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Abbreviation:   RTA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ricin toxin A chain
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2019 Development of a highly sensitive in vitro endothelial cell toxicity assay for evaluating ricin toxin A chain-based vaccines or therapeutics. BSA, ECT, EGM-2, HUVEC, RVEc, TEER, VLS
2019 Leucine 232 and hydrophobic residues at the ribosomal P stalk binding site are critical for biological activity of ricin. SRL
2019 Ribosome depurination by ricin leads to inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced HAC1 mRNA splicing on the ribosome. ER, mRTA, UPR
2017 A Simple Fluorescence-based Reporter Assay to Identify Cellular Components Required for Ricin Toxin A Chain (RTA) Trafficking in Yeast. ER, GFP
2017 Ricin uses arginine 235 as an anchor residue to bind to P-proteins of the ribosomal stalk. SRL
2016 Engineering Signaling Aptamers That Rely on Kinetic Rather Than Equilibrium Competition. LOD, MB
2016 Toxicity of ricin A chain is reduced in mammalian cells by inhibiting its interaction with the ribosome. WT
2015 Monoclonal antibody, mAb 4C13, an effective detoxicant antibody against ricin poisoning. i.p, mAb, RTB
2013 Disruption of the putative vascular leak peptide sequence in the stabilized ricin vaccine candidate RTA1-33/44-198. VLP
10  2013 Toxicity of ricin toxin A chain in rats. i.v, OS
11  2012 Delivery of ricin toxin a-chain by peptide-targeted mesoporous silica nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers. ---
12  2011 Cell-specific delivery of diverse cargos by bacteriophage MS2 virus-like particles. HCC, VLPs
13  2011 Introduction of a disulfide bond leads to stabilization and crystallization of a ricin immunogen. ---
14  2011 Modulation of toxin stability by 4-phenylbutyric acid and negatively charged phospholipids. CT, CTA1, ER, PBA
15  2011 Structure-based design of ricin inhibitors. ---
16  2010 Pentameric organization of the ribosomal stalk accelerates recruitment of ricin a chain to the ribosome for depurination. RIPs, SPR, SRL
17  2009 Detecting ricin: sensitive luminescent assay for ricin A-chain ribosome depurination kinetics. APRTase, PPDK, RIP, SRL
18  2008 Calculation of absolute ligand binding free energy to a ribosome-targeting protein as a function of solvent model. GB, PMF
19  2008 Detection of an abasic site in RNA with stem-loop DNA beacons: application to an activity assay for Ricin Toxin A-Chain. ---
20  2008 The ribosomal stalk is required for ribosome binding, depurination of the rRNA and cytotoxicity of ricin A chain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PAP, RIPs
21  2007 Circular DNA and DNA/RNA hybrid molecules as scaffolds for ricin inhibitor design. N-Bn, N-Bn
22  2007 The isolation and characterization of temperature-dependent ricin A chain molecules in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
23  2007 Vinyldeoxyadenosine in a sarcin-ricin RNA loop and its binding to ricin toxin a-chain. 8-vA, 8vdA, PAP
24  2005 Peptide analogues of a T-cell epitope of ricin toxin A-chain prevent agonist-mediated human T-cell response. APL, IT
25  2005 Ricin A-chain activity on stem-loop and unstructured DNA substrates. ---
26  2004 A dominant linear B-cell epitope of ricin A-chain is the target of a neutralizing antibody response in Hodgkin's lymphoma patients treated with an anti-CD25 immunotoxin. ---
27  2004 Insertional mutagenesis of ricin A chain: a novel route to an anti-ricin vaccine. ---
28  2004 Ricin A-chain substrate specificity in RNA, DNA, and hybrid stem-loop structures. ---
29  2002 Real-time kinetic analyses of the interaction of ricin toxin A-chain with ribosomes prove a conformational change involved in complex formation. ---
30  2001 Identification of ricin A-chain HLA class II-restricted epitopes by human T-cell clones. RIPs
31  2001 Ricin A-chain inhibitors resembling the oxacarbenium ion transition state. ---
32  1997 An in vitro model for toxin-mediated vascular leak syndrome: ricin toxin A chain increases the permeability of human endothelial cell monolayers. VLS
33  1997 Ricin fusion toxin targeted to the human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor receptor is selectively toxic to acute myeloid leukemia cells. AML, GM-CSF, RTB
34  1996 Cytotoxicity of KDEL-terminated ricin toxins correlates with distribution of the KDEL receptor in the Golgi. ER, IPTG
35  1995 Self-potentiation of ligand-toxin conjugates containing ricin A chain fused with viral structures. cRTA, nRTA, rRTA, Tfn
36  1994 Evaluation of ricin A chain-containing immunotoxins directed against glycolipid and glycoprotein on mouse lymphoma cells. ITs, mAbs
37  1992 Anti-CD3 immunotoxin prevents low-dose STZ/interferon-induced autoimmune diabetes in mouse. IFN-gamma, IT, MoAb, STZ
38  1992 Inducible cell ablation in Drosophila by cold-sensitive ricin A chain. ---
39  1991 Alteration of an amino acid residue outside the active site of the ricin A chain reduces its toxicity towards yeast ribosomes. ---
40  1991 In vivo administration of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies or immunotoxins in murine recipients of allogeneic T cell-depleted marrow for the promotion of engraftment. ---
41  1991 Prevention of murine graft-versus-host disease and bone marrow alloengraftment across the major histocompatibility barrier after donor graft preincubation with anti-LFA1 immunotoxin. BM, BMS, GVHD, IT, MoAb, NK
42  1991 Recombinant ricin toxin A chain cytotoxicity against carcinoembryonic antigen expressing tumour cells mediated by a bispecific monoclonal antibody and its potentiation by ricin toxin B chain. CEA, rRTA, RTB
43  1991 [Preparation of SOKT1-RTA immunotoxin and its specific cytotoxic effect on human T lymphocytes]. McAb, PBT
44  1990 Cytotoxicity of a recombinant ricin-A-chain fusion protein containing a proteolytically-cleavable spacer sequence. PA, PA-RTA, RTA-PA
45  1990 The influence of anti-(ricin toxin A chain) monoclonal antibodies on the pharmacokinetics of ricin toxin A chain and recombinant ricin A chain in mice. ---
46  1986 Antibody-Pseudomonas exotoxin A conjugates cytotoxic to human breast cancer cells in vitro. PE
47  1986 Sensitivity and selectivity of ricin toxin A chain-monoclonal antibody 791T/36 conjugates against human tumor cell lines. ---