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Abbreviation:   SF-1  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   steroidogenic factor-1
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A review of multiomics platforms in pituitary adenoma pathogenesis. FIPA, MEN, NF1, PA, PIT1, PitNETs, Tpit
2022 Arsenic exposure diminishes ovarian follicular reserve and induces abnormal steroidogenesis by DNA methylation. DOR, StAR
2022 Contribution of the co-chaperone FKBP51 in the ventromedial hypothalamus to metabolic homeostasis in male and female mice. HFD, MBH, VMH, WAT
2022 Development of a cost-effective diagnostic algorithm incorporating transcription factor immunohistochemistry in the evaluation of pituitary tumours. IHC
2022 Diagnostic and prognostic utility of SF-1 in adrenal cortical tumours. ACA, ACC, ACT
2022 Effectiveness of Gamma Oryzanol on prevention of surgical induced endometriosis development in rat model. BECN1, ERalpha, GO, HO1, SIRT1
2022 Fluorene-9-bisphenol regulates steroidogenic hormone synthesis in H295R cells through the AC/cAMP/PKA signaling pathway. AC, BHPF, BPA
2022 Heat stress upregulates aromatases expression through nuclear DAX-1 deficiency in R2C Leydig tumor cells. ---
2022 Hemoglobin in the blood acts as a chemosensory signal via the mouse vomeronasal system. MeA, VMHd
10  2022 Local adrenomedullin gene delivery inhibits Leydig cell dysfunction by rescuing steroidogenic enzymes in vivo. 17beta-HSD, 3beta-HSD, ADM, CYP17, LPS, LRH-1, P450scc, StAR
11  2022 Low H3K27 acetylation of SF1 in PBMC: a biomarker for prenatal dexamethasone exposure-caused adrenal insufficiency of steroid synthesis in male offspring. GR, PBMC, PDE, StAR
12  2022 Ovarian microcystic stromal tumour: from morphological observations to syndromic associations. FAP, FoxL2, MST, WT1
13  2022 Silk sericin alleviates aberrant photoperiod-induced alterations in testicular and adrenal steroidogenesis in adult mice. ---
14  2022 Steroidogenic factor 1 (NR5A1) induces multiple transcriptional changes during differentiation of human gonadal-like cells. NR5A1
15  2022 The role of steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) in somatic cell function of the testes and ovaries of mature mice. AR, cKO, DKO, SF-1 or NR5A1
16  2022 Upregulation of TCF21 inhibits migration of adrenocortical carcinoma cells. ACC, EMT, Kiss1, OS
17  2021 11-Ketotestosterone is a major androgen produced in porcine adrenal glands and testes. 11-KT, Ad4BP, AKR1C1, eNOS, hsd11b2, MSCs
18  2021 A novel stop-loss DAX1 variant affecting its protein-interaction with SF1 precedes the adrenal hypoplasia congenital with rare spontaneous precocious puberty and elevated hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal/adrenal axis responses. AHC
19  2021 Astrocytes in the Ventromedial Hypothalamus Involve Chronic Stress-Induced Anxiety and Bone Loss in Mice. AMPA, NMDA, VMH
20  2021 BBSome ablation in SF1 neurons causes obesity without comorbidities. BBS
21  2021 Extracellular Vesicles Inhibit Proliferation and Invasion of Ovarian Endometrial Stromal Cells and Their Expression of SF-1, ERβ, and Aromatase. CCK-8, ERbeta, ESCs, EVs, MMP, PBS, UC-MSCs
22  2021 Female Adnexal Tumor of Probable Wolffian Origin. CK7, EMA, FATWO
23  2021 Genetic Analysis of Pediatric Primary Adrenal Insufficiency of Unknown Etiology: 25 Years' Experience in the UK. CAH, NGS, PAI
24  2021 Histological, transmission electron microscopic, and immunohistochemical study of the adrenal gland in the Persian squirrel (Sciurus anomalus). CMJ, PAS, TEM, TH, ZF, ZG, ZR
25  2021 Immunohistochemical Characterization of 120 Testicular Sex Cord-Stromal Tumors With an Emphasis on the Diagnostic Utility of SOX9, FOXL2, and SF-1. FOXL2, SCSTs, SOX9, WT1
26  2021 Increased SUMOylation of TCF21 improves its stability and function in human endometriotic stromal cells†. ERbeta, ESCs, TCF21, USF2
27  2021 Melatonin promotes male reproductive performance and increases testosterone synthesis in mammalian Leydig cells†. AANAT, RORalpha, StAR
28  2021 Mesenteric and Retroperitoneal Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms: A Case Series. ER, MCNs, PR
29  2021 Sertoli cell-derived exosome-mediated transfer of miR-145-5p inhibits Leydig cell steroidogenesis by targeting steroidogenic factor 1. ASCs, ISCs, SCs
30  2021 Sex differences in ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus glucoregulatory transmitter biomarker protein during recurring insulin-induced hypoglycemia. AH, BNDF, CA, GABA, nNOS, NO, RIIH, VMN
31  2021 Small extracellular vesicle-mediated targeting of hypothalamic AMPKα1 corrects obesity through BAT activation. AMPKalpha1, AMPKalpha1-DN, BAT, sEVs, VMH
32  2021 STAT3 but Not ERK2 Is a Crucial Mediator Against Diet-Induced Obesity via VMH Neurons. DIO, HFD, VMH
33  2020 A machine learning model to precisely immunohistochemically classify pituitary adenoma subtypes with radiomics based on preoperative magnetic resonance imaging. KNN, MRI, NBs, PA, Pit-1, SVM, Tpit
34  2020 A missense mutation in NR5A1 causing female to male sex reversal: A case report. TDSD, WES
35  2020 Absence of Sirtuin 1 impairs the testicular development in cattleyak by inactivating SF-1. SIRT1
36  2020 An excitatory ventromedial hypothalamus to paraventricular thalamus circuit that suppresses food intake. PVT, VMH
37  2020 Cadmium exposure during prenatal development causes progesterone disruptors in multiple generations via steroidogenic enzymes in rat ovarian granulosa cells. Cd, EDC, OGCs, PND, StAR
38  2020 Chronic exposure to environmental cadmium affects growth and survival, cellular stress, and glucose metabolism in juvenile channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus). G6P, GAPDH, HK, HSP, MT, StAR
39  2020 Deletion of growth hormone receptor in hypothalamic neurons affects the adaptation capacity to aerobic exercise. GH, GHR, LEPR
40  2020 Development of a Versatile and Sensitive Direct Ligand Binding Assay for Human NR5A Nuclear Receptors. LRH-1, NR5A
41  2020 Developmental Programming: Prenatal Testosterone Excess on Ovarian SF1/DAX1/FOXO3. AMH, DHT, Fd, FOXO3, PCOS
42  2020 Digital analysis of hormonal immunostaining in pituitary adenomas classified according to WHO 2017 criteria and correlation with preoperative laboratory findings. ACTH, GH, IGF-1, NFPA, PA, Pit-1, Tpit
43  2020 Dog Steroidogenic Factor-1: Molecular cloning and analysis of epigenetic regulation. ---
44  2020 Effects of Intracerebroventricular Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibitor CP-316,819 Infusion on Hypothalamic Glycogen Content and Metabolic Neuron AMPK Activity and Neurotransmitter Expression in Male Rat. CP, GAD, IIH, VMN
45  2020 Enantiomer-specific activities of an LRH-1 and SF-1 dual agonist. LRH-1
46  2020 Establishment of an Immortalized Endometriotic Stromal Cell Line from Human Ovarian Endometrioma. Ec-ESCs, ERbeta, hIFITM1, hTERT, iEc-ESCs, PR
47  2020 Evaluation of carvacrol on pituitary and sexual hormones and their receptors in the testicle of male diabetic rats. CRV, DM, FSH, FSHR, LH, LHCGR, mRNA
48  2020 Extension of Survival in Bilaterally Adrenalectomized Mice by Implantation of SF-1/Ad4BP-Induced Steroidogenic Cells. Ad4BP, ADSCs, MSCs
49  2020 FSHB  Transcription is Regulated by a Novel 5' Distal Enhancer With a Fertility-Associated Single Nucleotide Polymorphism. FSH, Fshb, GWAS
50  2020 Functional Analysis of Steroidogenic Factor 1 (sf-1) and 17alpha-Hydroxylase/Lyase (cyp17alpha) Promoters in Yellow Catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco. PPARalpha, PPARgamma, STAT3
51  2020 Functional study of a novel c.630delG (p.Y211Tfs*85) mutation in NR5A1 gene in a Chinese boy with 46,XY disorders of sex development. DSD
52  2020 L-Arginine alleviates the testosterone reduction in heat-treated mice by upregulating LH secretion, the testicular antioxidant system and expression of steroidogenesis-related genes. Hsd17b3, HT, L-Arg, StAR
53  2020 New perspectives on PPAR, VDR and FXRalpha as new actors in testicular pathophysiology. FXRalpha, LXRalpha, NGFIB, PPAR, VDR
54  2020 Nuclear receptors: Key regulators of somatic cell functions in the ovulatory process. AR, FSH, LH, LRH-1, PgR
55  2020 Seasonal expressions of SF-1, StAR and P450scc in the scent glands of the muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus). miRNAs, P450scc, StAR
56  2020 Sex-dimorphic Rostro-caudal Patterns of 5'-AMP-activated Protein Kinase Activation and Glucoregulatory Transmitter Marker Protein Expression in the Ventrolateral Ventromedial Hypothalamic Nucleus (VMNvl) in Hypoglycemic Male and Female Rats: Impact of Estradiol. AMPK, INS, Lz, nNOS
57  2020 Terazosin reduces steroidogenic factor 1 and upregulates heat shock protein 90 expression in LH-induced bovine ovarian theca cells. ADRA1, Nrf2
58  2020 Transactivation of miR-202-5p by Steroidogenic Factor 1 (SF1) Induces Apoptosis in Goat Granulosa Cells by Targeting TGFbetaR2. ChIP, CYP19A1, EVs, GCs
59  2020 Transcriptional Regulation of Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS) and Establishment of a Gonadal Somatic Cell Line Using mis-GFP Transgenic Medaka (Oryzias latipes). LRH-1, MIS, PGCs
60  2020 [Xiongcan Yishen Prescription up-regulates the expressions of cholesterol transport proteins, steroidogenic enzymes and SF-1 in the Leydig cells of rats with late-onset hypogonadism]. LOH, TP, XYP
61  2019 A mutation inactivating the distal SF1 binding site on the human anti-Mullerian hormone promoter causes persistent Mullerian duct syndrome. AMH, PMDS
62  2019 Adrenal dysplasia in a young SD rat. SD
63  2019 Bile acids increase steroidogenesis in cholemic mice and induce cortisol secretion in adrenocortical H295R cells via S1PR2, ERK and SF-1. CBDL, CDCA, ERK, FXR, S1PR2, TCDCA
64  2019 Cadmium exposure during prenatal development causes testosterone disruption in multigeneration via SF-1 signaling in rats. Cd, PNDs, StAR
65  2019 Corticosterone rather than ethanol epigenetic programmed testicular dysplasia caused by prenatal ethanol exposure in male offspring rats. 3beta-HSD, GD, GR, HDAC2, PEE, PW
66  2019 Dietary supplementation with linseed oil improves semen quality, reproductive hormone, gene and protein expression related to testosterone synthesis in aging layer breeder roosters. FSH, LH, LO, StAR
67  2019 Etiology of primary adrenal insufficiency in children: a 29-year single-center experience. AC, ALD, APS, CAH, PAI, X-AHC
68  2019 Expression and regulation of GnRHR2 gene and testosterone secretion mediated by GnRH2 and GnRHR2 within porcine testes. ChIP, CREB, EMSA, GnRHR2, StAR
69  2019 Growth hormone enhances the recovery of hypoglycemia via ventromedial hypothalamic neurons. 2-DG, CRR, GH, GHR, LEPR, STAT5
70  2019 Kruppel-like factor 4 plays a role in the luteal transition in steroidogenesis by downregulating Cyp19A1 expression. GC, KLF4, LH, Sp1
71  2019 Light Entrains Diurnal Changes in Insulin Sensitivity of Skeletal Muscle via Ventromedial Hypothalamic Neurons. VMH
72  2019 Molecular markers of prognosis in canine cortisol-secreting adrenocortical tumours. ACT, LRT, MHRT, NAs, PTTG1
73  2019 Next-Generation Sequencing Reveals Novel Genetic Variants (SRY, DMRT1, NR5A1, DHH, DHX37) in Adults With 46,XY DSD. CGD, DHH, DHX37, DMRT1, SRY
74  2019 Notch signalling regulates steroidogenesis in mouse ovarian granulosa cells. GATA4, IL, WT1
75  2019 P110β in the ventromedial hypothalamus regulates glucose and energy metabolism. PI3K, VMH
76  2019 Prolyl oligopeptidase regulates progesterone secretion via the ERK signaling pathway in murine luteal cells. 3beta-HSD, POP, StAR
77  2019 SF-1 mediates reproductive toxicity induced by Cerium oxide nanoparticles in male mice. DSP
78  2019 The effect of clomiphene citrate and human chorionic gonadotropin on the expression of CatSper1, CatSper2, LHCGR, and SF1 genes, as well as the structural changes in testicular tissue of adult rats. CatSper1, CatSper2, hCG, LHCGR
79  2019 Thermodynamics-Guided Strand-Displacement-Based DNA Probe for Determination of the Average Methylation Levels of Multiple CpG Sites. VDR
80  2019 Transcriptional Regulation of Ovarian Steroidogenic Genes: Recent Findings Obtained from Stem Cell-Derived Steroidogenic Cells. Ad4BP, LRH-1
81  2019 Undifferentiated spermatogonia regulate Cyp26b1 expression through NOTCH signaling and drive germ cell differentiation. CYP26B1, HEY1, JAG1, RA, SOX9
82  2019 Unsilencing of native LepRs in hypothalamic SF1 neurons does not rescue obese phenotype in LepR-deficient mice. HFD, KO, LEPR, VMH
83  2018 Androgens downregulate anti-Mullerian hormone promoter activity in the Sertoli cell through the androgen receptor and intact steroidogenic factor 1 sites. AMH
84  2018 Autophagy as a compensation mechanism participates in ethanol-induced fetal adrenal dysfunction in female rats. IGF-1R, IGF1, IUGR, LC3beta-II, PEE
85  2018 Fascin-1 Is a Novel Prognostic Biomarker Associated With Tumor Invasiveness in Adrenocortical Carcinoma. ACC, FSCN1
86  2018 Increased circulating miR-370-3p regulates steroidogenic factor 1 in endometriosis. StAR
87  2018 Insulin Regulates Adrenal Steroidogenesis by Stabilizing SF-1 Activity. ---
88  2018 Involvement of adenosine monophosphate activated kinase in interleukin-6 regulation of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein and cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme in the bovine zona fasciculata and zona reticularis. AICAR, AMP, IL-6, pAMPK, StAR, ZF, ZR
89  2018 Leydig cell dysfunction is associated with post-transcriptional deregulation of CYP17A1 in men with Sertoli cell-only syndrome. IFI, IOD, ITT, LCM, LCs, SCOS, T/LH
90  2018 Maternal BDE-209 exposure during lactation perturbs steroidogenesis, germ cell kinetics and THRalpha1 expression in testes of prepubertal mice offspring. PBDEs, PND, THRalpha1, THs
91  2018 Mdm2-p53-SF1 pathway in ovarian granulosa cells directs ovulation and fertilization by conditioning oocyte quality. Mdm2, PgR
92  2018 Mutational and functional studies on NR5A1 gene in 46,XY disorders of sex development: identification of six novel loss of function mutations. DSD
93  2018 Novel role of SF1 in alleviating thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy through the AMPK/mTOR signaling pathway. AMPK, mTOR, TAO
94  2018 p53 in AgRP neurons is required for protection against diet-induced obesity via JNK1. AgRP, BAT, JNK, POMC
95  2018 Prenatal Dexamethasone Exposure Induced Ovarian Developmental Toxicity and Transgenerational Effect in Rat Offspring. GD, IGF1, PDE, PW
96  2018 Regulation by FSH of the dynamic expression of retinol-binding protein 4 in the mouse ovary. FSH, HMGA1, LRH-1, PKA, RBP4, siRNAs
97  2018 Seasonal ovarian development in relation to the gonadotropins, steroids, aromatase and steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) in the banded gourami, Trichogaster fasciata. FSH, GSI, LH, post-GVBD
98  2018 Sex differences in forebrain estrogen receptor regulation of hypoglycemic patterns of counter-regulatory hormone secretion and ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus glucoregulatory neurotransmitter and astrocyte glycogen metabolic enzyme expression. ERalpha, IIH, VMN
99  2018 SF1-Specific AMPKalpha1 Deletion Protects Against Diet-Induced Obesity. BAT, HFD, VMH
100  2018 Signaling through non-membrane nuclear phosphoinositide binding proteins in human health and disease. IPMK, LRH-1, PTEN