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Long Form:   steam distillation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Aroma compositions of large-leaf yellow tea and potential effect of theanine on volatile formation in tea. HS, LYT, SPME
2019 Variation in Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Flos Chrysanthemi indici Essential Oil under Different Extraction Methods. EOs, GC-MS, HD, MIC, SFE, SFME
2017 A Comparative Study on Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Essential Oil Extraction Using Traditional and Advanced Techniques. GC-MS, HD, SCFE
2017 Antibacterial Activityand Comparison of the Volatile Oils of Tanacetum tenuisectum (Boiss.) Podl. Obtained by Three Different Methods of Extraction. HD, SFME
2017 Composition and Bioactivity of Essential Oil from Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck 'Mato Peiyu' Leaf. SFME
2017 Yield, Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of the Essential Oil of Sweet Basil and Holy Basil as Influenced by Distillation Methods. EO, HD
2016 Anti-angiogenic Activity and Mechanism of Sesquiterpene Lactones from Centipeda minima. EAP, ISVs, SFE, SIVs
2016 Comparison of the Profile and Composition of Volatiles in Coniferous Needles According to Extraction Methods. SE, SPME
2016 GC-MS analyses of the volatiles of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. SE, SPME
10  2016 Modified application of HS-SPME for quality evaluation of essential oil plant materials. EOs, HS-SPME
11  2014 A comparative study of sodium houttuyfonate and 2-undecanone for their in vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activities and stabilities. IL-10, IL-1beta, LPS, TLR4, TNF-alpha
12  2014 Volatile compounds from roots, stems and leaves of Angelica acutiloba growing in Taiwan. GC/MS, HS-SPME
13  2013 A comparison of essential oils obtained from lavandin via different extraction processes: Ultrasound, microwave, turbohydrodistillation, steam and hydrodistillation. HD, MHG, MSD, MSDf, THD, US-SD
14  2013 Comparison of chemical composition of Aerva javanica seed essential oils obtained by different extraction methods. GC-MS, HD
15  2013 Microwave-assisted extraction of essential oils from herbs. MAE
16  2013 The GC/MS Analysis of Volatile Components Extracted by Different Methods from Exocarpium Citri Grandis. E,E,E, ECG, HS-SPME, SE
17  2012 Chemical composition and antitermitic activity against Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki of Cryptomeria japonica leaf essential oil. HD
18  2012 Comparison of Different Extraction Methods for the Determination of Essential oils and Related Compounds from Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.). HYD, PCA, S-DHS, SC-CO2, SE
19  2012 Optimization of conditions of solvent-free microwave extraction and study on antioxidant capacity of essential oil from Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. CCD, HD, SEM, SFME, TGA
20  2012 The loss of essential oil components induced by the Purge Time in the Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) procedure of Cupressus sempervirens. MSPD, PLE, SSDM
21  2012 Volatile aroma components and antioxidant activities of the flavedo peel extract of unripe Shiikuwasha (Citrus depressa Hayata). CP, DPPH, GC, GC-MS
22  2012 [Extraction technology optimization and quality analysis of volatile oil in Rhizoma Curcumae]. WER
23  2011 Analysis of volatile compositions of Magnolia biondii pamp by steam distillation and headspace solid phase micro-extraction. GC, GC-MS, HS-SPME
24  2011 Influence of the process, season, and origin on volatile composition and antioxidant activity of Juniperus phoenicea L. leaves essential oils. GC-FID, HD, SH
25  2011 Sea sand disruption method (SSDM) as a valuable tool for isolating essential oil components from conifers. MSPD, PLE, SSDM
26  2011 [Analysis of the chemical constituents of essential oil from Anaphalis aureopunctata by GC-MS]. ---
27  2011 [Analysis of the chemical constituents of essential oil from Ligustrum quihoui by GC-MS]. ---
28  2011 [Comparative analysis of volatile fractions in Polygonati rhizoma and its processed products by GC-MS]. GC-MS
29  2010 An integrated simultaneous distillation-extraction apparatus for the extraction of essential oils from herb materials and its application in Flos Magnoliae. ISDE, SDE
30  2010 Antiproliferative effects of volatile oils from Centipeda minima on human nasopharyngeal cancer CNE cells. SFE
31  2010 Matrix solid-phase dispersion (MSPD) in chromatographic analysis of essential oils in herbs. MSPD, PLE
32  2010 Screening of the constituents, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of endemic Origanum hypericifolium O. Schwartz & P.H. Davis. GC-MS
33  2009 [Analysis of the chemical constituents of volatile oil from the Folium Rhododendri Daurici by supercritical CO2 extraction]. SCE-CO2
34  2009 [Water extraction coupling rectification for isolating volatile oils of Ligusticum chuanxiong]. ---
35  2008 Comparison of chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Nigella sativa seed essential oils obtained by different extraction methods. HD
36  2008 GC-MS of volatile components of Schisandra chinensis obtained by supercritical fluid and conventional extraction. SE, SFE, UAE
37  2008 Improved microwave steam distillation apparatus for isolation of essential oils. Comparison with conventional steam distillation. MSD
38  2008 Thymol and carvacrol production from leaves of wild Palestinian Majorana syriaca. HS
39  2008 Tick repellent substances in the essential oil of Tanacetum vulgare. ---
40  2008 [Analysis of the chemical constituents of essential oil from Magnolia biondii by GC-MS]. ---
41  2007 Analysis of the volatile compounds in Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. using HS-SPME-GC-MS. GC-MS, HS-SPME
42  2007 Characterization of the volatile constituents in the essential oil of Pistacia lentiscus L. from different origins and its antifungal and antioxidant activity. EO, GC, ITMS
43  2007 Natural compounds of Palestine flora. Comparison analysis by static headspace and steam distillation GC-MS of semivolatile secondary metabolites from leaves of cultivated Palestinian Majorana syriaca. HS
44  2007 Rapid determination of volatile constituents in safflower by microwave distillation and simultaneous solid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. RSD
45  2006 Development of microwave-assisted extraction followed by headspace single-drop microextraction for fast determination of paeonol in traditional Chinese medicines. GC-MS, HS-SDME, MAE, TCMs
46  2006 Headspace solvent microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the analysis of volatile compounds from Foeniculum vulgare Mill. HSME-GC-MS, SPME, TCMs
47  2005 Comparison of solid-phase microextraction, supercritical fluid extraction, steam distillation, and solvent extraction techniques for analysis of volatile consituents in Fructus Amomi. SE, SFE, SPME, TCM
48  2005 [Comparison of supercritical fluid extraction and steam distillation methods for the extraction of essential oils from Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briq]. GC-MS, SFE
49  2004 Analysis of Rhioxma Curcumae Aeruginosae volatiles by solid-phase microextraction with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. HS-SPME, RSDs, TCM
50  2004 Characterization of three agave species by gas chromatography and solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. ---
51  2004 Comparison of different extraction methods: steam distillation, simultaneous distillation and extraction and headspace co-distillation, used for the analysis of the volatile components in aged flue-cured tobacco leaves. HCD, SDE
52  2004 Quality assessment of Flos Chrysanthemi Indici from different growing areas in China by solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. HS-SPME-GC-MS, SPV, TCM
53  2004 Rapid determination of essential oil in Acorus tatarinowii Schott. by pressurized hot water extraction followed by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. GC-MS, PHWE, SPME, TCM
54  2004 [Influence of extraction methods on the composition of essential oils]. SFE
55  2004 [Study on chemical constituents of the essential oil from Myristica fragrans Houtt. by supercritical fluid extraction and steam distillation]. SFE
56  2003 Comparative study of extraction techniques for determination of garlic flavor components by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. GC-MS, HS-SPME, SPTE