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2020 A Novel Chemical Gas Vapor Sensor Based on Photoluminescence Enhancement of Rugate Porous Silicon Filters. FWHM, PL, SEM
2020 Bioresorbable, Miniaturized Porous Silicon Needles on Flexible Water-Soluble Backing for Unobtrusive, Sustained Delivery of Chemotherapy. ---
2020 Contribution of Cross-Linker and Silica Morphology on Cr(VI) Sorption Performances of Organic Anion Exchangers Embedded into Silica Pores. ANEX, EDX, TEMED, TGA
2020 Enhancing myelin repair in experimental model of multiple sclerosis using immobilized chondroitinase ABC I on porous silicon nanoparticles. ChABC, CNS, CPZ, CSPGs
2020 Long duration stabilization of porous silicon membranes in physiological media: Application for implantable reactors. ---
2020 Porous Si Microparticles Infiltrated with Magnetic Nanospheres. ---
2020 Preparation and in vivo evaluation of red blood cell membrane coated porous silicon nanoparticles implanted with 155Tb. RBC, RIB
2020 Singlet oxygen generation by nanoporous silicon: photoluminescence dynamics in magnetic field. ET, PL
2019 Automatic methodologies to perform loading and release assays of anticancer drugs from mesoporous silicon nanoparticles. 5-FU, SIA
10  2019 Bone Morphogenic Protein 2-Loaded Porous Silicon Carriers for Osteoinductive Implants. ALP, BM-MSCs, BMPs, PCL
11  2019 Controlling and Predicting the Dissolution Kinetics of Thermally Oxidised Mesoporous Silicon Particles: Towards Improved Drug Delivery. FTIR, GI
12  2019 Decoration of Porous Silicon with Gold Nanoparticles via Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly for Interferometric and Hybrid Photonic/Plasmonic (Bio)sensing. b-PMAA, Bio, BSA, DBRs, LbL, PAH
13  2019 Design, fabrication, and optical characterization of one-dimensional photonic crystals based on porous silicon assisted by in-situ photoacoustics. ---
14  2019 Electrochemical and optical investigation of dental pulp stem cell adhesion on modified porous silicon scaffolds. DPSC
15  2019 Interplay Between Silicon Nanocrystal Size and Local Environment Within Porous Silicon on the Analyte-Dependent Photoluminescence Response. a-Si, PL
16  2019 Label-free discrimination of single nucleotide changes in DNA by reflectometric interference Fourier transform spectroscopy. PMs, RIFTS
17  2019 Magnetic Characteristics of Ni-Filled Luminescent Porous Silicon. ---
18  2019 Optimization of Porous Silicon Conditions for DNA-based Biosensing via Reflectometric Interference Spectroscopy. FESEM, RIS
19  2019 Oral Curcumin via Hydrophobic Porous Silicon Carrier: Preparation, Characterization, and Toxicological Evaluation In Vivo. FTIR, SEM
20  2019 Photonic crystal nanobeam biosensors based on porous silicon. NB, PhC, SOI
21  2019 Plant-Derived Tandem Drug/Mesoporous Silicon Microcarrier Structures for Anti-Inflammatory Therapy. ---
22  2019 Porous silicon nanomaterials: recent advances in surface engineering for controlled drug-delivery applications. ---
23  2019 Porous Silicon Optical Biosensors: Still a Promise or a Failure? ---
24  2019 Porous Silicon-Based Aptasensors: The Next Generation of Label-Free Devices for Health Monitoring. LOD
25  2019 Radiofrequency Hyperthermia of Cancer Cells Enhanced by Silicic Acid Ions Released During the Biodegradation of Porous Silicon Nanowires. NWs, RF
26  2019 Rapid liquid-phase microextraction of analytes from complex samples on superwetting porous silicon for onsite SALDI-MS analysis. LOD, LPME, SALDI-MS
27  2019 Screen printed carbon electrode modified with a copper@porous silicon nanocomposite for voltammetric sensing of clonazepam. CZP, SPCE
28  2019 Screening of Transgenic Cotton Based on a Porous Silicon Biosensor. FTIR
29  2019 Spatially Controlled Surface Modification of Porous Silicon for Sustained Drug Delivery Applications. ATR-FTIR, BPAm, CPT, DDS, FITC, HPAm, SEM, WCA, XPS
30  2019 Speckle Noise Removal in Image-based Detection of Refractive Index Changes in Porous Silicon Microarrays. PGY
31  2019 Visible Light Assisted Organosilane Assembly on Mesoporous Silicon Films and Particles. FESEM, FTIR, PSiFs, PSiPs, SSNMR, TEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS
32  2018 A Sol-gel Integrated Dual-readout Microarray Platform for Quantification and Identification of Prostate-specific Antigen. MALDI-TOF MS, PSA
33  2018 Biodegradation of inorganic drug delivery systems in subcutaneous conditions. s.c
34  2018 Cavitand-Decorated Silicon Columnar Nanostructures for the Surface Recognition of Volatile Nitroaromatic Compounds. VOCs
35  2018 Electrical Double Layer-Induced Ion Surface Accumulation for Ultrasensitive Refractive Index Sensing with Nanostructured Porous Silicon Interferometers. DL, EDL, EDL-ISA
36  2018 Electrospun Composites of Polycaprolactone and Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for the Tunable Delivery of Small Therapeutic Molecules. CPT, NPs, PCL
37  2018 Exploiting the 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) autocatalytic nature to create bioconjugated microarrays on hydrogen-passivated porous silicon. ap-pSi, APTES, FT-IR, PL
38  2018 Few-Layer Graphene Sheet-Passivated Porous Silicon Toward Excellent Electrochemical Double-Layer Supercapacitor Electrode. ---
39  2018 Hyaluronic Acid-Modified Porous Silicon Films for the Electrochemical Sensing of Bacterial Hyaluronidase. DPV, FF, HYAL, HYAMA, PEGDA, S. aureus
40  2018 Impact of Pore Size and Surface Chemistry of Porous Silicon Particles and Structure of Phospholipids on Their Interactions. DOPC
41  2018 Layer-by-layer biofunctionalization of nanostructured porous silicon for high-sensitivity and high-selectivity label-free affinity biosensing. b-PMAA, LbL, PAH
42  2018 Manipulating human dendritic cell phenotype and function with targeted porous silicon nanoparticles. DC, DC-SIGN
43  2018 Porous silicon based intravitreal platform for dual-drug loading and controlled release towards synergistic therapy. DEX, DNR
44  2018 Porous silicon based photoluminescence immunosensor for rapid and highly-sensitive detection of Ochratoxin A. Anti-OTA, LOD, MACE, OTA, PL, SEM, XRD
45  2018 Porous Silicon Bragg Reflector/Carbon Dot Hybrids: Synthesis, Nanostructure, and Optical Properties. C-dots
46  2018 Porous silicon-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) film composites: evaluation of drug release and degradation behavior. CPT, DSC, FESEM, PBS, PCL
47  2018 Room-Temperature Low-Threshold Lasing from Monolithically Integrated Nanostructured Porous Silicon Hybrid Microcavities. MCs, PFO
48  2018 Scalable Synthesis of Biodegradable Black Mesoporous Silicon Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Photothermal Therapy. BPSi, PCAs
49  2018 Tailoring Porous Silicon for Biomedical Applications: From Drug Delivery to Cancer Immunotherapy. ---
50  2018 TiO2 Nanolayer-Enhanced Fluorescence for Simultaneous Multiplex Mycotoxin Detection by Aptamer Microarrays on a Porous Silicon Surface. AFB1, FB1, OTA
51  2018 TiO2-coated luminescent porous silicon micro-particles as a promising system for nanomedicine. ALD, PL
52  2018 Toward Multi-Parametric Porous Silicon Transducers Based on Covalent Grafting of Graphene Oxide for Biosensing Applications. AFM, FTIR, GO, PL, SEM, WCA
53  2018 Two-Dimensional Electrochemiluminescence on Porous Silicon Platform for Explosive Detection and Discrimination. ---
54  2018 Visual Sensor for Sterilization of Polymer Fixtures Using Embedded Mesoporous Silicon Photonic Crystals. ---
55  2017 A multifunctional nanocomplex for enhanced cell uptake, endosomal escape and improved cancer therapeutic effect. ---
56  2017 A novel approach for osteocalcin detection by competitive ELISA using porous silicon as a substrate. ELISA, Macro-PSi, meso-PSi
57  2017 A Versatile Carbonic Anhydrase IX Targeting Ligand-Functionalized Porous Silicon Nanoplatform for Dual Hypoxia Cancer Therapy and Imaging. CAIX, DOX
58  2017 Drug-Loaded Multifunctional Nanoparticles Targeted to the Endocardial Layer of the Injured Heart Modulate Hypertrophic Signaling. ANP
59  2017 Gold coated porous silicon nanocomposite as a substrate for photoluminescence-based immunosensor suitable for the determination of Aflatoxin B1. AFB1, anti-AFB1, PL
60  2017 Image Processing of Porous Silicon Microarray in Refractive Index Change Detection. HSV, MBR
61  2017 Multistaged Nanovaccines Based on Porous Silicon@Acetalated Dextran@Cancer Cell Membrane for Cancer Immunotherapy. ---
62  2017 Nano Air Seeds Trapped in Mesoporous Janus Nanoparticles Facilitate Cavitation and Enhance Ultrasound Imaging. NPs, US
63  2017 Non-invasive, in vitro analysis of islet insulin production enabled by an optical porous silicon biosensor. LOD
64  2017 On Chip Protein Pre-Concentration for Enhancing the Sensitivity of Porous Silicon Biosensors. ITP, RIFTS
65  2017 Optical nose based on porous silicon photonic crystal infiltrated with ionic liquids. IL, PCA, VOCs
66  2017 Optical Study of Diamine Coupling on Carboxyl-Functionalized Mesoporous Silicon. PL
67  2017 Oral Mucosal Epithelial Cells Grown on Porous Silicon Membrane for Transfer to the Rat Eye. ---
68  2017 Palladium modified porous silicon as multi-functional MALDI chip for serum peptide detection. LDI, LSPR, MALDI, PdNPs
69  2017 Parallel Detection of Refractive Index Changes in a Porous Silicon Microarray Based on Digital Images. ---
70  2017 Photon-triggered nanowire transistors. c-Si, NW
71  2017 Porous silicon for drug delivery applications and theranostics: recent advances, critical review and perspectives. ---
72  2017 Porous silicon nanoparticle as a stabilizing support for chondroitinase. cABCI
73  2017 Prolonged controlled delivery of nerve growth factor using porous silicon nanostructures. DRG, NGF
74  2017 Quercetin-Based Modified Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Enhanced Inhibition of Doxorubicin-Resistant Cancer Cells. AmQu, DOX, MDR
75  2017 Room-Temperature Solution Synthesis of Mesoporous Silicon for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes. ---
76  2017 Size, Stability, and Porosity of Mesoporous Nanoparticles Characterized with Light Scattering. DLS, LS, SLS, SN, TEM
77  2017 The impact of porous silicon nanoparticles on human cytochrome P450 metabolism in human liver microsomes in vitro. Alkyne-THCPSi, HLM, TCPSi
78  2017 Wafer-Scale Synthesized MoS2/Porous Silicon Nanostructures for Efficient and Selective Ethanol Sensing at Room Temperature. IDEs, NFs, RF, VOC
79  2016 Active diffusion of nanoparticles of maternal origin within the embryonic brain. i.v, NPs
80  2016 All-optical modulation in Mid-Wavelength Infrared using porous Si membranes. MWIR
81  2016 An Efficient, Versatile, and Safe Access to Supported Metallic Nanoparticles on Porous Silicon with Ionic Liquids. IL, OM, PVD
82  2016 Comparative Kinetic Analysis of Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Porous Sensors. ---
83  2016 Composite Porous Silicon-Silver Nanoparticles as Theranostic Antibacterial Agents. PL, pSiNPs
84  2016 Contact Pin-Printing onto Porous Silicon for Creating Microarrays with High Chemical Diversity. ap-pSi, ox-pSi
85  2016 Cytotoxicity assessment of porous silicon microparticles for ocular drug delivery. HCE, LDH
86  2016 Fabrication and Characterization of a Porous Silicon Drug Delivery System with an Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition Temperature-Responsive Coating. CPT, iCVD, LCST, pAS, pNIPAM-co-DEGDVE
87  2016 Flow-Through Porous Silicon Membranes for Real-Time Label-Free Biosensing. ---
88  2016 High Sensitivity pH Sensor Based on Porous Silicon (PSi) Extended Gate Field-Effect Transistor. EG-FET
89  2016 Immobilization of Oligonucleotides on Metal-Dielectric Nanostructures for miRNA Detection. PDMS, SERS
90  2016 In Situ Reductive Synthesis of Structural Supported Gold Nanorods in Porous Silicon Particles for Multifunctional Nanovectors. agar, DOX, PSD, SERS
91  2016 Influence of Surface Chemistry on Ibuprofen Adsorption and Confinement in Mesoporous Silicon Microparticles. NMR, THCPSi, TOPSi
92  2016 Label-free discrimination of membrane-translocating peptides on porous silicon microfluidic biosensors. MTPs
93  2016 Platelet Lysate-Modified Porous Silicon Microparticles for Enhanced Cell Proliferation in Wound Healing Applications. PL
94  2016 Porous Silicon and Polymer Nanocomposites for Delivery of Peptide Nucleic Acids as Anti-MicroRNA Therapies. PNA
95  2016 Porous silicon membrane-modified electrodes for label-free voltammetric detection of MS2 bacteriophage. DPV
96  2016 Porous Silicon's Photoactivity in Water: Insights into Environmental Fate. NOM, NPs
97  2016 Porous Silicon-Based Biosensors: Towards Real-Time Optical Detection of Target Bacteria in the Food Industry. PCR
98  2016 Porous Silicon-Based Cell Microarrays: Optimizing Human Endothelial Cell-Material Surface Interactions and Bioactive Release. ---
99  2016 Single Plant Derived Nanotechnology for Synergistic Antibacterial Therapies. C. albicans, E. coli, EDX, S. aureus, SEM, TEM, XRD
100  2016 Temperature responsive porous silicon nanoparticles for cancer therapy - spatiotemporal triggering through infrared and radiofrequency electromagnetic heating. NPs, pSiNPs, TR