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Abbreviation:   PTGS2  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2
 Abbreviation Variation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Novel sampling procedure to characterize bovine subclinical endometritis by uterine secretions and tissue. CE, dpp, IL, RT-qPCR, SE, TNF-alpha, US
2019 Ablation of conceptus PTGS2 expression does not alter early conceptus development and establishment of pregnancy in the pig†. IL1B2, PG
2019 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure Extract of Mulberry (Morus alba) Fruit on LPS-Stimulated RAW264.7 Cells. HHP, HM, IL, LPS, NO, NOS2, TNF
2019 Bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed genes involved in human developmental chondrogenesis. DAVID, DEGs, GEO, GO, MMP, NF-kbeta, OA, PPI, STRING, TNF
2019 Breaking barriers for T cells by targeting the EPHA2/TGF-beta/COX-2 axis in pancreatic cancer. EPHA2
2019 Celecoxib With Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Might Worsen Outcomes Differentially by COX-2 Expression and ER Status: Exploratory Analysis of the REMAGUS02 Trial. CALGB, COX-2, EFS, HR, NAC, OS
2019 Circular RNA circ_0000950 promotes neuron apoptosis, suppresses neurite outgrowth and elevates inflammatory cytokines levels via directly sponging miR-103 in Alzheimer's disease. AD
2019 Cisplatin induces chemoresistance through the PTGS2-mediated anti-apoptosis in gastric cancer. ---
2019 Effect of myostatin inhibitor (myostatin pro-peptide) microinjection on in vitro maturation and subsequent early developmental stages of buffalo embryo. AAV, COCs, IVM, Nrf2, PTX3, ROS
10  2019 Ferroptosis was involved in the oleic acid-induced acute lung injury in mice. ALI, BALF, GPX4, MDA, OA, qPCR, TEM, TfR1
11  2019 Galangin Suppresses Renal Inflammation via the Inhibition of NF-kappaB, PI3K/AKT and NLRP3 in Uric Acid Treated NRK-52E Tubular Epithelial Cells. IL, iNOS, NF-kappaB, NO, PGE2, PI3K, TNF, UA
12  2019 Growth factor modulation of equine trophoblast mitosis and prostaglandin gene expression. AKT1, EGF, ERK1, FGF-2, HGF, IGF-1
13  2019 High PTGS2 expression in post-neoadjuvant chemotherapy-treated oesophageal adenocarcinoma is associated with improved survival: a population-based cohort study. CIs, HRs
14  2019 Identification of potential therapeutic target genes in mouse mesangial cells associated with diabetic nephropathy using bioinformatics analysis. CDK, CFH, DEGs, DN, FN1, GlcN, HG, HYOU1, KEGG, KLF15, PPI, RHOB
15  2019 Inhibitors of Oxidative Phosphorylation Modulate Astrocyte Inflammatory Responses through AMPK-Dependent Ptgs2 mRNA Stabilization. AMP, AMPK, ATP, IL-1alpha
16  2019 Integrated RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analysis reveals a feed-forward loop regulating H3K9ac and key labor drivers in human placenta. ChIP-seq, CRH, CTB, H3K9
17  2019 miR-212-5p attenuates ferroptotic neuronal death after traumatic brain injury by targeting Ptgs2. CCI, MDA, TBI
18  2019 Morphine, but not methadone, inhibits microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 and prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated horse synoviocytes. LPS, mPGES-1, OA
19  2019 Periconceptional undernutrition affects the levels of DNA methylation in the peri-implantation pig endometrium and in embryos. AdipoR1, AdipoR2, ALOX12, EDNRB, HMGB2, HSD17B4, PAQR7, PGRMC2, PPAP2C, RGS12, SERPINA1, StAR, TLR3
20  2019 Photoreceptor cell development requires prostaglandin signaling in the zebrafish retina. Lkt, PGE2, PTGS1
21  2019 The flavonoid rutin and its aglycone quercetin modulate the microglia inflammatory profile improving antiglioma activity. CNS, GDNF, HDGF, IGF, IL-10, NOS2, TGF-beta, TNF
22  2019 The processes associated with lipid peroxidation in human embryonic lung fibroblasts, treated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and organic extract from particulate matter. 3-NBA, AA, EOM, IsoP, PAHs, PG, PGE2, PTGS
23  2019 The Role of Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase-2 in Chemoresistance of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. NSCLC, PGE2
24  2018 A novel piperidine identified by stem cell-based screening attenuates pulmonary arterial hypertension by regulating BMP2 and PTGS2 levels. BMP, BMPRII, BUR1, Id1, PAH
25  2018 Adiposity Results in Metabolic and Inflammation Differences in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women Consistent with the Difference in Breast Cancer Risk. CCND1, FSH, rFNAs
26  2018 Angiogenesis and oxidative stress-related gene variants in recurrent pregnancy loss. NO, RPL, VEGF
27  2018 Assessment of Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase 2 and Versican gene expression profile from the cumulus cells: association with better in vitro fertilization outcomes. CCs, SETs, VCAN
28  2018 Bioinformatics analysis and verification of key genes associated with recurrent respiratory tract infections. DEGs, GO, IL-10, MMP1, PPARG, PPI, RRTIs, Tf, TIMP1
29  2018 CircRNA-9119 regulates the expression of prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (PTGS2) by sponging miR-26a in the endometrial epithelial cells of dairy goat. ceRNA, circRNAs, EECs, RE
30  2018 Comparative Analysis of Gene Expression between Cartilage and Menisci in Early-Phase Osteoarthritis of the Knee-An Animal Model Study. ACLT, DAVID, LUM, OA, SDC1, VCAN
31  2018 Effect of co-culture canine cumulus and oviduct cells with porcine oocytes during maturation and subsequent embryo development of parthenotes invitro. cCC, cOC, GDF9, IVM, MMP2, ROS
32  2018 Effect of estrogen on prostaglandin synthetase in bovine oviduct smooth muscle. PGs, PTGS1
33  2018 Effect of exogenous progesterone on embryo size and ewe uterine gene expression in an ovine 'dam size' model of maternal constraint. CTSL, MUC1, PGR, RSAD2
34  2018 Effects of ibuprofen and carbamazepine on the ion transport system and fatty acid metabolism of temperature conditioned juveniles of Solea senegalensis. CBZ, EPA, IB
35  2018 Equine Endometrial Explants Undergo Significant Degenerative Changes in Culture. ESR1, VEGF
36  2018 Equine mesenchymal stromal cells from different tissue sources display comparable immune-related gene expression profiles in response to interferon gamma (IFN)-gamma. IFN, IFN-gamma, MSC
37  2018 Inflammatory Gene Polymorphisms in Lung Cancer Susceptibility. CI, IFNG, IL10, IL1A, IL1B, IL2, IL4, IL4R, IL6, TGFB1, TNFA
38  2018 Luteinizing hormone upregulates NPPC and downregulates NPR3 mRNA abundance in bovine granulosa cells through activation of the EGF receptor. AREG, EGFR, EREG, GnRH, LH, NP, NPPC
39  2018 Marine omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Fish Intake after Colon Cancer Diagnosis and Survival: CALGB 89803 (Alliance). CIs, DFS, HRs, OS, PUFAs
40  2018 Markers of protein synthesis are increased in fetal membranes and myometrium after human labour and delivery. CXCL8, eEF-2K, eIF4E, IL, MKNK1
41  2018 MicroRNA‑143‑3p contributes to the regulation of pain responses in collagen‑induced arthritis. CIA, DRG, miR, MWT, PG, RA, TNF, TWL
42  2018 miR-103 Promotes Neurite Outgrowth and Suppresses Cells Apoptosis by Targeting Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase 2 in Cellular Models of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, ADAM10, CSF, NEP
43  2018 Peri-conceptional nutritional restriction alters transcriptomic profile in the peri-implantation pig embryos. AdipoR2, ALOX12, HMGB2, PAQR7, PGRMC2, SERPINA1, StAR
44  2018 Post-translational modifications of prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 in colorectal cancer: An update. ---
45  2018 rBMSCs/ITGA5B1 Promotes Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation via Enhancing Nitric Oxide Production. ATF4, eNOS, ET, HMOX1, HPASMC, ITGA5B1, KLF4, NO, rBMSCs, SMCs, TBXA2R, TGF-beta1
46  2018 Seminal plasma modulates the immune-cytokine network in the porcine uterine tissue and pre-ovulatory follicles. SP
47  2018 Suspension state promotes metastasis of breast cancer cells by up-regulating cyclooxygenase-2. BCCs, CaN, COX-2, CTCs, NFAT
48  2018 The Role of Genetic Variants in the Association between Dietary Acrylamide and Advanced Prostate Cancer in the Netherlands Cohort Study on Diet and Cancer. CAT, FFQ, NQO1, SNPs, TXN, XPC
49  2018 The therapeutic effect of miR-125b is enhanced by the prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase 2/cyclooxygenase 2 blockade and hampers ETS1 in the context of the microenvironment of bone metastasis. ETS1, HGF, HIF1A
50  2018 Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Dynamic Gene Expression Profiles in Porcine Alveolar Macrophages in Response to the Chinese Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus. lncRNAs, PAMs, PRRSV
51  2018 Urolithin A Is a Dietary Microbiota-Derived Human Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Antagonist. AhR, CYP1A1, IL-6, TCDD
52  2017 ATF6 knockdown decreases apoptosis, arrests the S phase of the cell cycle, and increases steroid hormone production in mouse granulosa cells. ATF6, Bcl-2, CYP1B1, ER, HAS2, IGFBP-4, TUNEL
53  2017 Endometrial mRNA expression of prostaglandin synthase enzymes PTGS 2, PTGFS and mPTGES 1 in repeat-breeding cows with cytologically determined endometritis. SE
54  2017 Endometrial mRNA expression of selected pro-inflammatory factors and mucins in repeat breeder cows with and without subclinical endometritis. CXCL, IL, MUC, RBC, SE, TAP
55  2017 Endometrial prostaglandin synthases, ovarian steroids, and oxytocin receptors in mares with oxytocin-induced luteal maintenance. ESR1, OXT, OXTR, PgR
56  2017 In vivo and in vitro maturation of rabbit oocytes differently affects the gene expression profile, mitochondrial distribution, apoptosis and early embryo development. CASP3, CCs, G6PD, GJA1, SOD2, Tp53
57  2017 Innate immune responses induced by lipopolysaccharide and lipoteichoic acid in primary goat mammary epithelial cells. CXCL6, IFIT3, IL-6, IL1B, IRF3, LPS, LTA, LTF, MEC, MYD88, pgMEC, qPCR, TLR2, TLR4, TNF, TOLLIP
58  2017 Modulation of the prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 gene expression by variant haplotypes: influence of the 3'-untranslated region. 3'-UTR, PR
59  2017 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) isoforms are differentially expressed in peri-implantation porcine conceptuses. IL1B, PPAR, PPARs, RXR
60  2017 The expression of genes involved in myometrial contractility changes during ex situ culture of pregnant human uterine smooth muscle tissue. ESR1, OXTR
61  2017 Transcriptomic analysis of gene cascades involved in protein kinase A and C signaling in the KGN line of human ovarian granulosa tumor cells†. AREG, BCL2L12, CASP1, CCNB1, CCNB2, CCND1, CXCR4, CYP19A1, EGF, EGFR, FSK, HGF, IL-6, IL-8, MMP1, MMP9, PMA, SPRY2, StAR, TGF-beta1, TIMP1, VEGF, VEGF-A, VEGF-C
62  2017 [Role and mechanism of cAMP/Ca 2+ signal pathway in differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into neuronal cells induced by salidroside]. DDIT3, GCG, Hspa5, IL-2, Ppp1r15a, SST, TNF
63  2016 A genetic database can be utilized to identify potential biomarkers for biphenotypic hepatocellular carcinoma-cholangiocarcinoma. CHKA, HCC-CC, HGF, KRAS, MCL1, MET, NAT2, PID-NCI, PIK3CA, TERT
64  2016 Activin A upregulates PTGS2 expression and increases PGE2 production in human granulosa-lutein cells. PGE2
65  2016 An Inflammatory Nucleus Pulposus Tissue Culture Model to Test Molecular Regenerative Therapies: Validation with Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate. IL-1beta, iNOS, NP, TNF-alpha
66  2016 Evidence for a PGF2alpha auto-amplification system in the endometrium in mares. PGF2 alpha, PTGFR
67  2016 Experimental and bioinformatic analysis of cultured Bovine Endometrial Cells (BEND) responding to interferon tau (IFNT). BEND, ESR1, IFNT, IRFs, miRNAs, PDBu, PLA2G4A, PR
68  2016 Identification and validation of COX-2 as a co-target for overcoming cetuximab resistance in colorectal cancer cells. COX-2, EGFR
69  2016 Identifying diagnostic endocrine markers and changes in endometrial gene expressions during pyometra in cats. LTB4, LTC4, MPA, PGES, TLRs
70  2016 Lysophosphatidic Acid (LPA) Receptor 3-Mediated LPA Signal Transduction Pathways: A Possible Relationship with Early Development of Peri-Implantation Porcine Conceptus. LPA, LPAR3, P90RSK, pTr, rpS6
71  2016 Prognostic Value of Prostaglandin-endoperoxide Synthase 2 Polymorphisms in Prostate Cancer Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy. SNPs
72  2016 RAF1 is increased in labouring myometrium and modulates inflammation-induced pro-labour mediators. IL1B, NF-kappaB, RAF1, TNF
73  2016 Steroid receptor co-activator interacting protein (SIP) mediates EGF-stimulated expression of the prostaglandin synthase COX2 and prostaglandin release in human myometrium. EGF, IL, MEK1, PG, SIP, siRNA, SRF, TF
74  2016 The PIM1 kinase promotes prostate cancer cell migration and adhesion via multiple signalling pathways. FOXP3, GSK3B
75  2016 Thyroid Hormone Receptors Are Differentially Expressed in Granulosa and Cervical Cells of Infertile Women. CC, GREM1, HAS2, TR
76  2015 Association between genetic polymorphisms of PTGS2 and glioma in a Chinese population. CI, OR
77  2015 Changes in PTGS1 and ALOX12 Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Are Associated with Changes in Arachidonic Acid, Oxylipins, and Oxylipin/Fatty Acid Ratios in Response to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation. 12-HETE, ALOX12, ARA, DHA, EPA, FA, IL-8, PBMCs, PE, PGE2, PTGS1, qPCR
78  2015 Common Variants of the Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthase 2 Gene and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Susceptibility. HCC
79  2015 Cycling hypoxia induces a specific amplified inflammatory phenotype in endothelial cells and enhances tumor-promoting inflammation in vivo. CXCL1, ICAM-1, IL
80  2015 Disruption of CTCF/cohesin-mediated high-order chromatin structures by DNA methylation downregulates PTGS2 expression. CTCF
81  2015 Early inflammatory mediator gene expression in two models of traumatic brain injury: ex vivo cortical slice in mice and in vivo cortical impact in piglets. IL-1beta, TBI, TNF-alpha
82  2015 Effect of pregnancy on endometrial expression of luteolytic pathway components in the mare. OXTR, PG
83  2015 Effect of Smad3/4 on chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity in colorectal cancer cells. CRC, IL-6, siRNA, TGF-beta
84  2015 Effects of Fetal Sex on Expression of the (Pro)renin Receptor and Genes Influenced by its Interaction With Prorenin in Human Amnion. TGFB1
85  2015 Evaluation of inflammation-related genes polymorphisms in Mexican with Alzheimer's disease: a pilot study. AD, CLU, COX-2, CR1, CRP, IL-1alpha, SNP, TNF-alpha
86  2015 Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated with changes in salivary inflammatory genes transcripts. EDS
87  2015 Extracellular Vesicles from Bovine Follicular Fluid Support Cumulus Expansion. COC, EVs, Ptx3, TNFAIP6
88  2015 Fibroblast growth factor 17 and bone morphogenetic protein 15 enhance cumulus expansion and improve quality of in vitro-produced embryos in cattle. BMP15, COCs, FGF, HAS2, nPR, PFKP, PTX3, VCAN
89  2015 Identification of candidate target genes forhuman peripheral arterial disease using weighted gene co‑expression network analysis. CDKN1A, DEGs, FOS, GS, KEGG, PAD, WGCNA
90  2015 Induction of chemokines and prostaglandin synthesis pathways in luteinized human granulosa cells: potential role of luteotropin withdrawal and prostaglandin F2alpha in regression of the human corpus luteum. CXCL8, PGF2 alpha
91  2015 Maternal age effects on myometrial expression of contractile proteins, uterine gene expression, and contractile activity during labor in the rat. CAPs, Cav-1, Chol, IPA
92  2015 Novel contraceptive targets to inhibit ovulation: the prostaglandin E2 pathway. PGE2
93  2015 Prostaglandin F2alpha regulates the expression of uterine activation proteins via multiple signalling pathways. Cx43, HMSMCs, NFAT, OTR, PGF2A, PKC, PLC, UAPs
94  2015 Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (PTGS2) rs20417 polymorphism and prostate cancer risk: a meta analysis. ---
95  2015 Protective effect of ()alpha-tocopherol on brominated diphenyl ether-47-stimulated prostaglandin pathways in human extravillous trophoblasts in vitro. BDE, COX, PGE2, ROS
96  2015 Regulation of ovulatory genes in bovine granulosa cells: lessons from siRNA silencing of PTGS2. AREG, chol-PTGS2, EndoCs, EREG, FRS, GCs, PGs, PTX3, TNFAIP6
97  2014 A prospective study of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (MIC-1/GDF15) and risk of colorectal cancer. CI, COX-2, CRC, NSAIDs, RR
98  2014 A role for prostaglandins in rapid cycling suggested by episode-specific gene expression shifts in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: a preliminary report. AKR1C3, P2RX7, PBMC
99  2014 Amniotic membrane-derived mesenchymal cells and their conditioned media: potential candidates for uterine regenerative therapy in the horse. AM, AMC-CM, AMCs, ED, mPR, PGRMC1, PR
100  2014 Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (PTGS2) and phospholipase A₂ group IIA (PLA2G2A) genes with susceptibility to esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. ESCC, PLA2G2A, SNPs