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Abbreviation:   SMU  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   single motor unit
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 EEG-like signals can be synthesized from surface representations of single motor units of facial muscles. EEG, RC
2018 Reorganization of motor unit activity at different sites within the human masseter muscle during experimental masseter pain. IP, VAS
2017 Pulse Duration as Well as Current Direction Determines the Specificity of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Motor Cortex during Contraction. AP, cTMS, MEPs, PA
2015 Electrical activation to the parasternal intercostal muscles during high-frequency spinal cord stimulation in dogs. HF-SCS
2015 Experimental pain has a greater effect on single motor unit discharge during force-control than position-control tasks. ---
2014 Interference of tonic muscle activity on the EEG: a single motor unit study. EEG, STA
2014 Physiological mechanisms of upper airway hypotonia during REM sleep. ET, IP, IT, REM
2013 A mechanism for upper airway stability during slow wave sleep. IP, IT, SWS
2012 Comparison of the inhibitory response to tendon and cutaneous afferent stimulation in the human lower limb. PSF, PSTH, sEMG, TES
10  2012 Compound group I excitatory input is differentially distributed to human soleus motoneurons. ESPT, sEMG
11  2012 Cortical entrainment of human hypoglossal motor unit activities. EMG, HMN, MNs
12  2012 Examination of afterhyperpolarization duration changes in motoneurons innervating paretic muscles in stroke survivors. AHP, FDI, IDR, MU, sEMG
13  2011 Distribution of electrical activation to the external intercostal muscles during high frequency spinal cord stimulation in dogs. HF-SCS
14  2011 Single motor unit recordings in human geniohyoid reveal minimal respiratory activity during quiet breathing. EMG
15  2011 Synaptic potentials contributing to reflex inhibition in gastrocnemius following tendon electrical stimulation. PSF, PSTH, sEMG
16  2010 Recruitment and rate-coding strategies of the human genioglossus muscle. CPAP
17  2009 Effect of cancellation on triggered averaging used to determine synchronization between motor unit discharge in separate muscles. EMG, VL, VMO
18  2008 Responses of human motoneurons to high-frequency stimulation of Ia afferents. EMG, FCR, IPI, PSTHs
19  2007 Superior head of human lateral pterygoid muscle: single motor unit firing rates during isometric force. CL, CT, IHLP, IL, SHLP
20  2006 High-frequency conditioning electrical stimulation evokes supraspinal independent long-term depression but not long-term potentiation of the spinal withdrawal reflex in rats. cES, EMG, LTD, LTP, MG
21  2005 Fatigue-related changes in discharge patterns of motor units in the inferior head of the lateral pterygoid muscle in humans. CV, IHLP, ISI
22  2005 Nociceptive spinal withdrawal reflexes but not spinal dorsal horn wide-dynamic range neuron activities are specifically inhibited by halothane anaesthesia in spinalized rats. DH, EMG, VH, WDR
23  2004 Cortico-motoneuronal excitation of three hand muscles determined by a novel penta-stimulation technique. ADM, APB, CMS, FDI, PST
24  2004 Effects of experimental muscle pain on mechanical properties of single motor units in human masseter. STA
25  2004 Electrophysiological characterization of facilitated spinal withdrawal reflex to repetitive electrical stimuli and its modulation by central glutamate receptor in spinal anesthetized rats. EMG, i.t, non-NMDA
26  2004 Estimated magnitude and interactions of cortico-motoneuronal and Ia afferent input to spinal motoneurones of the human hand. cEPSPs, CM, MNs
27  2004 Proprioceptive control of human wrist extensor motor units during an attention-demanding task. ECR
28  2003 Estimation of postsynaptic potentials in rat hypoglossal motoneurones: insights for human work. CUSUM, PSTH
29  2003 Role of central NMDA versus non-NMDA receptor in spinal withdrawal reflex in spinal anesthetized rats under normal and hyperexcitable conditions. EMG, NMDA
30  2003 Simultaneous recordings of wind-up of paired spinal dorsal horn nociceptive neuron and nociceptive flexion reflex in rats. cRF, DH, GS, NFR, WDR
31  2002 Responses of ankle extensor and flexor motoneurons to transcranial magnetic stimulation. EMG, MEPs, PSTHs, TA, TMS
32  2001 A method for standardizing jaw displacements in the horizontal plane while recording single motor unit activity in the human lateral pterygoid muscle. LEDs, MIPT, TMD
33  2001 Supraspinal vs spinal sites of the antinociceptive action of the subtype-selective NMDA antagonist ifenprodil. DH, NMDA
34  2001 The role of the human lateral pterygoid muscle in the control of horizontal jaw movements. LP
35  2000 Antinociception and (R,S)-alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionic acid antagonism by gabapentin in the rat spinal cord in vivo. AMPA, NMDA
36  2000 Differential changes in corticospinal and Ia input to tibialis anterior and soleus motor neurones during voluntary contraction in man. MEPs, TMS
37  2000 Mapping motor cortex projections to single motor units in humans with transcranial magnetic stimulation. CMs, PERs, TMS
38  2000 Quantitative analysis of reflex inhibition in single motor units in human masseter muscle: effects of stimulus intensity. AP, ISIs
39  1999 Decomposition of multiunit electromyographic signals. EMG
40  1999 Modulation of an inhibitory reflex in single motor units in human masseter by tonic painful stimulation. EMG, IPSP, ISI
41  1997 A new method for eliciting and studying H-reflexes in the human masseter. EMG
42  1995 Effects of premotion silent period on single motor unit firing at initiation of a rapid contraction. PMSP
43  1994 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH)-induced facilitation of spinal neurotransmission: a role for NMDA receptors. TRH
44  1991 Recording single motor unit activity of human nasal muscles with surface electrodes: applications for respiration and speech. ---
45  1990 The estimation of motor unit twitch tensions in the human masseter muscle by spike-triggered averaging. STA, STMTs
46  1989 Location of needle electrode recording sites in the human masseter muscle by magnetic resonance imaging. EMG
47  1989 Reflex inhibition in single motor units of the human lateral pterygoid muscle. EMG
48  1987 Changes in voice fundamental frequency following discharge of single motor units in cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles. EMG
49  1987 Sural nerve stimulation and motor control of tibialis anterior muscle in spastic paresis. ---
50  1984 Single motor-unit control by normal and cerebral-palsied males. ---
51  1983 Firing profile of diaphragm single motor unit during hypercapnia and airway occlusion. EIL, FRC, NSPB
52  1976 Analysis of five tests commonly used in determining the ability to control single motor units. ---
53  1976 Effects of a specific ecutaneous cold stimulus on single motor unit activity of medial gastrocnemium muscle in man. ---