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Abbreviation:   PST  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   proximal straight tubules
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Regulation of Renal NaDC1 Expression and Citrate Excretion by NBCe1-A. PCT, PST-OM, WT
2018 ppargc1a controls nephron segmentation during zebrafish embryonic kidney ontogeny. DL, PPAR
2015 A mathematical model of rat proximal tubule and loop of Henle. AHL, PCT, TGF
2015 The transcriptional coactivator Taz regulates proximodistal patterning of the pronephric tubule in zebrafish. DE, DL, PCT
2008 Segmental heterogeneity in Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and Bax expression in rat tubular epithelium after ischemia-reperfusion. DCT, MTAL, PCT
2005 Localization and differential expression of arginase II in the kidney of male and female mice. AII
2005 Maturation of rat proximal tubule chloride permeability. PCT
2005 Mitochondrial expression of arginase II in male and female rat inner medullary collecting ducts. IM, IMCD, OSOM
2005 The role of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 in the generation of angiotensin 1-7 by rat proximal tubules. ACE
10  2004 Gene regulation of renal-osmotic stress-induced Na-CL organic solute cotransporter. ROSIT
11  2004 Ornithine metabolism in male and female rat kidney: mitochondrial expression of ornithine aminotransferase and arginase II. AII, OAT, ODC, PCT
12  2004 Thyroid hormone modulates rabbit proximal straight tubule paracellular permeability. ---
13  2003 Type 1A angiotensin II receptor is regulated differently in proximal and distal nephron segments. ---
14  2002 Developmental changes in rabbit proximal straight tubule paracellular permeability. ---
15  2002 Lectin-histochemical and -cytochemical study of periodic acid Schiff-positive lysosome granules as a histological feature of the female mouse kidney. PCT
16  2001 Renal osteopontin protein and mRNA upregulation during acute nephrotoxicity in the rat. ARF, OPN, PCT
17  2000 Cellular localization of aquaporin 7 in the rat kidney. ---
18  2000 Effects of 20-HETE and 19(S)-HETE on rabbit proximal straight tubule volume transport. DDMS, HETE
19  2000 Maturation of proximal straight tubule NaCl transport: role of thyroid hormone. ---
20  1999 A stop-flow microperfusion technique for rapid determination of HCO3- absorption/H+ secretion by isolated renal tubules. ---
21  1999 Effect of protamine on ion selectivity of superficial and juxtamedullary proximal straight tubules. JM, SF
22  1999 Neonatal rabbit proximal tubule basolateral membrane Na+/H+ antiporter and Cl-/base exchange. ---
23  1998 Detailed mapping of ochratoxin A reabsorption along the rat nephron in vivo: the nephrotoxin can be reabsorbed in all nephron segments by different mechanisms. ALH, CD, DT, FR, OTA, PCT
24  1998 Localization of cytochrome P-450 4A isoforms along the rat nephron. 20-HETE, CCD, CTAL, IMCD, MTAL, OMCD, PCT
25  1998 Ornithine decarboxylase along the mouse and rat nephron. ODC, Orn, PCT
26  1997 Length of the selectivity filter of aquaporin-1. AQP1
27  1997 Transport of water in proximal kidney tubules from whole tubules to single channels: length and section of the selectivity filter of aquaporin-1. ---
28  1996 Changes in laminin during recovery from postischemic acute renal failure in rats. ECM
29  1996 Direct visualization of copper-metallothionein in LEC rat kidneys: application of autofluorescence signal of copper-thiolate cluster. LEC, PCT, S1 and S2
30  1996 RT-PCR microlocalization of bradykinin B2 receptor mRNA in microdissected rat nephron segments. BK2, CCT, DT, IMTL, MTAL, RT-PCR
31  1996 Tubular effects of insulin. CaM, dbcAMP, MTAL, VT
32  1995 ANF and angiotensin II interact via kinases in the proximal straight tubule. ANF, Ang II, PKA, PKC
33  1995 Ischemia-induced changes in cell element composition and osmolyte contents of outer medulla. OMCD
34  1995 The proximal straight tubule (PST) basolateral cell membrane water channel: selectivity characteristics. ---
35  1995 Unique localization of mRNA encoding plasma membrane Ca2+ pump isoform 3 in rat thin descending loop of Henle. DTL
36  1995 [Studies on the mechanisms of renal damages induced by nephrotoxic compounds]. CER, DPPD, GL, GM, MA, MC, MDA, PCT
37  1994 Location of an inducible nitric oxide synthase mRNA in the normal kidney. iNOS, LPS, MCD, MTAL, VRB
38  1994 Renin and renin mRNA in proximal tubules of the rat kidney. CEI, OMCD, PCT
39  1993 Anatomical and developmental patterns of facilitative glucose transporter gene expression in the rat kidney. GTs
40  1993 PCR localization of angiotensin II receptor and angiotensinogen mRNAs in rat kidney. Ang II, IMCD, PCT, RT-PCR
41  1992 Abnormal extracellular matrix and excessive growth of human adult polycystic kidney disease epithelia. ADPKD, CCT, EHS, PCT
42  1992 Effect of loop diuretics on organic osmolytes and cell electrolytes in the renal outer medulla. GPC, OMCD
43  1992 Localization of epidermal growth factor (EGF) binding sites on antiluminal plasma membrane of rat kidney: autoradiographic study using nonfiltering perfused rat kidney. CCD, EGF, IMCD
44  1991 Aberrant epithelial cell growth in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. ADPKD, EGF, HSPG, TAL, TGF-beta
45  1991 Axial heterogeneity of apical water permeability along rabbit kidney proximal tubule. PCT
46  1991 Calcium-dependent control of volume regulation in renal proximal tubule cells: II. Roles of dihydropyridine-sensitive and -insensitive Ca2+ entry pathways. DHP
47  1991 Mechanisms of cyclosporine A toxicity in defined cultures of renal tubule epithelia: a role for cysteine proteases. CCT, CsA, PCT, TAL
48  1990 Dihydropyridine-sensitive cell volume regulation in proximal tubule: the calcium window. DHP, RVD
49  1990 Heterogeneity of Pi transport by BBM from superficial and juxtamedullary cortex of rat. BBMV, Na-PFA, PCT, Pi
50  1990 Localization of arginine synthesis along rat nephron. PCT
51  1989 Axial heterogeneity of rabbit proximal tubule luminal H+ and basolateral HCO3- transport. ---
52  1988 Comparison of transcellular and transepithelial water osmotic permeabilities (Pos) in the isolated proximal straight tubule (PST) of the rabbit kidney. PCMBS
53  1988 Effect of luminal chloride on cell pH in rabbit proximal tubule. PCT
54  1988 Intracellular chloride activity of rabbit proximal straight tubule perfused in vitro. ---
55  1988 Prostaglandin E2 is an inhibitor of adenylate cyclase in rabbit proximal tubule. cAMP, PCT, PTH
56  1988 Protease effects on adenylate cyclase in potassium-depleted rabbit kidney. AVP, CCT, PTH
57  1987 Axial heterogeneity of sodium-bicarbonate cotransport in proximal straight tubule of rabbit kidney. ---
58  1987 Dynamics of NAD in cortical nephron segments: effect of nicotinamide and of dietary phosphate intake. CAL, PCT, Pi
59  1987 Effects of hydrochlorothiazide on Na-K-ATPase activity along the rat nephron. BP, CCD, Ccr, CTAL, DCT, HCTZ, MCD, MTAL, PCT, SHR, WKY
60  1987 Enhanced glomerular filtration and Na+-K+-ATPase with furosemide administration. CCD, cTALH, DCT, GFR, mTALH, NAR, PCT
61  1987 Intracellular messenger for action of angiotensin II on fluid transport in rabbit proximal tubule. Cai, PCT
62  1987 Lack of effect of alpha-human atrial natriuretic polypeptide on volume reabsorption and p-aminohippuric acid secretion in the rabbit proximal straight tubule. alpha-hANP, JMPST, PAH, SFPST, VT
63  1987 Retention of differentiated characteristics by cultures of defined rabbit kidney epithelia. AVP, PCT, PTH
64  1987 The effects of atrial natriuretic peptide on whole-kidney and proximal straight tubular function in the rabbit. ANP, GFR, RPF
65  1986 A new method for studying human polycystic kidney disease epithelia in culture. CCT, PKD
66  1986 Cyclosporine-induced renal structural damage: influence of dosage, strain, age and sex with reference to the rat and guinea pig. SD
67  1986 Evidence that alpha-1-adrenergic stimuli specifically increase gluconeogenesis of the isolated proximal convoluted tubule in the rat. PCT
68  1986 Glutamine transport in the rabbit proximal straight tubule: effect of acute acid pH. ---
69  1986 Lack of a direct effect of atrial natriuretic factor in the rabbit proximal tubule. ANF, PCT
70  1986 Possible role of calcium in parathyroid hormone actions in rabbit renal proximal tubules. GNG, PCT, PTH
71  1985 Effect of chronic metabolic acidosis on ammonia production from L-glutamine in microdissected rat nephron segments. PCT
72  1985 Effects of the anion transport inhibitor, SITS, on the proximal straight tubule of the rabbit perfused in vitro. NMDG
73  1985 Evidence for beta adrenoceptors in proximal tubules. Isoproterenol-sensitive adenylate cyclase in pars recta of canine nephron. AdC, ISO, LDCT, PCT, PTH
74  1985 Na-K-ATPase in nephron segments of rats developing spontaneous hypertension. CTAL, DCT, MTAL, PCT, SHR, WKY
75  1985 Regulation of 25-OH-D3 1 alpha-hydroxylase and 24-hydroxylase activities along the rat nephron and in isolated kidney cells. DT, PCT
76  1985 Urinary loss of glucose, phosphate, and protein by diffusion into proximal straight tubules injured by D-serine and maleic acid. ---
77  1984 Hyperosmolality of absorbate from isolated rabbit proximal tubules. PCT
78  1984 Osmotic water permeability of the apical membrane of proximal straight tubular (PST) cells. ---
79  1984 The continuous measurement of tubular volume changes in response to step changes in contraluminal osmolality. ---
80  1983 Early enhancement of fluid transport in rabbit proximal straight tubules after loss of contralateral renal excretory function. GFR, MP, UO, UP
81  1983 Potassium secretion in the rabbit proximal straight tubule. ---
82  1982 Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase activity and endogenous protein phosphorylation in isolated cortical segments of rabbit nephron. CAL, CCT, DCT, Glm, PCT
83  1982 Isolated nephron segments from rabbit models of obstructive nephropathy. ADH, CCT, JMPCT, T-ALH
84  1982 Metabolic acidosis suppresses 25-hydroxyvitamin in D3-1alpha-hydroxylase in the rat kidney. Distinct site and mechanism of action. PCT, PTH
85  1982 Regulation of vasopressin action by prostaglandins. Evidence for prostaglandin synthesis in the rabbit cortical collecting tubule. CCT, DOCA, PG
86  1982 Scanning electron microscopy of isolated dog renal tubules. DCT, DST, PCT, SEM
87  1981 Differences in active and passive glucose transport along the proximal nephron. PCT
88  1981 Localization of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 1 alpha-hydroxylase and 24-hydroxylase along the rat nephron. PCT
89  1981 Prior mannitol and furosemide infusion in a model of ischemic acute renal failure. ARF, CCT, PCT, TALH
90  1978 Functional profile of the isolated uremic nephron. Role of compensatory hypertrophy in the control of fluid reabsorption by the proximal straight tubule. ---
91  1977 Effect of basement membrane and colloid osmotic pressure on renal tubule cell volume. ---
92  1977 Effect of hypotonic medium on K and Na content of proximal renal tubules. ---
93  1976 Shape of epithelial cells and intercellular channels in the rabbit proximal nephron. PCT
94  1975 Surface areas of brush border and lateral cell walls in the rabbit proximal nephron. PCT