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Abbreviation:   QUIS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   quisqualate
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2012 Comparison of the spinal neuropathic pain induced by intraspinal injection of N-methyl-d-aspartate and quisquate in rats. NMDA, SCI
2008 Dermatomal scratching after intramedullary quisqualate injection: correlation with cutaneous denervation. SCI
2004 Distinct modulatory roles of sigma receptor subtypes on glutamatergic responses in the dorsal hippocampus. DRN, NMDA
2002 The non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist (GYKI 52466) blocks quisqualate-induced acetylcholine release from the rat hippocampus and striatum: an in vivo microdialysis study. ACh, HPLC, NMDA
2000 Epileptogenesis up-regulates metabotropic glutamate receptor activation of sodium-calcium exchange current in the amygdala. BLA, mGlu
1998 5-Hydroxytryptamine modifies neuronal responses to glutamate in the red nucleus of the rat. 5-HT, Glu, NMDA, RN
1998 Activation of non-NMDA receptors stimulates acetylcholine and GABA release from dorsal hippocampus: a microdialysis study in the rat. ACh, AMPA, Asp, GABA, Glu, i.c.v, NBQX, NMDA
1997 In vivo electrophysiological characterization of 5-HT receptors in the guinea pig head of caudate nucleus and orbitofrontal cortex. ---
1996 Pharmacological characterization of metabotropic glutamate receptors potentiating NMDA responses in mouse cortical wedge preparations. 4CPG, AMPA, D,L-AP3, DHPG, L-AP4, mGluR, NMDA, S-4C3HPG
10  1996 The enhancement and the inhibition of noradrenaline-induced cyclic AMP accumulation in rat brain by stimulation of metabotropic glutamate receptors. 3C4HPG, 4C3HPG, CHPG, EAA, Glu, IBO, L-AP3, MCPG, NA, NMDA
11  1996 The enhancement and the inhibition of noradrenaline-induced cyclic AMP accumulation in rat brain by stimulation of metabotropic glutamate receptors. CHPG, Glu, IBO, L-AP3, NA
12  1995 Activation of a metabotropic glutamate receptor increases intracellular calcium concentrations in neurons of the avian cochlear nucleus. AMPA, AP3, APV, CNQX, KA, mGluR
13  1995 Effects of the epileptogenic agent strychnine on membrane currents elicited by agonists of the NMDA and non-NMDA receptors in Xenopus oocytes. AMPA, KA, NMDA, STRY
14  1995 Ketamine inhibits glutamate-, N-methyl-D-aspartate-, and quisqualate-stimulated cGMP production in cultured cerebral neurons. Glu, KAIN, NO, TTX
15  1995 Modulatory effects of acute ethanol on metabotropic glutamate responses in cultured Purkinje neurons. DNQX, mGluRs
16  1995 Presynaptic metabotropic glutamate receptors modulate omega-conotoxin-GVIA-insensitive calcium channels in the rat medulla. ACPD, AGA, AP4, cGMP, mGluR, NIM, NTS, Rp-cG, TS
17  1995 Protective role of nerve growth factor against excitatory amino acid injury during neostriatal cholinergic neurons postnatal development. ChAT, EAAs, KA, NGF, QUIN
18  1994 Behavioral and biochemical consequences of combined lesions of the medial septum/diagonal band and nucleus basalis in the rat when ibotenic acid, quisqualic acid, and AMPA are used. ChAT, IBO, NBM
19  1994 Glutamate metabotropic receptor inhibition of voltage-gated calcium currents in visceral sensory neurons. L-Glu, mGluRs, PTX, t-ACPD
20  1994 Inhibitory effects of salmon calcitonin on the tail-biting and scratching behavior induced by substance P and three excitatory amino acids. i.c.v, KA, NMDA, sCT
21  1994 Non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors mediate neocerebellar excitation at accessory oculomotor nuclei synapses of the rat. 2-APV, AON, DNQX, EAA, NMDA
22  1994 Quisqualate injection into the nucleus basalis magnocellularis produces seizure-related brain damage that is prevented by MK-801. NBM, SI
23  1994 The effects of L-glutamate, AMPA, quisqualate, and kainate on retinal horizontal cells depend on adaptational state: implications for rod-cone interactions. KA, L-Glu, L-HC
24  1994 The effects of sigma ligands and of neuropeptide Y on N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced neuronal activation of CA3 dorsal hippocampus neurones are differentially affected by pertussin toxin. DTG, NMDA, NPY, PTX
25  1994 The role of nitric oxide in the transformation of visual information within the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat. ACh, AMPA, cGMP, dLGN, KAIN, NMDA, NO, NOS
26  1993 Aluminum decreases muscarinic, adrenergic, and metabotropic receptor-stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in hippocampal and cortical slices from rat brain. CARB, IP, NE
27  1993 Anion transport blockers inhibit DL-2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate responses induced by quisqualate in the rat cerebral cortex. AA, AMPA, AP4, CTN, Cys, DIDS
28  1993 Combined application of excitatory amino acids and substance P produces long-lasting changes in responses of primate spinothalamic tract neurons. AMPA, Asp, EAA's, Glu, NMDA, SP, STT
29  1993 Pharmacological characterization of metabotropic glutamate receptors in cultured cerebellar granule cells. ACPD, AMPA, AP3, BMAA, DIV, EAA, IBO, mGluR, NMDA, PPI
30  1993 Quisqualate resolves two distinct metabotropic [3H]glutamate binding sites. AMPA, NMDA, t-ACPD
31  1993 Selective excitotoxic pathology in the rat hippocampus. IBO, KA, NMDA
32  1993 The excitatory and inhibitory amino acid receptors on horizontal cells isolated from the white perch retina. AMPA, Glu, Gly, KA, NMDA, STRYCH
33  1992 A hyperpolarizing response induced by glutamate in mouse cerebellar Purkinje cells. GH, Glu, L-AP4, mGluR, tACPD, TTX
34  1992 Activation of locus coeruleus neurons by nucleus paragigantocellularis or noxious sensory stimulation is mediated by intracoerulear excitatory amino acid neurotransmission. AP5, AP7, CNQX, DGG, EAA, i.c.v, KA, KYN, LC, NMDA, PGi
35  1992 Activation of quisqualate metabotropic receptors reduces glutamate and GABA-mediated synaptic potentials in the rat striatum. CNQX, t-ACPD
36  1992 An analogue of Joro spider toxin selectively suppresses hippocampal epileptic discharges induced by quisqualate. JSTX, non-NMDA
37  1992 Basal forebrain neurons and memory: a biochemical, histological, and behavioral study of differential vulnerability to ibotenate and quisqualate. ChAT, Cys, GAD, IBO, Zn
38  1992 Chronic exposure to alcohol during development alters the responses to excitatory amino acids in cultured Purkinje neurons. ---
39  1992 EEG-dependent modulation of response dynamics of cat dLGN relay cells and the contribution of corticogeniculate feedback. dLGN, NMDA, SWS
40  1992 Excitatory amino acids modulate phosphoinositide signal transduction in human epileptic neocortex. CARB, EAAs, Glu, KA, NE, NMDA, PI
41  1992 Pharmacological properties of excitatory amino acid induced changes in extracellular calcium concentration in rat hippocampal slices. 2-APV, AMPA, NMDA
42  1991 2-Chloroadenosine attenuates NMDA, kainate, and quisqualate toxicity. 2-CLA, EAA, GABA, IBO, KA, NMDA, SP-LI
43  1991 Developmental expression of excitatory amino acid responses in cerebellar Purkinje neurons in culture. Glu, KA
44  1991 Effects of antagonists on quisqualate and nicotinic receptor-mediated currents of midbrain neurones in culture. ACh, AMPA, CNQX, EPSCs, non-NMDA
45  1991 Glutamate mediates a slow synaptic response in hippocampal slice cultures. ACPD, Glu
46  1991 L-glutamate diethyl ester and deaminated analogues as excitatory amino acid antagonists in rat cerebral cortex. AMPA, GDEE, GlrDEE, GlrDME, KAIN, NMDA, SPDs
47  1991 Modification of the responses of primate spinothalamic neurons to mechanical stimulation by excitatory amino acids and an N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist. EAAs, GluT, NMDA, STT
48  1991 NMDA-, kainate- and quisqualate-stimulated release of taurine from electrophysiologically monitored rat hippocampal slices. EAAs, KA, NMDA
49  1991 Retinogeniculate transmission by NMDA and non-NMDA receptors in the cat. APV, EAA, Glu, KYN, NMDA
50  1991 Sensitivity of rubrospinal neurons to excitatory amino acids in the rat red nucleus in vivo. 2APV, DNQX, L-Asp, L-Glu, NMDA, RN, RSNs
51  1991 Uneven distribution of excitatory amino acid receptors on ventral horn neurones of newborn rat spinal cord. APV, Asp, Glu, KA, NMDA
52  1990 Effects of lowering [Na+]o and [K+]o and of ouabain on quisqualate-induced ionic changes in area CA1 of rat hippocampal slices. ---
53  1990 Effects of MK-801 on glutamate-induced swelling of astrocytes in primary cell culture. APH, APV, Asp, Glu, HCA, KA, Kynu, NMDA
54  1990 Excitatory amino acid receptors and nociceptive neurotransmission in rat spinal cord. AMPA, EAA, KA, NMDA
55  1990 Laminar profiles of N-methyl-D-aspartate- and quisqualate-induced [Na+]o changes in rat hippocampus. EAA, NMDA, TTX
56  1990 NMDA and quisqualate reduce a Ca-dependent K+ current by a protein kinase-mediated mechanism. AHPs, AMPA, APV, DG, NMDA
57  1990 Potassium conductances in hippocampal neurons blocked by excitatory amino-acid transmitters. AMPA, NMDA
58  1990 Swallowing responses induced by microinjection of glutamate and glutamate agonists into the nucleus tractus solitarius of ketamine-anesthetized rats. EAA, Glu, NMDA, NTS
59  1989 A quantitative description of excitatory amino acid neurotransmitter responses on cultured embryonic Xenopus spinal neurons. APV, Glu, Gly, KA, NMDA
60  1989 Effects of new non-N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonists on synaptic transmission in the in vitro rat hippocampus. CNQX, DNQX, KAI, NMDA, PTX
61  1989 Evidence for a single glutamate receptor of the ionotropic kainate/quisqualate type. KA
62  1989 Excitatory sulphur amino acid-evoked neurotransmitter release from rat brain synaptosome fractions. CA, CNQX, CSA, HCA, HSA, KA, NMDA, SC
63  1989 Excitotoxicity, reflex responses, and evoked changes in extracellular potassium in the frog spinal cord. KA, NMDA, VRPs
64  1989 Fade of the response to prolonged glutamate application in the rat hippocampal slice. APV, Asp, Glu, KA, NMA
65  1989 L-glutamate stimulates the efflux of newly taken up glutamine from astroglia but not from synaptosomes of the rat. Asp, GABA, Gln, Glu, KA, NMDA
66  1989 Non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors may mediate ipsilateral excitation at lateral superior olivary synapses. APV, CF, DNQX, EAA, LSO, MNTB, NMDA, PDA, VCN
67  1989 Quisqualate and N-methyl-D-aspartate synergistically excite cerebellar Purkinje cells as a long-term effect. APV, EAAs, NMDA, Pnj
68  1989 Selective depression of N-methyl-D-aspartate-mediated responses by dextrorphan in the hippocampal slice in rat. DM, DX, NMA
69  1989 Selective effects of serotonin upon excitatory amino acid-induced depolarizations of Purkinje cells in cerebellar slices from young rats. EAAs, Glu, NMDA, PCs
70  1989 The effects of N-acetylated alpha-linked acidic dipeptidase (NAALADase) inhibitors on [3H]NAAG catabolism in vivo. NAAG, NAALADase
71  1989 Two distinct quisqualate receptor systems are present on striatal neurons. AMPA
72  1988 Differences in magnesium and calcium effects on N-methyl-D-aspartate- and quisqualate-induced decreases in extracellular sodium concentration in rat hippocampal slices. fp's, NMDA
73  1988 Effects of excitatory amino acids on the oxygen consumption of hippocampal slices from the guinea pig. APV, Asp, GDEE, Glu, JSTX, KA, NMDA, PSP
74  1988 Structural requirements for activation of excitatory amino acid receptors in the rat spinal cord in vitro. ACPD, DAPV, KYNA, L-Glu, NMDA, QUIN
75  1988 The involvement of excitatory amino acid receptors within the prepiriform cortex in pilocarpine-induced limbic seizures in rats. APH, KA, PPCx
76  1987 After-hyperpolarizations produced in frog motoneurons by excitatory amino acid analogues. AHPs, DNP, KA, NMDA, TTX
77  1987 Effects of L-cysteine-sulphinate and L-aspartate, mixed excitatory amino acid agonists, on the membrane potential of cat caudate neurons. AP7, KA, L-Asp, L-CSA, NMDA
78  1987 Glutamate-induced ionic currents in cultured neurons from the rat superior colliculus. APV, GLUT, NMDA
79  1987 Ionic changes induced by excitatory amino acids in the rat cerebral cortex. Glu, KA, NMDA
80  1987 Nociceptive action of excitatory amino acids in the mouse: effects of spinally administered opioids, phencyclidine and sigma agonists. EAA, KA, NMDA
81  1987 Pharmacological aspects of excitatory synaptic transmission to second-order vestibular neurons in the frog. APH, D-APV, EPSPs, GAMP, GAMS, KA, KENYA
82  1986 Amino acid receptor-mediated transmission at primary afferent synapses in rat spinal cord. APV, DRG, EPSP, KA, NMDA
83  1986 Dicarboxylic amino acids block epileptiform activity in hippocampal slice. AA, Asp, GLU, PDS, PEN
84  1986 Effects of GABA and bicuculline on N-methyl-D-aspartate- and quisqualate-induced reductions in extracellular free calcium in area CA1 of the hippocampal slice. NMDA, SP, SR
85  1986 Excitatory amino acid signal transduction in cerebellar cell cultures. APV, Asp, Glu, KA, NMDA, PI
86  1986 Exposure of hippocampal slices to quisqualate sensitizes synaptic responses to phosphonate-containing analogues of glutamate. APB
87  1986 Functional and biochemical characteristics of a putative quisqualate-type receptor in rat striatum: effect of brain lesions. DA, Glu
88  1986 Laminar profiles of the changes in extracellular calcium concentration induced by repetitive stimulation and excitatory amino acids in the rat dentate gyrus. NMDA
89  1985 Blocking action of pentobarbital on receptors for excitatory amino acids in the guinea pig hippocampus. EPSPs, Glu, KA, Pent
90  1985 Inhibitors of high-affinity uptake augment depolarizations of hippocampal neurons induced by glutamate, kainate and related compounds. Asp, DH, DHKA, Glu, HAsp, KA, LH
91  1985 Physiology of excitatory synaptic transmission in cultures of dissociated rat hippocampus. APV, Asp, DAA, DGG, EPSPs, Glu, KA, NMDA, PDA
92  1985 Some properties of ionic channels activated by excitatory amino acids in hippocampal neurons. Asp, DH, Glu, NMDA
93  1984 Amino acid neurotransmission between fimbria-fornix fibers and neurons in the lateral septum of the rat: a microiontophoretic study. 2-APV, Asp, fi-fx, GDEE, Glu, LSC, NMDA, SOA
94  1984 l-Glutamate reduces the affinity of [3H]N-propylnorapomorphine binding sites in striatal membranes. ---
95  1983 Antagonists of synaptic and amino acid excitation of neurones in the cat spinal cord. NMDA