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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Application of Near-infrared Spectroscopy and Multiple Spectral Algorithms to Explore the Effect of Soil Particle Sizes on Soil Nitrogen Detection. NIR, PLS
2019 Comparing the Potential of Near- and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy in Determining the Freshness of Strawberry Powder from Freshly Available and Stored Strawberry. AB_RMSE, LS-SVM, MIR, NIR, SPA
2019 Comprehensive comparison of multiple quantitative near-infrared spectroscopy models for Aspergillus flavus contamination detection in peanut. AFB1, AFB2, NIRS, RMSEP, SPA, TMC, UVE
2019 Detection of the Soluble Solid Contents from Fresh Jujubes during Different Maturation Periods Using NIR Hyperspectral Imaging and an Artificial Bee Colony. ABC, GS-LS-SVM, SPA, SSC
2019 Evaluation of matcha tea quality index using portable NIR spectroscopy coupled with chemometric algorithms. CARS-PLS, GA-PLS, MC, NIR, PLS, RF-PLS, RMSEP, Si-PLS, SNV
2019 Hyperspectral inversion of heavy metal content in reclaimed soil from a mining wasteland based on different spectral transformation and modeling methods. CR, CWT, FDR, PLSR, RBF, RMSE, SDR
2019 Microwave spectroscopy based on the waveguide technique for the nondestructive freshness evaluation of egg. ---
2019 Model development for non-destructive determination of rind biochemical properties of 'Marsh' grapefruit using visible to near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics. ---
2019 Pre-harvest screening on-vine of spinach quality and safety using NIRS technology. MPLS, NIR, PLS-DA
10  2019 Quality evaluation of decoction pieces of Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae by near infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics. ERR, GA, MAE, PLS-DA, PLSR, RMSE, TNR, TPR
11  2019 Quantification of pharmaceutical compounds in wastewater samples by near infrared spectroscopy (NIR). FT-NIR, NIR
12  2019 Rapid and Simultaneous Measurement of Praeruptorin A, Praeruptorin B, Praeruptorin E, and Moisture Contents in Peucedani Radix Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics. CARS, MC-UVE, NIR, PA, PB, PE, PLS, VIP
13  2019 The application of a handheld mid-infrared spectrometry for rapid measurement of oil contamination in agricultural sites. MIR, PAH, PLSR, RF, RMSEP, TPH
14  2019 Total polyphenol quantitation using integrated NIR and MIR spectroscopy: A case study of Chinese dates (Ziziphus jujuba). GA, MIR, NIR, RMSEP, Si-PLS
15  2018 Determination of Total Polysaccharides and Total Flavonoids in Chrysanthemum morifolium Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging and Multivariate Analysis. LS-SVM, PLS, SNV, WT
16  2018 Estimation of soil salt content (SSC) in the Ebinur Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve (ELWNNR), Northwest China, based on a Bootstrap-BP neural network model and optimal spectral indices. Bootstrap-BPNN, DI, ELWNNR, NDI, RI, RMSE, SSC
17  2018 Evaluation of Chlorophyll-a Estimation Approaches Using Iterative Stepwise Elimination Partial Least Squares (ISE-PLS) Regression and Several Traditional Algorithms from Field Hyperspectral Measurements in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan. Chl-a, FDR, HABs, ISE-PLS, OC, RL, RMSE
18  2018 In Situ Monitoring of the Effect of Ultrasound on the Sulfhydryl Groups and Disulfide Bonds of Wheat Gluten. BP-ANN, NIR, RMSEP, SH, siPLS
19  2018 PLS, iPLS, GA-PLS models for soluble solids content, pH and acidity determination in intact dovyalis fruit using near-infrared spectroscopy. NIRS, PLS, RMSEP, SSC, TA
20  2018 Prediction of banana color and firmness using a novel wavelengths selection method of hyperspectral imaging. PLS
21  2018 Rapid Determination of Active Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Okra Seeds Using Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) Spectroscopy. DPPH, FRAP, FT-NIR, OSD, PLS, RMSECV, TP
22  2018 Rapid prediction of total petroleum hydrocarbons concentration in contaminated soil using vis-NIR spectroscopy and regression techniques. ASD, LOOCV, PLSR, RF, RMSEP, SUSE-GC, TPH, vis-NIRS
23  2018 Research on the Effects of Drying Temperature on Nitrogen Detection of Different Soil Types by Near Infrared Sensors. CARS, PLS, RMSEP, SPA-MLR
24  2018 Simultaneous measurement of contents of liquirtin and glycyrrhizic acid in liquorice based on near infrared spectroscopy. CARS, GA, MC-UVE, NIR, PLS, PSO, VIP
25  2017 Comparison between Random Forests, Artificial Neural Networks and Gradient Boosted Machines Methods of On-Line Vis-NIR Spectroscopy Measurements of Soil Total Nitrogen and Total Carbon. ANNs, GBM, RF, RMSE, TC, TN, Vis-NIR
26  2017 Determination of gossypol content in cottonseeds by near infrared spectroscopy based on Monte Carlo uninformative variable elimination and nonlinear calibration methods. HPLC-UV, MC-UVE, NIR, RMSEP
27  2017 Non-destructive detection of dicyandiamide in infant formula powder using multi-spectral imaging coupled with chemometrics. BPNN, DCD, LS-SVM, PLS
28  2017 Prediction of organic carbon and total nitrogen contents in organic wastes and their composts by Infrared spectroscopy and partial least square regression. MIR and NIR, OC, PLS, TN
29  2017 Quantitative and Qualitative Characterization of Gentiana rigescens Franch (Gentianaceae) on Different Parts and Cultivations Years by HPLC and FTIR Spectroscopy. ---
30  2017 Rapid measurement of epimedin A, epimedin B, epimedin C, icariin, and moisture in Herba Epimedii using near infrared spectroscopy. GA, NIR, SVM
31  2017 [Measurement of Soil Organic Matter with Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Genetic Algorithm and Successive Projection Algorithm]. OM, PLSR
32  2016 Application of NIR and MIR spectroscopy for rapid determination of antioxidant activity of Radix Scutellariae from different geographical regions. DPPH, MIR, NIR, ORAC, PLS, TFCs
33  2016 Determination of total phenolic compounds in compost by infrared spectroscopy. MIR and NIR, PLS, TPC
34  2016 Non-Invasive Detection of Protein Content in Several Types of Plant Feed Materials Using a Hybrid Near Infrared Spectroscopy Model. DDG, DDGS, RMSEP, VIP
35  2016 On-line near-infrared spectroscopy optimizing and monitoring biotransformation process of gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA, GAD, HPLC, l-Glu, NIRS, PLS, RMSEP
36  2016 Potential of multispectral imaging for real-time determination of colour change and moisture distribution in carrot slices during hot air dehydration. BPNN, LS-SVM, PLS, RMSEP
37  2016 Rapid detection of volatile compounds in apple wines using FT-NIR spectroscopy. PLS
38  2016 Rapid screening astaxanthin-hyperproducing Haematococcus pluvialis mutants through near-infrared spectroscopy. dw, NIRS, PLS
39  2016 [Calibration Transfer of Near Infrared Spectrometric Models for Crude Protein of Protein Feed Materials]. ---
40  2016 [Combined Transmission Laser Spectrum of Core-Offset Fiber and BP Neural Network for Temperature Sensing Research]. ---
41  2016 [SIC algorithm based model updating for near infrared analysis of Salvia miltiorrhiza alcohol extraction process]. HPLC, NIR, RMSECV, RMSEP, RS, SIC
42  2015 Application of a portable infrared instrument for simultaneous analysis of sugars, asparagine and glutamine levels in raw potato tubers. ATR, ND, PLSR
43  2015 Application of Visible and Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging to Determine Soluble Protein Content in Oilseed Rape Leaves. GAPLS, MCPLS, PLS, RMSEP, ROI, SPA
44  2015 Development of a hybrid proximal sensing method for rapid identification of petroleum contaminated soils. PSR, PXRF, VisNIR DRS
45  2015 Development, validation and influence factor analysis of a near-infrared method for the molecular weight determination of xanthan gum. NIR, PLS, RMSEP, XG
46  2015 Estimation of potentially toxic elements contamination in anthropogenic soils on a brown coal mining dumpsite by reflectance spectroscopy: a case study. PLSR, PTEs, RMSEPcv, SVMR, Vis-NIR
47  2015 Feasibility in multispectral imaging for predicting the content of bioactive compounds in intact tomato fruit. BPNN, LS-SVM, PLS
48  2015 Predicting pork quality using Vis/NIR spectroscopy. IMF, PLS
49  2015 Prediction of mixed hardwood lignin and carbohydrate content using ATR-FTIR and FT-NIR. ATR-FTIR, FT-NIR, HPLC, PCR, PLS
50  2015 Robust Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) Partial Least-Squares (PLS) Models for Tannin Quantification in Red Wine. BSA, MCP, PLS, RMSEP, UV-vis
51  2015 [Determination of Chloride Salt Solution by NIR Spectroscopy]. RM- SECV
52  2015 [Extending Hyperspectral Detecting Model of pH in Fresh Pork to New Breeds]. CSPV, PLS, RMSECV, RMSEP
53  2015 [NIRS for Predicting Nutritive Value of Elymus sibiricus]. ADF, CP, IVDMD, NDF, NIRS, PLSR
54  2015 [Quantitatively Determination of Available Phosphorus and Available Potassium in Soil by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combining with Recursive Partial Least Squares]. LW-PLS, NIR, PLS, RPLS
55  2014 A green method for the determination of cocaine in illicit samples. NIR, RMSEP
56  2014 Chemometric quality inspection control of pyrantel pamoate, febantel and praziquantel in veterinary tablets by mid infrared spectroscopy. HPLC-DAD, RMSEP, siPLS
57  2014 Development of variable pathlength UV-vis spectroscopy combined with partial-least-squares regression for wastewater chemical oxygen demand (COD) monitoring. COD, LLDF, MLDF, PLSR, RMSEP, RMSEP
58  2014 Estimating soil organic carbon content with visible-near-infrared (vis-NIR) spectroscopy. DG, DU, FD, MC, PLSR, RMSE, SOC, SVMR, Vis-NIR
59  2014 Feasibility of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy to detect tetracyclines hydrochloride in infant milk powder. TCsH, THz-TDS
60  2014 Monitoring arsenic contamination in agricultural soils with reflectance spectroscopy of rice plants. MC, NDSI, PLSR, RMSEP, SG
61  2014 Noninvasive measurement of glucose in artificial plasma with near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy. AP, NIR, PLS, RMSECV
62  2014 Predicting field capacity, wilting point, and the other physical properties of soils using hyperspectral reflectance spectroscopy: two different statistical approaches. FC, PLSR, raw, RMSE, WP
63  2014 Rapid discrimination of geographical origin and evaluation of antioxidant activity of Salvia miltiorrhiza var. alba by Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy. AA, FT-NIRS, iPLS, PLS, RMSEP
64  2014 The use of Vis/NIRS and chemometric analysis to predict fruit defects and postharvest behaviour of 'Nules Clementine' mandarin fruit. CI, DM, PCA, PLS, PLS-DA
65  2014 [Determination of steviol in Stevia Rebaudiana leaves by near infrared spectroscopy]. FD, MSC, NIRS, PLS, RA, RMSEC, SD, ST
66  2014 [Visible and near infrared spectroscopy combined with recursive variable selection to quantitatively determine soil total nitrogen and organic matter]. OM, PLS, RPLS, TN, UVE-PLS, VIP-RPLS
67  2013 Application of near-infrared spectroscopy combined with multivariate analysis in monitoring of crude heparin purification process. iPLSs, NIR, PLSR, SPA
68  2013 At-line near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring concentrations in temperature-triggered glutamate fermentation. NIR, RMSEC, RMSEP
69  2013 Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for on-line determination of quality parameters in intact olives. NIRS, RMSECV
70  2013 Oil accumulation in intact olive fruits measured by near infrared spectroscopy-acousto-optically tunable filter. NIR, NMR
71  2013 Potential of time series-hyperspectral imaging (TS-HSI) for non-invasive determination of microbial spoilage of salmon flesh. CARS, LS-SVM, PLSR, TS-HSI, TVC
72  2013 Prediction of alpaca fibre quality by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy. CF, CVFD, MFC, MFD, NIR, NIRS, PCA, RMSECV, SDFC, SDFD, SF, SL
73  2013 Rapid determination of olive oil oxidative stability and its major quality parameters using vis/NIR transmittance spectroscopy. OSI, PLS
74  2013 [Effect of soil moisture on prediction of soil total nitrogen using NIR spectroscopy]. MAI, RMSEC, SMC, STN
75  2012 A feasibility study on quantitative analysis of glucose and fructose in lotus root powder by FT-NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics. BP-ANN, FT-NIR, LS-SVM, LVs, PLSR, RMSEC
76  2012 Prediction of pork quality with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) 2. Feasibility and robustness of NIRS measurements under production plant conditions. NIRS, pHu
77  2012 Prediction of pork quality with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS): 1. Feasibility and robustness of NIRS measurements at laboratory scale. NIRS, pHu
78  2012 [Determination of sodium by near infrared spectroscopy]. PLS, RMSECV
79  2012 [Near-infrared spectroscopy analysis of adenosine and water in fermentation cordyceps powder and wavelength assignment]. PLS, RMSEP
80  2012 [Prediction of soil organic carbon in different soil fractions of black soils in Northeast China using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy]. NIRS, PLS, SOC
81  2012 [Rapid determination of componential contents and calorific value of selected agricultural biomass feedstocks using spectroscopic technology]. PLS, Vis-NIR
82  2011 Accuracy of near infrared spectroscopy for prediction of chemical composition, salt content and free amino acids in dry-cured ham. CV, EV, NIR, SE
83  2011 Comparison of near infra-red spectroscopy, neutral detergent fibre assay and in-vitro organic matter digestibility assay for rapid determination of the biochemical methane potential of meadow grasses. BMP, IVOMD, NDF, NIRS, PLS, RMSEP
84  2011 In situ determination of growing stages and harvest time of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum ) fruits using fiber-optic visible-near-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy. GS, PLSR, RMSEP, Vis-NIR
85  2011 Non-destructive estimation of moisture, water activity and NaCl at ham surface during resting and drying using NIR spectroscopy. aw, FT, NIR
86  2011 Rapid determination of lignin content of straw using fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy. RMSEP
87  2011 [Fast analytical method on content and transfer rate of marker component in ethanol precipitation of cinobufacini by near infrared spectroscopy]. RMSEC, RMSEP
88  2010 Determination of amino acids in Chinese rice wine by fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy. HPLC, NIR, PLSR
89  2010 Hybrid variable selection in visible and near-infrared spectral analysis for non-invasive quality determination of grape juice. biPLS, iPLS, MLR, siPLS, SPA, SSC, UVE, Vis-NIR
90  2010 [Non-invasive measurement of water content in engine lubricant using visible and near infrared spectroscopy]. LS-SVM, MLR, PCA, PLSR, SPA, Vis-NIRS
91  2010 [Rapid evaluation of primary nutrients during plant-field chicken manure composting using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy]. MSC, PLS, RMSECV, SNV, TN, TP
92  2009 Application of a hybrid variable selection method for determination of carbohydrate content in soy milk powder using visible and near infrared spectroscopy. OB, RMSEP, SA, Vis-NIR, WPT
93  2009 Exploring near and midinfrared spectroscopy to predict trace iron and zinc contents in powdered milk. LS-SVM, MIR, NIR, PLS, RMSEP, SPA, UVE
94  2009 [Qualitative and quantitative analysis method of tea by near infrared spectroscopy]. ---
95  2009 [Study on disease level classification of rice panicle blast based on visible and near infrared spectroscopy]. LS-SVM, MSC, RMSEP, SNV, SPA, UVE, Vis-NIR
96  2008 Midinfrared spectroscopy and chemometrics to predict diuron sorption coefficients in soils. MIR, PCA, PLS, SE
97  2008 Prediction of dry matter, fat, pH, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, total antioxidant capacity, and color in fresh and freeze-dried cheeses by visible-near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy. ---