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■ 略語/展開語 : REPT/reduced error pruning tree

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略語:   REPT  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   reduced error pruning tree
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2020 Decision Tree Learning Algorithm for Classifying Knee Injury Status Using Return-to-Activity Criteria. ACL, RTA
2020 Improving prediction of water quality indices using novel hybrid machine-learning algorithms. BA, CVPS, FC, RF, RFC, RT, TS, WQI
2018 A comparative assessment of decision trees algorithms for flash flood susceptibility modeling at Haraz watershed, northern Iran. ADT, LMT, NBT, NDVI, ROC, SPI, TWI
2016 Filtered selection coupled with support vector machines generate a functionally relevant prediction model for colorectal cancer. BN, CRC, MLP, mRMR, NB, RBF, RF, SVM