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Abbreviation:   SCW  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   supercritical water
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2019 A complete depolymerization of scrap tire with supercritical water participation: A molecular dynamic simulation study. ST
2019 Catalytic gasification of phenol in supercritical water over bimetallic Co-Ni/AC catalyst. CGE
2019 Characterization of solvent-fractionated lignins from woody biomass treated via supercritical water oxidation. MW, SCL, Tg
2019 Decomposition behavior and mechanism of epoxy resin from waste integrated circuits under supercritical water condition. IC
2019 Detailed kinetic model for hexyl sulfide pyrolysis and its desulfurization by supercritical water. RMG
2019 Enhancement of sugar production from coconut husk based on the impact of the combination of surfactant-assisted subcritical water and enzymatic hydrolysis. ---
2019 Low linear energy transfer radiolysis of supercritical water at 400 C: in situ generation of ultrafast, transient, density-dependent "acid spikes". LET, SCWR
2019 Oxidation of high iron content electroplating sludge in supercritical water: stabilization of zinc and chromium. COD, EPS, OE, SCWO, TCLP, TOC
2019 Radiolysis of supercritical water at 400 C: density dependence of the rate constant for the reaction of hydronium ions with hydrated electrons. ---
10  2018 An integrated green process: Subcritical water, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation, for biohydrogen production from coconut husk. CCH
11  2018 Antioxidant, ACE inhibitory, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities of subcritical water extract of blue mussel. ACE, AChE, DPPH
12  2018 Comparative environmental and human health evaluations of thermolysis and solvolysis recycling technologies of carbon fiber reinforced polymer waste. FU
13  2018 Effect of subcritical water and steam explosion pretreatments on the recovery of sterols, phenols and oil from olive pomace. ---
14  2018 Subcritical water extraction of phenolic and antioxidant constituents from pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) hulls. TE
15  2018 Supercritical water-treated fused silica capillaries in analytical separations: Status review. ---
16  2017 Enhanced Reduction of Few-Layer Graphene Oxide via Supercritical Water Gasification of Glycerol. FLGO, PAH, rFLGO
17  2017 Enzymatic susceptibility of wheat gluten after subcritical water treatment. ---
18  2017 Molecular modification of native coffee polysaccharide using subcritical water treatment: Structural characterization, antioxidant, and DNA protecting activities. ---
19  2017 Supercritical water pyrolysis of sewage sludge. SS
20  2016 Subcritical Water Processing of Proteins: An Alternative to Enzymatic Digestion? ---
21  2016 Treatment of municipal sewage sludge in supercritical water: A review. MSS, SCWG, SCWO, SCWPO
22  2015 Application of supercritical water to decompose brominated epoxy resin and environmental friendly recovery of metals from waste memory module. BER, RSM, WMMs, WPCB
23  2015 Hydrolysis of bamboo biomass by subcritical water treatment. FTIR, SEM, TRS, XRD
24  2015 Subcritical water extraction of antioxidant phenolic compounds from XiLan olive fruit dreg. dw, GAE, OFD
25  2015 Subcritical Water Hydrolysis Effectively Reduces the In Vitro Seeding Activity of PrPSc but Fails to Inactivate the Infectivity of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Prions. BSE, MBMs, sPMCA, WB
26  2015 Subcritical water treatment of explosive and heavy metals co-contaminated soil: Removal of the explosive, and immobilization and risk assessment of heavy metals. HMs, RAC
27  2014 Gasification Mechanism of Carbon with Supercritical Water at Very High Pressures: Effects on H2 Production. ---
28  2014 Hydrogen bonded networks in supercritical water. ---
29  2014 Life cycle assessment of biodiesel production from algal bio-crude oils extracted under subcritical water conditions. ---
30  2014 Modeling the radiolysis of supercritical water by fast neutrons: density dependence of the yields of primary species at 400c. H2O
31  2014 Supercritical water gasification of sewage sludge: gas production and phosphorus recovery. ---
32  2013 Bioethanol production from pretreated Melaleuca leucadendron shedding bark--simultaneous saccharification and fermentation at high solid loading. SSF
33  2013 Bioethanol production from Yarrowia lipolytica Po1g biomass. ---
34  2013 Deoxy-liquefaction of switchgrass in supercritical water with calcium formate as an in-situ hydrogen donor. ---
35  2013 Experimental study of the bio-oil production from sewage sludge by supercritical conversion process. ---
36  2013 Impact of bleaching on subcritical water- and Formosolv-pretreated tulip tree to enhance enzyme accessibility. ---
37  2013 Impact of pretreatments on morphology and enzymatic saccharification of shedding bark of Melaleuca leucadendron. CrI
38  2013 Recovery of metals from waste printed circuit boards by supercritical water pre-treatment combined with acid leaching process. PCBs, SCWD, SCWO
39  2012 Density dependence of the "escape" yield of hydrated electrons in the low-LET radiolysis of supercritical water at 400 C. LET
40  2012 Density dependence of the entropy and the solvation shell structure in supercritical water via molecular dynamics simulation. SPC/E
41  2012 Glycerol and bioglycerol conversion in supercritical water for hydrogen production. ---
42  2012 Maximizing biodiesel production from Yarrowia lipolytica Po1g biomass using subcritical water pretreatment. ---
43  2012 Size-controlled preparation of Cu2O nanoparticles from waste printed circuit boards by supercritical water combined with electrokinetic process. EK
44  2011 Density dependence of hydrogen bonding and the translational-orientational structural order in supercritical water: a molecular dynamics study. HB, SCF
45  2011 Nickel removal from nickel-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphine using supercritical water in absence of catalyst: a basic study. Ni-TPP
46  2011 Upgrading of crude algal bio-oil in supercritical water. ---
47  2010 Effective utilization of waste cathode ray tube glass--crystalline silicotitanate synthesis. CRT, CST
48  2010 Extraction and analysis of neutral lipids from activated sludge with and without sub-critical water pre-treatment. ---
49  2010 Partial oxidation of municipal sludge with activited carbon catalyst in supercritical water. AC, OER, POX
50  2009 Influence of supercritical water treatment on heavy metals in medical waste incinerator fly ash. MW
51  2008 Is ammonia a better solvent than water for contact ion pairs? CIP, SCA
52  2007 Effects of potassium alkalis and sodium alkalis on the dechlorination of o-chlorophenol in supercritical water. o-CP, SCWO
53  2007 Hydrogen generation from polyvinyl alcohol-contaminated wastewater by a process of supercritical water gasification. PVA
54  2006 Development of porosity in a char during reaction with steam or supercritical water. ---
55  2004 Hydrogen bond driven chemical reactions: Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime into epsilon-caprolactam in supercritical water. ---
56  2003 Gasification reaction of organic compounds catalyzed by RuO2 in supercritical water. ---
57  2003 Hybrid QM/MM molecular dynamics simulations for an ionic SN2 reaction in the supercritical water: OH- + CH3Cl --> CH3OH + Cl-. AW
58  2003 Sonochemical degradation of organophosphorus pesticide in dilute aqueous solutions. ---
59  2003 Transportation of silver nanopaticles in nanochannels of carbon nanotubes with supercritical water. MWNTs
60  2002 Decomposition of aniline in supercritical water. ---
61  2002 Hydroxyl radical reactivity with nitrobenzene in subcritical and supercritical water. ---
62  2000 Decomposition of isoquinoline and quinoline by supercritical water. ---