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Abbreviation:   RER  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2008 Vacuolar degeneration of skeletal muscle in transgenic mice overexpressing ORP150. ---
2005 Ossifying fibromyxoid tumor: modified myoepithelial cell tumor? Report of three cases with immunohistochemical and electron microscopic studies. EL, OFMT
2003 Thyroid hormone regulation of granular intercalated duct cells in the submandibular glands of female mice. GID, IDs, SMGs
2002 Ultrastructure of absorbing peripheral lymphatic vessel (ALPA) in guinea pig Peyer's patches. ALPA
2001 Effects of brefeldin-A: potent inhibitor of intracellular protein transport on ultrastructure and resorptive function of cultured osteoclasts. BFA
2001 Morphometric analysis, at electron microscope level, combined with hormone assay of nonfunctioning adrenocortical adenomas: comparison with aldosterone-producing adenomas. ALD, APA, LV, Ly, NFA, SER
1999 Decreased pancreatic exocrine function in the mutant Eisai hyperbilirubinemic rat (EHBR). EHBR, SDR
1999 Immunolocalization of mitsugumin29 in developing skeletal muscle and effects of the protein expressed in amphibian embryonic cells. MG29, SER, SR, T-tubule
1996 Cartilage-bone replacement in endochondral ossification of mandibular condylar heads in young beagle dogs. ---
10  1996 Time course of vinblastine-induced autophagocytosis and changes in the endoplasmic reticulum in murine pancreatic acinar cells: a morphometric and biochemical study. AV, AVc, CVF
11  1995 Ultrastructural changes of secretory cells of salamander lingual salivary glands under varying conditions. ---
12  1994 A case of intracytoplasmic edema of follicular epithelial cells in rat thyroid. ---
13  1994 Intercellular localization of leukotoxin (9:10-epoxy-12-octadecenoic acid) in lungs in rats by an immunoelectron microscopy. ---
14  1993 Perinatal development of Brunner's glands in the rat: morphometrical study. ---
15  1992 Three-dimensional ultrastructure of normal rat hepatocytes by quick-freezing and deep-etching method. ---
16  1991 Cardiac and pancreatic lesions in guinea pigs infected with encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus. EMC
17  1990 Beta-adrenoceptor control of peroxidase synthesis in nasal glands. ---
18  1990 Electron microscopic structure of the cephalic gland of the bee Andrena variabilis Smith (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). ser
19  1990 Fine structure of tyrosine hydroxylase-like immunoreactive neurons and terminals of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus and median eminence in young and aged rats. PAP, TH
20  1989 Evaluation of human bladder tumors by ultrastructural morphometric techniques. ---
21  1989 Further postmortem examination of a case of familial ataxia with cerebrospinal fluid abnormality: an electron microscopic study of the intracytoplasmic eosinophilic inclusion bodies in the central nervous system. IEIBs
22  1988 Budding of small vesicles from the rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum in secretory ameloblasts of rat molar tooth germs. ---
23  1988 Development of the human sclera. A morphological study. ---
24  1988 Effect of colchicine on the transport of precursor enamel protein in secretory ameloblasts studied by 3H-proline radioautography in vitro. ---
25  1987 Ultrastructural observations on chick bone processed by quick-freezing and freeze-substitution. ---
26  1986 Observations on the discharge of the secretion from ependymal cells of the subcommissural organ (SCO) of some South American primates. CSF, SCO
27  1985 Dense line in cisterna of rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum of hepatocytes of the rat perfused with saponin solution. ---
28  1985 Electron microscopic study on Langerhans cells and related cells in lymph nodes of DNCB-sensitive mice. BgS, IDC, LC, LN
29  1985 Ultrastructure of the thyroid glands of rats fed photomirex: a 48-week recovery study. ---
30  1984 Characterization of long-term monolayer cultures of human granulosa cells from follicles of different size and exposed in vivo to clomiphene citrate and hCG. SER
31  1984 Effects of prolonged antitubulin culture on annulate lamellae in mouse alpha L929 fibroblasts. AL, SER
32  1984 Multiple pigmented adrenal cortical nodules associated with Cushing's syndrome. Histochemical, ultrastructural and quantitative studies. 3beta-HSD, ACTH, G6PD, SER
33  1984 Ultrastructural localization of thiamine pyrophosphatase activity in the intestinal epithelial cells of adult rats. TPPase
34  1983 A freeze-fracture study of two types of collagen-phagocytosing cell in the post-partum rat endometrium. IMP
35  1983 Developmental changes of oligodendroglia in the posterior funiculus of "Shiverer" mutant mouse spinal cord, with special reference to myelin formation. ---
36  1983 Fibrogranular bodies, annulate lamellae, and polyribosomes in the dragonfly oocyte. ---
37  1983 Ultrastructural observations on the formation of follicles in the human fetal thyroid. ---
38  1982 Differentiation of Acmaea digitalis oocytes with special reference to lipid-endoplasmic reticulum-annulate lamellae-polyribosome relationships. ---
39  1982 Sorbic acid-induced differences in the ultrastructural development of oocytes in the microbially ectosymbiotic female of Xyleborus ferrugineus (fabr.) (coleoptera, scolytidae). fabr
40  1982 The membrane association among the rough-and smooth-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus in rat hepatocytes at certain circadian stages. ER, SER
41  1981 Differentiation of melanomas occurring in platyfish-swordtail hybrids of different ages: an ultrastructural study. ---
42  1981 Ultrastructural alterations in the liver of rats fed photomirex (8-monohydromirex). SER
43  1980 Localization of peroxidase activity in tracheal epithelium. ---
44  1978 Stereological analysis of hepatic fine structure in the Fischer 344 rat. Influence of sublobular location and animal age. SER
45  1978 Ultrastructural studies on the formation of yolk granules in the statoblast of a fresh-water bryozoan, Pectinatella gelatinosa. ---
46  1978 Ultrastructure of the ultimobranchial follicles of the laying chicken. ---
47  1978 Unusual aggregations of tubules associated with endoplasmic reticulum in digestive cells of Alderia modesta (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Sacoglossa). ---
48  1976 Time sequence and morphological evaluations of cells fused by polyethylene glycol 6000(1). PEG, SEM
49  1974 Stereological analysis of the guinea pig pancreas. I. Analytical model and quantitative description of nonstimulated pancreatic exocrine cells. ---
50  1973 Parenchymal cells from adult rat liver in nonproliferating monolayer culture. II. Ultrastructural studies. ---
51  1971 In vitro stimulation of enzyme secretion and the synthesis of microsomal membranes in the pancreas of the guinea pig. PLP
52  1971 Synthesis, intracellular transport, and discharge of secretory proteins in stimulated pancreatic exocrine cells. ---
53  1969 Correlated morphometric and biochemical studies on the liver cell. II. Effects of phenobarbital on rat hepatocytes. ER, SER