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2019 Pancreastatin inhibitor PSTi8 attenuates hyperinsulinemia induced obesity and inflammation mediated insulin resistance via MAPK/NOX3-JNK pathway. ---
2019 Plasma Pancreastatin Predicts the Outcome of Surgical Cytoreduction in Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Small Bowel. NETs, PostopPST, PreopPST
2018 Discovery of pancreastatin inhibitor PSTi8 for the treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes: studies in rodent models of diabetes mellitus. IR, PSTi8, STZ
2017 Renovascular hypertensive decrease immunoreactivity of cells containing chromogranin A and pancreastatin in the pancreas of rats. CgA
2017 [Advances of circulating biomarkers in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms]. CgA, CgB, CTC, GEP-NEN, NSE, PP
2015 A common genetic variant of the chromogranin A-derived peptide catestatin is associated with atherogenesis and hypertension in a Japanese population. CHGA, CST
2015 Pancreastatin-dependent inflammatory signaling mediates obesity-induced insulin resistance. Chga-KO, DIO, HFD, WAT, WT-DIO
2014 A multianalyte PCR blood test outperforms single analyte ELISAs (chromogranin A, pancreastatin, neurokinin A) for neuroendocrine tumor detection. CgA, NET, NKA, PFAI
2014 Discovery of a novel target for the dysglycemic chromogranin A fragment pancreastatin: interaction with the chaperone GRP78 to influence metabolism. ---
10  2014 Naturally occurring variants of the dysglycemic peptide pancreastatin: differential potencies for multiple cellular functions and structure-function correlation. ---
11  2013 Pancreastatin is an endogenous peptide that regulates glucose homeostasis. CHGA
12  2009 A novel pathway of insulin sensitivity in chromogranin A null mice: a crucial role for pancreastatin in glucose homeostasis. G6Pase, KO, NO, PKC
13  2005 eNOS, nNOS, cGMP and protein kinase G mediate the inhibitory effect of pancreastatin, a chromogranin A-derived peptide, on growth and proliferation of hepatoma cells. cGMP, eNOS, MAPK, nNOS, NO, PKC, PKG, PLCbeta
14  2003 Pancreastatin, a chromogranin A-derived peptide, inhibits leptin and enhances UCP-2 expression in isolated rat adipocytes. ---
15  2002 Pancreastatin, a chromogranin A-derived peptide, activates protein synthesis signaling cascade in rat adipocytes. ---
16  2002 [Pancreastatin secretion stimulation in healthy volunteers]. ---
17  2001 Pancreastatin, a chromogranin A-derived peptide, activates Galpha(16) and phospholipase C-beta(2) by interacting with specific receptors in rat heart membranes. CgA, G proteins, PLC
18  2001 Pancreastatin, a chromogranin-A-derived peptide, inhibits insulin-stimulated glycogen synthesis by activating GSK-3 in rat adipocytes. GSK-3, PI3K, PKC
19  2000 Immunohistochemical evaluation of the post-translational processing of chromogranin A in human pituitary adenomas. CgA, GH, IP, NF
20  2000 Pancreastatin modulates insulin signaling in rat adipocytes: mechanisms of cross-talk. IRS, MAPK, PI3K, PLC
21  1999 Characterization of pancreastatin receptors and signaling in adipocyte membranes. ---
22  1999 Distribution and regulation of proconvertases PC1 and PC2 in human pituitary adenomas. PMA
23  1999 Effect of pancreastatin on cerulein-stimulated pancreatic blood flow and exocrine secretion in anaesthetized rats. ---
24  1999 Prohormone convertase-1 is essential for conversion of chromogranin A to pancreastatin. CgA, PC-1, PST-IR
25  1998 Pancreastatin activates beta3 isoform of phospholipase C via G(alpha)11 protein stimulation in rat liver membranes. PLC
26  1998 Pancreastatin inhibits insulin action in rat adipocytes. ---
27  1998 Pancreastatin receptor is coupled to a guanosine triphosphate-binding protein of the G(q/11)alpha family in rat liver membranes. GTPase, PT
28  1997 An immunohistochemical analysis of the ontogeny, distribution and coexistence of 12 regulatory peptides and serotonin in endocrine cells and nerve fibers of the digestive tract of the turbot, Scophthalmus maximus (Teleostei). CCK, GAS, GLUC, IGF-I, NPY, NT, SER, SOM, SP, sPP, VIP
29  1997 Comparison of somatostatin and pancreastatin on secretion of gastrin, pancreatic polypeptide, and peptide YY. PP, PYY
30  1997 Neuroendocrine differentiation in carcinomas of the prostate: do neuroendocrine serum markers reflect immunohistochemical findings? CgA, CgB, NE, NSE, PSA, TSH, TURP
31  1997 Ontogenetic expression of chromogranin A and its derived peptides, WE-14 and pancreastatin, in the rat neuroendocrine system. CgA
32  1997 Use of neuroendocrine serum markers in the follow-up of patients with cancer of the prostate. CgA, CgB, NE, NSE, PSA, TSH, TURP
33  1996 Effects of pancreastatin and somatostatin on secretagogues-induced rise in intracellular free calcium in single rat pancreatic islet cells. SRIF
34  1996 Immunohistochemical identification and effects of atrial natriuretic peptide, pancreastatin, leucine-enkephalin, and galanin in the porcine pancreas. ANP, GAL, Leu-Enk
35  1996 Pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in globular dystrophic neurites of senile plaques in brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease. AD, CgA
36  1995 Comparison of chromogranin A and pancreastatin levels in plasma of patients with pancreatic islet cell tumor. CgA
37  1995 Downregulation of prohormone convertase-1 by a phorbol ester. CgA, PC-1
38  1995 Plasma pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity correlates with plasma norepinephrine levels in essential hypertension. CgA, NE, PST-LI
39  1995 The endocrine pancreas of lacertids: an immunocytochemical study of the genera Pedioplanis and Meroles. Gl, IR, NPY, OT, PP, PYY
40  1994 Different secretory actions of pancreastatin in bovine and human parathyroid cells. PTH
41  1994 Distribution and chemical phenotypes of neuroendocrine cells in the human anal canal. ATZ, CgA, CGRP, GLP-1, NT, PYY, SOM
42  1994 Immunoassays for measurement of chromogranin A and pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in humans: correspondence in patients with neuroendocrine neoplasia. CgA, ELISA, PST-LI, RIA
43  1994 Isolation and functional expression of human pancreatic peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase. PAM
44  1994 Pancreastatin molecular forms in normal human plasma. ---
45  1994 Pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in the pancreas of newborn rats. PAM
46  1994 Production and secretion of chromogranin A and pancreastatin by the human pancreatic carcinoma cell line QGP-1N on stimulation with carbachol. CCh, CgA
47  1994 Unique change of pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in cerebrospinal fluid by aging. CSF, PST-LI
48  1993 A phylogenetic survey of pancreastatin and chromogranin immunoreactivity in chromaffin (TH-, DBH-, and PNMT-immunoreactive) cells of the adrenal organ of vertebrates. Cg, NA
49  1993 Chromostatin, a chromogranin A-derived bioactive peptide, is present in human pancreatic insulin (beta) cells. beta, CgA, CST
50  1993 Comparison of plasma pancreastatin and GAWK concentrations, presumed processing products of chromogranin A and B, in plasma of patients with pancreatic islet cell tumors. LI
51  1993 Parallel secretion of pancreastatin and somatostatin from human pancreastatin producing cell line (QGP-1N). SMT
52  1992 Distribution and coexistence of chromogranin A-, serotonin- and pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in endocrine-like cells of the human anal canal. ATZ, CgA, ir
53  1992 Pancreastatin inhibits pancreatic enzyme secretion by presynaptic modulation of acetylcholine release. ---
54  1992 Production of chromogranin A and B derived peptides in human small cell lung carcinoma cell lines. Cg, LI, SCLC
55  1991 Acetylcholine regulates pancreastatin secretion from the human pancreastatin-producing cell line (QGP-1N). ---
56  1991 Glucose-dependent effects of pancreastatin on insulin and glucagon release. ---
57  1991 Immunohistochemical study of the distribution of pancreastatin in endocrine tumors of the pancreas and in normal pancreatic tissue: analysis of autopsy cases. GLU, INS, PP, SOM
58  1991 Phylogenetic aspects of pancreastatin- and chromogranin-like immunoreactive cells in the gastro-entero-pancreatic neuroendocrine system of vertebrates. Cg, GEP
59  1991 Regulation of pancreastatin release from a human pancreatic carcinoid cell line in vitro. CgA, IBMX
60  1990 Elevated plasma levels of pancreastatin (PST) in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). NIDDM
61  1990 Pancreastatin: characterization of biological activity. ---
62  1989 Plasma pancreastatin-like immunoreactivity in various diseases. ---