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Abbreviation:   RVG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   rabies virus glycoprotein
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2020 Brain Targeted Gold Liposomes Improve RNAi Delivery for Glioblastoma. APOE, BBB, CNS, GBM, miRNAs, OMIs, SNAs
2020 Efficient neuronal targeting and transfection using RVG and transferrin-conjugated liposomes. BBB, Tf
2020 Rabies virus glycoprotein-amplified hierarchical targeted hybrids capable of magneto-electric penetration delivery to orthotopic brain tumor. B-GQDs, pH-Den, RVG-hybrids
2020 Systemic delivery of microRNA-21 antisense oligonucleotides to the brain using T7-peptide decorated exosomes. AMO-21, RVG-exo, T7-exo, Unmod-exo
2019 Delivery of High Mobility Group Box-1 siRNA Using Brain-Targeting Exosomes for Ischemic Stroke Therapy. HMGB1, MCAO, RVG-Exo, siRNA, TNF-alpha, Unmod-Exo
2019 Enhancement of the transduction efficiency of a lentiviral vector for neuron-specific retrograde gene delivery through the point mutation of fusion glycoprotein type E. NeuRet, VSV-G
2019 Exosomal DNA Aptamer Targeting alpha-Synuclein Aggregates Reduced Neuropathological Deficits in a Mouse Parkinson's Disease Model. PD, PFF
2019 Multiplex Neural Circuit Tracing With G-Deleted Rabies Viral Vectors. ASLV, oTVE-H
2019 Rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG29)-linked microRNA-124-loaded polymeric nanoparticles inhibit neuroinflammation in a Parkinson's disease model. IHC, IL, iNOS, LPS, MEKK, miR, NF-Kb, NPs, PD, TNF-alpha
10  2019 RVG-modified exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells rescue memory deficits by regulating inflammatory responses in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, MSCs
11  2018 Brain Targeting Delivery Facilitated by Ligand-Functionalized Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoparticles. Ang2, BBB, LDH
12  2018 Carbon Dioxide-Generating PLG Nanoparticles for Controlled Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery. PLG
13  2018 Nanoparticle formulations that allow for sustained delivery and brain targeting of the neuropeptide oxytocin. BSA, PLGA
14  2018 Targeted Brain Delivery of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein 29-Modified Deferoxamine-Loaded Nanoparticles Reverses Functional Deficits in Parkinsonian Mice. BBB, DFO, PD
15  2018 Targeted transport of nanocarriers into brain for theranosis with rabies virus glycoprotein-derived peptide. BBB
16  2017 Chimeric rabies glycoprotein with a transmembrane domain and cytoplasmic tail from Newcastle disease virus fusion protein incorporates into the Newcastle disease virion at reduced levels. CT, NDV, TM, VNA
17  2017 Exosome Mediated Delivery of miR-124 Promotes Neurogenesis after Ischemia. Lamp2b, miRNAs
18  2017 Pseudotyped Lentiviral Vectors for Retrograde Gene Delivery into Target Brain Regions. FuG-E, HIV-1, VSV-G
19  2017 Targeted delivery of nano-PTX to the brain tumor-associated macrophages. BBB, PTX, RVG-PTX-NPs, TAMs
20  2017 The potential use of rabies virus glycoprotein-derived peptides to facilitate drug delivery into the central nervous system: a mini review. CNS, nAChR, NCAM, RDP
21  2016 Optical Imaging and Gene Therapy with Neuroblastoma-Targeting Polymeric Nanoparticles for Potential Theranostic Applications. PLG
22  2016 Porous silicon-graphene oxide core-shell nanoparticles for targeted delivery of siRNA to the injured brain. ---
23  2016 Theranostic gas-generating nanoparticles for targeted ultrasound imaging and treatment of neuroblastoma. GNPs, US
24  2015 A comparative approach between heterologous prime-boost vaccination strategy and DNA vaccinations for rabies. RVNA
25  2015 A recombinant canine distemper virus expressing a modified rabies virus glycoprotein induces immune responses in mice. CDV, RV
26  2015 A Simple Alternative to Stereotactic Injection for Brain Specific Knockdown of miRNA. LNA, miRNAs
27  2015 Enhanced BBB permeability of osmotically active poly(mannitol-co-PEI) modified with rabies virus glycoprotein via selective stimulation of caveolar endocytosis for RNAi therapeutics in Alzheimer's disease. AD, BBB, PMT, RNAi
28  2015 Polyion complex micelles composed of pegylated polyasparthydrazide derivatives for siRNA delivery to the brain. PAHy, PIC
29  2015 Synthesis and characterization of rabies virus glycoprotein-tagged amphiphilic cyclodextrins for siRNA delivery in human glioblastoma cells: in vitro analysis. CD, siRNA
30  2015 Targeted exosome-mediated delivery of opioid receptor Mu siRNA for the treatment of morphine relapse. Ago2, MOR
31  2014 Improved transduction efficiency of a lentiviral vector for neuron-specific retrograde gene transfer by optimizing the junction of fusion envelope glycoprotein. FuG-C, FuG-E, HIV-1, NeuRet, VSV-G
32  2014 Rabies virus glycoprotein variants display different patterns in rabies monosynaptic tracing. RV
33  2014 Rabies-virus-glycoprotein-pseudotyped recombinant baculovirus vaccine confers complete protection against lethal rabies virus challenge in a mouse model. ---
34  2014 RVG-peptide-linked trimethylated chitosan for delivery of siRNA to the brain. TMC
35  2013 Highly efficient retrograde gene transfer into motor neurons by a lentiviral vector pseudotyped with fusion glycoprotein. FuG-B, HiRet, HIV-1, NeuRet, VSV-G
36  2012 Enhanced pseudotyping efficiency of HIV-1 lentiviral vectors by a rabies/vesicular stomatitis virus chimeric envelope glycoprotein. CNS, VSV-G
37  2012 Human macrophage and dendritic cell-specific silencing of high-mobility group protein B1 ameliorates sepsis in a humanized mouse model. AChR, BLT, CLP, NOD
38  2012 Recombinant canine distemper virus serves as bivalent live vaccine against rabies and canine distemper. CDV, RABV
39  2012 RVG peptide as transfection reagent for specific cdk4 gene silencing in vitro and in vivo. siRNA
40  2011 A brain-targeted rabies virus glycoprotein-disulfide linked PEI nanocarrier for delivery of neurogenic microRNA. miRNA, RVG-SSPEI
41  2011 A lentiviral strategy for highly efficient retrograde gene transfer by pseudotyping with fusion envelope glycoprotein. HIV-1
42  2011 Expression and solubilization of insect cell-based rabies virus glycoprotein and assessment of its immunogenicity and protective efficacy in mice. BEVS, CHAPS, CVS, DMSO
43  2011 Expression of rabies virus glycoprotein gene into eukaryotic system and determination of potential T-cell epitopes. IFAT
44  2011 Neuron-specific gene transfer through retrograde transport of lentiviral vector pseudotyped with a novel type of fusion envelope glycoprotein. FuG-C, HIV-1, VSV-G
45  2011 Newcastle disease virus-vectored rabies vaccine is safe, highly immunogenic, and provides long-lasting protection in dogs and cats. NDV
46  2011 Targeted delivery of large fusion protein into hippocampal neurons by systemic administration. ---
47  2010 Coexpression of double or triple copies of the rabies virus glycoprotein gene using a 'self-cleaving' 2A peptide-based replication-defective human adenovirus serotype 5 vector. FMDV
48  2010 Fine mapping and interaction analysis of a linear rabies virus neutralizing epitope. ---
49  2010 Targeted delivery of siRNA to macrophages for anti-inflammatory treatment. AChR, CNS, LPS, siRNA, TNF-alpha
50  2009 Efficient knockdown of human prnp mRNA expression levels using hybrid hammerhead ribozymes. HyHamRzs
51  2007 Efficient gene transfer via retrograde transport in rodent and primate brains using a human immunodeficiency virus type 1-based vector pseudotyped with rabies virus glycoprotein. HIV-1
52  2007 Feasibility and challenges in the development of immunocontraceptive vaccine based on zona pellucida glycoproteins. ZP
53  2007 The rabies virus glycoprotein receptor p75NTR is not essential for rabies virus infection. DRG
54  2007 Transvascular delivery of small interfering RNA to the central nervous system. siRNA
55  2005 DNA vaccine for rabies: relevance of the trans-membrane domain of the glycoprotein in generating an antibody response. CMV, RVNA, SS, TD, tPA
56  2002 Rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG) is a trimeric ligand for the N-terminal cysteine-rich domain of the mammalian p75 neurotrophin receptor. CRD, NGF