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Abbreviation:   RBR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   retinoblastoma-related
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2017 Arabidopsis RETINOBLASTOMA RELATED directly regulates DNA damage responses through functions beyond cell cycle control. ---
2017 Two maize Kip-related proteins differentially interact with, inhibit and are phosphorylated by cyclin D-cyclin-dependent kinase complexes. CDKA, CycD, KRPs
2017 XYLEM NAC DOMAIN1, an angiosperm NAC transcription factor, inhibits xylem differentiation through conserved motifs that interact with RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED. XND1
2016 A mutation of casein kinase 2 alpha4 subunit affects multiple developmental processes in Arabidopsis. CK2
2016 Functional characterization of the ribosome biogenesis factors PES, BOP1, and WDR12 (PeBoW), and mechanisms of defective cell growth and proliferation caused by PeBoW deficiency in Arabidopsis. BOP1, PES, WDR12
2016 TOPOISOMERASE1alpha Acts through Two Distinct Mechanisms to Regulate Stele and Columella Stem Cell Maintenance. CSCs, SSCs, TOP1
2015 Activation of CYCD7;1 in the central cell and early endosperm overcomes cell-cycle arrest in the Arabidopsis female gametophyte, and promotes early endosperm and embryo development. fis
2015 The B″ regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 2A mediates the dephosphorylation of rice retinoblastoma-related protein-1. CDKs
2014 Arabidopsis RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED and Polycomb group proteins: cooperation during plant cell differentiation and development. PRC2, Rb
10  2014 Deep functional redundancy between FAMA and FOUR LIPS in stomatal development. FLP, GCs
11  2014 Irreversible fate commitment in the Arabidopsis stomatal lineage requires a FAMA and RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED module. ---
12  2014 Novel roles of plant RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED (RBR) protein in cell proliferation and asymmetric cell division. Rb
13  2013 A SCARECROW-RETINOBLASTOMA protein network controls protective quiescence in the Arabidopsis root stem cell organizer. QC, SCR
14  2013 Control of cell proliferation, endoreduplication, cell size, and cell death by the retinoblastoma-related pathway in maize endosperm. CDKA
15  2013 RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED protein stimulates cell differentiation in the Arabidopsis root meristem by interacting with cytokinin signaling. ARF19
16  2012 A bistable circuit involving SCARECROW-RETINOBLASTOMA integrates cues to inform asymmetric stem cell division. ACDs, SCR, SHR
17  2012 Characterization and Expression Analysis of a Retinoblastoma-Related Gene from Chinese Wild Vitis pseudoreticulata. ETH, MeJA, qRT-PCR, SA
18  2012 Emerging roles of RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED proteins in evolution and plant development. ---
19  2012 The Arabidopsis transcription factor AtTCP15 regulates endoreduplication by modulating expression of key cell-cycle genes. ---
20  2011 Distinct cell-autonomous functions of RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED in Arabidopsis stem cells revealed by the Brother of Brainbow clonal analysis system. BOB
21  2011 Immunodetection of retinoblastoma-related protein and its phosphorylated form in interphase and mitotic alfalfa cells. ---
22  2011 The E2F transcription factor family regulates CENH3 expression in Arabidopsis thaliana. CENH3pro
23  2010 Arabidopsis RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED is required for stem cell maintenance, cell differentiation, and lateral organ production. pRb, RNAi
24  2010 Dosage-sensitive function of retinoblastoma related and convergent epigenetic control are required during the Arabidopsis life cycle. CLF, MET1, PRC2, VRN2
25  2009 Dissecting regulatory pathways of G1/S control in Arabidopsis: common and distinct targets of CYCD3;1, E2Fa and E2Fc. ---
26  2009 Gametophyte differentiation and imprinting control in plants: Crosstalk between RBR and chromatin. ---
27  2009 Positive regulation of minichromosome maintenance gene expression, DNA replication, and cell transformation by a plant retinoblastoma gene. E2F
28  2008 A dynamic reciprocal RBR-PRC2 regulatory circuit controls Arabidopsis gametophyte development. MET1, pRb, PRC2
29  2007 Dicot and monocot plants differ in retinoblastoma-related protein subfamilies. ---
30  2006 Cell type-specific role of the retinoblastoma/E2F pathway during Arabidopsis leaf development. ---
31  2006 Induction of differentiation in the shoot apical meristem by transient overexpression of a retinoblastoma-related protein. ---
32  2005 RBR3, a member of the retinoblastoma-related family from maize, is regulated by the RBR1/E2F pathway. DP, E2F
33  2005 The RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED gene regulates stem cell maintenance in Arabidopsis roots. ---
34  2004 Geminivirus DNA replication and cell cycle interactions. ---
35  2002 G(1) to S transition: more than a cell cycle engine switch. CDK
36  2002 PCNA protein associates to Cdk-A type protein kinases in germinating maize. PCNA
37  2001 A cell-cycle-regulated kinase activity phosphorylates plant retinoblastoma protein and contains, in Arabidopsis, a CDKA/cyclin D complex. CDK
38  2000 DNA replication and cell cycle in plants: learning from geminiviruses. ---
39  2000 Geminiviruses and the plant cell cycle. Rb