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Abbreviation:   PS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   primitive streak
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Paracrine mechanisms in early differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells: Insights from a mathematical model. hPSCs
2018 Scalable Cardiac Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Specific Growth Factors and Small Molecules. CMs, CVPs, hPSC
2018 Specifying the Anterior Primitive Streak by Modulating YAP1 Levels in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. hESCs
2017 Functional characterisation of cis-regulatory elements governing dynamic Eomes expression in the early mouse embryo. AVE, DE, ESCs, TF
2017 New Lncs to mesendoderm specification. lncRNAs, ME
2016 Bulk cell density and Wnt/TGFbeta signalling regulate mesendodermal patterning of human pluripotent stem cells. BCD, hPSCs
2015 beta-Catenin Regulates Primitive Streak Induction through Collaborative Interactions with SMAD2/SMAD3 and OCT4. ---
2015 Intrinsic factors and the embryonic environment influence the formation of extragonadal teratomas during gestation. EpiSC, TB
2015 Lineage tracing of neuromesodermal progenitors reveals novel Wnt-dependent roles in trunk progenitor cell maintenance and differentiation. NMP, PMPs
10  2015 miRNA-17 members that target Bmpr2 influence signaling mechanisms important for embryonic stem cell differentiation in vitro and gastrulation in embryos. BMPR2, miRNA-17
11  2015 Wnt5a and Wnt11 regulate mammalian anterior-posterior axis elongation. A-P, CE, EMT, PCP
12  2014 Local cell interactions and self-amplifying individual cell ingression drive amniote gastrulation. EMT
13  2014 NANOG and CDX2 pattern distinct subtypes of human mesoderm during exit from pluripotency. ---
14  2014 Transcriptional profiling of Wnt3a mutants identifies Sp transcription factors as essential effectors of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in neuromesodermal stem cells. NM
15  2013 Efficient derivation of lateral plate and paraxial mesoderm subtypes from human embryonic stem cells through GSKi-mediated differentiation. GSK-3, GSKi, hESCs
16  2013 Retention of stem cell plasticity in avian primitive streak cells and the effects of local microenvironment. GFP
17  2012 Mice lacking Wnt2b are viable and display a postnatal olfactory bulb phenotype. ---
18  2012 Spatial anisotropies and temporal fluctuations in extracellular matrix network texture during early embryogenesis. ECM, LPM
19  2012 The SMAD2/3 corepressor SNON maintains pluripotency through selective repression of mesendodermal genes in human ES cells. DE, hESC
20  2011 A novel chemically directed route for the generation of definitive endoderm from human embryonic stem cells based on inhibition of GSK-3. DE, ESCs, GSK-3, hESCs
21  2011 Three-dimensional immunohistochemical characterization of lineage commitment by localization of T and FOXA2 in porcine peri-implantation embryos. ---
22  2010 Cardiomyocytes develop from anterior primitive streak cells induced by beta-catenin activation and the blockage of BMP signaling in hESCs. BMP, FGF-2, hESCs
23  2010 Human embryonic and rat adult stem cells with primitive endoderm-like phenotype can be fated to definitive endoderm, and finally hepatocyte-like cells. BM, DE, ESC, ME, rMAPCs
24  2009 A late requirement for Wnt and FGF signaling during activin-induced formation of foregut endoderm from mouse embryonic stem cells. ---
25  2009 Directed induction of anterior and posterior primitive streak by Wnt from embryonic stem cells cultured in a chemically defined serum-free medium. ES
26  2008 Defining early lineage specification of human embryonic stem cells by the orchestrated balance of canonical Wnt/beta-catenin, Activin/Nodal and BMP signaling. hES
27  2008 Genetic ablation of FLRT3 reveals a novel morphogenetic function for the anterior visceral endoderm in suppressing mesoderm differentiation. AP, AVE, BM, EMT
28  2008 The migration of paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm cells emerging from the late primitive streak is controlled by different Wnt signals. dsh, pk1
29  2006 Mesodermal cell displacements during avian gastrulation are due to both individual cell-autonomous and convective tissue movements. ---
30  2006 Multipotent flk-1+ cardiovascular progenitor cells give rise to the cardiomyocyte, endothelial, and vascular smooth muscle lineages. ES, VSM
31  2005 Cell fate specification along the anterior-posterior axis of the intermediate mesoderm. A-P, IM
32  2003 Cell fate decisions within the mouse organizer are governed by graded Nodal signals. ADE, BMP, PCP, PEE
33  2003 Positional information by Rauber's sickle and a new look at the mechanisms of primitive streak initiation in avian blastoderms. UL
34  2002 Avian sickle endoblast induces gastrulation or neurulation in the isolated area centralis or isolated anti-sickle region respectively. ---
35  2001 Effect of gravity on the interaction between the avian germ and neighbouring ooplasm in inverted egg yolk balls. ---
36  2001 Mesodermal patterning defect in mice lacking the Ste20 NCK interacting kinase (NIK). Bsk, JNK, msn, NIK
37  1998 Induction of (pre) gastrulation and/or (pre) neurulation by subgerminal ooplasm and Rauber's sickle in cultured anti-sickle regions of avian unincubated blastoderms. UL
38  1998 Only the endophyll-Rauber's sickle complex and not cells derived from the caudal marginal zone induce a primitive streak in the upper layer of avian blastoderms. ---
39  1995 Gastrulation inducing potencies of endophyll and Rauber's sickle in isolated caudocranially oriented prestreak avian blastoderm quadrants (or fragments) in vitro. ---
40  1994 Rauber's (Koller's) sickle: the early gastrulation organizer of the avian blastoderm. ---
41  1991 Monensin inhibits the first cellular movements in early chick embryo. ECM
42  1990 Distribution and functional role of laminin during induction of the embryonic axis in the chick embryo. ECM
43  1989 The chick's marginal zone and primitive streak formation. I. Coordinative effect of induction and inhibition. MZ
44  1989 The chick's marginal zone and primitive streak formation. II. Quantification of the marginal zone's potencies--temporal and spatial aspects. LM
45  1987 Induction of gastrulation in the chick embryo. ---
46  1986 Deoxycytidine reverses inhibition of morphogenesis by thymidine in young chick blastoderm. ---