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Long Form:   removal efficiency
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Assessment of a batch-flow free water surface constructed wetland planted with Rhynchospora corymbosa (L.) Britton for campus greywater treatment. CW, FWS, HLR, HRT
2020 Biodegradation of Congo red dye in a moving bed biofilm reactor: Performance evaluation and kinetic modeling. CCD, EC, MBBR, RSM
2020 Combining chemical coagulation with activated coke adsorption to remove organic matters and retain nitrogen compounds in mature landfill leachate. COD, FTC, PAM, TOC
2020 Occurrence and environmental risks of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in urban wastewater in the southwest monsoon region of India. ERA, MWWTPs, NSAIDs
2020 Screening and study of the degradation characteristics of efficient toluene degrading bacteria combinations. BTF, SEM
2020 Trimethylamine abatement in algal-bacterial photobioreactors. BC, EBRT, EC, PBC, TMA
2019 Activated red mud as a permeable reactive barrier material for fluoride removal from groundwater: parameter optimisation and physico-chemical characterisation. ARM, FTIR, PRB, SEM
2019 Anaerobic treatment of chocolate-processing industry wastewater at different organic loading rates and temperatures. BPR, UASB
2019 Bioreduction of selenate in an anaerobic biotrickling filter using methanol as electron donor. BTF, VFA
10  2019 Cometabolic degradation of bisphenol A by pure culture of Ralstonia eutropha and metabolic pathway analysis. BPA
11  2019 Comparison of the performance of horizontal and vertical flow constructed wetland planted with Rhynchospora corymbosa. HF, HLR, HRT, VF
12  2019 Effect of ammonium, electron donor and sulphate transient feeding conditions on sulphidogenesis in sequencing batch bioreactors. SBR
13  2019 Effects of ozone treatment on performance and microbial community composition in biofiltration systems treating ethyl acetate vapours. EC
14  2019 Efficient microalgae removal from aqueous medium through auto-flocculation: investigating growth-dependent role of organic matter. AOMs, LB-AOMs
15  2019 Ethanethiol gas removal in an anoxic bio-scrubber. EBRT, EC
16  2019 Evaluation on the removal performance of dichloromethane and toluene from waste gases using an airlift packing reactor. ALPR, ALR, DCM
17  2019 H2S removal and microbial community composition in an anoxic biotrickling filter under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions. BTF, EC
18  2019 Improved biodegradation of hydrophobic volatile organic compounds from the air stream in a multilayer biofilter. GC/FID, VOCs
19  2019 Nutrient removal from piggery wastewater by Desmodesmus sp.CHX1 and its cultivation conditions optimization. APW, RR, TP
20  2019 Performance of a biofilter with compost and activated carbon based packing material for gas-phase toluene removal under extremely high loading rates. EC
21  2019 Performance of BAC for DBPs precursors' removal for one year with micro-polluted lake water in East-China. BAC, DBPs, DOC, DOM, EEM, FP, HAAs, MW, NAs, SMPs, THMs
22  2019 Shift of microbial diversity and function in high-efficiency performance biotrickling filter for gaseous xylene treatment. EC, VOCs
23  2019 The styrene purification performance of biotrickling filter with toluene-styrene acclimatization under acidic conditions. BTFs, EBRT, ILR, VOCs
24  2019 Transient-state operation of an anoxic biotrickling filter for H2S removal. BTF, EC
25  2018 Assisted phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil from a mined site with Typha latifolia and Chrysopogon zizanioides. BAF, EDTA, TF
26  2018 Can cold-season macrophytes at the senescence stage improve nitrogen removal in integrated constructed wetland systems treating low carbon/nitrogen effluent? BCWs, C/N, SPs
27  2018 Catalytic oxidation of PCDD/F on a V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalyst: Effect of chlorinated benzenes and chlorinated phenols. Bz, CBz, DCBZ, DE, HCBz, MCBz, o-MCP, PCDD/F, PeCP
28  2018 Enhanced removal of gaseous 1,3-dichlorobenzene in biotrickling filters by rhamnolipid and Mg (II). DO, EBRT
29  2018 High-throughput evaluation of organic contaminant removal efficiency in a wastewater treatment plant using direct injection UHPLC-Orbitrap-MS/MS. WWTPs
30  2018 Improved methane removal in exhaust gas from biogas upgrading process using immobilized methane-oxidizing bacteria. MOB
31  2018 Indicators of nutrient removal efficiency for riverine wetlands in agricultural landscapes of Argentine Pampas. ---
32  2018 Inventory, loading and discharge of synthetic phenolic antioxidants and their metabolites in wastewater treatment plants. BHT, SPAs, SPM, WWTPs
33  2018 Monitoring key organic indoor pollutants and their elimination in a biotrickling biofilter. SPME
34  2018 Nitrogen and phosphorus treatment of marine wastewater by a laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactor with eco-friendly marine high-efficiency sediment. DO, eco-HEMS, HRT, MLVSS, SBR, SDNR, SNR, SPUR, SRT
35  2018 Organic contaminant removal efficiency of sodium bentonite/clay (BC) mixtures in high permeability regions utilizing reclaimed wastewater: A meso-scale study. BC, BC, TP
36  2018 Ozone assisted oxidation of gaseous PCDD/Fs over CNTs-containing composite catalysts at low temperature. CNTs, DE, MnOx, SV
37  2018 Performance and biofilm characteristics of biotrickling filters for ethylbenzene removal in the presence of saponins. BTFs
38  2018 Performance of nanoscale zero-valent iron in nitrate reduction from water using a laboratory-scale continuous-flow system. LSCFS, nZVI
39  2018 Piggery wastewater treatment by Acinetobacter sp. TX5 immobilized with spent mushroom substrate in a fixed-bed reactor. dNiR, RPW, SHMS
40  2018 Pilot-scale biofiltration at a materials recovery facility: The impact on bioaerosol control. MRF
41  2018 Removal of antibiotic residues, antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in municipal wastewater by membrane bioreactor systems. ARB, ARGs, CAS, MBR
42  2018 Temporal and longitudinal biofilm matrix analysis of a biofilter treating ethyl acetate during ozonation. ECM, EPS, FTIR-ATR
43  2018 Wastewater post-treatment for simultaneous ammonium removal and elemental sulfur recovery using a novel horizontal mixed aerobic-anoxic fixed-bed reactor configuration. ---
44  2018 [Treatment of the Waste Gas Containing Methyl tert-Butyl Ether via a Biotrickling Filter]. BTF, EC, MTBE
45  2017 Biofiltration of xylene using wood charcoal as the biofilter media under transient and high loading conditions. EC
46  2017 Different strategies for transient-state operation of a biotrickling filter treating toluene vapor. BTFs, EBRTs, ILR
47  2017 Oxidation of methane in biotrickling filters inoculated with methanotrophic bacteria. BTFs, EC
48  2017 Steady state and dynamic behaviors of a methane biofilter under periodic addition of ethanol vapors. EBRT, ILs
49  2017 [Removal of Volatile Sulfur Odor by the Biotrickling Filter]. BTF, DMS, PT
50  2016 Application of microbial electrolysis cells to treat spent yeast from an alcoholic fermentation. CE, CR, SY
51  2016 Catalytic decomposition of gaseous PCDD/Fs over V2O5/TiO2-CNTs catalyst: Effect of NO and NH3 addition. CNTs, NOx, OCDD, SV
52  2016 Effect of operating temperature on transient behaviour of a biofilter treating waste-air containing n-butanol vapour during intermittent loading. BF, EBRT
53  2016 Effects of anionic surfactant on n-hexane removal in biofilters. BTFs, EBRT, EC, LR
54  2016 Influence of hydraulic retention time on indigenous microalgae and activated sludge process. HRT, MAAS, SRT, TN, TP
55  2016 Low temperature destruction of PCDD/Fs by catalysis coupled with activated carbon. AC, DE
56  2016 Methane production from a field-scale biofilter designed for desulfurization of biogas stream. BTF, EC
57  2016 Optimization of process parameters for removal of heavy metals by biomass of Cu and Co-doped alginate-coated chitosan nanoparticles. Alg-CS-NPs, RSM
58  2016 Ozone and hydrogen peroxide as strategies to control biomass in a trickling filter to treat methanol and hydrogen sulfide under acidic conditions. EC, MeOH
59  2016 The performance of a two-layer biotrickling filter filled with new mixed packing materials for the removal of H2S from air. EBRT
60  2015 Biofiltration of high formaldehyde loads with ozone additions in long-term operation. EPS, FA, ILs, MS
61  2015 Development of an activated carbon filter to remove NO2 and HONO in indoor air. PABA
62  2015 Effect of saponins on n-hexane removal in biotrickling filters. BTF, EBCTs, LRs
63  2015 Efficacy of Aspergillus sp. for degradation of chlorpyrifos in batch and continuous aerated packed bed bioreactors. CP
64  2015 Emission of odorous volatile organic compounds from a municipal manure treatment plant and their removal using a biotrickling filter. BTF, VOCs
65  2015 Methane biofiltration using autoclaved aerated concrete as the carrier material. AAC, MOB
66  2015 Start-up, performance and optimization of a compost biofilter treating gas-phase mixture of benzene and toluene. ANOVA, EC
67  2015 Thermal desorption of PCB-contaminated soil with sodium hydroxide. DE, PCB
68  2015 [Degradation of PCDD/Fs by the Mixture of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 Catalyst and Activated Carbon]. AC, DE, I-TEQ
69  2015 [Removal of Waste Gas Containing Mixed Chlorinated Hydrocarbons by the Biotrickling Filter]. BTF, DCM, EC
70  2014 A hybrid biological process of indoor air treatment for toluene removal. AC, IAP, VOCs
71  2014 Efficient control of odors and VOC emissions via activated carbon technology. VOCs
72  2014 Enhanced performance of non-thermal plasma coupled with TiO2/GAC for decomposition of chlorinated organic compounds: influence of a hydrogen-rich substance. ---
73  2014 Influence of solid polymers on the response of multi-phase bioreactors treating alpha-pinene-polluted air. CSTB, NAP
74  2014 Performance of three pilot-scale immobilized-cell biotrickling filters for removal of hydrogen sulfide from a contaminated air steam. BTFs, EBRT
75  2014 Removal of gaseous HxCBz by gliding arc plasma in combination with a catalyst. HxCBz
76  2014 Strong influence of medium pH condition on gas-phase biofilter ammonia removal, nitrous oxide generation and microbial communities. ---
77  2014 Transient-state studies and neural modeling of the removal of a gas-phase pollutant mixture in a biotrickling filter. ANNs, BTF, CI
78  2014 Treating PCDD/Fs by combined catalysis and activated carbon adsorption. DE, IC
79  2013 A comparative evaluation of dried activated sludge and mixed dried activated sludge with rice husk silica to remove hydrogen sulfide. DAS, EBRT, EC
80  2013 Abatement of odorant compounds in one- and two-phase biotrickling filters under steady and transient conditions. BTF, EBRT, VOCs
81  2013 Biodegradation of a mixture of mononitrophenols in a packed-bed aerobic reactor. HRT
82  2013 Biodegradation of high concentrations of benzene vapors in a two phase partition stirred tank bioreactor. EC, TPPBs
83  2013 Dimethyl sulfide biofiltration using immobilized Hyphomicrobium VS and Thiobacillus thioparus TK-m in sugarcane bagasse. DMS, EBRT, EC
84  2013 Enzymatic removal of estrogenic activity of nonylphenol and octylphenol aqueous solutions by immobilized laccase from Trametes versicolor. APs
85  2013 Gas phase bio-filter for the removal of triethylamine (TEA) from air: microbial diversity analysis with reference to design parameters. TEA
86  2013 Steady- and transient-state H2S biofiltration using expanded schist as packing material. EC
87  2012 A horizontal flow biofilm reactor (HFBR) technology for the removal of methane and hydrogen sulphide at low temperatures. AFR, EBRT, HFBR, SWW, TPSA
88  2012 Biodegradation of methyl tert-butyl ether by cometabolism with hexane in biofilters inoculated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. EBRT, MTBE, TBA
89  2012 Effect of oil concentration and residence time on the biodegradation of alpha-pinene vapours in two-liquid phase suspended-growth bioreactors. CSTB, ECs, RTs
90  2012 Evaluation of compost and a mixture of compost and activated carbon as biofilter media for the treatment of indoor air pollution. AC, IAP
91  2012 Influence of gaseous VOC concentration on the diversity and biodegradation performance of microbial communities. ---
92  2012 Mass transfer dynamics of ammonia in high rate biomethanation of poultry litter leachate. ---
93  2012 Optimization of a horizontal-flow biofilm reactor for the removal of methane at low temperatures. SWW
94  2012 Removal characteristics and kinetic analysis of an aerobic vapor-phase bioreactor for hydrophobic alpha-pinene. EBRT, EC, VOCs
95  2011 A comparative assessment of biofiltration and activated sludge diffusion for odour abatement. AS, EBRT
96  2011 Application of a hybrid system comprising carbon-doped TiO2 film and a ceramic media-packed biofilter for enhanced removal of gaseous styrene. ---
97  2011 Biofiltration of reduced sulphur compounds and community analysis of sulphur-oxidizing bacteria. BAT, DMDS, DMS, EBRT, EC, MM, RSC
98  2011 Co-treatment of single, binary and ternary mixture gas of ethanethiol, dimethyl disulfide and thioanisole in a biotrickling filter seeded with Lysinibacillus sphaericus RG-1. DMDS
99  2011 Effects of nitrogen source and empty bed residence time on the removal of styrene gaseous emissions by biotrickling filtration. EBRT, EC
100  2011 Evaluating the impact of water supply strategies on p-xylene biodegradation performance in an organic media-based biofilter. ---