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■ 略語/展開語 : RT/rete testis

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略語:   RT  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   rete testis
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No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Dysregulation of Notch-FGF signaling axis in germ cells results in cystic dilation of the rete testis in mice. Nb, Nbl
2021 Low retinoic acid levels mediate regionalization of the Sertoli valve in the terminal segment of mouse seminiferous tubules. FGFs, RA, ST, SV
2011 Multilayered structure of the basal lamina of the tubuli recti in normal mice. BTB, ST, TR
2009 The presence of intra-tubular lymphocytes in normal testis of the mouse. BTB, ST, TR
2007 Immunomorphological aspects of the tubuli recti and the surrounding interstitium in normal mice. TR
2003 The ultrastructure of the guinea pig rete testis. ER
2002 Light and electron microscopy of the pagetoid spread of germ cell carcinoma in the rete testis: morphologic evidence suggestive of field effect as a mechanism of tumor spread. IGCN, PSRT
1998 A scanning electron microscopic study of the rete testis of the guinea pig. SEM
1993 Ultrastructure of the rete testis in the cat (Felis domestica, L.). ---
10  1989 Effects of ligation of the ductus deferens on the fowl epididymal region. ED
11  1985 Studies on the participation of tunica albuginea and rete testis (TA and RT) in the quantitative structure of human testis. TA, TA and RT