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2018 Detection of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) Using a Porous Silicon Optical Biosensor Based on a Multilayered Double Bragg Mirror Structure. AOB, DNA
2018 Effect of the Functionalization of Porous Silicon/WO₃ Nanorods with Pd Nanoparticles and Their Enhanced NO₂-Sensing Performance at Room Temperature. NPs, NRs
2018 Facile preparation of Silicon/ZnO thin film heterostructures and ultrasensitive toxic gas sensing at room temperature: Substrate dependence on specificity. p-type, Si, ZnO
2018 Gold-capped silicon for ultrasensitive SERS-biosensing: Towards human biofluids analysis. CSF, LOD, p-MBA, SERS
2017 Efficient Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer between Quantum Dots and Gold Nanoparticles Based on Porous Silicon Photonic Crystal for DNA Detection. FRET, PL, QDs
2017 Electrical and Photoelectrical Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Porous Silicon Nanostructures. rGO
2017 Impact of Water Adsorption on Nonlinear Optical Properties of Functionalized Porous Silicon. NLO
2017 The preparation of microfluidic architecture with monolithic materials using a dual porous silica structure. DPS, MD, SPE
2016 Effect of Graphene Oxide on the Properties of Porous Silicon. AFM, CVC, FTIR, GO, PL, SEM
10  2016 Fabrication of SnO2/porous silica/polyethyleneimine nanoparticles for pH-responsive drug delivery. BET, PEI
11  2016 Femtomole Detection of Proteins Using a Label-Free Nanostructured Porous Silicon Interferometer for Perspective Ultrasensitive Biosensing. BSA, DL, EOT
12  2016 Room Temperature Crystallization of Hydroxyapatite in Porous Silicon Structures. HA
13  2016 Structural, optical and electrical characterization of nanostructured porous silicon: Effect of current density. c-Si, eta
14  2015 Light Absorption Enhancement of Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Devices with Multiple Bandgap Structures of Porous Silicon. Si, TLPS
15  2015 Luminescence and fine structure correlation in ZnO permeated porous silicon nanocomposites. EBS, QDs, XAS, ZnO
16  2014 Field emission properties of a three-dimensional network of single-walled carbon nanotubes inside pores of porous silicon. FE, SWCNTs
17  2014 Immobilization of peroxidase enzyme onto the porous silicon structure for enhancing its activity and stability. APDES
18  2014 Photocatalytic activity of Cr-doped TiO2 nanoparticles deposited on porous multicrystalline silicon films. AFM, LBIC, mc-Si, UV, XRD
19  2014 Porous silicon functionalization for possible arsenic adsorption. DMSA, FTIR, XPS
20  2014 Surface Characteristics and Catalytic Activity of Copper Deposited Porous Silicon Powder. SEM
21  2014 ZnO-porous silicon nanocomposite for possible memristive device fabrication. PL, SEM, ZnO
22  2013 Addressing reliability and degradation of chemitransistor sensors by electrical tuning of the sensitivity. FETs, JFETs
23  2013 Micro-PIXE and micro-RBS characterization of micropores in porous silicon prepared using microwave-assisted hydrofluoric acid etching. HF, micro-PIXE
24  2012 An investigation into the fabrication and combustion performance of porous silicon nanoenergetic array chips. nECs
25  2012 Modification of optical and electrical properties of zinc oxide-coated porous silicon nanostructures induced by swift heavy ion. PL, XRD, ZnO
26  2012 Nanostructured porous silicon micropatterns as a tool for substrate-conditioned cell research. hMSCs
27  2012 Non-oxidized porous silicon-based power AC switch peripheries. AC, TRIACs
28  2012 Phosphorus diffusion gettering process of multicrystalline silicon using a sacrificial porous silicon layer. mc-Si
29  2012 Photo-induced electrochemical anodization of p-type silicon: achievement and demonstration of long term surface stability. PEC, PL
30  2012 Silver nanoparticles deposited on porous silicon as a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) active substrate. CV, R6G, SERS
31  2012 Temperature dependence of indigo light emission from mesoporous ZnO/porous silicon nanocomposites. PL, RT, ZnO
32  2012 Towards a biosensor based on anti resonant reflecting optical waveguide fabricated from porous silicon. ARROW, BSA, TE, TM
33  2011 Galvanic porous silicon composites for high-velocity nanoenergetics. ---
34  2011 Localized-surface-plasmon enhanced emission from porous silicon by gold nanoparticles. LSP, NPs, PL
35  2011 Multi-spot porous silicon chip prepared from asymmetric electrochemical etching for human immunoglobin G sensor. IgG, MSPS
36  2011 Nanostructure and internal strain distribution in porous silicon. FESEM, RSMs, SAXS
37  2010 Manipulation of spontaneous emission dynamics of organic dyes in the porous silicon matrix. SE
38  2010 Nanostructured silicon particles for medical applications. APTS
39  2010 NH3 sensing characteristics of nano-WO3 thin films deposited on porous silicon. ---
40  2010 Reflective and magnetic properties of photonic polymer composite materials based on porous silicon and magnetite nanoparticles. FWHM
41  2010 Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Porous Silicon Nanowire Arrays. PL, SiNWs
42  2010 Thermal analysis of the exothermic reaction between galvanic porous silicon and sodium perchlorate. DSC
43  2010 Xe interacting with porous silicon. TPD
44  2009 A novel procedure to obtain nanocrystalline diamond/porous silicon composite by chemical vapor deposition/infiltration processes. FEG, HF, NCD, RVC, SEM, TPA
45  2009 Chemically modified porous silicon for laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of ionic dyes. DIOS
46  2009 Miniaturization of EISCAP sensor for triglyceride detection. C-V, mini-EISCAPs
47  2009 Nanostructured porous silicon as functionalized material for biosensor application. APTS
48  2009 Nanostructured sp2-carbon infiltration of mesoporous silicon layers. CVI, FEG-SEM, HFCVD
49  2009 Optical gas sensing properties of thermally hydrocarbonized porous silicon Bragg reflectors. TC
50  2009 Reduction of the amplified spontaneous emission threshold in semiconducting polymer waveguides on porous silica. ASE
51  2009 Study of the micro- and nanostructured silicon for biosensing and medical applications. SEM
52  2009 Study of thick microporous silicon layer from highly resistive silicon. ---
53  2007 Optical characterization of porous silicon and crystalline silicon by the Kramers-Kronig method. ---
54  2007 Wetting properties of flat and porous silicon surfaces coated with a spiropyran. CA, MC, SP
55  2006 A model for enhanced nucleation of protein crystals on a fractal porous substrate. ---
56  2006 Electronic states and luminescence in higher fullerene/porous Si nanocrystal composites. PL
57  2006 Metal acetylacetonate domains grown on H-terminated porous silicon at room temperature and their specific I-V behavior. acac, AFM, ATR-FTIR, CSAFM, XPS
58  2006 Optical analysis of the light emission from porous silicon: a hybrid polyatom surface-coupled fluorophor. PA, PAS, PL, PLE
59  2006 Wetting behavior of porous silicon surfaces functionalized with a fulleropyrrolidine. ---
60  2005 Chemical modification of a porous silicon surface induced by nitrogen dioxide adsorption. ---
61  2005 Influence of polarized bias and porous silicon morphology on the electrical behavior of Au-porous silicon contacts. ---
62  2005 Study of porous silicon nanostructures as hydrogen reservoirs. ATR-IR, TPD
63  2004 Gas permeability of porous silicon nanostructures. ---
64  2004 Photoluminescence quenching effect on porous silicon films for gas sensors application. ET, LPD, PL
65  2003 Aging of porous silicon and the origin of blue shift. PL, QC
66  2003 In situ functionalization of porous silicon during the electrochemical formation process in ethanoic hydrofluoric acid solution. ---
67  2003 Morphology and microstructure at different scales of porous silicon prepared by a nonconventional technique. VE
68  2003 Simulation of the depolarization effect in porous silicon. RT, SE
69  2002 Improved performance in silicon enzyme microreactors obtained by homogeneous porous silicon carrier matrix. GOx
70  2002 [Stabilising porous silicon luminescence by a novel titanium-doped stain etching approach]. PL
71  2001 [Study on the photoluminescence spectrum of nickel passivation treatment of porous silicon]. PL
72  1998 Alkylation of Porous Silicon by Direct Reaction with Alkenes and Alkynes. ---