REM) sleep deprivation and recovery. ---
78  2005 Chronic exposure to an environmental noise permanently disturbs sleep in rats: inter-individual vulnerability. EN, SWS
79  2005 Despite similar anxiolytic potential, the 5-hydroxytryptamine 2C receptor antagonist SB-242084 [6-chloro-5-methyl-1-[2-(2-methylpyrid-3-yloxy)-pyrid-5-yl carbamoyl] indoline] and chlordiazepoxide produced differential effects on electroencephalogram power spectra. 5-HT, CDP, EEG
80  2005 Discharge of identified orexin/hypocretin neurons across the sleep-waking cycle. ---
81  2005 From waking to sleeping: neuronal and chemical substrates. ACh, SWS
82  2005 Influence of long-term food restriction on sleep pattern in male rats. FR, SWS
83  2005 Mammalian sleep. REM sleep
84  2005 Ozone-induced paradoxical sleep decrease is related to diminished acetylcholine levels in the medial preoptic area in rats. ACh, MPO, SWS
85  2005 Paradoxical sleep in mice lacking M3 and M2/M4 muscarinic receptors. ---
86  2005 Restriction-refeeding of calories and protein induces changes to slow wave and paradoxical sleep that parallel changes in body lipid and protein levels in rats. EEG, SWS
87  2005 Sleep dependent effect of dark pulses on sleep in albino and pigmented rats. NREMS
88  2005 Sleep disturbances in Ube3a maternal-deficient mice modeling Angelman syndrome. AS, EEG, SD, SWS, TPF
89  2005 Sleep pattern in rats under different stress modalities. SWS
90  2005 Sleep wake profile and EEG spectral power in young or old senescence accelerated mice. SD, SWS
91  2005 Sleep-related vagotonic effect of zolpidem in rats. AW, EEG, QS
92  2005 The changes in thermal preference, sleep-wakefulness, body temperature and locomotor activity in the rats with medial septal lesion. LMA, MS, S-W, SWS, Tamb, Tb
93  2004 Activity, modulation and role of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons innervating the cerebral cortex. NA, NT, SWS
94  2004 Changes in sleep patterns in spontaneously hypertensive rats. AW, QS, SHR, WKY
95  2004 Changes in thermal preference, sleep-wakefulness, body temperature and locomotor activity of rats during continuous recording for 24 hours. EEG, EMG, EOG, LMA, S-W, Tb
96  2004 Cortical and pontine variations occurring in the voltammetric no signal throughout the sleep-wake cycle in the rat. CX, NO, NRD, SWS
97  2004 Deleterious effects of an environmental noise on sleep and contribution of its physical components in a rat model. CBBN, EN, IBBN, SWS
98  2004 Effects of a single dose of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine on circadian patterns, motor activity and sleep in drug-naive rats and rats previously exposed to MDMA. MDMA
99  2004 Effects of pre- or post-training paradoxical sleep deprivation on two animal models of learning and memory in mice. ---
100  2004 Human thalamic medial pulvinar nucleus is not activated during paradoxical sleep. SWS