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■ 略語/展開語 : RT/recruitment threshold

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略語:   RT  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   recruitment threshold
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Effects of continuous cycling training on motor unit firing rates, input excitation, and myosin heavy chain of the vastus lateralis in sedentary females. CON, CYC, EMG, MCSA, MFR, MU, MVCs, VL
2021 Firing rate trajectories of human motor units during isometric ramp contractions to 10, 25 and 50% of maximal voluntary contraction. EMG, MU, MVC, PICs, RTD
2021 Pain-induced changes in motor unit discharge depend on recruitment threshold and contraction speed. DRvar, MDR, MU, MVC
2020 A Comparison of Motor Unit Control Strategies between Two Different Isometric Tasks. DT, EMG, MFR, MU
2020 Differences in the firing rate versus recruitment threshold relationships of the vastus lateralis in children ages 7-10years and adults. EMG, MCSA, MU, MVC
2020 Sex-related differences in motor unit firing rates and action potential amplitudes of the first dorsal interosseous during high-, but not low-intensity contractions. AP, CSAs, FDI, IFRs, MFRs, MU, MUAPAMPS, MVC
2019 Characteristics of motor unit recruitment in boys and men at maximal and submaximal force levels. MFR, MU, MUAPSIZE, VA, VL
2019 Effect of knee joint position on triceps surae motor unit recruitment and firing rates. FR, LG, MG, SOL
2019 Eight weeks of resistance training increases strength, muscle cross-sectional area and motor unit size, but does not alter firing rates in the vastus lateralis. CSA, MFR, MU
10  2019 Motor unit firing rates of the first dorsal interosseous differ between male and female children aged 8-10 years. CSA, FDI, MFR, MUAPAMPS, MVC
11  2019 Strength Training Increases Conduction Velocity of High-Threshold Motor Units. CON, MU, MUCV
12  2019 The effect of rate of torque development on motor unit recruitment and firing rates during isometric voluntary trapezoidal contractions. EMG, MFR, MU, MVC, VL
13  2018 Effects of fatiguing, submaximal high- versus low-torque isometric exercise on motor unit recruitment and firing behavior. LT, MU
14  2018 Examination of muscle composition and motor unit behavior of the first dorsal interosseous of normal and overweight children. CSA, EI, MFR, MU, MVC, NW, OW, sFAT
15  2018 Examination of muscle morphology and neuromuscular function in normal weight and overfat children aged 7-10 years. CI, mEI, MFRs, MU, NW, sFAT, VL
16  2018 Muscle phenotype is related to motor unit behavior of the vastus lateralis during maximal isometric contractions. MHC, MU, MVIC, VL
17  2018 Sex-related differences in muscle size explained by amplitudes of higher-threshold motor unit action potentials and muscle fibre typing. MCSA, MUAPAMP, VL
18  2018 The influence of input excitation on the inter- and intra-day reliability of the motor unit firing rate versus recruitment threshold relationship. ICCs, MFR, MU, MVIC, sEMG
19  2017 Adaptations in antagonist co-activation: Role in the repeated-bout effect. DOMS, MFR, RBE, ROM
20  2017 Age-related differences in the motor unit action potential size in relation to recruitment threshold. CSA, EI, FDI, MU, MUAPsize, MVC
21  2017 Associations between motor unit action potential parameters and surface EMG features. ---
22  2017 Distribution of muscle fibre conduction velocity for representative samples of motor units in the full recruitment range of the tibialis anterior muscle. ---
23  2016 Action potential amplitude as a noninvasive indicator of motor unit-specific hypertrophy. CSA, MUs, sEMG
24  2006 Variability of quadriceps femoris motor neuron discharge and muscle force in human aging. CV, ISI, KE, MU, SD, VIS
25  1989 Fluctuations in motor unit recruitment threshold during slow isometric contractions of wrist extensor muscles in man. ---