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Abbreviation:   PVC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   polyvinyl chloride
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 3D-printed Magnetic Resonance (MR)-based gynecological phantom for image-guided brachytherapy training. CT, MR, MRI, MRI, pr, US
2022 A Brief Review of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Recycling. ---
2022 A highly selective bulk optode based on 6-{4-(2,4-dihydroxy-phenyl)diazenyl)phenyl}-2-oxo-4-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-pyridine-3-carbonitrile incorporating chromoionophore V for determination of nano levels of cadmium. FAAS, RSD
2022 A new and accessible instrumentation to determine urea in UHT milk using digital image analysis. HSV, RGB, UHT
2022 A novel antibacterial and antifouling nanocomposite coated endotracheal tube to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia. ETT
2022 A novel screen-printed potentiometric electrode with carbon nanotubes/polyaniline transducer and molecularly imprinted polymer for the determination of nalbuphine in pharmaceuticals and biological fluids. CP, EIS, MIP, NAL, SPE
2022 A Novel Solid-State PVC-Membrane Potentiometric Dopamine-Selective Sensor Based on Molecular Imprinted Polymer. ---
2022 A simple, rapid and accurate method for the sample preparation and quantification of meso- and microplastics in food and food waste streams. PET, PP, PS
2022 Acute toxicity of bioplastic leachates to Paracentrotus lividus sea urchin larvae. GC-MS, PHB, PLA
10  2022 Adsorption mechanism of trace heavy metals on microplastics and simulating their effect on microalgae in river. FTIR, MPs, PP, PS, XPS
11  2022 Adsorption of Linear and Spherical DNA Oligonucleotides onto Microplastics. PE, PET, PP, PS, SNA
12  2022 Amination of Non-Functional Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer Using Polyethyleneimine for Removal of Phosphorus from Aqueous Solution. HABs
13  2022 Applications of electrochemical techniques for determination of anticoagulant drug (Rivaroxaban) in real samples. AFM, EDX, EGDMA, FT-IR, GCE, MIP, RIV, SEM
14  2022 Assessment of the Influence of Size and Concentration on the Ecotoxicity of Microplastics to Microalgae Scenedesmus sp., Bacterium Pseudomonas putida and Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PE, PET, PP, PS
15  2022 Atropine-Phosphotungestate Polymeric-Based Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Potentiometric Detection in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. AT, AT-PT, o-NPOE, PTA
16  2022 Automated identification and quantification of invisible microplastics in agricultural soils. FTIR, LDIR, PA, PE, PP, PTFE
17  2022 Bacterial colonisation dynamics of household plastics in a coastal environment. HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP
18  2022 Biodegradation of plastics for sustainable environment. PE, PET, PP, PS, PU
19  2022 Biodegradation of thermo-oxidative pretreated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) microplastics by Achromobacter denitrificans Ebl13. LDPE
20  2022 Biodeterioration of Compost-Pretreated Polyvinyl Chloride Films by Microorganisms Isolated From Weathered Plastics. ---
21  2022 Carbon composite thermoplastic electrodes integrated with mini-printed circuit board for wireless detection of calcium ions. EIS, ISM, LOD
22  2022 Characterization and implication of microplastics on riverine population of the River Ravi, Lahore, Pakistan. MP
23  2022 Co-conversion of wood and polyvinyl chloride to valuable chemicals and high-quality solid fuel. HCl
24  2022 Co-pyrolysis of sewage sludge and metal-free/metal-loaded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) microplastics improved biochar properties and reduced environmental risk of heavy metals. Ca, Cd, Cr, Ni, RI, Zn
25  2022 Colour-switchable and photoluminescent polyvinyl chloride for multifunctional smart applications. LaA, LaAN, UV
26  2022 Comparison of permeabilities of eight different types of cytotoxic drugs to five gloves with different materials by LC-MS/MS methods to reduce occupational exposure of medical personnel. CPE, DCT, EPI, ETP, MTX, NT, RB, VCR
27  2022 Comparison of the Characteristics of Intubation Airway Barrier Devices Using a Simulated Airway Task Trainer. COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2
28  2022 Corrigendum to "Marine bacteria-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) degradation by-products: Toxicity analysis on Vigna radiata and edible seaweed Ulva lactuca" [Mar. Pollut. Bull. 175 (2022) 113366]. ---
29  2022 Deciphering the role of microplastic size on anaerobic sludge digestion: Changes of dissolved organic matter, leaching compounds and microbial community. DBP, VS
30  2022 Dependence of CC stretching wavenumber on polyene length in degraded polyvinyl chloride: a comparative empirical, classical mechanics, and DFT study. ---
31  2022 Development and Evaluation of a New Effective Tool and Method for Assessing Varroadestructor (Acari: Varroidae) Mite Populations in Honey Bee Colonies. VSD
32  2022 Development of a Highly Efficient Environmentally Friendly Plasticizer. DOP, DSC, TGA
33  2022 Dibutyltin dichloride exposure affects mouse oocyte quality by inducing spindle defects and mitochondria dysfunction. DBTCl, ROS
34  2022 Differences in sensitivity of human lymphocytes and fish lymphocytes to polyvinyl chloride microplastic toxicity. MMP, ROS
35  2022 Discrepancy strategies of sediment abundant and rare microbial communities in response to floating microplastic disturbances: Study using a microcosmic experiment. FMPs, PE, PLA, PS
36  2022 Disentangling the influence of microplastics and their chemical additives on a model detritivore system. DBP, MPs
37  2022 Dry dechlorination of solid-derived fuels obtained from food waste and polyvinyl chloride. Cl, LHVs, SRFs
38  2022 Ecotoxic emissions generated by illegal burning of household waste. OSB, PE, PP, PS, PU
39  2022 Effect of fragmentation on the transport of polyvinyl chloride and low-density polyethylene in saturated quartz sand. LDPE
40  2022 Effect of freeze-thaw cycle aging and high-temperature oxidation aging on the sorption of atrazine by microplastics. ATZ, PE
41  2022 Effective, Environmentally Friendly PVC Plasticizers Based on Succinic Acid. GC
42  2022 Effects of a phthalate metabolite mixture on both normal and tumoral human prostate cells. MBP, MBzP, MEHP, MEP, MiBP, MiNP
43  2022 Effects of microplastics (PVC, PMMA) on the mussel Semimytilus algosus differ only at high concentrations from those of natural microparticles (clay, celite). PMMA
44  2022 Effects of microplastics on growth and metabolism of rice (Oryza sativa L.). MPs, PS
45  2022 Effects of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polystyrene microplastics on the vermitoxicity of fluoranthene in soil. FLA, MPs, PAHs, PE, PS
46  2022 Effects of polyvinyl chloride film and oxygen-blocking gel on irradiance and depth of cure. OBG
47  2022 Effects of time, temperature, and sebum layer on migration rate of plasticizers in polyvinyl chloride products. DEHP, DOTP, PDMS
48  2022 Effects of Transportation of IV Bags Containing Protein Formulations Via Hospital Pneumatic Tube System: Particle Characterization by Multiple Methods. IVIG, mAb, PO, PTS
49  2022 Emerging contaminants migration from pipes used in drinking water distribution systems: a review of the scientific literature. BPA, ECs, MPs, NP, PA, PE, PET, PFAS, PFDA, PFHxS, PFNA, PFOA, PFOS, PP
50  2022 Empirical correlations for diffusivity and the partition coefficient for phthalates in PVC materials and modelling emissions of automotive sealants. DOTP, SPME, SVOCs
51  2022 Endocrine-disruptor endpoints in the ovary and thyroid of adult female rats exposed to realistic doses of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate. AST, DEHP
52  2022 Enhanced Electro-actuation in Dielectric Elastomers: The Nonlinear Effect of Free Ions. ---
53  2022 Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride-Based Wood-Plastic Composites With Pretreated Corn Stalk. CS, WPCs
54  2022 Escherichia coli Strains Responsible for Cystitis in Female Pediatric Patients with Normal and Abnormal Urinary Tracts Have Different Virulence Profiles. AUT, NUT, UPEC
55  2022 Evaluation of portable vibrational spectroscopy for identifying plasticizers in dairy tubing. ---
56  2022 Evidence by neutron diffraction of molecular compounds in triarylamine tris-amide organogels and in their hybrid thermoreversible gels with PVC. TATA
57  2022 Ex Vivo Model to Assess the Exposure of Patients to Plasticizers from Medical Devices during Pre-CAR-T Cells' Apheresis. CAR-T cells, DEHP, GC-MS, MDs
58  2022 Experimental application of a zero-point charge based on pH as a simple indicator of microplastic particle aggregation. IEP, PAC, PE, zeta, ZPC
59  2022 Experimental Study of the Dynamic and Static Compression Mechanical Properties of Closed-Cell PVC Foams. SHPB
60  2022 Exploring the adsorption behavior of benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles on polyvinyl chloride microplastics in the water environment. MPs
61  2022 Exposure to microplastics in the upper respiratory tract of indoor and outdoor workers. MPs, PA
62  2022 Fishing in troubled waters: Limited stress response to natural and synthetic microparticles in brown shrimp (Crangon crangon). GPx, GR, PLA, SOD, SPM
63  2022 Fractional diffusion model for emission and adsorption prediction of TXIB from wallpaper. DEHP
64  2022 From polyvinyl chloride waste to activated carbons: the role of occurring additives on porosity development and gas adsorption properties. ---
65  2022 Fungal Enzymes Involved in Plastics Biodegradation. PE, PET, PUR
66  2022 Generation of ozone during irradiation using medical linear accelerators: an experimental study. ppm
67  2022 Glycolysis of semi-interpenetrated polymer network foam based on poly(vinyl chloride) for recovery and reuse of the individual components. DBTL, semi-IPN
68  2022 Graphene Oxide-Doped Polymer Inclusion Membrane for Remediation of Pharmaceutical Contaminant of Emerging Concerns: Ibuprofen. GO, PIMs
69  2022 Hepatic transcriptomic and histopathological responses of common carp, Cyprinus carpio, to copper and microplastic exposure. ---
70  2022 High Proton-Conductive and Temperature-Tolerant PVC-P4VP Membranes towards Medium-Temperature Water Electrolysis. WE
71  2022 How do environmentally friendly antifouling alkaloids affect marine fouling microbial communities? AF, MFMCs
72  2022 Human health concerns regarding microplastics in the aquatic environment - From marine to food systems. ABS, MPs, NPs, PAN, PUR, RA
73  2022 Hundred-gram scale fabrication of few-layered silicene by a continuous vapor-dealloying strategy for high-performance lithium storage. ---
74  2022 Hybridoma Screening by Antibody Capture: Enzyme-Linked Detection (Indirect ELISA) in Polyvinyl Chloride Wells. AP
75  2022 Hybridoma Screening by Antigen Capture: Capture or Sandwich ELISA in 96-Well Plates. His
76  2022 Identification and quantification of common microplastics in table salts by a multi-technique-based analytical method. MPs, PA, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PS
77  2022 Identification and Quantification of Microplastics in the Marine Environment Using the Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Technique. LDIR, MPs, PE, PET, PP, PS
78  2022 Identification and Quantification of Nanoplastics in Surface Water and Groundwater by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. GW, NPs, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PS, SW
79  2022 Identification of Phthalates from Artificial Products in Chinese Kindergarten Classrooms and the Implications for Preschool Children's Exposure Assessments. DEHP
80  2022 Image processing tools in the study of environmental contamination by microplastics: reliability and perspectives. NY, PE, PET, PP, PS
81  2022 Impact of the pathogen inactivation process on the migration of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate from plasma bags. DEHP
82  2022 Impacts of microplastics addition on sediment environmental properties, enzymatic activities and bacterial diversity. PE, PO, TN, TOC
83  2022 Impedance and Dielectric Properties of PVC:NH4I Solid Polymer Electrolytes (SPEs): Steps toward the Fabrication of SPEs with High Resistivity. EIS, SPEs
84  2022 Implementation of a pathological diagnosis and treatment pathway may improve the molecular detection of lung cancer. AMP, BIOCO, CAP, IASLC, ROUCO, TAT
85  2022 Improved Polymer Hemocompatibility for Blood-Contacting Applications via S-Nitrosoglutathione Impregnation. BCMDs, ECC, NO
86  2022 In vitro and in silico approach to study the hormonal activities of the alternative plasticizer tri-(2-ethylhexyl) trimellitate TEHTM and its metabolites. DEHP, TEHTM
87  2022 Induced aging, structural change, and adsorption behavior modifications of microplastics by microalgae. MP, PA, PE
88  2022 Insights into behavior and mechanism of tetracycline adsorption on virgin and soil-exposed microplastics. MPs, PE, PLA, TC
89  2022 Integrated biomarker responses in European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758) chronically exposed to PVC microplastics. ERalpha, MPs, PPARs
90  2022 Investigation of microplastic pollution on paddy fields in Xiangtan City, Southern China. MPs, PVA
91  2022 Is the presence of Cu(II) and p-benzoquinone a challenge for the removal of microplastics from landfill leachate? MPs, PET, PS
92  2022 Junk food: Polymer composition of macroplastic marine debris ingested by green and loggerhead sea turtles from the Gulf of Oman. EVA, PE, PP, PS
93  2022 Low-energy X-ray irradiation effectively inactivates major foodborne pathogen biofilms on various food contact surfaces. EPS, STS 2B
94  2022 Marine bacteria-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) degradation by-products: Toxicity analysis on Vigna radiata and edible seaweed Ulva lactuca. PVCDP
95  2022 Maternal exposure to di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) depresses lactation capacity in mice. DEHP
96  2022 Mechanical Behavior and Energy Dissipation of Woven and Warp-Knitted Pvc Membrane Materials under Multistage Cyclic Loading. weft
97  2022 Micro(nano)plastics pollution and human health: How plastics can induce carcinogenesis to humans? ATSDR, MPs, NPs, PAHs, PCBs, PS
98  2022 Micro- and nanoplastics released from biodegradable and conventional plastics during degradation: Formation, aging factors, and toxicity. PBAT, PBS, PE, PLA, PS, TCS
99  2022 Microbial enzymes will offer limited solutions to the global plastic pollution crisis. PA, PE, PET, PP, PS, PUR, SR
100  2022 Microplastic atmospheric dustfall pollution in urban environment: Evidence from the types, distribution, and probable sources in Beijing, China. FESEM, LDIR, MPs, PA, PC, PE, PET, PP, PS, PU