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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Accounting for soil respiration variability - Case study in a Mediterranean pine-dominated forest. ---
2020 Biochar application for the improvement of water-soil environments and carbon emissions under freeze-thaw conditions: An in-situ field trial. MS, PCR, Ts
2020 COSORE: A community database for continuous soil respiration and other soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas flux data. COSORE, GHG
2020 Effects of nitrogen deposition and plant litter alteration on soil respiration in a semiarid grassland. Rm, Rt, SMBC
2020 Microbe-mediated attenuation of soil respiration in response to soil warming in a temperate oak forest. ---
2020 Response of Soil Respiration and Its Components to Warming and Dominant Species Removal along an Elevation Gradient in Alpine Meadow of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Ra
2020 Seasonal variations in the response of soil respiration to rainfall events in a riparian poplar plantation. Ts
2020 Spatial and temporal variations in global soil respiration and their relationships with climate and land cover. ---
2020 The response of soil respiration to precipitation change is asymmetric and differs between grasslands and forests. DPPT, IPPT
10  2020 Two potential equilibrium states in long-term soil respiration activity of dry grasslands are maintained by local topographic features. SWC, Ts
11  2019 Carbon exchange responses of a mesic grassland to an extreme gradient of precipitation. ANPP
12  2019 Contrasting effects of thinning on soil CO2 emission and above- and belowground carbon regime under a subtropical Chinese fir plantation. FR, HIT, MBC, Rh
13  2019 Determinants of temperature sensitivity of soil respiration with the decline of a foundation species. ---
14  2019 Dynamics of Soil Respiration in Alpine Wetland Meadows Exposed to Different Levels of Degradation in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. SOC
15  2019 Effects of climate warming on carbon fluxes in grasslands-A global meta-analysis. ANPP, BNPP, GPP, NPP
16  2019 Effects of experimental warming and increased precipitation on soil respiration in an alpine meadow in the Northern Tibetan Plateau. SM, Ts
17  2019 Effects of livestock grazing on grassland carbon storage and release override impacts associated with global climate change. APCP, BPCP, SCP
18  2019 Elevated CO2 does not affect stem CO2 efflux nor stem respiration in a dry Eucalyptus woodland, but it shifts the vertical gradient in xylem [CO2 ]. eCO2, FT
19  2019 Impact of diurnal unsymmetrical warming on soil respiration in an agroecological system of the Lhasa region. ---
20  2019 Interactive effects of hydrological conditions on soil respiration in China's Horqin sandy land: An example of dune-meadow cascade ecosystem. Ms, Ts
21  2019 Isotope ratio laser spectroscopy to disentangle xylem-transported from locally respired CO2 in stem CO2 efflux. CRDS, LCO2, TCO2
22  2019 Nitrogen fertilizer regulates soil respiration by altering the organic carbon storage in root and topsoil in alpine meadow of the north-eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Ra, Rh, SEM
23  2019 Plant diversity loss reduces soil respiration across terrestrial ecosystems. Rh, SR
24  2019 Responses of soil respiration to rainfall addition in a desert ecosystem: Linking physiological activities and rainfall pattern. Ts
25  2019 Semiarid ecosystem sensitivity to precipitation extremes: weak evidence for vegetation constraints. ANPP, NPP, PPT
26  2019 Soil respiration and its Q10 response to various grazing systems of a typical steppe in Inner Mongolia, China. SM, ST
27  2019 Soil respiration of four forests along elevation gradient in northern subtropical China. CF, DBF, EBF, Ra, Rh
28  2019 Soil warming increases soil temperature sensitivity in subtropical Forests of SW China. ---
29  2019 Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration across multiple time scales in a temperate plantation forest. ---
30  2019 [Effect of Fertilization on Soil Respiration and Its Temperature Sensitivity in a Sorghum Field]. DVI, EVI, INF, NDVI, RVI
31  2019 [Effect of the Sampling Scale and Number on the Heterogeneity of Soil Respiration in a Mixed Broadleaf-conifer Forest]. Lm, Ws
32  2019 [Effects of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilization on Soil Respiration Rates and Soil Biochemical Properties in an Alfalfa Grassland]. AN, AP, INV, SOM, TN, URE
33  2018 Comparison of the impacts of acid and nitrogen additions on carbon fluxes in European conifer and broadleaf forests. DOC
34  2018 Constraining estimates of global soil respiration by quantifying sources of variability. ---
35  2018 Differential responses of heterotrophic and autotrophic respiration to nitrogen addition and precipitation changes in a Tibetan alpine steppe. Ra, Rh
36  2018 Global effects of plant litter alterations on soil CO2 to the atmosphere. ---
37  2018 Offsetting global warming-induced elevated greenhouse gas emissions from an arable soil by biochar application. GHG, GWP
38  2018 Pathways regulating decreased soil respiration with warming in a biocrust-dominated dryland. SOC
39  2018 Patterns and controls of temperature sensitivity of soil respiration in a meadow steppe of the Songnen Plain, Northeast China. ---
40  2018 Responses of soil respiration and its components to experimental warming in an alpine scrub ecosystem on the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Rh, Rz
41  2018 Responses of soil respiration to soil management changes in an agropastoral ecotone in Inner Mongolia, China. AC, CL, FG, GE, Sw, Ts
42  2018 Seasonal and diurnal patterns of soil respiration in an evergreen coniferous forest: Evidence from six years of observation with automatic chambers. ---
43  2018 Soil acid cations induced reduction in soil respiration under nitrogen enrichment and soil acidification. Ra, Rh
44  2018 Soil respiration in a subtropical forest of southwestern China: Components, patterns and controls. Ra, Rh, RL
45  2018 Soil respiration of a Moso bamboo forest significantly affected by gross ecosystem productivity and leaf area index in an extreme drought event. ---
46  2018 The influence of soil communities on the temperature sensitivity of soil respiration. ---
47  2018 Thinning but not understory removal increased heterotrophic respiration and total soil respiration in Pinus massoniana stands. Ra, Rh, UR
48  2018 Tree species diversity promotes soil carbon stability by depressing the temperature sensitivity of soil respiration in temperate forests. ---
49  2017 Contrasting effects of nitrogen addition on soil respiration in two Mediterranean ecosystems. ---
50  2017 Ecosystem respiration and its components in a rainfed spring maize cropland in the Loess Plateau, China. GLAI, GPP, Ra, Rab, Re, Rh
51  2017 Effects of irrigation and addition of nitrogen fertiliser on net ecosystem carbon balance for a grassland. NB, RL
52  2017 Extreme rainfall and snowfall alter responses of soil respiration to nitrogen fertilization: a 3-year field experiment. RR
53  2017 Potential bias of daily soil CO2 efflux estimates due to sampling time. ---
54  2017 Seasonal responses of soil respiration to warming and nitrogen addition in a semi-arid alfalfa-pasture of the Loess Plateau, China. ---
55  2017 The interactive impact of root branch order and soil genetic horizon on root respiration and nitrogen concentration. ---
56  2017 The sensitivity of soil respiration to soil temperature, moisture, and carbon supply at the global scale. SRDB
57  2017 [Effects of interference intensity on soil respiration and its components in Castanopsis carlesii forest with artificially assisted regeneration in subtropical China]. Rh
58  2016 A cross-biome synthesis of soil respiration and its determinants under simulated precipitation changes. ---
59  2016 Annual soil CO2 efflux in a cold temperate forest in northeastern China: effects of winter snowpack and artificial nitrogen deposition. ---
60  2016 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi enhance soil carbon sequestration in the coalfields, northwest China. AMF, EE-GRSP, OC, Pn, T-GRSP
61  2016 Combined effects of nitrogen addition and organic matter manipulation on soil respiration in a Chinese pine forest. LE, LRE
62  2016 Contribution of soil respiration to the global carbon equation. SOC
63  2016 Effects of simulated acid rain on soil respiration and its components in a subtropical mixed conifer and broadleaf forest in southern China. RL, Rt, SAR
64  2016 Effects of Soil Temperature and Moisture on Soil Respiration on the Tibetan Plateau. CAI, GIR, WHC
65  2016 Grazing exclusion reduced soil respiration but increased its temperature sensitivity in a Meadow Grassland on the Tibetan Plateau. GE, MBC
66  2016 Interactive effects of global change factors on soil respiration and its components: a meta-analysis. ---
67  2016 Nitrogen Addition Altered the Effect of Belowground C Allocation on Soil Respiration in a Subtropical Forest. PLFAs
68  2016 Recovery of trees from drought depends on belowground sink control. ---
69  2016 Soil respiration and its environmental response varies by day/night and by growing/dormant season in a subalpine forest. DS, RR
70  2016 Soil respiration characteristics in different land uses and response of soil organic carbon to biochar addition in high-latitude agricultural area. AN, AP, OC, TC, TN, TP
71  2016 Soil respiration dynamics in fire affected semi-arid ecosystems: Effects of vegetation type and environmental factors. ---
72  2016 Spatial Patterns of Soil Respiration Links Above and Belowground Processes along a Boreal Aspen Fire Chronosequence. ---
73  2016 Spatial Variation of Soil Respiration in a Cropland under Winter Wheat and Summer Maize Rotation in the North China Plain. EVI
74  2016 Strong resilience of soil respiration components to drought-induced die-off resulting in forest secondary succession. R M
75  2016 Temporal and spatial patterns of internal and external stem CO2 fluxes in a sub-Mediterranean oak. EA, FT
76  2016 The responses of soil respiration to nitrogen addition in a temperate grassland in northern China. ---
77  2016 Variation in Soil Respiration across Soil and Vegetation Types in an Alpine Valley. ---
78  2016 [Diurnal and Seasonal Dynamic Variation of Soil Respiration and Its Influencing Factors of Different Fenced Enclosure Years in Desert Steppec]. ---
79  2016 [Interannual Variations of Soil Respiration and Its Temperature Sensitivity in an Orchard in Jinci Region of Taiyuan City]. m2s, SWC, Ts
80  2016 [Research and prospects for response mechanisms of soil respiration to experimental warming]. ---
81  2016 [Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Respiration in the Soil Erosion Area of West Mountains in Fujian Province, China]. LAI, SOC, TN
82  2015 An Experimental Comparison of Two Methods on Photosynthesis Driving Soil Respiration: Girdling and Defoliation. ---
83  2015 Controlling Factors of Soil CO2 Efflux in Pinus yunnanensis across Different Stand Ages. AN, Sw, TN, TP, Ts
84  2015 Nutrient Enrichment Mediates the Relationships of Soil Microbial Respiration with Climatic Factors in an Alpine Meadow. R m, Sw
85  2015 Patterns and Drivers of Soil Respiration under Long-Term Citrus reticulate in Southern China. CB, CO, DOC, MBC, OM, SM, TC, TN
86  2015 Soil respiration and carbon loss relationship with temperature and land use conversion in freeze-thaw agricultural area. SOC
87  2015 [Responses of ecosystem carbon budget to increasing nitrogen deposition in differently degraded Leymus chinensis steppes in Inner Mongolia, China]. AGB, BGB, BNPP, NEE, NPP
88  2015 [Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Respiration in a Planted Larch Forest in Shanxi Plateau]. LM, Ws
89  2014 Different responses of soil respiration and its components to nitrogen addition among biomes: a meta-analysis. DUR, MAT, Rh, RR
90  2014 Effects of soil warming and nitrogen addition on soil respiration in a New Zealand tussock grassland. RA, Rh
91  2014 Effects of warming and clipping on ecosystem carbon fluxes across two hydrologically contrasting years in an alpine meadow of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. AGB, ER, GEP, NEE
92  2014 In situ CO2 efflux from leaf litter layer showed large temporal variation induced by rapid wetting and drying cycle. LL, LL, SWC
93  2014 Modeling spatial patterns of soil respiration in maize fields from vegetation and soil property factors with the use of remote sensing and geographical information system. EVI, GIS, LAI, SOC
94  2013 Comparison of soil respiration in typical conventional and new alternative cereal cropping systems on the North China plain. ---
95  2013 Contrasting responses of heterotrophic and autotrophic respiration to experimental warming in a winter annual-dominated prairie. Ra, Rh
96  2013 Influence of disturbance on soil respiration in biologically crusted soil during the dry season. BSCs
97  2013 Respiration parameters determined by the ISO-17155 method as potential indicators of copper pollution in vineyard soils after long-term fungicide treatment. QR, RB, tlag
98  2013 Temperature response of soil respiration in a Chinese pine plantation: hysteresis and seasonal vs. diel Q10. Ts
99  2013 The responses of soil and rhizosphere respiration to simulated climatic changes vary by season. Rh, Rr
100  2012 Soil respiration in Tibetan alpine grasslands: belowground biomass and soil moisture, but not soil temperature, best explain the large-scale patterns. AGB, BGB, SM, SOC