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Abbreviation:   RCMV  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   rat cytomegalovirus
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2019 Rat cytomegalovirus-encoded gamma-chemokine vXCL1 is a highly adapted, species-specific agonist for rat XCR1-positive dendritic cells. DCs, rXCL1, vXCL1
2018 Cellular distribution of CD200 receptor in rats and its interaction with cytomegalovirus e127 protein. DC
2017 Tetrahalogenated benzimidazole D-ribonucleosides are active against rat cytomegalovirus. ---
2015 Complete Genome Sequence of Rat Cytomegalovirus Strain ALL-03 (Malaysian Strain). ---
2015 Modulation of Clr Ligand Expression and NKR-P1 Receptor Function during Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection. MCMV, NK
2015 Rat cytomegalovirus (RCMV) English isolate and a newly identified Berlin isolate share similarities with but are separate as an anciently diverged clade from Mouse CMV and the Maastricht isolate of RCMV. CMVs
2012 A novel bat herpesvirus encodes homologues of major histocompatibility complex classes I and II, C-type lectin, and a unique family of immune-related genes. CPE, HCMV, HHV-6, MHC, ORFs, THV
2012 Cytomegalovirus CC chemokine promotes immune cell migration. HCMV, TVS
2012 Effects of rat cytomegalovirus on the nervous system of the early rat embryo. Ngn1, NSCs
10  2011 Cytomegalovirus microRNA expression is tissue specific and is associated with persistence. miRNAs
11  2010 Infection with viruses from several families triggers autoimmune diabetes in LEW*1WR1 rats: prevention of diabetes by maternal immunization. KRV
12  2009 Analysis of the subcellular trafficking properties of murine cytomegalovirus M78, a 7 transmembrane receptor homologue. MCMV
13  2009 Development of a quantitative real-time RT-PCR for kinetic analysis of immediate-early transcripts of rat cytomegalovirus. CMV, IE, p.i, REF
14  2009 Susceptibilities of human cytomegalovirus clinical isolates and other herpesviruses to new acetylated, tetrahalogenated benzimidazole D-ribonucleosides. BTCRB, GCV, HCMV, VZV
15  2008 Generation of polyclonal antibodies directed against G protein-coupled receptors using electroporation-aided DNA immunization. EBV, GPCRs
16  2007 Characterization of the murine cytomegalovirus m136 gene. m136-beta-gluc, MCMV, ORFs
17  2007 Cytomegalovirus evasion of innate immunity by subversion of the NKR-P1B:Clr-b missing-self axis. NK
18  2007 Pathogenesis and antibody response to a cytomegalovirus infection in newborn rats. DAS-ELISA, HCMV
19  2007 Rat cytomegalovirus gene expression in cardiac allograft recipients is tissue specific and does not parallel the profiles detected in vitro. ORFs
20  2006 Cytomegalovirus accelerates chronic allograft nephropathy in a rat renal transplant model with associated provocative chemokine profiles. CAN, Cr, POD, TVS
21  2005 Identification and characterization of two antisense transcripts from the major immediate early region of rat cytomegalovirus. MIE, p.i, PBL, REFs
22  2005 Rat cytomegalovirus and Listeria monocytogenes infection enhance chronic rejection after allogenic rat lung transplantation. ICAM-1, LM, OB
23  2005 Rat cytomegalovirus induces a temporal downregulation of major histocompatibility complex class I cell surface expression. MHC
24  2005 The English strain of rat cytomegalovirus (CMV) contains a novel captured CD200 (vOX2) gene and a spliced CC chemokine upstream from the major immediate-early region: further evidence for a separate evolutionary lineage from that of rat CMV Maastricht. 5'-RACE, CMV, ie2, MCMV, MIE, pol
25  2004 Mutational analysis of the R33-encoded G protein-coupled receptor of rat cytomegalovirus: identification of amino acid residues critical for cellular localization and ligand-independent signalling. GPCR, WT
26  2004 The r131 gene of rat cytomegalovirus encodes a proinflammatory CC chemokine homolog which is essential for the production of infectious virus in the salivary glands. MCMV, WT
27  2004 The rat cytomegalovirus homologue of parvoviral rep genes, r127, encodes a nuclear protein with single- and double-stranded DNA-binding activity that is dispensable for virus replication. HHV-6A, ORF, p.i, pr127, RCMVDeltar127, wt RCMV
28  2003 Characterization of a novel rat cytomegalovirus (RCMV) infecting placenta-uterus of Rattus rattus diardii. REF
29  2003 Constitutive signaling of the human cytomegalovirus-encoded receptor UL33 differs from that of its rat cytomegalovirus homolog R33 by promiscuous activation of G proteins of the Gq, Gi, and Gs classes. CRE, HCMV
30  2003 Cytomegalovirus infection modulates cellular immunity in an experimental model for autoimmune diabetes. BB, DP, DR, PFU
31  2003 Dissemination of rat cytomegalovirus through infected granulocytes and monocytes in vitro and in vivo. ---
32  2003 The rat cytomegalovirus R78 G protein-coupled receptor gene is required for production of infectious virus in the spleen. EGFP
33  2002 Broad-spectrum antiviral activity of PNU-183792, a 4-oxo-dihydroquinoline, against human and animal herpesviruses. ACV, CDV, GCV, MCMV, SVV
34  2002 Persistent rat cytomegalovirus (RCMV) infection of the salivary glands contributes to the anti-RCMV humoral immune response. p.i
35  2002 The rat cytomegalovirus R33-encoded G protein-coupled receptor signals in a constitutive fashion. GPCRs, PLC, PTX
36  2001 Cytomegalovirus infection, viral DNA, and immediate early-1 gene expression in rejecting rat liver allografts. CMV, IE
37  2001 Identification and characterization of a spliced C-type lectin-like gene encoded by rat cytomegalovirus. NK
38  2001 Prevention of cytomegalovirus infection-enhanced experimental obliterative bronchiolitis by antiviral prophylaxis or immunosuppression in rat tracheal allografts. HIS, IL, TNF-alpha
39  2001 Rat cytomegalovirus open reading frame R44 is an early-late gene that encodes a nuclear protein. MoAbs, pR44
40  2000 Complete DNA sequence of the rat cytomegalovirus genome. HCMV, HHV-6A, MCMV, ORFs
41  2000 Induction of vascular adhesion protein-1 during liver allograft rejection and concomitant cytomegalovirus infection in rats. VAP-1
42  2000 Production of high-titer stocks of the English strain of rat cytomegalovirus. ---
43  2000 The r144 major histocompatibility complex class I-like gene of rat cytomegalovirus is dispensable for both acute and long-term infection in the immunocompromised host. WT
44  1999 Deletion of the R78 G protein-coupled receptor gene from rat cytomegalovirus results in an attenuated, syncytium-inducing mutant strain. GCR, ORF, REF, WT
45  1999 The rat cytomegalovirus R32 gene encodes a virion-associated protein that elicits a strong humoral immune response in infected rats. HCMV
46  1998 Enhancement of obliterative airway disease in rat tracheal allografts infected with recombinant rat cytomegalovirus. ---
47  1998 The Maastricht strain and England strain of rat cytomegalovirus represent different betaherpesvirus species rather than strains. MIE
48  1998 The R33 G protein-coupled receptor gene of rat cytomegalovirus plays an essential role in the pathogenesis of viral infection. GCR
49  1997 Aquatic pollution-induced immunotoxicity in wildlife species. ---
50  1997 Cloning and functional characterization of the origin of lytic-phase DNA replication of rat cytomegalovirus. DRs, IRs
51  1997 Cytomegalovirus infection enhances experimental obliterative bronchiolitis in rat tracheal allografts. CsA, OB, PDGF
52  1997 Impaired cellular immune response in rats exposed perinatally to Baltic Sea herring oil or 2,3,7,8-TCDD. Ah, NK, PCBs, PHAHs, TCDD, TEQ
53  1997 Infection with rat cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the immunocompromised host is associated with the appearance of a T cell population with reduced CD8 and T cell receptor (TCR) expression. CMV, HCMV, NK, TCR
54  1996 Analysis of cytomegalovirus infection and replication in acinar epithelial cells of the rat lacrimal gland. SC
55  1996 Cloning and sequence analysis of the genes encoding DNA polymerase, glycoprotein B, ICP18.5 and major DNA-binding protein of rat cytomegalovirus. gB, MDBP
56  1996 Cytomegalovirus infection accelerates obliterative bronchiolitis of rat tracheal allografts. OB
57  1996 Enhancement of cytomegalovirus infection and acute rejection after allogeneic lung transplantation in the rat. CMV, POD
58  1996 Host resistance to rat cytomegalovirus (RCMV) and immune function in adult PVG rats fed herring from the contaminated Baltic Sea. Ah, PCB, PCDD, PCDF, TCDD, TEQ
59  1996 Rat cytomegalovirus has a unique immediate early gene enhancer. HCMV, IE, MCMV, SCMV
60  1996 Structure of the rat cytomegalovirus genome termini. TR
61  1995 Induction of endothelial adhesion molecules by rat cytomegalovirus in allogeneic lung transplantation in the rat. CMV, ICAM-1
62  1994 Cytomegalovirus infection enhances mRNA expression of platelet-derived growth factor-BB and transforming growth factor-beta 1 in rat aortic allografts. Possible mechanism for cytomegalovirus-enhanced graft arteriosclerosis. RT-PCR, SMC
63  1994 Cytomegalovirus infection-enhanced allograft arteriosclerosis is prevented by DHPG prophylaxis in the rat. DHPG
64  1994 Effects of UV-B on the resistance against infectious diseases. UVB
65  1994 Enhancement of transplantation-associated atherosclerosis by CMV, which can be prevented by antiviral therapy in the form of HPMPC. CMV, CSA, SMC
66  1994 Exacerbation of collagen-induced arthritis in rats by rat cytomegalovirus is antigen-specific. CIA
67  1994 Generalized cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and CMV-induced pneumonitis in the rat: combined effect of 9-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-propoxymethyl)guanine and specific antibody treatment. BN, CMV, HIS, IP
68  1994 Prevention of bacteraemia by systemic ciprofloxacin treatment in rat cytomegalovirus-infected immunocompromised rats. SBD, TBI
69  1994 Suppression of rat cytomegalovirus replication by antibodies against gamma interferon. ---
70  1994 Triple drug immunosuppression significantly reduces immune activation and allograft arteriosclerosis in cytomegalovirus-infected rat aortic allografts and induces early latency of viral infection. ---
71  1994 Tumor necrosis factor alpha promotes replication and pathogenicity of rat cytomegalovirus. TNF-alpha
72  1994 Tumour necrosis factor-alpha production during cytomegalovirus infection in immunosuppressed rats. IL, TNF
73  1993 Characterization of the major locus of immediate-early genes of rat cytomegalovirus. HCMV, IE, MCMV
74  1993 Cytomegalovirus infection enhances smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal thickening of rat aortic allografts. ---
75  1993 Rat cytomegalovirus-induced pneumonitis after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: effective treatment with (S)-1-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonyl-methoxypropyl)cytosine. DHPG, HPMPC
76  1992 Reactivation of rat cytomegalovirus in lung allografts: an experimental and immunohistochemical study in rats. ---
77  1991 Comparative activity of (S)-1-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)cytosine and 9-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-propoxymethyl)guanine against rat cytomegalovirus infection in vitro and in vivo. DHPG, HCMV, HPMPC
78  1990 An animal model for therapeutic intervention studies of CMV infection in the immunocompromised host. ---
79  1988 Molecular cloning and mapping of rat cytomegalovirus DNA. ---
80  1986 Molecular cloning and restriction endonuclease mapping of the rat cytomegalovirus genome. ---
81  1986 Passive transfer of cytomegalovirus by cardiac and renal organ transplants in a rat model. BN, LEW
82  1986 Rat cytomegalovirus infection enhances type II collagen arthritis in rats. NRSG
83  1986 Studies on rat cytomegalovirus induced structural and non-structural proteins present at (immediate-)early and late times of infection. IE, REF
84  1985 Rat cytomegalovirus induces cellular purine and pyrimidine nucleoside kinases in rat embryo fibroblasts and TK- rat-2 cells. Correlations with the antiviral activity of Acyclovir. dCK, dGK, REF, TK
85  1984 Demonstration of an IgG-Fc receptor in ratcytomegalovirus infected cells. REF
86  1984 Rat cytomegalovirus: studies on the viral genome and the proteins of virions and nucleocapsids. N-capsids, REA, REF
87  1983 Rat cytomegalovirus: induction of and sensitivity to interferon. BN, IFN, p.i