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Long Form:   Semliki Forest virus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 6'-beta-Fluoro-Homoaristeromycin and 6'-Fluoro-Homoneplanocin A Are Potent Inhibitors of Chikungunya Virus Replication through Their Direct Effect on Viral Nonstructural Protein 1. CHIKV, FHA, FHNA, nsp1, SAH, WT
2020 Characterization of virus-mediated immunogenic cancer cell death and the consequences for oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy of cancer. Ad, DCs, ICD
2020 The Capsid Protein of Semliki Forest Virus Antagonizes RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells. RNAi, VSRs
2019 Alphavirus-based hepatitis C virus therapeutic vaccines: can universal helper epitopes enhance HCV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses? HCV
2019 An optimization study for expression of the rabies virus glycoprotein (RVGP) in mammalian cell lines using the Semliki Forest virus (SFV). ELISA, IIF, MOI, RVGP
2019 RNA processing bodies are disassembled during Old World alphavirus infection. ActD, CHIKV, MEFs, P-bodies, SGs
2019 Semliki Forest Virus replicon particles production in serum-free medium BHK-21 cell cultures and their use to express different proteins. HCV-NS3p, RVGP, SFV-VRPs
2019 Separate domains of G3BP promote efficient clustering of alphavirus replication complexes and recruitment of the translation initiation machinery. CHIKV, CPVs, nsP3, SG
2019 Short-Term Local Expression of a PD-L1 Blocking Antibody from a Self-Replicating RNA Vector Induces Potent Antitumor Responses. AAV, aPDL1, mAbs, OVA
10  2019 Surface (S) Layer Proteins of Lactobacillus acidophilus Block Virus Infection via DC-SIGN Interaction. CHIKV, DC-SIGN, DENV, PM, S-layer, ZIKV
11  2019 VCP/p97 Is a Proviral Host Factor for Replication of Chikungunya Virus and Other Alphaviruses. CHIKV, ONNV, VCP
12  2018 Following Acute Encephalitis, Semliki Forest Virus is Undetectable in the Brain by Infectivity Assays but Functional Virus RNA Capable of Generating Infectious Virus Persists for Life. SCID
13  2018 Immunization with a suicidal DNA vaccine expressing the E glycoprotein protects ducklings against duck Tembusu virus. DTMUV
14  2018 Intracellular Delivery of HCV NS3p gene using vectored particles. CTL, HCV, HCVpp, NS3, NS3p, vp
15  2018 Intratumoral Immunotherapy with XCL1 and sFlt3L Encoded in Recombinant Semliki Forest Virus-Derived Vectors Fosters Dendritic Cell-Mediated T-cell Cross-Priming. sFlt3L, SFV-XF
16  2018 Micafungin is a novel anti-viral agent of chikungunya virus through multiple mechanisms. CHIKV, FDA, SINV
17  2018 Mutation of CD2AP and SH3KBP1 Binding Motif in Alphavirus nsP3 Hypervariable Domain Results in Attenuated Virus. CHIKV, HVD, NSP
18  2018 Potent therapeutic efficacy of an alphavirus replicon DNA vaccine expressing human papilloma virus E6 and E7 antigens. DREP, DREP-E6,7, DREP-E7sh, HPV
19  2018 Purification of Highly Active Alphavirus Replication Complexes Demonstrates Altered Fractionation of Multiple Cellular Membranes. ER, RCs
20  2018 Spindle-E Acts Antivirally Against Alphaviruses in Mosquito Cells. CHIKV, pi, si, Spn-E
21  2018 The RNA Capping Enzyme Domain in Protein A is Essential for Flock House Virus Replication. FHV
22  2017 Alphavirus Replicon DNA Vectors Expressing Ebola GP and VP40 Antigens Induce Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Mice. EBOV, GP, VLPs
23  2017 Generation and Functional In Vitro Analysis of Semliki Forest Virus Vectors Encoding TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma. IFN, IFN-gamma, IL, TNF-alpha
24  2017 Immunogenicity of virus-like Semliki Forest virus replicon particles expressing Indian HIV-1C gag, env and polRT genes. HIV-1C, VRPs
25  2017 Immunohistochemical Characterization and Sensitivity to Human Adenovirus Serotypes 3, 5, and 11p of New Cell Lines Derived from Human Diffuse Grade II to IV Gliomas. HAd, IFN
26  2017 Insertion of the Type-I IFN Decoy Receptor B18R in a miRNA-Tagged Semliki Forest Virus Improves Oncolytic Capacity but Results in Neurotoxicity. IFN
27  2017 Magnetic nanoparticles for efficient cell transduction with Semliki Forest virus. MNPs
28  2017 Obatoclax Inhibits Alphavirus Membrane Fusion by Neutralizing the Acidic Environment of Endocytic Compartments. ---
29  2017 Polyprotein Processing as a Determinant for in Vitro Activity of Semliki Forest Virus Replicase. NSPs, RC
30  2017 Pseudo-typed Semliki Forest virus delivers EGFP into neurons. PS, VLPs
31  2017 Safe and Effective Treatment of Experimental Neuroblastoma and Glioblastoma Using Systemically Delivered Triple MicroRNA-Detargeted Oncolytic Semliki Forest Virus. CNS, HGCC
32  2017 The stress granule component G3BP is a novel interaction partner for the nuclear shuttle proteins of the nanovirus pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus and geminivirus abutilon mosaic virus. AbMV, AtG3BP, G3BP, NSP, nsP3, PNYDV, SGs
33  2016 A Prime-Boost Vaccination Strategy in Cattle to Prevent Foot-and-Mouth Disease Using a "Single-Cycle" Alphavirus Vector and Empty Capsid Particles. 3Cpro, FMD, FMDV
34  2016 Alphavirus protease inhibitors from natural sources: A homology modeling and molecular docking investigation. AURV, BFV, CHIKV, EEEV, nsp2, ONNV, RRV, SINV, VEEV, WEEV
35  2016 Alphavirus Restriction by IFITM Proteins. IFITMs
36  2016 Antiviral activities of niclosamide and nitazoxanide against chikungunya virus entry and transmission. CHIKV, HTS, SINV
37  2016 Chikungunya virus infectivity, RNA replication and non-structural polyprotein processing depend on the nsP2 protease's active site cysteine residue. CHIKV
38  2016 Long noncoding RNA EGOT negatively affects the antiviral response and favors HCV replication. HCV, lncRNAs
39  2016 Microscopic Visualisation of Zoonotic Arbovirus Replication in Tick Cell and Organ Cultures Using Semliki Forest Virus Reporter Systems. ---
40  2016 Molecular determinants of alphavirus neuropathogenesis in mice. CNS, SINV
41  2016 Prevalence estimation of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) antibodies in dogs from Finland using novel dog anti-TBEV IgG MAb-capture and IgG immunofluorescence assays based on recombinant TBEV subviral particles. EIA, IFA, mAb, TBE, TBEV
42  2016 Role of TSPAN9 in Alphavirus Entry and Early Endosomes. CHIKV, SINV, siRNA, VSV
43  2016 Structure and interaction with lipid membrane models of Semliki Forest virus fusion peptide. ---
44  2016 Wolbachia Blocks Viral Genome Replication Early in Infection without a Transcriptional Response by the Endosymbiont or Host Small RNA Pathways. miRNAs
45  2015 A suicidal DNA vaccine expressing the fusion protein of peste des petits ruminants virus induces both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses in mice. PPRV
46  2015 Ability of the Encephalitic Arbovirus Semliki Forest Virus To Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier Is Determined by the Charge of the E2 Glycoprotein. BBB, CHIKV, GAGs, SINV
47  2015 BST2/tetherin inhibition of alphavirus exit. CHIKV, DENV, RuV
48  2015 Correlative light and electron microscopy enables viral replication studies at the ultrastructural level. CLEM, EM
49  2015 Differences in Processing Determinants of Nonstructural Polyprotein and in the Sequence of Nonstructural Protein 3 Affect Neurovirulence of Semliki Forest Virus. nsP3
50  2015 Differential Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase-Akt-mTOR Activation by Semliki Forest and Chikungunya Viruses Is Dependent on nsP3 and Connected to Replication Complex Internalization. CHIKV, nsP3, nsP3-wt, PI3K
51  2015 Dissecting the Role of E2 Protein Domains in Alphavirus Pathogenicity. CHIKV, VEEV
52  2015 Identifying the Role of E2 Domains on Alphavirus Neutralization and Protective Immune Responses. CHIKV
53  2015 Immunogenicity of Semliki Forest virus based self-amplifying RNA expressing Indian HIV-1C genes in mice. ICCS
54  2015 MicroRNA-Attenuated Clone of Virulent Semliki Forest Virus Overcomes Antiviral Type I Interferon in Resistant Mouse CT-2A Glioma. ---
55  2015 Phylogenetically Distant Viruses Use the Same BH3-Only Protein Puma to Trigger Bax/Bak-Dependent Apoptosis of Infected Mouse and Human Cells. HSV-1, MOMP
56  2015 Potentiation of anthrax vaccines using protective antigen-expressing viral replicon vectors. PA, VRP
57  2015 Protective immune responses in ducklings induced by a suicidal DNA vaccine of the sigma C gene of novel duck reovirus. NDRV
58  2015 Semliki forest virus-based expression of recombinant GPCRs. GPCRs
59  2015 Seroepidemiology of selected arboviruses in febrile patients visiting selected health facilities in the lake/river basin areas of Lake Baringo, Lake Naivasha, and Tana River, Kenya. CCHFV, CHIKV, CI, IgM, ONNV, PRNT, RVFV, SINDV, WNV
60  2015 Synergistic antitumor efficacy of combined DNA vaccines targeting tumor cells and angiogenesis. CAVE, ELISA
61  2015 Viral and cellular proteins containing FGDF motifs bind G3BP to block stress granule formation. G3BP, HSV, SG
62  2014 A novel mitochondrial MAVS/Caspase-8 platform links RNA virus-induced innate antiviral signaling to Bax/Bak-independent apoptosis. MAVS
63  2014 A Semliki Forest virus expression system as a model for investigating the nuclear import and export of hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid protein. HBc, p.i
64  2014 Coinfection of tick cell lines has variable effects on replication of intracellular bacterial and viral pathogens. ---
65  2014 Defining the chemokine basis for leukocyte recruitment during viral encephalitis. ---
66  2014 Diagnostic potential and antigenic properties of recombinant tick-borne encephalitis virus subviral particles expressed in mammalian cells from Semliki Forest virus replicons. EIAs, ELISAs, IFAs, mAb, prME, TBEV
67  2014 High efficiency of alphaviral gene transfer in combination with 5-fluorouracil in a mouse mammary tumor model. 5-FU
68  2014 Short-term intratumoral interleukin-12 expressed from an alphaviral vector is sufficient to induce an efficient antitumoral response against spontaneous hepatocellular carcinomas. HCC, IL-12
69  2014 The host nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathway restricts Mammalian RNA virus replication. NMD
70  2014 Therapeutic immunization and local low-dose tumor irradiation, a reinforcing combination. HPV, MDSCs
71  2014 Transmitted/founder simian immunodeficiency virus envelope sequences in vesicular stomatitis and Semliki forest virus vector immunized rhesus macaques. SIV, VSV
72  2013 A key interaction between the alphavirus envelope proteins responsible for initial dimer dissociation during fusion. ---
73  2013 A vaccinia virus recombinant transcribing an alphavirus replicon and expressing alphavirus structural proteins leads to packaging of alphavirus infectious single cycle particles. ---
74  2013 Attenuation of Semliki Forest virus neurovirulence by microRNA-mediated detargeting. CNS
75  2013 Cross-inhibition of chikungunya virus fusion and infection by alphavirus E1 domain III proteins. CHIKV, DI/II, DIII
76  2013 Development of a novel adenovirus-alphavirus hybrid vector with RNA replicon features for malignant hematopoietic cell transduction. EGFP, MOI
77  2013 Enhanced immunogenicity induced by an alphavirus replicon-based pseudotyped baculovirus vaccine against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. CMV, PRRSV
78  2013 Enhanced potency of replicon vaccine using one vector to simultaneously co-express antigen and interleukin-4 molecular adjuvant. IL-4, VRP
79  2013 Immune responses in mice vaccinated with a suicidal DNA vaccine expressing the hemagglutinin glycoprotein from the peste des petits ruminants virus. PPRV
80  2013 Magnetic fractionation and proteomic dissection of cellular organelles occupied by the late replication complexes of Semliki Forest virus. CHIKV, SINV
81  2013 Protective immune responses in rabbits induced by a suicidal DNA vaccine of the VP60 gene of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus. RHDV
82  2013 Quantitative RT-PCR for titration of replication-defective recombinant Semliki Forest virus. GFP, MOI, RVGP
83  2013 Resistance to two heterologous neurotropic oncolytic viruses, Semliki Forest virus and vaccinia virus, in experimental glioma. ---
84  2013 RIG-I and MDA-5 detection of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity restricts positive-strand RNA virus replication. dsRNA, IFN, MDA5, RdRp, RIG-I
85  2013 Template RNA length determines the size of replication complex spherules for Semliki Forest virus. ---
86  2013 [Construction and application of the replicon DNA recombinant plasmid pSVK-luc]. ---
87  2012 A Semliki forest virus vector engineered to express IFNalpha induces efficient elimination of established tumors. IFN-alpha
88  2012 Accumulation of autophagosomes in Semliki Forest virus-infected cells is dependent on expression of the viral glycoproteins. ---
89  2012 Antiviral chlorinated daphnane diterpenoid orthoesters from the bark and wood of Trigonostemon cherrieri. CHIKV, DDO, DENV, SINV
90  2012 Delivery of recombinant alphavirus into hippocampal slice tissue culture. SIN
91  2012 Identification of a specific region in the e1 fusion protein involved in zinc inhibition of semliki forest virus fusion. DIII
92  2012 Immunization with a peptide of Semliki Forest virus promotes remyelination in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. EAE, IFA, KO, MS, p.i, WT
93  2012 In vivo administration of recombinant alphavirus into rodents. SIN
94  2012 Macromolecular assembly-driven processing of the 2/3 cleavage site in the alphavirus replicase polyprotein. NS
95  2012 Phenoloxidase activity acts as a mosquito innate immune response against infection with Semliki Forest virus. PO, RNAi
96  2012 Protective immune responses in ducklings induced by a suicidal DNA vaccine of the VP1 gene of duck hepatitis virus type 1. DHV-1
97  2012 Semliki Forest virus biodistribution in tumor-free and 4T1 mammary tumor-bearing mice: a comparison of transgene delivery by recombinant virus particles and naked RNA replicon. i.p, i.v, recSFV
98  2012 West Nile virus encodes a microRNA-like small RNA in the 3' untranslated region which up-regulates GATA4 mRNA and facilitates virus replication in mosquito cells. 3'-UTR, KUN, WNV
99  2011 Activation of the alphavirus spike protein is suppressed by bound E3. wt
100  2011 Antiviral RNA interference responses induced by Semliki Forest virus infection of mosquito cells: characterization, origin, and frequency-dependent functions of virus-derived small interfering RNAs. dsRNA, RNAi, viRNAs