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略語:   RT  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   resistance-trained
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2022 The MMAAS Project: An Observational Human Study Investigating the Effect of Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Use on Gene Expression and the Molecular Mechanism of Muscle Memory. AAS, CSA, PREV, RP, RT-AS
2021 Flexible vs. rigid dieting in resistance-trained individuals seeking to optimize their physiques: A randomized controlled trial. FLEX, RIGID
2021 Intermittent Energy Restriction Attenuates the Loss of Fat Free Mass in Resistance Trained Individuals. A Randomized Controlled Trial. BM, CHO, CN, dFFM, FFM, FM, RF, RMR
2021 The Effect of Grip Width on Muscle Strength and Electromyographic Activity in Bench Press among Novice- and Resistance-Trained Men. NT
2020 Epigenetic Responses to Acute Resistance Exercise in Trained vs. Sedentary Men. RE, SED
2019 Short-interval intracortical inhibition of the biceps brachii in chronic-resistance versus non-resistance-trained individuals. AMT, Mmax, MVC
2018 Differences in the motor unit firing rates and amplitudes in relation to recruitment thresholds during submaximal contractions of the first dorsal interosseous between chronically resistance-trained and physically active men. CON, MFR, MU, MUAPAMP, MVC, REC
2017 Effects of a 15-Day Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diet in Resistance-Trained Men. CHO, OXI
2016 Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia Is Not Influenced by Physical Activity Type and Amount. AERO, EIH, IA, PA, PPT
10  2015 Acute response to cluster sets in trained and untrained men. CLU, FT, GH, TRD, TT, TUT, UT
11  2015 Does the Dumbbell-Carrying Position Change the Muscle Activity in Split Squats and Walking Lunges? EMG, GMed, NT, ROM, SSq, VL, VM, WL
12  2015 Mechanomyographic mean power frequency during an isometric trapezoid muscle action at multiple contraction intensities. AT, MMGMPF, MVC, SED
13  2015 Motor unit control strategies of endurance- versus resistance-trained individuals. EMG, ET, MU
14  2015 Reduced susceptibility to eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage in resistance-trained men is not linked to resistance training-related neural adaptations. CON, ECC, EMG, MVCs, UT
15  2015 The effects of chronic exercise training status on motor unit activation and deactivation control strategies. AT, MU, SED
16  2015 The impact of chronic endurance and resistance training upon the right ventricular phenotype in male athletes. BSA, CT, ET, RV
17  2015 Training-induced Increase in Bone Mineral Density between Growing Male and Female Rats. BMD
18  2014 Chronic resistance training enhances the spinal excitability of the biceps brachii in the non-dominant arm at moderate contraction intensities. CMEPs, MEPs, Mmax, MVC
19  2014 Differences in supraspinal and spinal excitability during various force outputs of the biceps brachii in chronic- and non-resistance trained individuals. CE, CMEP, MEP
20  2014 Predominance of normal left ventricular geometry in the male 'athlete's heart'. AH, BSA, CT, ET, ET
21  2013 Associations among hemorheological factors and maximal oxygen consumption. Is there a role for blood viscosity in explaining athletic performance? AT
22  2013 Corticospinal responses of resistance-trained and un-trained males during dynamic muscle contractions. H-reflex, MEPs, UT
23  2013 Effects of load and type of physical training on resting and postexercise cardiac autonomic control. HRR, HRR, SED
24  2013 Influence of training on markers of platelet activation in response to a bout of heavy resistance exercise. AERET, beta-TG, PF4, RM, UT
25  2012 Divergent muscle functional and architectural responses to two successive high intensity resistance exercise sessions in competitive weightlifters and resistance trained adults. CI, HIRE, PF, RFD, VL, WL
26  2012 The effect of resistance exercise on p53, caspase-9, and caspase-3 in trained and untrained men. BMI, IP, PRE, RE, UT
27  2010 A noninvasive, log-transform method for fiber type discrimination using mechanomyography. AT, RMS, RMS, RMS, SED
28  2010 Moderate resistive training maintains bone mineral density and improves functional fitness in postmenopausal women. FN, LS, UN
29  2010 The effects of fatigue of the plantar flexors on peak torque and voluntary activation in untrained and resistance-trained men. CAR, EMG, ITT, MG, MVCs, UT
30  2009 Cardiovagal baroreflex and aortic hemodynamic responses to isometric exercise and post-exercise muscle ischemia in resistance trained men. AIx, BRS, IHG, PEMI, SV, UT
31  2008 Long-term resistance training improves force and unloaded shortening velocity of single muscle fibres of elderly women. CSA, Vo
32  2008 Resting energy expenditure and delayed-onset muscle soreness after full-body resistance training with an eccentric concentration. CK, DOMS, REE, RPMS, UT
33  2007 Arterial stiffness and wave reflection following exercise in resistance-trained men. PWV
34  2007 Fibrinolytic markers and vasodilatory capacity following acute exercise among men of differing training status. BMI, ET, RH, UT
35  2006 The effect of acute resistance exercise on serum malondialdehyde in resistance-trained and untrained collegiate men. MDA, UT
36  2004 Effect of race and musculoskeletal development on the accuracy of air plethysmography. AP, Dffm, DXA, HW
37  2003 Muscle activation is enhanced with multi- and uni-articular bilateral versus unilateral contractions. MVC, NRT
38  2002 Fatigue depresses maximal in vitro skeletal muscle Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase activity in untrained and trained individuals. ET, UT
39  2002 Resistance training increases glucose uptake and transport in rat skeletal muscle. AT, CON
40  2001 The relationship of mode and intensity of training on resting metabolic rate in women. AT, HT, MT, RMR, UNT
41  2000 Muscle damage and resting metabolic rate after acute resistance exercise with an eccentric overload. RMR, RPMS, UT
42  1998 Concurrent resistance and endurance training influence basal metabolic rate in nondieting individuals. BF, BMR, CT, ET
43  1996 Maximal accumulated oxygen deficit of resistance-trained men. ET, MAOD, MM, UT
44  1995 Resting metabolic rate and cardiovascular disease risk in resistance- and aerobic-trained middle-aged women. AT, RMR, UT
45  1993 Failure to find increased TEM at rest and during exercise in aerobically trained and resistance trained subjects. AT, UT
46  1992 The effects of either high-intensity resistance or endurance training on resting metabolic rate. ET, RMR