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Abbreviation:   SPP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   surface plasmon polariton
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Adjustable Propagation Length Enhancement of the Surface Plasmon Polariton Wave via Phase Sensitive Optical Parametric Amplification. dDFG, DFG, OPA, QPM
2018 Aluminum plasmonic waveguides co-integrated with Si3N4 photonics using CMOS processes. ---
2018 An Optical Fiber Refractive Index Sensor Based on the Hybrid Mode of Tamm and Surface Plasmon Polaritons. RI, TM, TPP
2018 Beam Steering Using Momentum-Reconfigurable Goubau Meta-Line Radiators. ---
2018 Broadband self-collimating phenomenon in a low-loss hybrid plasmonic photonic crystal. ---
2018 CMOS plasmonics in WDM data transmission: 200 Gb/s (8 25Gb/s) transmission over aluminum plasmonic waveguides. Al, BER, CMOS, NRZ, WDM
2018 Coherence lattices in surface plasmon polariton fields. ---
2018 Conjugation of Nanomaterials and Nematic Liquid Crystals for Futuristic Applications and Biosensors. NLCs
2018 Coupling of a light-emitting diode with surface plasmon polariton or localized surface plasmon induced on surface silver gratings of different geometries. LED, LSP, QWs
10  2018 Design of an Aluminum/Polymer Plasmonic 2D Crystal for Label-Free Optical Biosensing. FDTD
11  2018 Directional light beams by design from electrically driven elliptical slit antennas. ---
12  2018 Dual-polarized highly sensitive plasmonic sensor in the visible to near-IR spectrum. FEM, FOM, PCF, RI, RIU, SPR
13  2018 Efficient directional coupling from multilayer-graphene-based long-range SPP waveguide to metal-based hybrid SPP waveguide in mid-infrared range. EM
14  2018 Enhanced device performances of a new inverted top-emitting OLEDs with relatively thick Ag electrode. BEOLEDs, EML, HTL, TEOLEDs
15  2018 Enhancement of surface plasmon polariton excitation via feedback-based wavefront shaping. ---
16  2018 Enhancing the blinking fluorescence of single-molecule localization imaging by using a surface-plasmon-polariton-enhanced substrate. ---
17  2018 Graphene-based hybrid plasmonic waveguide for highly efficient broadband mid-infrared propagation and modulation. mid-IR
18  2018 Hybrid Plasmonic Microring Nano-Ruler. ---
19  2018 Insulator to metal transition induced by surface plasmon polaritons in VO2/Au thin films. IMT
20  2018 ITO-TiN-ITO Sandwiches for Near-Infrared Plasmonic Materials. ITO, NIR, TiN
21  2018 Photoinduced surface plasmon switching at VO2/Au interface. ---
22  2018 Selective Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy Employing Dual-Wavelength Nanofocused Ultrafast Plasmon Pulses. Al, CARS
23  2018 Spatial resolution versus contrast trade-off enhancement in high-resolution surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRI) by metal surface nanostructure design. SPRi
24  2018 Strong Exciton-Plasmon Coupling in Silver Nanowire Nanocavities. BFP
25  2018 Study of plasmonics in hybrids made from a quantum emitter and double metallic nanoshell dimer. FL
26  2018 Surface plasmon modes of nanomesh-on-mirror nanocavities prepared by nanosphere lithography. FDTD, MIM
27  2018 Toward broadband, dynamic structuring of a complex plasmonic field. ---
28  2018 Ultracompact Pseudowedge Plasmonic Lasers and Laser Arrays. ---
29  2018 Ultrafast imaging on the formation of periodic ripples on a Si surface with a prefabricated nanogroove induced by a single femtosecond laser pulse. ---
30  2017 Au Gratings Fabricated by Interference Lithography for Experimental Study of Localized and Propagating Surface Plasmons. LP
31  2017 Chip-integrated plasmonic cavity-enhanced single nitrogen-vacancy center emission. DLSPPW, NV
32  2017 Design and fabrication of hybrid SPP waveguides for ultrahigh-bandwidth low-penalty terabit-scale data transmission. BERs, OFDM, SOI, WDM
33  2017 Determination of the excitation rate of quantum dots mediated by momentum-resolved Bloch-like surface plasmon polaritons. ---
34  2017 Dual-channel extraordinary ultraviolet transmission through an aluminum nanohole array. EOT, SP, UV
35  2017 Effect of anisotropic electron momentum distribution of surface plasmon on internal photoemission of a Schottky hot carrier device. IQE
36  2017 Electrically driven monolithic subwavelength plasmonic interconnect circuits. CMOS, CNTs, OEIC, PIC, PV
37  2017 Extending the Frequency Range of Surface Plasmon Polariton Mode with Meta-Material. ---
38  2017 Giant Interatomic Energy-Transport Amplification with Nonreciprocal Photonic Topological Insulators. PTI
39  2017 High-efficiency chirality-modulated spoof surface plasmon meta-coupler. PB
40  2017 Imaging the Localized Plasmon Resonance Modes in Graphene Nanoribbons. GNRs, s-SNOM, SPR
41  2017 Multiplexed Holograms by Surface Plasmon Propagation and Polarized Scattering. ---
42  2017 Optical Momentum, Spin, and Angular Momentum in Dispersive Media. ---
43  2017 Plasmonic in-plane total internal reflection: azimuthal polarized beam focusing and application. TIR
44  2017 Plasmonic nano-printing: large-area nanoscale energy deposition for efficient surface texturing. ---
45  2017 Plasmonic plano-semi-cylindrical nanocavities with high-efficiency local-field confinement. LSPR, SCNS
46  2017 Polarization-switchable and wavelength-controllable multi-functional metasurface for focusing and surface-plasmon-polariton wave excitation. ---
47  2017 Quantifying Remote Heating from Propagating Surface Plasmon Polaritons. ---
48  2017 Radially polarized plasmonic vector vortex generated by a metasurface spiral in gold film. ---
49  2017 Reduction of radiation loss at small-radius bend using spoof surface plasmon polariton transmission line. TLs
50  2017 Selective dual-band metamaterial perfect absorber for infrared stealth technology. IR, LWIR, MIM, MP, MWIR
51  2017 Strongly coupled exciton-surface plasmon polariton from excited-subband transitions of single-walled carbon nanotubes. SWNTs
52  2017 Superanomalous Skin Effect for Surface Plasmon Polaritons. ---
53  2017 Surface plasmon induced direct detection of long wavelength photons. NEP, OMSM
54  2017 Surface Plasmon Polariton Interference in Gold Nanoplates. TAM
55  2017 Tailored plasmon-induced transparency in attenuated total reflection response in a metal-insulator-metal structure. ATR, PIT
56  2017 Tamm plasmon modes on semi-infinite metallodielectric superlattices. TPMs
57  2017 Ultralong propagation of a surface plasmon polariton wave within an ultrawide bandwidth via phase-sensitive optical parametric amplification. OPA
58  2017 Universal switching of plasmonic signals using optical resonator modes. ---
59  2016 A Low-loss Metasurface Antireflection Coating on Dispersive Surface Plasmon Structure. AR, MHA
60  2016 A semi-analytical decomposition analysis of surface plasmon generation and the optimal nanoledge plasmonic device. FDTD, RI, SPR
61  2016 Achromatic flat optical components via compensation between structure and material dispersions. MIM
62  2016 Attenuated total reflection response to wavelength tuning of plasmon-induced transparency in a metal-insulator-metal structure. ATR, MIM, MIMWG
63  2016 Characteristics of surface plasmon-polariton waves excited on 2D periodically patterned columnar thin films of silver. CTFs
64  2016 Design of hybrid structure for fast and deep surface plasmon polariton modulation. FOM
65  2016 Detuned Plasmonic Bragg Grating Sensor Based on a Defect Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguide. FEM, MIM
66  2016 Discontinuous Tapered Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguides with Gap. DTG-SPPWs, IMI-Ws, NTs, RT-IMI-W
67  2016 Electrostrictive Mechanism of Nanostructure Formation at Solid Surfaces Irradiated by Femtosecond Laser Pulses. LIPSSs
68  2016 Fabrication of 50-nm period gratings on GaN in air through plasmonic near-field ablation induced by ultraviolet femtosecond laser pulses. fs
69  2016 Family of graphene-assisted resonant surface optical excitations for terahertz devices. FP
70  2016 Giant Faraday Rotation of High-Order Plasmonic Modes in Graphene-Covered Nanowires. ---
71  2016 High-Operation-Temperature Plasmonic Nanolasers on Single-Crystalline Aluminum. ---
72  2016 Integratable quarter-wave plates enable one-way angular momentum conversion. AM, QWPs
73  2016 Large-Area High Aspect Ratio Plasmonic Interference Lithography Utilizing a Single High-k Mode. PR
74  2016 Near-field focus steering along arbitrary trajectory via multi-lined distributed nanoslits. ---
75  2016 On-chip sub-terahertz surface plasmon polariton transmission lines with mode converter in CMOS. GCPW, T-line
76  2016 Plasmonic polarization nano-splitter based on asymmetric optical slot antenna pairs. ---
77  2016 Plasmonic ridge waveguides with deep-subwavelength outside-field confinements. ---
78  2016 Plasmonic Zener tunneling in binary graphene sheet arrays. ZT
79  2016 Spoof surface plasmon polaritons based on ultrathin corrugated metallic grooves at terahertz frequency. ---
80  2016 Strongly enhanced ultraviolet emission of an Au@SiO2/ZnO plasmonic hybrid nanostructure. UV
81  2016 Subwavelength InSb-based Slot wavguides for THz transport: concept and practical implementations. CMOS, ITCs, THz
82  2016 Surface plasmon polariton beams from an electrically excited plasmonic crystal. FDTD, IET, NP, STM
83  2016 Transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect in active magneto-plasmonic structures. MP, TMOKE
84  2016 Tubular optical microcavities of indefinite medium for sensitive liquid refractometers. DM, IM, WGMs
85  2016 Ultrasensitive plasmonic sensing in air using optical fibre spectral combs. RIU
86  2016 Versatile and tunable surface plasmon polariton excitation over a broad bandwidth with a simple metaline by external polarization modulation. ---
87  2015 A simple method for generating unidirectional surface plasmon polariton beams with arbitrary profiles. ---
88  2015 Aluminum based structures for manipulating short visible wavelength in-plane surface plasmon polariton propagation. MIA
89  2015 An all-optical modulation method in sub-micron scale. ---
90  2015 Design of Circle Array Pattern for Transparent Nanomesh-Type Electrodes. FDTD, ITO
91  2015 Dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton crossing waveguides using multimode interference. DLSPPWs, MMI
92  2015 Efficient optical coupling in AlGaN/GaN quantum well infrared photodetector via quasi-one-dimensional gold grating. FEM, LSP, MQWs, QWIP
93  2015 Electrically-pumped plasmonic lasers based on low-loss hybrid SPP waveguide. LSI
94  2015 Flash-imprinting of intense femtosecond surface plasmons for advanced nanoantenna fabrication. ONAs
95  2015 Ge wetting layer increases ohmic plasmon losses in Ag film due to segregation. AFM, SE, XPS, XRD
96  2015 Laser induced periodic surface structure formation in germanium by strong field mid IR laser solid interaction at oblique incidence. ---
97  2015 On-chip sub-terahertz surface plasmon polariton transmission lines in CMOS. T-line
98  2015 Parametric characterization of surface plasmon polaritons at a lossy interface. ---
99  2015 Parity-time-symmetry breaking in double-slab surface-plasmon-polariton waveguides. DS
100  2015 Phase change dispersion of plasmonic nano-objects. ---