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Long Form:   specific leaf area
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Comparative response to drought in primitive and modern wheat: a cue on domestication. nHRS
2019 Deleterious Mutation Burden and Its Association with Complex Traits in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). TSC
2019 Drought affects the coordination of belowground and aboveground resource-related traits in Solidago canadensis in China. LAR, LMF, RL, RMF, RSA, RV
2019 Drought tolerance traits do not vary across sites differing in water availability in Banksia serrata (Proteaceae). TLP
2019 Ecophysiological response of Lippia gracilis (Verbanaceae) to duration of salt stress. BAF, DAS, LAR, LDB, NAR, RDB, RGR, SDB, SI, TDB, TLA, ULA
2019 Effects of dry-season irrigation on leaf physiology and biomass allocation in tropical lianas and trees. iWUE
2019 Effects of forest types on leaf functional traits and their interrelationships of Pinus massoniana coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests in the subtropical mountain, Southeastern China. LDMC, PLM
2019 Estimating carbon fixation of plant organs for afforestation monitoring using a process-based ecosystem model and ecophysiological parameter optimization. AC, FRC, LC, SC
2019 Global patterns of intraspecific leaf trait responses to elevation. LA, LMA
10  2019 Growth and competitive interaction between seedlings of an invasive Rumex confertus and of co-occurring two native Rumex species in relation to nutrient availability. RGR
11  2019 High-throughput analysis of leaf physiological and chemical traits with VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy: a case study with a maize diversity panel. Chl, LWC, PLSR, RPD, SVR
12  2019 Intraspecific Functional Trait Response to Advanced Snowmelt Suggests Increase of Growth Potential but Decrease of Seed Production in Snowbed Plant Species. LDMC
13  2019 Invasive grasses of sub-Antarctic Marion Island respond to increasing temperatures at the expense of chilling tolerance. ---
14  2019 Is there coordination of leaf and fine root traits at local scales? A test in temperate forest swamps. LDMC, SRL
15  2019 Large leaves in warm, moist environments confer an advantage in seedling light interception efficiency. ---
16  2019 Leaf economics and plant hydraulics drive leaf : wood area ratios. ---
17  2019 Long-term clipping causes carbohydrate accumulation and induced transition of Alhagi sparsifolia from herbs to shrubs. Pn, ROS
18  2019 Particulate matter mitigation via plants: Understanding complex relationships with leaf traits. ALA, PM
19  2019 Plant functional diversity drives carbon storage following vegetation restoration in Loess Plateau, China. AGBC, ALC, FDis, LCC, LNC, STC, TEC
20  2019 Population Variation, Environmental Gradients, and the Evolutionary Ecology of Plant Defense against Herbivory. ---
21  2019 Quantifying leaf-trait covariation and its controls across climates and biomes. LA, LDMC, PCA, RDA
22  2019 Relationships between plant traits, soil properties and carbon fluxes differ between monocultures and mixed communities in temperate grassland. ---
23  2019 Seasonal gas exchange and resource-use efficiency in evergreen versus deciduous species from a tropical dry forest. PNUE, TDFs
24  2019 Seedling traits predict drought-induced mortality linked to diversity loss. ---
25  2019 Specific responses of sap flux and leaf functional traits to simulated canopy and understory nitrogen additions in a deciduous broadleaf forest. ---
26  2019 Temporal intraspecific trait variability drives responses of functional diversity to interannual aridity variation in grasslands. CWM, FDis, LDMC, LNC
27  2019 The effects of Solidago canadensis water extracts on maize seedling growth in association with the biomass allocation pattern. LAR, LMR
28  2019 Trait-Based Climate Change Predictions of Vegetation Sensitivity and Distribution in China. DGVMs, GMM, LAI, MAP, MAT, mPAR, PFTs, RDA
29  2019 Trait-performance relationships of grassland plant species differ between common garden and field conditions. LDMC, RGR
30  2019 Warming Treatment Methodology Affected the Response of Plant Ecophysiological Traits to Temperature Increases: A Quantitive Meta-Analysis. LN, Rd
31  2019 [Effects of topographic factors on leaf traits of apricot in the Loess Plateau, Northwest China]. LA, LDMC, LWC
32  2018 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve photosynthetic energy use efficiency and decrease foliar construction cost under recurrent water deficit in woody evergreen species. AMF, CC, PEUE
33  2018 Associations among arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and seedlings are predicted to change with tree successional status. AM, OTUs
34  2018 Climate as a driver of adaptive variations in ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana. LDMC
35  2018 Climatic factors shaping intraspecific leaf trait variation of a neotropical tree along a rainfall gradient. ETR, LARm, SPL
36  2018 Desi chickpea genotypes tolerate drought stress better than kabuli types by modulating germination metabolism, trehalose accumulation, and carbon assimilation. TE
37  2018 Differential effect of drought regimes on the seedling performance of six floodplain grassland species. RMF
38  2018 Does enemy damage vary across the range of exotic plant species? Evidence from two coastal dune plant species in eastern Australia. ---
39  2018 Dominant Species in Subtropical Forests Could Decrease Photosynthetic N Allocation to Carboxylation and Bioenergetics and Enhance Leaf Construction Costs during Forest Succession. CC, NC, PBT, PNUE
40  2018 Effects of Transgenerational Plasticity on Morphological and Physiological Properties of Stoloniferous Herb Centella asiatica Subjected to High/Low Light. Pmax
41  2018 Functional coordination between leaf traits and biomass allocation and growth of four herbaceous species in a newly established reservoir riparian ecosystem in China. LAR, LMR, LN, LP, PCC, RGR, RRZ, SMR
42  2018 Future global productivity will be affected by plant trait response to climate. GPP
43  2018 Inter- and intraspecific variation in leaf economic traits in wheat and maize. ITV, LES
44  2018 Interspecific variation in leaf functional and defensive traits in oak species and its underlying climatic drivers. ---
45  2018 Non-structural carbohydrate dynamics associated with drought-induced die-off in woody species of a shrubland community. NSC, SS, WD
46  2018 Plant physical and chemical defence variation along elevation gradients: a functional trait-based approach. CN, CWM, LDMC
47  2018 Relationships between plant drought response, traits, and climate of origin for green roof plant selection. ET, HMI, LAR, MAP, WD, WW
48  2018 Seed banks of native forbs, but not exotic grasses, increase during extreme drought. ---
49  2018 Sensitivity analyses for improving sulfur management strategies in winter oilseed rape. GSA, PRCC, RUE
50  2018 Survival rates indicate that correlations between community-weighted mean traits and environments can be unreliable estimates of the adaptive value of traits. CWM
51  2018 Unexpected drought resistance strategies in seedlings of four Brachychiton species. LDMC, WUEi
52  2018 Warming increases the sensitivity of seedling growth capacity to rainfall in six temperate deciduous tree species. LWC, TLA
53  2017 Altered leaf functional traits by nitrogen addition in a nutrient-poor pine plantation: A consequence of decreased phosphorus availability. LDMC
54  2017 Changes in specific leaf area of dominant plants in temperate grasslands along a 2500-km transect in northern China. MAP, MAT
55  2017 Contrasting effects of plant inter- and intraspecific variation on community trait responses to restoration of a sandy grassland ecosystem. LCC, LDMC, LNC
56  2017 Decomposing the land-use specific response of plant functional traits along environmental gradients. agdw, LDMC, LNC, VegHt
57  2017 Decoupled leaf and root carbon economics is a key component in the ecological diversity and evolutionary divergence of deciduous and evergreen lineages of genus Rhododendron. SRL, SRTA
58  2017 Demographic drivers of functional composition dynamics. CWMs
59  2017 Differences in functional traits between invasive and native Amaranthus species under different forms of N deposition. ---
60  2017 Does energetic cost for leaf construction in Sonneratia change after introduce to another mangrove wetland and differ from native mangrove plants in South China? CC, CCA, CCM
61  2017 Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on growth and leaf litter decomposition of Quercus acutissima and Fraxinus rhynchophylla. C/N
62  2017 Effect of seasonality and Cr(VI) on starch-sucrose partitioning and related enzymes in floating leaves of Salvinia minima. ---
63  2017 Effects of extreme drought on specific leaf area of grassland species: A meta-analysis of experimental studies in temperate and sub-Mediterranean systems. ---
64  2017 Geographical variation and the role of climate in leaf traits of a relict tree species across its distribution in China. ---
65  2017 Growing larger with domestication: a matter of physiology, morphology or allocation? ---
66  2017 Hyperspectral leaf reflectance of Carpinus betulus L. saplings for urban air quality estimation. CCI, SIRM, WC
67  2017 Impact of Chemical, Organic and Bio-Fertilizers Application on Bell Pepper, Capsicum annuum L. and Biological Parameters of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hem.: Aphididae). NGI
68  2017 Inter- and intrapopulation variation in the response of tree seedlings to drought: physiological adjustments based on geographical origin, water supply and species. Lb, RB, Sd, Sh, Ss
69  2017 Linking Changes to Intraspecific Trait Diversity to Community Functional Diversity and Biomass in Response to Snow and Nitrogen Addition Within an Inner Mongolian Grassland. FD
70  2017 Outbreak of Drepanopeziza fungus in aspen forests and variation in stand susceptibility: leaf functional traits, compensatory growth and phenology. ---
71  2017 Physiological and morphological responses to permanent and intermittent waterlogging in seedlings of four evergreen trees of temperate swamp forests. PWA, SIWA, StD
72  2017 Plants are less negatively affected by flooding when growing in species-rich plant communities. ---
73  2017 Plasticity in seedling morphology, biomass allocation and physiology among ten temperate tree species in response to shade is related to shade tolerance and not leaf habit. LAR, NAR, RGR
74  2017 Population-Level Differentiation in Growth Rates and Leaf Traits in Seedlings of the Neotropical Live Oak Quercus oleoides Grown under Natural and Manipulated Precipitation Regimes. LES
75  2017 Post-fire environments are favourable for plant functioning of seeder and resprouter Mediterranean shrubs, even under drought. RGR
76  2017 Response of Korean pine's functional traits to geography and climate. AP, GSP, GST, LDMC, LNC, LPC, LT, MAT, MTCM, PET, RNC, RPC, SRL
77  2017 Root traits are more than analogues of leaf traits: the case for diaspore mass. ---
78  2017 Sampling intraspecific variability in leaf functional traits: Practical suggestions to maximize collected information. ITV, ITVBI, ITVWI, pi
79  2017 Shade tolerance and herbivory are associated with RGR of tree species via different functional traits. LMR, Rd, RGR
80  2017 Similarity of plant functional traits and aggregation pattern in a subtropical forest. LDMC, LT, RGR
81  2017 Size and Reproductive Traits Rather than Leaf Economic Traits Explain Plant-Community Composition in Species-Rich Annual Vegetation along a Gradient of Land Use Intensity. LNC
82  2017 Spatial Variation of Leaf Optical Properties in a Boreal Forest Is Influenced by Species and Light Environment. LOPs, PRI
83  2017 Testing the environmental filtering concept in global drylands. ---
84  2017 The importance of hydraulic architecture to the distribution patterns of trees in a central Amazonian forest. WSG
85  2017 Variation in species-level plant functional traits over wetland indicator status categories. SSG, WIS
86  2017 [Latitude variation mechanism of leaf traits of Metasequoia glyptostroboides in eastern coastal China]. ---
87  2016 Adaptive changes in chlorophyll content and photosynthetic features to low light in Physocarpus amurensis Maxim and Physocarpus opulifolius "Diabolo". OEC, PS
88  2016 Climatic events inducing die-off in Mediterranean shrublands: are species' responses related to their functional traits? ---
89  2016 Different leaf cost-benefit strategies of ferns distributed in contrasting light habitats of sub-tropical forests. CC, FDF, FNF, LLS, N and P, PBT
90  2016 Does greater specific leaf area plasticity help plants to maintain a high performance when shaded? ---
91  2016 Effects of long- and short-term management on the functional structure of meadows through species turnover and intraspecific trait variability. ---
92  2016 Growth potential limits drought morphological plasticity in seedlings from six Eucalyptus provenances. LAR, LMR, RGR, RLR, RMR, SRL
93  2016 Intraspecific trait variation drives functional responses of old-field plant communities to nutrient enrichment. FD, LDMC
94  2016 Leaf economics spectrum among different plant functional types in Beijing Botanical Garden, China. LES, PFTs, PhiPS2, PNUE
95  2016 Leaf morphological and anatomical traits from tropical to temperate coniferous forests: Mechanisms and influencing factors. ---
96  2016 Low-temperature leaf photosynthesis of a Miscanthus germplasm collection correlates positively to shoot growth rate and specific leaf area. Asat, PAR
97  2016 Maize plants can enter a standby mode to cope with chilling stress. GGR, PEPC, PPDK
98  2016 Meaningful traits for grouping plant species across arid ecosystems. ---
99  2016 Morphological Response of Eight Quercus Species to Simulated Wind Load. LDI
100  2016 Net Assimilation Rate Determines the Growth Rates of 14 Species of Subtropical Forest Trees. LMR, NAR