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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1999 A personal view on the early history of the insulin-like growth factors. GH, MSA, NSILA, SF
1993 [Free fatty acid responses to growth hormone (GH)-releasing factor and the GH-GH receptor axis]. FFA, GH
1989 Serum somatomedin activity following adult tibial shaft fractures. ---
1988 Effect of human growth hormone and somatomedin on the recovery of sheep red blood cell receptor in peripheral T-lymphocytes. GH, SRBC
1988 Somatomedin levels in the diagnosis and therapy of growth hormone deficiency. GH, Sm-C
1987 Influence of zinc on growth, somatomedin, and glycosaminoglycan metabolism in rats. GAG, PF
1987 Measurement of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) responsiveness of fibroblasts of children with short stature: identification of a patient with IGF-I resistance. IGF-I
1987 Receptors for insulin-like growth factors I and II in developing embryonic mouse limb bud. IGF
1987 The polymorphic pattern of somatomedins during human development. ---
10  1986 Low serum somatomedin-C in insulin-dependent diabetes: evidence for a postreceptor mechanism. ---
11  1986 Molecular aspects of the human somatomedins. ---
12  1986 Treatment of Turner's syndrome with methionyl human growth hormone for six months. met-hGH, NEFA
13  1985 Changes in somatomedin activity in anorexia nervosa. ---
14  1985 Effects of gonadotrophin-induced elevation of serum testosterone upon somatomedin C levels and serum thymidine activity in children. hCG, TA
15  1985 Homologous and heterologous growth hormones fail to stimulate avian cartilage growth in vitro. ---
16  1985 Impaired somatomedin generation test in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. GH, hGH
17  1985 Influence of selected amino acid deficiencies on somatomedin, growth and glycosaminoglycan metabolism in weanling rats. GAG, GH
18  1985 Plasma hormone levels in growth-retarded rats with dorsomedial hypothalamic lesions. DMNL rats, GH
19  1985 Somatomedin synthesis by a subclone of Buffalo rat liver cells. Influence of divalent cations on rIGF-II release. BRL, MEM, rIGF-II
20  1984 Changes in serum somatomedin and growth hormone concentrations after 3 weeks oestrogen substitution in post-menopausal women; a pilot study. GH
21  1984 Chemistry, structure, and function of insulin-like growth factors and their receptors: a review. IGF-I, kd, Mr, pI
22  1984 Effect of zinc deficiency on serum somatomedin levels and skeletal growth in young rats. bGH, ZD
23  1984 Effects of hypophysectomy and subsequent growth hormone replacement in the rat on the ability of serum to stimulate proliferation of human and mouse (BALB/c 3T3) fibroblasts. GH
24  1984 Immunoassay of a somatomedin-binding protein from human amniotic fluid: levels in fetal, neonatal, and adult sera. AF, AFBP
25  1984 Isolation of a somatomedin-binding protein from preterm amniotic fluid. Development of a radioimmunoassay. AF, AFBP
26  1984 Metabolic regulation of somatomedin activity in rat liver. ---
27  1984 Somatomedin levels in pregnancy: longitudinal study in healthy subjects and patients with growth hormone deficiency. IGF2
28  1984 [Somatomedin (bioassay) response to long-term growth hormone treatment of idiopathic pituitary dwarfism]. ---
29  1983 Characterization of a specific somatomedin-c receptor on isolated bovine growth plate chondrocytes. GPCs
30  1983 Recent advances in the biochemistry and physiology of the insulin-like growth factor/somatomedin family. IGF
31  1983 Sequence of cDNA encoding human insulin-like growth factor I precursor. IGF
32  1983 Somatomedin binding proteins in GH-deficient children with normal plasma somatomedin levels. IGF-I
33  1983 Variables controlling somatomedin production by cultured human fibroblasts. PDGF
34  1982 Characterization of the human placental receptor for basic somatomedin. DSS
35  1982 Isolation and partial sequence analysis of rat basic somatomedin. ---
36  1982 Serum somatomedin activity assayed by the enhancement of proteoglycan sulphation using chick embryo chondrocytes in normal children at various ages and children of short stature. MSA
37  1982 Somatomedin peptide distribution and somatomedin-binding protein content in cord plasma: comparison to normal and hypopituitary plasma. SMBP
38  1982 Somatomedins in pregnancy: a cross-sectional study of insulin-like growth factors I and II and somatomedin peptide content in normal human pregnancies. IGF-I, SMPC
39  1982 Structure of somatomedin-binding protein: alkaline pH-induced dissociation of an acid-stable, 60,000 molecular weight complex into smaller components. SmPBs
40  1982 The thyroid hormone effects on growth and development may be mediated by growth factors. EGF, Ep, GH, NGF
41  1981 A longitudinal study on plasma somatomedin activity in full-term, preterm and small-for-gestational age newborns. ---
42  1981 Acute somatomedin response to growth hormone: radioreceptor assay versus radioimmunoassay. IGF-I, RRA
43  1981 Growth hormone and somatomedin in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. IDDM
44  1981 In vivo modulation of somatomedin receptor sites: effects of growth hormone treatment of hypopituitary children. ---
45  1981 Partial characterization of a mitogenic factor with somatomedin-like activity produced by culture WI-38 human fibroblasts. CSFM, FSLA
46  1981 Plasma somatomedin-binding proteins in hypopituitarism: changes during growth hormone therapy. IGF-I, SMBPs
47  1981 Plasma somatomedins in children with hyperinsulinism. ---
48  1981 The somatomedin activity in plasma from patients with multiple mechanical injuries: with observations on plasma cortisol. ISS, SMA
49  1980 Association between serum insulin, serum somatomedin and liver receptors for human growth hormone in streptozotocin diabetes. hGH
50  1980 Growth hormone resistance. GH
51  1980 Lack of response of serum somatomedin to hyperprolactinemia in humans. ---
52  1980 Normal somatomedin and somatomedin receptors in achondroplastic dwarfism. ---
53  1980 Release of somatomedin-like activity by cultured WI-38 human fibroblasts. IRSM
54  1980 Serum somatomedin activity measured as sulphation factor in peripheral, hepatic and renal veins in normal mongrel dogs: Early effects of intravenous injection of growth hormone. bGH, GH, hGH
55  1980 Serum somatomedin activity measured as sulphation factor in peripheral, hepatic and renal veins of mongrel dogs: basal levels. ---
56  1980 Somatomedin production by rat liver in organ culture. II. Studies of cartilage sulphation inhibitors released by the liver and their separation from somatomedins. ---
57  1980 Somatomedin-A bioactivity in rabbit serum after hypophysectomy. ---
58  1980 Stimulation of chick embryo cartilage sulfate and thymidine uptake: comparison of human serum, purified somatomedins, and other growth factors. IGFs
59  1980 [Relationships between growth, and plasma growth hormone and growth factors under normal physiological conditions and during pathological states (author's transl)]. GH
60  1979 Change in response with age of human articular cartilage to plasma somatomedin activity. ---
61  1979 Combined test of hypothalamic-pituitary function in growth retarded children treated with growth hormone. I. Secretion of growth hormone and somatomedin before and after treatment. GH, hGH, ITT
62  1979 Further comparisons of the [125I]somatomedin A and the [125I]somatomedin C radioreceptor assays of somatomedin peptide. RRA
63  1979 Hormone ontogeny in the ovine fetus. IV. Serum somatomedin activity in the fetal and neonatal lamb and pregnant ewe: correlation with maternal and fetal growth hormone, prolactin, and chorionic somatomammotropin. ---
64  1979 NSILA and foetal growth. GH, NSILA
65  1979 Purification of a basic somatomedin, from human plasma Cohn fraction IV-1, with physicochemical and radioimmunoassay similarity to somatomedin-C and insulin-like growth factor. IGF-I
66  1979 Radioimmunoassay of a basic somatomedin: comparison of various assay techniques and somatomedin levels in various sera. IRSM
67  1979 Somatomedin and growth hormone studies in pediatric renal allograft recipients who receive daily prednisone. GH
68  1978 Comparison of [125I]somatomedin A and [125I]somatomedin C radioreceptor assays for somatomedin peptide content in whole and acid-chromatographed plasma. ---
69  1978 Effect of ovine prolactin on serum somatomedin bioactivity in hypophysectomized female rats. oPRL
70  1978 Increased plasma somatomedin reactivity in chronic renal failure as determined by acid gel filtration and radioreceptor assay. RRA
71  1978 Serum somatomedin activity measured as sulphation factor in peripheral, hepatic and renal veins of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. GH
72  1978 Somatomedin in newborns and the relationship to human chorionic somatotropin and fetal growth. hCS
73  1978 The Snell-dwarfmouse. II. Sulphate and thymidine incorporation in costal cartilage and somatomedin levels before and during growth hormone and thyroxine therapy. hGH, pGH
74  1977 Demonstration of specific plasma protein binding sites for somatomedin. ---
75  1977 Growth hormone, somatomedin and cartilage sulfation in failure of catch-up growth after propylthiouracil-induced hypothyroidism in the rat. GH, PTU
76  1977 Serum somatomedin activity depressed after glucagon administration in man. GH
77  1977 Somatomedin and growth hormone in the newborn. GH
78  1976 Acute and chronic estrogen effects upon serum somatomedin activity, growth hormone, and prolactin in man. GH, PRL
79  1976 Comparison of somatomedin activity in perfusates of normal and hypophysectomized rat livers with and without added growth hormone. GH
80  1976 Comparison of the delayed actions of growth hormone and somatomedin on adipose tissue metabolism. GH
81  1976 Factors governing the stimulation of embryonic chick cartilage by somatomedin. HHS, NHS
82  1976 Growth hormone and somatomedin behaviour in the newborn. hGH
83  1976 Nutrition and somatomedin. II. Serum somatomedin activity and cartilage growth activity in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. STZ
84  1976 Partial characterization of somatomedin bioactivity in term human amniotic fluid. AF, IMS, SGE
85  1976 Size heterogeneity of human serum somatomedin. IMS
86  1976 Somatomedin in cord blood: relationship to gestational age and birth size. ---
87  1976 Somatomedin production in the neonatal rat. GH
88  1976 The liver as a source of somatomedin. ---
89  1976 The serum half-life of somatomedin activity: evidence for growth hormone dependence. CEFs, GH
90  1975 A somatomedin assay using normal rabbit cartilage in clinical studies. GH
91  1975 Glucocorticoid therapy in children. Effect on somatomedin secretion. ---