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Long Form:   permeability-surface area
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Modeling the acute effects of exercise on insulin kinetics in type 1 diabetes. T1D
2018 Role of perfusion CT in the evaluation of adnexal masses. BF, BV, PCT, PCT
2015 Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in Head and Neck Cancer: differentiation of new H&N cancer, recurrent disease, and benign post-treatment changes. BV, DCE, HN
2015 Perfusion CT estimates photosensitizer uptake and biodistribution in a rabbit orthotopic pancreatic cancer model: a pilot study. BF, BV, CT, EUS
2014 CT perfusion imaging as an early biomarker of differential response to stereotactic radiosurgery in C6 rat gliomas. CT, RBV
2014 Relationship of computed tomography perfusion and positron emission tomography to tumour progression in malignant glioma. AUC, BF, BV, CT, FDG-PET, MR, ROC, SUV
2012 Model analysis of the relationship between intracellular PO2 and energy demand in skeletal muscle. ---
2012 Self-assembled polymersomes conjugated with lactoferrin as novel drug carrier for brain delivery. 6-coumarin-Lf-POS, BBB, ChAT
2011 Hemoglobin and myoglobin contributions to skeletal muscle oxygenation in response to exercise. NIRS
10  2011 In vivo methods to study uptake of nanoparticles into the brain. BUI
11  2011 Monitoring the longitudinal intra-tumor physiological impulse response to VEGFR2 blockade in breast tumors using DCE-CT. ---
12  2011 Poloxamer 407 increases the recovery of paracetamol in the isolated perfused rat liver. LSECs
13  2010 Spinal cord blood flow and blood vessel permeability measured by dynamic computed tomography imaging in rats after localized delivery of fibroblast growth factor. aCSF, CT, FGF-2, HAMC, SCBF
14  2009 Developing DCE-CT to quantify intra-tumor heterogeneity in breast tumors with differing angiogenic phenotype. DCE-CT, PET
15  2009 Diagnostic accuracy of perfusion CT in differentiating brain abscess from necrotic tumor. CBF, CBV, CTP, MTT
16  2009 P-glycoprotein deficient mouse in situ blood-brain barrier permeability and its prediction using an in combo PAMPA model. BBB, BPC, P-gp
17  2007 Endothelial dysfunction in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. ET-1, IRS, NO
18  2006 Efflux mechanism of taurocholate across the rat intestinal basolateral membrane. ---
19  2003 Carbon monoxide disposition and permeability-surface area product in the foetal circulation of the perfused term human placenta. CO
20  2003 Quantitative evaluation of the function of small intestinal P-glycoprotein: comparative studies between in situ and in vitro. P-gp
21  2002 Distribution kinetics of solutes in the isolated in-situ perfused rat head using the multiple indicator dilution technique and a physiological two-barrier model. ---
22  2001 Albumin uptake and transcytosis in endothelial cells in vivo induced by albumin-binding protein. ---
23  2001 Carbon monoxide wash-in method to determine gas transfer in vascular beds: application to rat hindlimb. CO
24  2001 [14C]Serotonin uptake and [O-methyl-11C]venlafaxine kinetics in porcine brain. ---
25  2000 Advection and diffusion of substances in biological tissues with complex vascular networks. ---
26  1999 A trial for the quantification of regional myocardial blood flow with continuous infusion of Tc-99m MIBI and dynamic SPECT. LV, RMBF
27  1999 Blood-brain barrier transport of reduced folic acid. BBB
28  1999 Drug-protein binding and blood-brain barrier permeability. BBB
29  1999 Experimental colitis increases blood-brain barrier permeability in rabbits. CBF, HAc, TNBS
30  1999 Permeability of a capsaicin derivative, [14C]DA-5018 to blood-brain barrier corrected with HPLC method. BBB
31  1999 Structure-hepatic disposition relationships for phenolic compounds. ---
32  1998 Chronic lymph flow responses to hyperproteinemia. PPC
33  1998 Dynamic T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography in patients with lung cancer: correlating vascular physiology with glucose metabolism. MRI
34  1998 Hepatic disposition and metabolite kinetics of a homologous series of diflunisal esters. HPLC
35  1998 Hyperglycemia induces progressive changes in the cerebral microvasculature and blood-brain barrier transport during focal cerebral ischemia. CBF, CPV, MCA
36  1998 Low blood-brain barrier permeability to azidothymidine (AZT), 3TC, and thymidine in the rat. AZT, BBB, ICAP, Vd
37  1997 Active 22Na+ transport by the intact lung during early postnatal life. ---
38  1996 Coronary flow and flow reserve by PET simplified for clinical applications using rubidium-82 or nitrogen-13-ammonia. CFR
39  1996 Microvascular permeability of the isolated rat heart to various solutes in well-oxygenated and hypoxic conditions. ---
40  1996 Pharmacokinetics and blood-brain barrier transport of [3H]-biotinylated phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotide conjugated to a vector-mediated drug delivery system. BBB, bio-PS-ODN, PS-ODNs, SA
41  1995 Human insulin receptor monoclonal antibody undergoes high affinity binding to human brain capillaries in vitro and rapid transcytosis through the blood-brain barrier in vivo in the primate. BBB
42  1995 Nicotine raises the influx of permeable solutes across the rat blood-brain barrier with little or no capillary recruitment. 3-OMG, 3OMG, LCBF
43  1995 Upregulation of blood-brain barrier GLUT1 glucose transporter protein and mRNA in experimental chronic hypoglycemia. BBB
44  1994 Brain delivery of biotin bound to a conjugate of neutral avidin and cationized human albumin. AUC, Av, BBB, cHSA, nHSA, NLA
45  1994 Identification of microvascular transport pathways in skeletal muscle. ---
46  1994 Slightly altered permeability-surface area products imply some cerebral capillary recruitment during hypercapnia. 3OMG, LCBF
47  1994 Virtually unaltered permeability-surface area products imply little capillary recruitment in brain with hypoxia. LCBF
48  1993 Permeability of the fetal villous microvasculature in the isolated perfused term human placenta. ---
49  1993 Transport into retina measured by short vascular perfusion in the rat. ---
50  1992 Capillary endothelial transport of uric acid in guinea pig heart. ---
51  1992 Capillary permeability of 99mTc-DTPA and blood flow rate in the human myocardium determined by intracoronary bolus injection and residue detection. ---
52  1992 Effect of 5-aminosalicylic acid on myocardial capillary permeability following ischaemia and reperfusion. ---
53  1992 Effects of isoflurane on transport across the blood-brain barrier. BBB, rCBF
54  1992 Effects of the nootropic AWD 52-39 on the blood-brain transfer of leucine, choline and glucose in rats after 14-d exposure to ethanol. BBB
55  1992 Non-invasive techniques for the measurement of extraction fraction and permeability surface area product of 99Tcm DTPA in the human forearm. ---
56  1992 Permeability of brain structures and other peripheral tissues to prostaglandins D2, E2 and F2 alpha in rats. PG, TU
57  1992 Time course of functional repair of the alveolar epithelium after hyperoxic injury. ---
58  1992 Tissue uptake of insulin and inulin in red and white skeletal muscle in vivo. EDL, SOL, VE
59  1991 Bone marrow transplantation: effects of conditioning and cyclosporin prophylaxis on microvascular permeability to a small solute (technetium 99m diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid). 99mTc-DTPA, CyA, GFR, GVHD
60  1991 Myocardial capillary permeability after regional ischemia and reperfusion in the in vivo canine heart. Effect of superoxide dismutase. ---
61  1991 Subregional topography of capillaries in the dorsal vagal complex of rats: II. Physiological properties. AIB, NTS
62  1990 Microvascular specializations promoting rapid interstitial solute dispersion in nucleus tractus solitarius. NTS
63  1989 Estimation of capillary reflection coefficients and unique PS products in dog paw. Ig
64  1989 Solute transfer into the extravascular space: comparison of two non-invasive measurement techniques. ---
65  1988 Tegumental glucose permeability in male and female Schistosoma mansoni. ---
66  1987 Comparison of labeled propanediol and urea as markers of lung vascular injury. EVLW
67  1987 Local blood flow and vascular permeability of autonomic ganglion-transplants in the brain. SCG
68  1987 Regional amino acid transport into brain during diabetes: effect of plasma amino acids. ---
69  1986 Endothelial extraction of tracer water is independent of temperature in dog lungs. Ec
70  1986 Sucrose permeability of the blood-retinal and blood-brain barriers. Effects of diabetes, hypertonicity, and iodate. ---
71  1985 Blood-brain barrier transport of valproic acid. BBB, BUI
72  1985 Effects of elastase and cigarette smoke on alveolar epithelial permeability. 125I-BSA, PPE
73  1985 Whole-body microvascular permeability of small molecules in man: clinical aspects, basic concepts and limitations of the single injection technique. initial slope, PV
74  1984 Exchange area and surface properties of the microvasculature of the rabbit submandibular gland following duct ligation. ---
75  1984 Functional evaluation of the blood-brain barrier using positron emission tomography. ---
76  1984 Glomerular and postglomerular permselectivity to anionic dextrans in the dog. EG, MID, PG
77  1983 The effects of dexamethasone administration and withdrawal on water permeability across the blood-brain barrier. CBF
78  1982 Alveolar epithelium permeability to small solutes: developmental changes. ---
79  1982 Effects of red cell exchange on calculated sheep lung vascular permeability to 14C-urea and 14C-thiourea. ---
80  1981 Concurrent increases in resistance and transport after coronary obstruction in dogs. MT, Ri, VS
81  1979 Permeability of the fenestrated capillaries in the cat submandibular gland to lipid-insoluble molecules. ---
82  1979 The effects of isoprenaline and bradykinin on capillary filtration in the cat small intestine. ---
83  1978 Effects of coronary flow reduction on capillary-myocardial exchange in dogs. ---
84  1976 Blood-brain barrier permeability of 11C-labeled alcohols and 15O-labeled water. ---
85  1976 Lung water and urea indicator dilution studies in cardiac surgery patients. Comparisons of measurements in aortocoronary bypass and mitral valve replacement. ACB, CO, EVLW, MVR
86  1974 Albumin permeability times surface area (PS) product of peritubular capillaries in kidney. ---