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略語:   RT  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   rise time
             (生理) 立ち上がり時間
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2022 Application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the pathological grading and prognosis prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma. CEUS, HCC, Imax, MTT, MVI, TTP
2022 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for assessing histopathology in pediatric immunoglobulin A nephropathy and Henoch-Schönlein purpura nephritis. CEUS, HSPN, IgAN, TTP
2022 Correlation between quantitative parameters of CEUS and Ki-67 labeling index in soft-tissue sarcoma. AUC, CEUS, LI, STS
2022 Fall time may be a reliable discriminator between neoplastic and non-neoplastic urinary bladder lesions in dogs undergoing contrast-enhanced ultrasound: a pilot study. AUC, CAT, CEUS, FT, ROC, TICs, TTP
2022 Gastric Cancer Angiogenesis Assessment by Dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging Endoscopic Ultrasound (CHI-EUS) and Immunohistochemical Analysis-A Feasibility Study. CHI-EUS, GC, MVD, PE, ROI, TIC, TTP, VD, WiPI
2022 In vivo assessment of hypertensive nephrosclerosis using ultrasound localization microscopy. AUC, CEUS, CKD, EDV, HN, MTT, PSV, RI, SHR, ULM, WKY
2022 Subclavian Artery Flow Dynamics Evaluated by Analytical Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Videoangiography During Surgical Treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: A Case Series. AI, BFI, ICG, MI, SA, TOS
2021 Auditory Processing of Non-speech Stimuli by Children in Dual-Language Immersion Programs. FM
2021 Differentiation of Malignant and Benign Orbital Space-Occupying Lesions Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: Added Value From a Time-Intensity Curve-Based Quantitative Analysis. AT, CEUS, DS, IMAX, MTT, ROC, TIC, TTP
10  2021 Prediction of treatment responses to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer using contrast-enhanced ultrasound. AUC, CEUS, IMAX, MPG, MTT, NAC, ROC, TTP
11  2021 Quantification of dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in non-cystic breast lesions using external perfusion software. AUC, CEUS, MTT, PACS, PE, TIC, TTP
12  2021 Quantitative Analysis of the Time-Intensity Curve of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of the Liver: Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Liver Lesions. CEUS, LPR
13  2020 A pilot trial to evaluate the clinical usefulness of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in predicting renal outcomes in patients with acute kidney injury. AKI, AUC, CEUS, CKD, KDIGO, MTT, OR, PI, ROC, RRT, WIS
14  2020 Clinical application of dynamic contrast enhanced ultrasound in monitoring the treatment response of chemoradiotherapy of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. CRT, D-CEUS, LAPC, MI, MTT, ROIs, TICs, TTP
15  2020 Clinical value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the differential diagnosis of specific subtypes of uterine leiomyomas. CEUS, MTT, PI, TTP
16  2020 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography versus Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Diagnosis of Mediastinal Tumors. AT, CE-MRI, CEUS, DVPC, PPV, QOF, TTP
17  2020 Evaluation of the Reproducibility of Bolus Transit Quantification With Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Across Multiple Scanners and Analysis Software Packages-A Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance Study. CEUS, MTT
18  2020 Quantitative Analysis of Perfusion Characteristics Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Patients with Choroidal Metastasis. AUCs, CEUS, IMAX, MTT, ROC, TTP
19  2020 [Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography and Color Doppler Ultrasonography for Dynamic Assessment of Intracranial Changes in Early MCAO Rats Models]. ACA, AUC, CEUS, DUS, EDV, MCA, MCAO, MV, PCA, PI, PSV, SD, TPH, TTP, WIS
20  2019 Calcium Imaging of Parvalbumin Neurons in the Dorsal Root Ganglia. DRG, GECI, PMCA, PV, SERCA, TG
21  2019 Correlations between quantitative parameters of contrast-enhanced ultrasound and vasculogenic mimicry in murine tumor model: a novel noninvasive technique for assessment? CEUS, EV, I max, MTT, TTP, VM
22  2019 Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of Gastric Cancer: Correlation with Perfusion CT and Histopathology. AUC, CEUS, PCC, PCT, PI
23  2019 Prognostic Value of Quantitative Perfusion Parameters by Enhanced Ultrasound in Endometrial Cancer. CEUS, DFS, EI, ER, OS, TIC
24  2019 Value of Perfusion Parameters for Differentiating Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Metastasis With Hypervascularity and a Normal Hepatic Background on Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging. AUC, AUC, AUROC, CEUS, HCCs, IMAX, MLTs, TTP, TTP, WT
25  2018 Bedside assessment of regional cerebral perfusion using near-infrared spectroscopy and indocyanine green in patients with atherosclerotic occlusive disease. NIRS/ICG, rCBF, rOEF, TTP
26  2018 Can different regions of interest influence the diagnosis of benign and malignant breast lesions using quantitative parameters of contrast-enhanced sonography? MTT, ROIs, SIr, SIs, TTP
27  2018 Early Prediction of Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI and Ultrasound in Breast Cancer. DCE-MRI, DCE-US, MPG, NAC
28  2018 Interobserver Analysis of CEUS-Derived Perfusion in Fibrotic and Inflammatory Crohn's Disease. AUC, CD, FT, MTT, PE, US, WiR, WOR
29  2018 [Perfusion Imaging of Ovarian Masses with Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography]. AUC, CEUS, PI, ROC, TTH, TTP
30  2017 Assessing tumor angiogenesis in colorectal cancer by quantitative contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound and molecular and immunohistochemical analysis. CE-EUS, CRC, PE, TIC, TTP, VEGFR1, WiAUC, WiPI, WiR, WiWoAUC, WoAUC
31  2017 Intraoperative Indocyanine Green-Based Cortical Perfusion Assessment in Patients Suffering from Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. FI, ICG, TBI
32  2017 Oesophageal Doppler guided optimization of cardiac output does not increase visceral microvascular blood flow in healthy volunteers. CEUS, CO, MBF, ODM, TT5
33  2017 Percutaneous Treatment of Malignant Liver Lesions: Evaluation of Success Using Contrast- Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) and Perfusion Software. CEUS, MTT, TTP
34  2017 Predicting Future Reading Problems Based on Pre-reading Auditory Measures: A Longitudinal Study of Children with a Familial Risk of Dyslexia. FM, PA
35  2017 PRospective Imaging of CErvical cancer and neoadjuvant treatment (PRICE) study: role of ultrasound to predict partial response in locally advanced cervical cancer patients undergoing chemoradiation and radical surgery. LACC, PE, PRICE, ROC, WiR
36  2017 Quantitative Analysis of Hepatic Microcirculation inRabbitsAfter Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryUsingContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound. AST, CEUS, IMAX, IRI, MTT, TICs, TTP
37  2017 Quantitative parameters of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for assessment of renal pathology: A preliminary study in chronic kidney disease. AUC, CKD, PI, ROC, TTP, US, WIS
38  2017 Quantitative parameters of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in breast invasive ductal carcinoma: The correlation with pathological prognostic factors. CEUS, ER, IDCs, IMAX, MTT, PR, ROC, TTP
39  2016 Can quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasonography predict cervical tumor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy? CEUS, IMAX, MTT, NACT, TTP
40  2016 Chronic liver disease: Quantitative MRI vsCEUS-based microperfusion. CEUS, mTTI, rrT1, TTP, WiAUC, WIPI, WiR
41  2016 Clinical effects of bevacizumab targeted treatment on advanced colorectal cancer with liver metastasis. MTT
42  2016 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography as a new method for assessing autonomization of pedicled and microvascular free flaps in head and neck reconstructive surgery. ---
43  2016 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of cervical carcinoma: perfusion pattern and relationship with tumour angiogenesis. CEUS, IMAX, MVD, TTP
44  2016 Evaluation of Perfusion Quantification Methods with Ultrasound Contrast Agents in a Machine-Perfused PigLiver. AUC, DCE-US, HA, MTT, PV
45  2016 Quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for the differential diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial neoplasms. AT, CEUS, EI, MVD, PI, TIC, TTP
46  2016 Quantitative evaluation of contrast-enhanced ultrasound for differentiation of renal cell carcinoma subtypes and angiomyolipoma. AML, AUC, CEUS, IMAX, MTT, RCC, TTP
47  2016 Study on breast cancer animal model of tumor-micro vessel variation before and after the chemotherapy by contrast enhanced ultrasound quantitative analysis. CEUS, IMAX, MTT, MVD, TTP
48  2016 [Quantitative Study on Angiogenesis Features of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Xenografted into Nude Mouse Model Using Time-intensity Curve Parameters with Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography]. CEUS, MVD
49  2015 Chronic liver disease: Correlation of CEUS-based microperfusion and indocyanine green clearance. CEUS, ICG, ICG-PDR, PE, WiR
50  2015 Comparison of Two High-End Ultrasound Systems for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Quantification of Mural Microvascularity in Crohn's Disease. CD, CEUS, PE, QOF, WiR, WiWoAUC
51  2015 DVP parametric imaging for characterizing ovarian masses in contrast-enhanced ultrasound. DVP, IMAX, MTT, TIC, TTP
52  2015 Investigation of Renal Cell Carcinoma by Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound- Predictive Value of Time Intensity Curve Analysis in Establishing Local Tumor Invasion and Stage: A Pilot Study. CEUS, MTT, RCC, ROC, ROI, TIC, TTP
53  2015 Parameters of prostate cancer at contrast-enhanced ultrasound: correlation with prostate cancer risk. CEUS, IMAX, MTT, PCa, TTP
54  2015 [Contrast-enhanced ultrasound parameters for early chronic kidney diseases and their associations with laboratory results]. AUC, CEUS, CKD, TIC, TTP
55  2015 [Preliminary study of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in the evaluation of angiogenesis in ovarian tumors]. AUC, CEUS, MVD, PI, TTH, TTP, VEGF
56  2014 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for the determination of Crohn's disease activity - preliminary experience. CD, CDAI, CEUS, LDCTE, PE, WiR
57  2014 Dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound (DCE-US) for the characterization of hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocellular carcinoma. DCE-US, FT, PE, TTP
58  2014 Quantitative cerebral perfusion assessment using microscope-integrated analysis of intraoperative indocyanine green fluorescence angiography versus positron emission tomography in superficial temporal artery to middle cerebral artery anastomosis. CBFi, HPS, ICG, IMAX, MTT, PET, ROIs, STA-MCA, TTP
59  2014 The relationship of phonological ability, speech perception, and auditory perception in adults with dyslexia. FM, ID
60  2014 Triphasic and epithelioid minimal fat renal angiomyolipoma and clear cell renal cell carcinoma: qualitative and quantitative CEUS characteristics and distinguishing features. AML, ccRCC, CEUS, EAMLs, TAMLs, TOC ratio, TTP
61  2013 Contrast-enhanced US quantitatively detects changes of tumor perfusion in a murine breast cancer model during adriamycin chemotherapy. MVD, PE, QOF, WiPI, WiR
62  2013 Quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography: differentiating focal nodular hyperplasia from hepatocellular carcinoma. CEUS, FNH, HCC, RS, TTP
63  2012 First results of endocavity evaluation of the microvascularization of malignant prostate tumors using contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) including perfusion analysis: first results. CEUS, MTT, TRUS, WiR
64  2012 Postoperative evaluation of microvascularization in mandibular reconstructions with microvascular flaps - first results with a new perfusion software for contrast-enhanced sonography (CEUS). CEUS, PE, WiAUC, WiR
65  2011 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of hepatocellular carcinoma: correlation between quantitative parameters and arteries in neoangiogenesis or sinusoidal capillarization. CEUS-TIC, HCC, IMAX, MTT, MVA, RS, TTP, UAs, WT
66  2011 Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of hepatocellular carcinoma: correlation between quantitative parameters and histological grading. HCC, IMAX, RS, TTP, UAs, WT
67  2010 Nonlinear contrast imaging with an array-based micro-ultrasound system. CTR, PE, WiR
68  2004 Age reduces response latency of mouse inferior colliculus neurons to AM sounds. IC, SAM
69  2003 Humans detect gaps in broadband noise according to effective gap duration without additional cues from abrupt envelope changes. FT
70  2003 Investigation of fatigue crack growth in acrylic bone cement using the acoustic emission technique. ---
71  2002 The relative detectability for mice of gaps having different ramp durations at their onset and offset boundaries. FT
72  2000 Rise time or rise rate: which should be a criterion for analysing motor unit action potentials? BIC, FDI, MUAPs, RR
73  1999 Dynamics of force and muscle stimulation in human vertical jumping. CM, GLU, SREMG
74  1999 Sensitivity of vertical jumping performance to changes in muscle stimulation onset times: a simulation study. ---
75  1998 The rise and dwell time for peak expiratory flow in patients with and without airflow limitation. DT90, PEF
76  1997 [A study of the phenomenon of voice intonation: analysis, usage and diagnosis]. ---
77  1996 On the selection of concentric needle electromyogram motor unit action potentials: is the rise time criterion too restrictive? MU, MUAPs
78  1996 [Normalization of myocardial perfusion reserve after coronary stent implantation in comparison with balloon angioplasty alone]. IMAX, MaxFR, MCAT, MTT
79  1988 Changes in Doppler waveforms can predict pressure reduction across internal carotid artery stenoses. CCA, ICA, PI, SW
80  1984 Electrophysiological analysis of the cholinergic effects of cimetidine and ranitidine. EPP, HD, MEPP, RMP
81  1979 Characteristics of fast excitatory postsynaptic current in bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cells. Effects of membrane potential, temperature and Ca ions. EPSC, HDt
82  1976 Studies in infant behavioural audiometry. II. Six-week-old infants. BW, SPL
83  1976 Studies in infant behavioural audiometry. III. Six-month-old infants. BSN, SPL