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Long Form:   reverse micelle
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2019 Investigating Substrate Analogues for Mycobacterial MenJ: Truncated and Partially Saturated Menaquinones. ---
2019 Molecular Level Insights into the Microstructure of a Hydrated and Nano-Confined Deep Eutectic Solvent. BTPA, Cy, DES, EG, IL
2019 Optimal aggregation number of reverse micelles in supercritical carbon dioxide: a theoretical perspective. scCO2
2019 Reverse Micelle Encapsulation of Proteins for NMR Spectroscopy. ---
2018 A New Phase Transfer Strategy to Convert Protein-Capped Nanomaterials into Uniform Fluorescent Nanoclusters in Reverse Micellar Phase. BSA
2018 A novel synthesis of a new thorium (IV) metal organic framework nanostructure with well controllable procedure through ultrasound assisted reverse micelle method. ANOVA, MOFs, RSM, UARM
2018 Anomalous Spectral Modulation of 4-Aminophthalimide inside Acetonitrile/AOT/ n-Heptane Microemulsion: New Insights on Reverse Micelle to Bicontinuous Microemulsion Transition. 4-AP, AOT, BMC
2018 Confinement Effects on Chemical Equilibria: Pentacyano(Pyrazine)Ferrate(II) Stability Changes within Nanosized Droplets of Water. ---
2018 Photophysical and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Azophloxine in Reverse Micelles. ---
10  2018 Reverse micelle-lipid nanocapsules: a novel strategy for drug delivery of the plectasin derivate AP138 antimicrobial peptide. AMPs, LNCs
11  2016 Assessment of micro-polarity anisotropy as a function of surfactant packing in sodium dodecyl sulphonate-hexane reverse micelles. SDS
12  2016 Effect of Cosurfactants on the Interfacial Hydration of CTAB Quaternary Reverse Micelle Probed Using Excited State Proton Transfer. CTAB, ESPT, HPTS
13  2016 Ramping of pH Across the Water-Pool of a Reverse Micelle. ---
14  2015 Excited state proton transfer dynamics of Topotecan inside biomimicking nanocavity. ESPT, TPT
15  2015 Low molecular weight chitosan-insulin polyelectrolyte complex: characterization and stability studies. I-LMWC PEC, LMWCs, PEC
16  2015 Wet Interface of Benzylhexadecyldimethylammonium Chloride Reverse Micelle Revealed by Excited State Proton Transfer of a Localized Probe. BHDC, ESPT
17  2014 Does the optimum hydrophilic lipophilic balance condition affect the physical properties of mixed reverse micelles? A spectroscopic investigation. DLS, FTIR, HLB
18  2014 How TOPO affects the interface of the novel mixed water/AOT:TOPO/n-heptane reverse micelles: dynamic light scattering and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studies. AOT, DLS, FTIR, TOPO, TOPO RMs
19  2014 Interaction of a biguanide compound with membrane model interface systems: probing the properties of antimalaria and antidiabetic compounds. PBG
20  2014 Molecular simulation and experimental study of CO2 absorption in ionic liquid reverse micelle. bmim, IL, ILRM
21  2013 Do the physical properties of water in mixed reverse micelles follow a synergistic effect: a spectroscopic investigation. Cy, DLS
22  2013 Environment-responsive fluorescent nucleoside analogue probe for studying oligonucleotide dynamics in a model cell-like compartment. ---
23  2013 Enzymatic hydrolysis of N-benzoyl-L-tyrosine p-nitroanilide by alpha-chymotrypsin in DMSO-water/AOT/n-heptane reverse micelles. A unique interfacial effect on the enzymatic activity. alpha-CT, Bz-Try-pNA, DMSO
24  2013 Modulation of environmental dynamics at the active site and activity of an enzyme under nanoscopic confinement: Subtilisin Carlsberg in anionic AOT reverse micelle. SC
25  2013 Solvent dynamics in a reverse micellar water-pool: a spectroscopic investigation of DDAB-cyclohexane-water systems. Cy, FIR, MIR
26  2012 Comparison between two anionic reverse micelle interfaces: the role of water-surfactant interactions in interfacial properties. PRODAN
27  2012 Facile room temperature synthesis of lanthanum oxalate nanorods and their interaction with antioxidative naphthalimide derivative. DTA, FRET, FTIR, LaOX, NAP, NRs, TGA, XRD
28  2012 Forster resonance energy transfer among a structural isomer of adenine and various Coumarins inside a nanosized reverse micelle. 2AP, AOT, FRET
29  2012 Hydrogen-bonding modulation of excited-state properties of flavins in a model of aqueous confined environment. FAD, FMN, LF, RF
30  2012 Nanoscaled buffering zone of charged (PLGA)n-b-bPEI micelles in acidic microclimate for potential protein delivery application. AM, BPEI, CM, MS, PLGA, WR
31  2012 Non-monotonic, distance-dependent relaxation of water in reverse micelles: propagation of surface induced frustration along hydrogen bond networks. SOR
32  2012 Switching off electron transfer reactions in confined media: reduction of [Co(dipic)2]- and [Co(edta)]- by hexacyanoferrate(II). ---
33  2012 Template synthesis of subnanometer gold clusters in interfacially cross-linked reverse micelles mediated by confined counterions. ICRMs
34  2012 Water gradient in the membrane-water interface: a time-resolved study of the series of n-(9-anthroyloxy) stearic acids incorporated in AOT/water/iso-octane reverse micelles. n-AS, TDFSS
35  2011 How does the urea dynamics differ from water dynamics inside the reverse micelle? ---
36  2011 Simulations of the confinement of ubiquitin in self-assembled reverse micelles. ---
37  2010 Molecular dynamics simulations of cytochrome c unfolding in AOT reverse micelles: The first steps. ---
38  2010 Photoreactions and molecular dynamics of radical pairs in a reversed micelle studied by time-resolved measurements of EPR and magnetic field effect. AOT, MARY, MFE, TMPD, TREPR
39  2009 Structural investigation of diglycerol monolaurate reverse micelles in nonpolar oils cyclohexane and octane. GIFT, SAXS
40  2008 Conceptualisation of articular cartilage as a giant reverse micelle: a hypothetical mechanism for joint biocushioning and lubrication. GRM, HL-HL, PL, SF
41  2008 Interactions of Nile blue with micelles, reverse micelles and a genomic DNA. NB, SDS
42  2008 Modulation of dynamics and reactivity of water in reverse micelles of mixed surfactants. AOT, BzCl, DLS, FTIR
43  2008 Validation and divergence of the activation energy barrier crossing transition at the AOT/lecithin reverse micellar interface. DLS
44  2007 Fluorescence relaxation dynamics of acridine orange in nanosized micellar systems and DNA. AO, CD, DLS, SDS
45  2007 How strongly can calcium ion influence the hydrogen-bond dynamics at complex aqueous interfaces? ---
46  2007 Interplay between hydration and electrostatic attraction in ligand binding: direct observation of hydration barrier at reverse micellar interface. ---
47  2007 Observation of three behaviors in confined liquid water within a nanopool hosting proton-transfer reactions. 7HQ
48  2006 Ligand-DNA interaction in a nanocage of reverse micelle. CD, DAS, EB, TRANES
49  2006 Spectroscopic Studies of water-soluble porphyrins with protein encapsulated in bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate (AOT) reverse micelles: aggregation versus complexation. beta-LG, HSA, TMPyP, TSPP
50  2006 Structure, stability, and hydration of a polypeptide in AOT reverse micelles. ---
51  2005 Effects of the water content on the growth rate of AgCl nanoparticles in a reversed micelle system. ---
52  2005 Investigation of the micropolarity in reverse micelles of nonionic poly(ethylene oxide) surfactants using 4-nitropyridine-N-oxide as absorption probe. NP
53  2005 Spraying enzymes in microemulsions of AOT in nonpolar organic solvents for fabrication of enzyme electrodes. GOx, TYR
54  2005 Surfactant charge effects on the location, vibrational spectra, and relaxation dynamics of cyanoferrates in reverse micelles. SNP, VER
55  2005 Temperature dependence of hydrogen bonding and freezing behavior of water in reverse micelles. AOT, wo
56  2005 Ultrafast dynamics in a nanocage of enzymes: solvation and fluorescence resonance energy transfer in reverse micelles. ChT, FRET
57  2004 Physicochemical characteristics of reverse micelles of polyoxyethylene nonyl phenol in different organic solvents. HLB, ST
58  2000 The effect of demulsifiers on lysozyme extraction from hen egg white using reverse micelles. Wo
59  1997 Dipyridamole Interacts with the Polar Part of Cationic Reversed Micelles in Chloroform: 1H NMR and ESR Evidence 5- and 16-DSA, CTAC, DIP, TEMPAMINE, TEMPO
60  1996 Refolding of triosephosphate isomerase in low-water media investigated by fluorescence resonance energy transfer. FITC, FRET, GdnHCl, TPI
61  1993 Alkaline phosphatase from calf intestinal mucosa in reversed micelle systems: modulation of enzyme membrane activity by pH variation. AP
62  1992 Cell-free translation in reversed micelles. ---
63  1992 Regulation of the supramolecular structure and the catalytic activity of penicillin acylase from Escherichia coli in the system of reversed micelles of Aerosol OT in octane. ---