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Abbreviation:   SFV  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   Shope fibroma virus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Construction of an infectious horsepox virus vaccine from chemically synthesized DNA fragments. HPXV, scHPXV, VACV
2010 Vaccination strategies against myxomavirus infections: are we really doing the best? MV
2004 Construction of recombinant vaccinia viruses using leporipoxvirus-catalyzed recombination and reactivation of orthopoxvirus DNA. GFP, PCR
2004 Tumorigenic poxviruses: growth factors in a viral context? ---
2003 High-frequency genetic recombination and reactivation of orthopoxviruses from DNA fragments transfected into leporipoxvirus-infected cells. ---
2002 Leporipoxvirus Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase homologs inhibit cellular superoxide dismutase, but are not essential for virus replication or virulence. CuZnSOD
2000 Ectromelia virus virulence factor p28 acts upstream of caspase-3 in response to UV light-induced apoptosis. EV
2000 The efficacy of two vaccination schemes against experimental infection with a virulent amyxomatous or a virulent nodular myxoma virus strain. MV
1999 Comparative effects of virulent and avirulent poxviruses on cell cycle progression. MV
10  1999 Shope fibroma virus DNA topoisomerase catalyses holliday junction resolution and hairpin formation in vitro. ---
11  1999 The complete genome sequence of shope (rabbit) fibroma virus. ---
12  1998 DNA ligase gene disruptions can depress viral growth and replication in poxvirus-infected cells. SIRC
13  1998 Shope fibroma virus RING finger protein N1R binds DNA and inhibits apoptosis. ---
14  1996 SFV topoisomerase: sequence specificity in a genetically mapped interval. GST
15  1996 The effect of transcription on genetic recombination in poxvirus-infected cells. ---
16  1995 Identification and characterization of the orf virus type I topoisomerase. OV
17  1995 Myxoma virus and Shope fibroma virus encode dual-specificity tyrosine/serine phosphatases which are essential for virus viability. ---
18  1994 A poxvirus protein with a RING finger motif binds zinc and localizes in virus factories. ---
19  1994 Characterization of the Shope fibroma virus DNA ligase gene. gpt
20  1993 A poxvirus-encoded uracil DNA glycosylase is essential for virus viability. ---
21  1993 Identification of a poxvirus gene encoding a uracil DNA glycosylase. ---
22  1992 In vitro resolution of poxvirus replicative intermediates into linear minichromosomes with hairpin termini by a virally induced Holliday junction endonuclease. ---
23  1992 Nucleotide sequence analysis of a unique near-terminal region of the tumorigenic poxvirus, Shope fibroma virus. ORFs
24  1992 Virus-induced loss of class I MHC antigens from the surface of cells infected with myxoma virus and malignant rabbit fibroma virus. MRV, MYX
25  1991 Identification and DNA sequence of the large subunit of the capping enzyme from Shope fibroma virus. ORFs
26  1991 Sequence and analysis of a portion of the genomes of Shope fibroma virus and malignant rabbit fibroma virus that is important for viral replication in lymphocytes. MV
27  1991 Syphilis superinfection activates expression of human immunodeficiency virus I in latently infected rabbits. HIV, HTLV-III, PCR
28  1991 The target DNA sequence for resolution of poxvirus replicative intermediates is an active late promoter. TRT
29  1991 Vaccinia virus homologues of the Shope fibroma virus inverted terminal repeat proteins and a discontinuous ORF related to the tumor necrosis factor receptor family. ITR, NGFR, ORFs
30  1990 Determinants of the ability of malignant fibroma virus to induce immune dysfunction and tumor dissemination in vivo. MV
31  1990 Identification and DNA sequence of the Shope fibroma virus DNA topoisomerase gene. ---
32  1990 Molecular analysis of immunosuppression induced by virus replication in lymphocytes. MV
33  1990 Myxoma virus and malignant rabbit fibroma virus encode a serpin-like protein important for virus virulence. MRV, MYX, SERP1, TIR
34  1990 Tumorigenic poxviruses: characterization of the expression of an epidermal growth factor related gene in Shope fibroma virus. EGF, SFGF
35  1989 A capripoxvirus pseudogene whose only intact homologs are in other poxvirus genomes. ITRs, ORFs
36  1989 Tumorigenic conversion of NIH 3T3 cells by transfection with Shope fibroma virus DNA. ---
37  1989 Tumorigenic poxviruses: characterization of an early promoter from Shope fibroma virus. ORF, TIR
38  1988 Association of mitochondria DNA with viral DNA in purified preparations of poxviruses. mt
39  1988 Characterization of the transformation properties of Shope fibroma virus. ---
40  1988 Lymphocyte-virus interactions. Identification of a restriction fragment permitting virus replication in lymphocytes. MV
41  1988 Tumorigenic poxviruses: fine analysis of the recombination junctions in malignant rabbit fibroma virus, a recombinant between Shope fibroma virus and myxoma virus. MRV, TIR
42  1987 Cruciform extrusion in plasmids bearing the replicative intermediate configuration of a poxvirus telomere. ---
43  1987 Efficient resolution of replicated poxvirus telomeres to native hairpin structures requires two inverted symmetrical copies of a core target DNA sequence. bp
44  1987 Inhibition of epidermal growth factor-induced cellular proliferation. EGF, MV
45  1987 Tumorigenic poxviruses: genomic organization and DNA sequence of the telomeric region of the Shope fibroma virus genome. ORFs, TIRs
46  1987 Tumorigenic poxviruses: transcriptional mapping of the terminal inverted repeats of Shope fibroma virus. ORFs, TIR
47  1986 A novel member of the serpin superfamily is encoded on a circular plasmid-like DNA species isolated from rabbit cells. ---
48  1986 Cross-reactivity among cowpox, ectromelia and vaccinia viruses with monoclonal antibodies recognizing distinct antigenic determinants in A-type inclusion bodies. ATIB, CPV, EV
49  1986 DNA sequence homology between the terminal inverted repeats of Shope fibroma virus and an endogenous cellular plasmid species. ---
50  1986 Identification and nucleotide sequence of the thymidine kinase gene of Shope fibroma virus. kb, TK
51  1986 Polypeptide analysis with monoclonal antibodies of A type inclusion bodies induced by cowpox virus. Ara C, CPV, IF, SDS-PAGE
52  1986 Replication and resolution of cloned poxvirus telomeres in vivo generates linear minichromosomes with intact viral hairpin termini. ---
53  1986 Sequence-nonspecific replication of transfected plasmid DNA in poxvirus-infected cells. RF
54  1986 Transcriptional mapping of early RNA from regions of the Shope fibroma and malignant rabbit fibroma virus genomes. MV, nt
55  1986 Tumorigenic poxviruses: analysis of viral DNA sequences implicated in the tumorigenicity of Shope fibroma virus and malignant rabbit virus. MRV, ORFs, TIR
56  1985 Characterization, molecular cloning, and physical mapping of the Shope fibroma virus genome. ---
57  1985 In vitro growth of two related leporipoxviruses in lymphoid cells. MV
58  1985 Molecular characterization of two strains of Shope fibroma virus. ---
59  1985 Tumorigenic poxviruses: genomic organization of malignant rabbit virus, a recombinant between Shope fibroma virus and myxoma virus. MRV
60  1984 Strain differences in Shope fibroma virus. An immunopathologic study. ---
61  1983 Immunologic dysfunction during viral oncogenesis. I. Nonspecific immunosuppression caused by malignant rabbit fibroma virus. MV
62  1983 Malignant rabbit fibroma virus causes secondary immunosuppression in rabbits. MV
63  1983 Malignant rabbit fibroma virus: observations on the culture and histopathologic characteristics of a new virus-induced rabbit tumor. MV
64  1982 Shope fibroma virus. I. Biological and molecular properties of a cytocidal and a noncytocidal strain. ---
65  1982 Shope fibroma virus. II. Role of the virion-associated nucleases. ---
66  1981 Cell-mediated immune response to Shope fibroma virus-induced tumors in adult rabbits. CML
67  1976 Phosphonoacetic acid treatment of shope fibroma and vaccinia virus skin infections in rabbits. PAA
68  1974 Treatment of poxvirus infections in rabbits with 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosyladenine. ara-A
69  1972 Composition and size of Shope fibroma virus deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA
70  1966 Mechanism of pock formation by Shope fibroma virus on monolayers of rabbit cells. ---