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2019 A specific isoform of Pyd/ZO-1 mediates junctional remodeling and formation of slit diaphragms. ---
2019 IQGAP1 mediates podocyte injury in diabetic kidney disease by regulating nephrin endocytosis. DKD
2019 Mechanism of Regulation of Big-Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels by mTOR Complex 2 in Podocytes. mTOR
2018 Nephrin Signaling in the Podocyte: An Updated View of Signal Regulation at the Slit Diaphragm and Beyond. FP
2018 Organoids from Nephrotic Disease-Derived iPSCs Identify Impaired NEPHRIN Localization and Slit Diaphragm Formation in Kidney Podocytes. iPSCs
2018 Podocyte-specific Rac1 deficiency ameliorates podocyte damage and proteinuria in STZ-induced diabetic nephropathy in mice. DN, FPs, MEF2C, Rac1
2018 [Research advances in the association between transient receptor potential cation channel 6 and kidney disease]. TRPC6
2017 A functional variant in NEPH3 gene confers high risk of renal failure in primary hematuric glomerulopathies. Evidence for predisposition to microalbuminuria in the general population. CRF, ESRD, FHS, FSGS, TBMN
2017 Glomerulosclerosis Induced by Deficiency of Membrane-Associated Guanylate Kinase Inverted 2 in Kidney Podocytes. MAGI-2, MAGI-2-KO
10  2017 Inducible Expression of Claudin-1 in Glomerular Podocytes Generates Aberrant Tight Junctions and Proteinuria through Slit Diaphragm Destabilization. TJ
11  2017 Mechanical challenges to the glomerular filtration barrier: adaptations and pathway to sclerosis. FPs, GBM
12  2017 Molecular mechanisms involved in podocyte EMT and concomitant diabetic kidney diseases: an update. DKD, EMT, ILK
13  2017 Montelukast improves the changes of cytoskeletal and adaptor proteins of human podocytes by interleukin-13. CD2AP, IL-13, MCNS, ZO
14  2016 A flexible, multilayered protein scaffold maintains the slit in between glomerular podocytes. ---
15  2016 CD2-associated protein/phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling has a preventive role in angiotensin II-induced podocyte apoptosis. Ang II, CD2AP, PI3K
16  2016 Histamine type 1-receptor activation by low dose of histamine undermines human glomerular slit diaphragm integrity. ZO-1
17  2016 In silico Structural characterization of podocin and assessment of nephrotic syndrome-associated podocin mutants. NS
18  2016 MicroRNA-939 down-regulates CD2-associated protein by targeting promoter in HEK-293T cells. CD2AP, miRNAs
19  2016 Role of calcineurin (CN) in kidney glomerular podocyte: CN inhibitor ameliorated proteinuria by inhibiting the redistribution of CN at the slit diaphragm. CN
20  2016 [Regulatory Effect of Chinese Drugs for Stasis Removing and Collaterals Dredging on the Expres- sions of podocin and CD2AP in Podocyte Slit Diaphragm of Diabetic Nephropathy Rats]. BUN, BW, CDSRCD, DN, FBG, KI, KW, SCr, UA
21  2015 Combination therapy with telmisartan and oxacalcitriol suppresses the progression of murine adriamycin nephropathy. ADR
22  2015 Nonimmunologic targets of immunosuppressive agents in podocytes. ---
23  2015 Podocyte proteins in congenital and minimal change nephrotic syndrome. CNF, MCNS
24  2015 Qiwei granules alleviates podocyte lesion in kidney of diabetic KK-Ay mice. BW, DN, FBG
25  2014 Angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockade ameliorates proteinuria in puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy by inhibiting the reduction of NEPH1 and nephrin. Ang II, ARB, MCNS, PAN
26  2014 aPKClamda maintains the integrity of the glomerular slit diaphragm through trafficking of nephrin to the cell surface. aPKC
27  2014 Expression of Nephrin Homologue in the Freshwater Planarian, Dugesia japonica. ---
28  2014 Metabolism, energetics, and lipid biology in the podocyte - cellular cholesterol-mediated glomerular injury. CKD
29  2014 Neph1 is reduced in primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, minimal change nephrotic syndrome, and corresponding experimental animal models of adriamycin-induced nephropathy and puromycin aminonucleoside nephrosis. ADR, FPE, FSGS, MCNS, PAN
30  2014 Nephrin and Podocin functions are highly conserved between the zebrafish pronephros and mammalian metanephros. ---
31  2013 Developmental localization of nephrin in zebrafish and medaka pronephric glomerulus. ---
32  2013 Inverted formin 2 regulates actin dynamics by antagonizing Rho/diaphanous-related formin signaling. ---
33  2013 Morphine induces albuminuria by compromising podocyte integrity. CD2AP, MOR, SDCM
34  2013 Roles of adaptor proteins in podocyte biology. FPs
35  2013 Translocation of dendrin to the podocyte nucleus in acute glomerular injury in patients with IgA nephropathy. IgAN, MCNS
36  2013 [Differential expressions of miRNAs in kidney in puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy model and intervened effects of Leizhi capsule]. ALB, BUN, GTW, LZC, miRNAs, PAN, SCr, Upro
37  2012 Angiotensin II induces nephrin dephosphorylation and podocyte injury: role of caveolin-1. Ang II, AT1, Csk
38  2012 Calcium regulates podocyte actin dynamics. FPs, GTPase
39  2012 Dexamethasone Resisted Podocyte Injury via Stabilizing TRPC6 Expression and Distribution. DEX, PAN, TRPC
40  2012 Dynamics of absolute amount of nephrin in a single podocyte in puromycin aminonucleoside nephrosis rats calculated by quantitative glomerular proteomics approach with selected reaction monitoring mode. PAN, SRM
41  2012 IQGAP1 interacts with components of the slit diaphragm complex in podocytes and is involved in podocyte migration and permeability in vitro. IC, IP, WB
42  2012 Progress in pathogenesis of proteinuria. CD2AP, GBM, MAGI1, PLCE1, TRPC6
43  2012 SIRPalpha interacts with nephrin at the podocyte slit diaphragm. CNS, SIRPalpha
44  2012 Structural disorganization of pronephric glomerulus in zebrafish mpp5a/nagie oko mutant. ---
45  2011 Decreases in podocin, CD2-associated protein (CD2AP) and tensin2 may be involved in albuminuria during septic acute renal failure. ARF, CD2AP, FP, LPS
46  2011 Multi-glycoside of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f. reduces proteinuria through improving podocyte slit diaphragm dysfunction in anti-Thy1.1 glomerulonephritis. GN
47  2011 Sirolimus and proteinuria in renal transplant patients: evidence for a dose-dependent effect on slit diaphragm-associated proteins. ---
48  2011 [Podocyte research in rheumatic diseases]. FT
49  2010 beta-Catenin mediates adriamycin-induced albuminuria and podocyte injury in adult mouse kidneys. ADR
50  2010 Thiazolidinedione attenuate proteinuria and glomerulosclerosis in Adriamycin-induced nephropathy rats via slit diaphragm protection. CD2AP, FSGS, PFR, SI, TZD
51  2009 CRIM1 is localized to the podocyte filtration slit diaphragm of the adult human kidney. BMP, CRR
52  2009 Expression of galectin-1, a new component of slit diaphragm, is altered in minimal change nephrotic syndrome. Gal-1
53  2009 Identification of proteins that interact with podocin using the yeast 2-hybrid system. AD, cDNA, E. coli, PCR
54  2009 Phosphorylation of Nephrin Triggers Ca2+ Signaling by Recruitment and Activation of Phospholipase C-{gamma}1. CD, PLC-gamma1
55  2009 Predisposition to relapsing nephrotic syndrome by a nephrin mutation that interferes with assembly of functioning microdomains. MCD, NS
56  2009 R168H and V165X mutant podocin might induce different degrees of podocyte injury via different molecular mechanisms. ER, FSGS
57  2009 Sns and Kirre, the Drosophila orthologs of Nephrin and Neph1, direct adhesion, fusion and formation of a slit diaphragm-like structure in insect nephrocytes. GCNs, IgSF, ND
58  2008 Dissociation of NEPH1 from nephrin is involved in development of a rat model of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. FSGS
59  2008 Integrin beta1-mediated matrix assembly and signaling are critical for the normal development and function of the kidney glomerulus. GBM, ILK
60  2008 Neph1, a component of the kidney slit diaphragm, is tyrosine-phosphorylated by the Src family tyrosine kinase and modulates intracellular signaling by binding to Grb2. SFK
61  2008 Nephrin is involved in podocyte maturation but not survival during glomerular development. FP
62  2006 IFN-inducible protein-10 plays a pivotal role in maintaining slit-diaphragm function by regulating podocyte cell-cycle balance. ---
63  2006 Simvastatin maintains steady patterns of GFR and improves AER and expression of slit diaphragm proteins in type II diabetes. AER, GFR
64  2005 Nephrotic plasma alters slit diaphragm-dependent signaling and translocates nephrin, Podocin, and CD2 associated protein in cultured human podocytes. CD2AP
65  2004 Dynamic (re)organization of the podocyte actin cytoskeleton in the nephrotic syndrome. FP, GBM
66  2004 Monoclonal antibodies to human nephrin. ---
67  2003 The role of podocytes in glomerular pathobiology. FPs, FSGS, GBM