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Long Form:   soleus muscle
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Evaluating the correlation of the impairment between skeletal muscle and heart using MRI in a spontaneous type 2 diabetes mellitus rhesus monkey model. GAS, HC, MRI, SMBF, SMOEF, T2DM, TA
2020 Influence of different knee and ankle ranges of motion on the elasticity of triceps surae muscles, Achilles tendon, and plantar fascia. LG, MG, PF
2020 Remarkable Homeostasis of Protein Sialylation in Skeletal Muscles of Hibernating Daurian Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus dauricus). SAalpha2-3Gal
2020 Strenuous Acute Exercise Induces Slow and Fast Twitch-Dependent NADPH Oxidase Expression in Rat Skeletal Muscle. NADPH, RG, ROS, WG
2020 Training counteracts DEX-induced microvascular rarefaction by improving the balance between apoptotic and angiogenic proteins. Bcl-2, CD, DEX, eNOS, VEGF, VEGFR2
2019 Differences in the strain applied to Achilles tendon fibers when the subtalar joint is overpronated: a simulation study. AT, LG, MG
2019 Effects of Leg Motor Imagery Combined With Electrical Stimulation on Plasticity of Corticospinal Excitability and Spinal Reciprocal Inhibition. ES, MEP, MI, TA, TA
2019 Noninvasive technique to evaluate the muscle fiber characteristics using q-space imaging. TA
2018 Activation of adiponectin receptors has negative impact on muscle mass in C2C12 myotubes and fast-type mouse skeletal muscle. AdipoR1, EDL, Pla
10  2017 Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes and Pathways for Myofiber Characteristics in Soleus Muscles between Chicken Breeds Differing in Meat Quality. DEGs, GO, QY
11  2017 Muscle Shear Moduli Changes and Frequency of Alternate Muscle Activity of Plantar Flexor Synergists Induced by Prolonged Low-Level Contraction. ---
12  2017 Remarkable plasticity of Na+, K+-ATPase, Ca2+-ATPase and SERCA contributes to muscle disuse atrophy resistance in hibernating Daurian ground squirrels. EDL, HLU, IBA, Post-H
13  2017 The twisted structure of the Achilles tendon unraveled: A detailed quantitative and qualitative anatomical investigation. AT
14  2016 Age-Related Changes in Sirtuin 7 Expression in Calorie-Restricted and Refed Rats. EDL, SCR, WAT
15  2016 Deletion of Mbtps1 (Pcsk8, S1p, Ski-1) Gene in Osteocytes Stimulates Soleus Muscle Regeneration and Increased Size and Contractile Force with Age. ---
16  2016 Ectopic Fat Deposition on Insulin Sensitivity: Correlation of Hepatocellular Lipid Content and M Value. EMCL, HCL, IGT, IMCL, NGT, T2DM, TA
17  2016 Effect of biological factors on successful measurements with skeletal-muscle (1)H-MRS. AT, DM
18  2016 Myostatin dysfunction is associated with reduction in overload induced hypertrophy of soleus muscle in mice. BEH, FO
19  2016 Neural adaptations to submaximal isokinetic eccentric strength training. EMG, H-reflex, MG, MVC
20  2016 Phase-dependent reversal of the crossed conditioning effect on the soleus Hoffmann reflex from cutaneous afferents during walking in humans. CS, TS
21  2016 Role of phosphodiesterase 4 expression in the Epac1 signaling-dependent skeletal muscle hypertrophic action of clenbuterol. AR, CaMKII, cAMP, CB, HDAC4, PDE4, TA, TL, WT
22  2015 Age-Related Differences in Muscle Shear Moduli in the Lower Extremity. RF
23  2015 Efflux of creatine kinase from isolated soleus muscle depends on age, sex and type of exercise in mice. CK
24  2015 Localized semi-LASER dynamic (31)P magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the soleus during and following exercise at 7T. GM, PCr, SNR
25  2015 The research on the formation mechanism of extraordinary oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle in hibernating ground squirrels (Spermophilus dauricus). C/F, CcO, CD, HIF-1alpha, VEGF
26  2015 The twisted structure of the human Achilles tendon. AT, LG, MG
27  2014 Changes in calpains and calpastatin in the soleus muscle of Daurian ground squirrels during hibernation. ---
28  2014 Effect of surface stiffness on the neural control of stretch-shortening cycle movements. MEPs, TMS
29  2014 Overexpression of leptin reduces the ratio of glycolytic to oxidative enzymatic activities without changing muscle fiber types in mouse skeletal muscle. CS, EDL, GAS, LDH, MHC, TA, Tg
30  2013 Autophagic flux and oxidative capacity of skeletal muscles during acute starvation. DIA, TA
31  2013 Characteristics of diffusion-weighted stimulated echo pulse sequence in human skeletal muscle. DWI, FA, GRE, SD, SE, STE, TA
32  2013 [Proton spectroscopy of the lower leg muscles before and after exercise]. Cho, Cr, CT, EMCL, Glc, IMCL, Lac, PRESS, TA, Tau, TMA, VOI
33  2012 On the ascent: the soleus operating length is conserved to the ascending limb of the force-length curve across gait mechanics in humans. F-L
34  2012 Soleus activity in post-stroke subjects: movement sequence from standing to sitting. CONTRA, EMGa, ipsi
35  2011 Attenuated fatigue in slow twitch skeletal muscle during isotonic exercise in rats with chronic heart failure. CHF
36  2011 Lower oxidative DNA damage despite greater ROS production in muscles from rats selectively bred for high running capacity. GAS, HCR, LCR
37  2011 Morning to evening changes of intramyocellular lipid content in dependence on nutrition and physical activity during one single day: a volume selective 1H-MRS study. EX, HC, IMCL, LC, TA
38  2011 Startle stimuli exert opposite effects on human cortical and spinal motor system excitability in leg muscles. AS, ISI, MEP, TMS
39  2011 [Study of lower extremity muscle function in stroke patients by velocity-encoded phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging]. BBS, MG, TA, VE-PC MRI
40  2010 Antioxidant treatment of hindlimb-unloaded mouse counteracts fiber type transition but not atrophy of disused muscles. HU, MHC-2A
41  2010 Effects of 3 days unloading on molecular regulators of muscle size in humans. FOXO, PI3K, ULLS, VL
42  2009 Changes in muscular lipids in unilateral isolated hypertrophy of gastrocnemius muscle can be revealed by 1H MR spectroscopy. GM, STEAM
43  2009 Effects of combined stretching and clenbuterol on disuse atrophy in rat soleus muscle. CB, CON, HU, ST
44  2008 Differential modulation of spinal and corticospinal excitability during drop jumps. EMG, MEPs, TMS
45  2008 Protein metabolism in slow- and fast-twitch skeletal muscle during turpentine-induced inflammation. CHTLA, EDL
46  2008 Short-term effects of dietary fat on intramyocellular lipid in sprinters and endurance runners. IMCL, TA
47  2008 Strenuous exercise-induced alterations of muscle fiber cross-sectional area and fiber-type distribution in steroid myopathy rats. ATPase, EDL
48  2007 Disuse of rat muscle in vivo reduces protein kinase C activity controlling the sarcolemma chloride conductance. Cl, HU
49  2007 Exercise type and muscle fiber specific induction of caveolin-1 expression for insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscle. EDL, GLUT4, IRbeta, SD
50  2006 Direct corticospinal pathways contribute to neuromuscular control of perturbed stance. LLR, MEP, TMS
51  2006 Effects of caffeine at different temperatures on contractile properties of slow-twitch and fast-twitch rat muscles. EDL
52  2006 Human skeletal muscle structure and function preserved by vibration muscle exercise following 55 days of bed rest. VL
53  2005 Acute and delayed neuromuscular adjustments of the triceps surae muscle group to exhaustive stretch-shortening cycle fatigue. EXP, ISOM, REBOUND, SSC
54  2005 Changes in triceps surae muscle architecture with sarcopenia. Lf, TS, VOL
55  2005 Effects of effort and EMG levels on short-latency stretch reflex modulation after varying background muscle contractions. AJT, EMG, pre-ISO, SLSR
56  2005 Effects of intermittent weight-bearing and clenbuterol on disuse atrophy of rat hindlimb muscles. CB, CON, EDL, HU, IWB
57  2005 Increased c-fos gene expression in alpha motoneurons in rat loaded hindlimb muscles with inclined locomotion. EMG, NY, PL
58  2004 Eccentric exercise prior to hindlimb unloading attenuated reloading muscle damage in rats. CON, EE, EEHUR, HU, HUR
59  2004 Fiber type-specific localization of monocarboxylate transporters MCT1 and MCT4 in rat skeletal muscle. EDL, MCTs
60  2004 Histochemical characterization of skeletal muscles in rats with photochemically-induced stroke. ---
61  2004 Induction of locomotor-like EMG activity in paraplegic persons by orthotic gait training. SCI
62  2004 Morphological changes in rat hindlimb muscle fibres during recovery from disuse atrophy. ---
63  2004 Muscle dysfunction during exercise of a single skeletal muscle in rats with congestive heart failure is not associated with reduced muscle blood supply. CHF
64  2004 The effect of the beta2-adrenoceptor agonist prodrug BRL-47672 on cardiovascular function, skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain, and MyoD expression in the rat. MHC
65  2003 Alterations in slow-twitch muscle phenotype in transgenic mice overexpressing the Ca2+ buffering protein parvalbumin. MHC, PV, Tg, WT
66  2003 Intramyocellular lipids: anthropometric determinants and relationships with maximal aerobic capacity and insulin sensitivity. IMCL, tib
67  2003 Somatosensory graviception inhibits soleus H-reflex during erect posture in humans as revealed by parabolic flight experiment. BGA, HG, MG, NG
68  2003 Transcranial magnetic stimulation over the cerebellum evokes late potential in the soleus muscle. EMG, TMS
69  2002 Diagnostic value of electrical stimulation of lumbosacral roots in lumbar spinal stenosis. EMG, LSS, RF, TA
70  2002 In vitro 1H-NMR spectroscopic analysis of metabolites in fast- and slow-twitch muscles of young rats. ANS, CAR, Crn, EDL, Lac, MM, Tau
71  2002 Somatosensory graviception inhibits the soleus H-reflex in standing man - a parabolic flight experiment-. BGA, MG, NG
72  2001 Differential expression and regulation of the PKA signalling pathway in fast and slow skeletal muscle. EDL, PKA
73  2001 Reflex response changes during hyper and microgravity. MEP
74  1999 Different metabolic adaptation of heart and skeletal muscles to moderate-intensity treadmill training in the rat. CS, EDL, FA, FABP, HAD, PFK
75  1999 Effects of long-term bed rest on H-reflex and motor evoked potential in lower leg muscles during standing. BR, Hmax, MEPs, Mmax, TA, TMS
76  1999 Experimental changes to limb muscles elicit contralateral reactions: the problem of controls EDL
77  1999 Influence of exercise on muscle fibers in rats with steroid myopathy. EDL
78  1999 Influence of motor activities on the release of transmitter quanta from motor nerve terminals in mice. CMP, DPH, EDL, RST
79  1999 The excitability of a motoneuron pool assessed by the H-reflex method is correlated with the susceptibility of Ia terminals to repetitive discharges in humans. MN
80  1999 [Morphological changes of muscle and capillary endothelial cells after aerobic exercise training under different temperature conditions]. EDL
81  1998 Changes in the excitability of soleus muscle short latency stretch reflexes during human hopping after 4 weeks of hopping training. EMG, H-reflex, MG, MSR, PCT, T-reflexes
82  1998 Effects of shaking on the sensitivity of neuromuscular transmission in vitro to d-tubocurarine and neomycin in mice. DPH, dTC, EDL, NMC
83  1997 Effects of feeding condition after birth on the sensitivity of neuromuscular transmission to d-tubocurarine in vitro in mice. DPH, dTC, EDL
84  1997 Quantitative ultrastructural evaluation of satellite cells in soleus muscle from rats kept in hypokinesia. RER, SC
85  1996 Excitatory drive to the alpha-motoneuron pool during a fatiguing submaximal contraction in man. EMG, Mmax, MUs, MVC, RMS
86  1995 Effect of a training session of endurance running on anserine and carnosine contents in fast and slow muscles of young rats. EDL
87  1995 Growth and immobilization effects on sarcomeres: a comparison between gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the adult rat. GM, PC
88  1994 Changes in potassium contractures due to simulated weightlessness in rat soleus muscle. EDL
89  1994 Effects of growth hormone on rat skeletal muscle after hindlimb suspension. EDL, GH, HS, rhGH
90  1994 Heteronymous recurrent inhibition from gastrocnemius muscle to soleus motoneurones in humans. GM, MNs
91  1994 Intracellular Na+ and K+ shifts induced by contractile activities of rat skeletal muscles. EDL
92  1994 Limited capacity for glyconeogenesis from alanine by diaphragm muscle. AlaAT, DIA, EDL, Gast
93  1993 Glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in normal and chronically active muscles. 3-MG, Dia, Gast
94  1992 Effects of arterial insufficiency on glucose uptake by fast and slow rat skeletal muscles. EDL
95  1992 Prevention of myonecrosis in mdx mice: effect of immobilization by the local tetanus method. EDL
96  1992 Tissue uptake of insulin and inulin in red and white skeletal muscle in vivo. EDL, PS, VE
97  1991 Effects of clofibrate on basal and insulin-activated glucose uptake in fast and slow skeletal muscles of rats. EDL
98  1990 Electromyogram power spectrum during dynamic contractions at different intensities of exercise. EMG, med, MU, PEMG, VM
99  1990 Inter-relationships among anticipatory EMG activity, Hoffmann reflex amplitude and EMG reaction time during voluntary standing movement. EMG, EMG-RT, SLOW-PFM
100  1989 Decrease of motoneuron excitability during stretching of the human soleus. AC, CR, MN