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Abbreviation:   QIT  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   quadrupole ion trap
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2020 Characterization of 6-bromoferulic acid as a novel common-use matrix for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. 6-BFA, CHCA, DHBA, FA, MALDI, MS, MS/MS, PA, TOF
2020 Ion trap operational modes for ion/ion reactions yielding high mass-to-charge product ions. BSA, ESI, ITMS, MS, MSn, PK
2019 Gas-Phase Infrared Ion Spectroscopy Characterization of Cu(II/I)Cyclam and Cu(II/I)2,2'-Bipyridine Redox Pairs. bpy, ESI, ETR, II/I
2019 Mass, Size, and Density Measurements of Microparticles in a Quadrupole Ion Trap. CCS, MS, PMS, PS
2019 Protoisomerization of Indigo and Isoindigo Dyes Confirmed by Gas-Phase Infrared Ion Spectroscopy. FELIX, IRMPD
2018 Biomolecular Clusters Distribution up to Mega Dalton Region Using MALDI-Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer. MALDI
2015 The in situ gas-phase formation of a C-glycoside ion obtained during electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. A unique intramolecular mechanism involving an ion-molecule reaction. CID, ESI-MS, FTICR, QqTOF
2015 Timeframe Dependent Fragment Ions Observed in In-Source Decay Experiments with beta-Casein Using MALDI MS. MALDI-ISD, MS, TOF
2015 UV photodissociation spectroscopy of cryogenically cooled gas phase host-guest complex ions of crown ethers. CEs, DB24C8, ESI, UV, UVPD
10  2014 Compressive mass analysis on quadrupole ion trap systems. mRFE
11  2014 Development of Ultraviolet-Ultraviolet Hole-Burning Spectroscopy for Cold Gas-Phase Ions. TOF, UV-UV HB
12  2014 Quantitative assessment of protein adsorption on microparticles with particle mass spectrometry. AD, BSA, PMS, poly S-DVB
13  2013 Biomolecular dual-ion-trap mass analyzer. LIT
14  2013 Continuous flow ion mobility separation with mass spectrometric detection using a nano-radial differential mobility analyzer at low flow rates. nRDMA
15  2013 Fluorescence imaging for visualization of the ion cloud in a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer. FWHM, RF
16  2013 Low-energy collision-induced dissociation tandem mass spectrometry of 7-acetonyloxycoumarins. CID, DFT, ESI, FTICR
17  2013 Macromolecular ion accelerator mass spectrometer. LIT, MIA
18  2012 Optimization of a quadrupole ion storage trap as a source for time-of-flight mass spectrometry. TOF
19  2012 Revisiting the reactivity of uracil during collision induced dissociation: tautomerism and charge-directed processes. CID, NA, QTOF
20  2012 Ultraviolet-ultraviolet hole burning spectroscopy in a quadrupole ion trap: dibenzo[18]crown-6 complexes with alkali metal cations. ---
21  2011 Characterization of protonated phospholipids as fragile ions in quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry. MS, QITMS
22  2011 Hybrid quadrupole mass filter∕quadrupole ion trap∕time-of-flight-mass spectrometer for infrared multiple photon dissociation spectroscopy of mass-selected ions. IRMPD
23  2011 LDI and ESI MS as well as low energy CID of a self-assembling nanorod-forming fullerene derivative. LDI, TOF
24  2011 Multi-stage mass spectrometric information obtained by deconvolution of energy-resolved spectra acquired by triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry. CID, ERMS, TQMS
25  2010 A tandem mass spectrometric investigation of the low-energy collision-activated fragmentation of neo-clerodane diterpenes. CAD, TQ
26  2010 Gas-phase fluorescence excitation and emission spectroscopy of mass-selected trapped molecular ions. ---
27  2010 Pulsed ion extraction diagnostics in a quadrupole ion trap linear time-of-flight mass spectrometer. TOF
28  2009 Analyses of biologically active steroids: antitumor active OSW-1 and cardiotonic marinobufotoxin, by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization quadrupole ion trap time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry. MALDI, PSD
29  2009 Analysis of macrolide antibiotics, using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, in food, biological and environmental matrices. LC, LC-MS, MRM, MS, TOF, UPLC, UV
30  2008 Furofuranic glycosylated lignans: a gas-phase ion chemistry investigation by tandem mass spectrometry. CAD, TQ
31  2008 Gas-phase fragmentation of half- and first-generation polyamidoamine dendrimers by electrospray mass spectrometry using a quadrupole ion trap. PAMAM
32  2008 Ion thermalization using pressure transients in a quadrupole ion trap coupled to a vacuum matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization source and a reflectron time-of-flight mass analyzer. CHCA, DHB, MALDI, TOF
33  2007 Capabilities of different liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry systems in determining pesticide residues in food. Application to estimate their daily intake. EDI, LC-MS, PLE
34  2007 Coliphage N4 N-acetylmuramidase defines a new family of murein hydrolases. MS, nESI
35  2007 Dynamic collision-induced dissociation (DCID) in a quadrupole ion trap using a two-frequency excitation waveform: I. Effects of excitation frequency and phase angle. CID, DCID
36  2007 Dynamic collision-induced dissociation (DCID) in a quadrupole ion trap using a two-frequency excitation waveform: II. Effects of frequency spacing and scan rate. DCID
37  2007 Electron transfer dissociation of N-glycopeptides: loss of the entire N-glycosylated asparagine side chain. CID, ETD, HRP, LC, RF
38  2007 Relative information content and top-down proteomics by mass spectrometry: utility of ion/ion proton-transfer reactions in electrospray-based approaches. CID, ESI, FT-ICRMS, TOF
39  2007 Sequencing and characterization of oligosaccharides using infrared multiphoton dissociation and boronic acid derivatization in a quadrupole ion trap. IRABA, IRMPD, LNDFHs, LNFPs
40  2007 [Sample pre-processing for mass spectrometric analysis of glycoprotein structure]. HRP
41  2006 A computational study of structure-reactivity relationships in Na-adduct oligosaccharides in collision-induced dissociation reactions. MALDI, MS, TOF
42  2006 Amplification of infrared multiphoton dissociation efficiency in a quadruple ion trap using IR-active ligands. FTIR-ATR, IRALs, IRMPD
43  2006 Comparison of four mass analyzers for determining carbosulfan and its metabolites in citrus by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. LC/MS
44  2006 Determination of cooling rates in a quadrupole ion trap. ---
45  2006 Dissociation of biomolecules using a ultraviolet matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight/curved field reflectron tandem mass spectrometer equipped with a differential-pumped collision cell. CFR, CID, MALDI-TOF, Man, ReToF
46  2006 Structure elucidation of cyclic pyoverdins and examination of rearrangement reactions in MS/MS experiments by determination of exact product ion masses. CA
47  2006 The fragmentation of ethoxylated surfactants by AP-MALDI-QIT. AP, CID, MALDI
48  2005 Anatoxins and degradation products, determined using hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight and quadrupole ion-trap mass spectrometry: forensic investigations of cyanobacterial neurotoxin poisoning. AN, HMAN
49  2005 Miniaturized system of a gas chromatograph coupled with a Paul ion trap mass spectrometer. GC, MS
50  2005 Routine application using single quadrupole liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to pesticides analysis in citrus fruits. LC-MS-MS, LOQ, MRLs, MSPD, RSDs, SLE, TQ
51  2005 Threshold dissociation and molecular modeling of transition metal complexes of flavonoids. CAD, ESI
52  2004 Characterization of protein kinase A phosphorylation: multi-technique approach to phosphate mapping. LC, MS, PKA
53  2004 High sensitivity and broad dynamic range infrared multiphoton dissociation for a quadrupole ion trap. IRMPD
54  2003 A quadrupole ion trap and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance concerted study of the kinetics of an ion/molecule association reaction: a chemometric approach. FTICR
55  2002 Characterization of erythromycin analogs by collisional activated dissociation and infrared multiphoton dissociation in a quadrupole ion trap. CAD, IRMPD
56  2001 Factors determining the performance of triple quadrupole, quadrupole ion trap and sector field mass spectrometer in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. 2. Suitability for de novo sequencing. TSQ
57  2001 Factors determining the performance of triple quadrupole, quadrupole ion trap and sector field mass spectrometers in electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry of oligonucleotides. 1. Comparison of performance characteristics. DFSF, ESI, TSQ
58  2001 Negative and positive ion matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and positive ion nano-electrospray ionization quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry of peptidoglycan fragments isolated from various Bacillus species. CID, MALDI-TOF, MS, nESI, PSD, syn. muropeptides
59  2000 Mass spectral characterization of lipooligosaccharides from Haemophilus influenzae 2019. FTICR, LOS
60  1999 Quantification of glutaric acid by isotope dilution mass spectrometry for patients with glutaric acidemia type I: selected ion monitoring vs. selected ion storage. GC-MS, QMF
61  1998 Contribution of mass spectrometry to contemporary immunology. CZE, ESI, FTICR, MALDI-TOF, microLC, PSD, qToF
62  1998 Detailed characterization of carbohydrate linkage and sequence in an ion trap mass spectrometer: glycosphingolipids. ---
63  1997 Evaluation of selected-ion storage ion-trap mass spectrometry for detecting urinary anabolic agents. QMF
64  1997 Injection of externally generated ions into an increasing trapping field of a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer. MALDI