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Long Form:   sulforhodamine B
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 New insights into antiviral and cytotoxic potential of quercetin and its derivatives - A biochemical perspective. PB2, Q3G
2020 (20S)-Protopanaxadiol Ginsenosides Induced Cytotoxicity via Blockade of Autophagic Flux in HGC-27 Cells. HPLC, ROS, TEM
2020 Amino Alcohol Acrylonitriles as Activators of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Pathway: An Unexpected MTT Phenotypic Screening Outcome. ---
2020 Anti-Helicobacter pylori, Anti-Inflammatory, Cytotoxic, and Antioxidant Activities of Mace Extracts from Myristica fragrans. NO
2020 Assessment of the Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, and Antiproliferative Potential of Sideritis raeseri subps. raeseri Essential Oil. ABTS, DPPH, EO, HaCaT, MIC, MLC, NIC
2020 Cationic liposomes for generic signal amplification strategies in bioassays. ---
2020 Co-Prodrugs of 7-Ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin and Vorinostat with in Vitro Hydrolysis and Anticancer Effects. ---
2020 Engineered liposomes bearing camptothecin analogue for tumour targeting: invitro and ex-vivo studies. ADR, PDI, SA, TPT
2020 Fabrication of calcium phosphate composite polymer/SLS-stabilized emulsion-based bioactive gels and their application for dentine tubule occlusion. SLS
10  2020 Girdin interaction with vimentin induces EMT and promotes thegrowth and metastasis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. APE, EMT, PDAC
11  2020 High sensitivity of rat cardiomyoblast H9c2(2-1) cells to Gambierdiscus toxic compounds. ---
12  2020 Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles derived from mussel shells for in vitro cytotoxicity test and cell viability. BSA, FTIR, HA, hMSCs, HRTEM, SEM/EDX, XRD
13  2020 In Vitro Antibacterial and Antiproliferative Potential of Echinops lanceolatus Mattf. (Asteraceae) and Identification of Potential Bioactive Compounds. EL-EA
14  2020 In vivo and in vitro toxicological evaluations of aqueous extract from Cecropia pachystachya leaves. CAE-Cp, CGA, ISOO
15  2020 Influences of Hydrogen Bonding-Based Stabilization of Bolaamphiphile Layers on Molecular Diffusion within Organic Nanotubes Having Inner Carboxyl Groups. RB
16  2020 Isolation, Characterization and Preliminary Cytotoxic and Antifungal Evaluations of Novel Lancifoliate Isolated from Methanol Extract of Conocarpus lancifolius. MIC
17  2020 Knockdown of Ezrin inhibited migration and invasion of cervical cancer cells in vitro. mRNA, RT-PCR
18  2020 Knockdown of long noncoding RNA XIST mitigates the apoptosis and inflammatory injury of microglia cells after spinal cord injury through miR-27a/Smurf1 axis. BBB, Bcl-2, IL-6, LPS, miR-27a, SCI, Smurf1, TNF-alpha, XIST
19  2020 LAMA-1: A Cerebroside Isolated from the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Penicillium chrysogenum. ---
20  2020 Perisomalien A, a new cytotoxic scalarane sesterterpene from the fruits of Periploca somaliensis. ---
21  2020 Preparation of oridonin nanocrystals and study of their endocytosis and transcytosis behaviours on MDCK polarized epithelial cells. CLSM, DSC, MDCK, NC, ORI, ORI-NCs, XRD
22  2020 Promising Anticancer Effect of Aurisin A Against the Human Lung Cancer A549 Cell Line. Bcl-2, Cdk-4, EGFR, p-p38
23  2020 Protective anti-inflammatory activity of tovophyllin A against acute lung injury and its potential cytotoxicity to epithelial lung and breast carcinomas. 4-HNE, ALI, BALF, IL, LPS, MDA, NF-kappaB, SOD, TA, TNF-alpha
24  2020 Secondary Metabolites of Saussurea costus Leaf Extract Induce Apoptosis in Breast, Liver, and Colon Cancer Cells by Caspase-3-Dependent Intrinsic Pathway. ---
25  2020 Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Anticancer Studies of Morpholinyldithiocarbamato Cu(II) and Zn(II) Complexes. ---
26  2020 The anti-tumor activity of exopolysaccharides from Pseudomonas strains against HT-29 colorectal cancer cell line. EPSs
27  2020 The Dichloromethane Fraction of Vernonia cinerea Impart Pro-Apoptotic, Genotoxic, Cell Cycle Arrest, and Drug Efflux Inhibitory Effects in Human Adenocarcinoma Cells. AO-EB, MDR, MX, Rho-123, VC
28  2020 The Effects of Newly Synthesized Platinum(IV) Complexes on Cytotoxicity and Radiosensitization of Human Tumour Cells In Vitro. BAX, Bcl-2, BrdU
29  2020 The Fluorescence Property of Zirconium-Based MOFs Adsorbed Sulforhodamine B. ACQ, Zr-MOFs
30  2020 UiO-66 derivate as a fluorescent probe for Fe3+ detection. ACQ, MOFs
31  2019 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole Schiff Bases: Design, Synthesis, Antimicrobial Studies and Anticancer Activity on HCT-116 Cell Line. ---
32  2019 3-photon fluorescence imaging of sulforhodamine B-labeled elastic fibers in the mouse skin in vivo. 2 PM, 3PM
33  2019 4-(2-(1H-Benzo[d]imidazol-2-ylthio)acetamido)-N-(substituted phenyl)benzamides: design, synthesis and biological evaluation. 2-MBI, DHFR
34  2019 4-(4-Bromophenyl)-thiazol-2-amine derivatives: synthesis, biological activity and molecular docking study with ADME profile. ---
35  2019 A high-throughput ratiometric method for imaging hypertrophic growth in cultured primary cardiac myocytes. NRVMs
36  2019 A human skin high-throughput formulation screening method using a model hydrophilic drug. FC, HTS
37  2019 A kinase inhibitor screen identifies a dual cdc7/CDK9 inhibitor to sensitise triple-negative breast cancer to EGFR-targeted therapy. EGFR, TKIs, TNBC
38  2019 A novel BMI-1 inhibitor QW24 for the treatment of stem-like colorectal cancer. CIC, LDA
39  2019 Abalone Collagen Extracts Potentiate Stem Cell Properties of Human Epidermal Keratinocytes. AC, EGF, KSCs, MTT
40  2019 Ageritin from poplar mushrooms: scale-up purification and cytotoxicity towards undifferentiated and differentiated SH-SY5Y cells. RA
41  2019 An In Vitro Protocol for Evaluating MicroRNA Levels, Functions, and Associated Target Genes in Tumor Cells. 3'UTR, miRNAs, mRNAs, PCR
42  2019 Anticancer Activity of Water-Soluble Olsalazine-PAMAM-Dendrimer-Salicylic Acid-Conjugates. UV
43  2019 Antiproliferative Activity and Characterization of Metabolites of Aspergillus nidulans: An Endophytic Fungus from Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn. Against Three Human Cancer Cell Lines. ---
44  2019 Antipsoriatic potential of Annona squamosa seed oil: An in vitro and in vivo evaluation. ASO, CP
45  2019 Biodentine™ Boosts, WhiteProRootMTA Increases and Life Suppresses Odontoblast Activity. DSP, MTA, MTT, PCR
46  2019 Cell Cycle Arrest in Different Cancer Cell Lines (Liver, Breast, and Colon) Induces Apoptosis under the Influence of the Chemical Content of Aeluropus lagopoides Leaf Extracts. ---
47  2019 CtIP contributes to non-homologous end joining formation through interacting with ligase IV and promotion of TMZ resistance in glioma cells. CtIP, DSBR, HR, NHEJ, TMZ
48  2019 Design, synthesis and biological profile of heterocyclic benzimidazole analogues as prospective antimicrobial and antiproliferative agents. ---
49  2019 Design, Synthesis and Therapeutic Potential of Some 6, 6'-(1,4- phenylene)bis(4-(4-bromophenyl)pyrimidin-2-amine)analogues. ---
50  2019 Design, Synthesis, and Cytotoxic Activity of 3-Aryl-N-hydroxy-2-(sulfonamido)propanamides in HepG2, HT-1080, KB, and MCF-7 Cells. ---
51  2019 Development and characterization of PLGA nanoparticles containing 1,3-dihydroxy-2-methylxanthone with improved antitumor activity on a human breast cancer cell line. DHMXAN
52  2019 Discovery of novel substituted N-(6-Chloro-3-cyano-4-phenyl-4H-chromen-2-yl)-2-(4-chloro-phenoxy)-acetamide for biphasic anticancer and anticonvulsant activities. GI50, MES, scMET
53  2019 Dual Glycation-Inflammation Modulation, DPP-IV and Pancraetic Lipase Inhibitory Potentials and Antiproliferative Activity of Novel Fluoroquinolones. AGEs, DPP-IV, FQs, PL, TFQs
54  2019 Effect of single and multiple doses of low-level laser therapy on viability and proliferation of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED). CV, LLL, SHED, TBE
55  2019 Effect of the botanical formula LCS101 on the anti-cancer effects of radiation therapy. ROS
56  2019 Efficient Enhancement of Electron Transport and Collection Capability in PTB7:PC71 BM-based Solar Cells Enabled by Sulforhodamine Cathode Interlayers. CILs, PCE, PSCs, SR101, WF
57  2019 Extraction, Chemical Composition, and Anticancer Potential of Origanum onites L. Essential Oil. OOEO
58  2019 Garcixanthone A, a new cytotoxic xanthone from the pericarps of Garcinia mangostana. ---
59  2019 Graphene oxide-l-arginine nanogel: A pH-sensitive fluorouracil nanocarrier. ---
60  2019 Highly oxygenous trichilin-type limonoids from Trichilia sinensis. ---
61  2019 Immunoliposome-based fluorometric patulin assay by using immunomagnetic nanoparticles. BSA
62  2019 Improvement of the Anticancer Activity of Chlorambucil and Ibuprofen via Calix[4]arene Conjugates. ---
63  2019 In vitro activity of resorcinarene-chlorambucil conjugates for therapy in human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells. ---
64  2019 In-silico molecular design of heterocyclic benzimidazole scaffolds as prospective anticancer agents. ---
65  2019 Incorporating N-acetylcysteine and tricalcium phosphate into epoxy resin-based sealer improved its biocompatibility and adhesiveness to radicular dentine. beta-TCP, NAC
66  2019 Influence of mechanical fluid shear stress on the osteogenic differentiation protocols for Equine adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells. ALP, ALP, ARS, ASCs, BM, Col1, FSS, OC, ODM, OP
67  2019 Isolation of a New Sesquiterpene Lactone From Vernonia Zeylanica (L) Less and its Anti-Proliferative Effects in Breast Cancer Cell Lines. ---
68  2019 Isolation, Solid-state Structure Determination, In Silico and In Vitro Anticancer Evaluation of an Indole Amino Acid Alkaloid L-Abrine. ---
69  2019 Lapatinib sensitivity in nasopharyngeal carcinoma is modulated by SIRT2-mediated FOXO3 deacetylation. MEFs, NPC, P-FOXO3
70  2019 Long-Term Vemurafenib Exposure Induced Alterations of Cell Phenotypes in Melanoma: Increased Cell Migration and Its Association with EGFR Expression. EGFR, EMT, MITF, qRT-PCR
71  2019 Mangostanaxanthone VIII, a new xanthone from Garcinia mangostana and its cytotoxic activity. ---
72  2019 Ovatodiolide inhibits the oncogenicity and cancer stem cell-like phenotype of glioblastoma cells, as well as potentiate the anticancer effect of temozolomide. GBM, Ova
73  2019 PEGylated doped- and undoped-TiO2 nanoparticles for photodynamic Therapy of cancers. HeLa, PEG, UV
74  2019 Potential in vitro anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities of ethanolic extract of Baliospermum montanum root, its major components and a validated HPLC method. HPLC, NO
75  2019 Rhus and Safflower Extracts as Potential Novel Food Antioxidant, Anticancer, and Antimicrobial Agents Using Nanotechnology. DPPH, TEM
76  2019 Screening of In Vitro Health Benefits of Tangerine Tomatoes. ABTS, FRAP, NOD2, red, TLR
77  2019 Sonochemically N-functionalized graphene oxide towards optically active photoluminescent bioscaffold. APD, N-f-GrO, PL
78  2019 Standardization, anti-carcinogenic potential and biosafety of Indianpropolis. CAPE, DLA, EEIP, HPLC, IP
79  2019 Sustained release of a model water-soluble compound via dry powder aerosolizable acetalated dextran microparticles. Ac-DEX, MP
80  2019 Synthesis and anticancer activity of 3'-[4-fluoroaryl-(1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)]-3'-deoxythymidine analogs and their phosphoramidates. HDF, HeLa
81  2019 Synthesis and biological assay of new 2'-deoxyuridine dimers containing a 1,2,3-triazole linker. Part I. HeLa
82  2019 Synthesis and in vitro anticancer activity of new gemcitabine-nucleoside analogue dimers containing methyltriazole or ester-methyltriazole linker. HeLa
83  2019 Synthesis, molecular modelling and biological significance of N-(4-(4-bromophenyl) thiazol-2-yl)-2-chloroacetamide derivatives as prospective antimicrobial and antiproliferative agents. ---
84  2019 Vernolactone Promotes Apoptosis and Autophagy in Human Teratocarcinomal (NTERA-2) Cancer Stem-Like Cells. ABTS, DPPH, FRAP
85  2018 alpha-Chaconine and alpha-Solanine Inhibit RL95-2 Endometrium Cancer Cell Proliferation by Reducing Expression of Akt (Ser473) and ERalpha (Ser167). ER
86  2018 Anti-cancer activity of asiatic acid against human cholangiocarcinoma cells through inhibition of proliferation and induction of apoptosis. CCA, mRNA, PCR, PI
87  2018 Anticancer activity of chlorhexidine and cranberry extract: an in-vitro study. CE, CHX
88  2018 Anticancer potential of novel curcumin analogs towards castrate-resistant prostate cancer. CRPC, mTOR, NF
89  2018 Anticancer Profiling for Coumarins and Related O-Naphthoquinones from Mansonia gagei against Solid Tumor Cells In Vitro. P-gp, PTX
90  2018 Anticancer, antimicrobial and antioxidant potential of sterically tuned bis-N-heterocyclic salts. BSLB, MRSA
91  2018 Antiproliferative Activity of Extracts of Campomanesia adamantium (Cambess.) O. Berg and Isolated Compound Dimethylchalcone Against B16-F10 Murine Melanoma. DMC, NO
92  2018 Bioactive components and mechanisms of Chinese poplar propolis alleviates oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced endothelial cells injury. EACP, HUVECs, MMP, oxLDL, ROS
93  2018 Biotoxicological Analyses of Trimeroside from Baccharis trimera Using a Battery of In Vitro Test Systems. CBMN-Cyt
94  2018 Chemical Composition and Evaluation of the Biological Properties of the Essential Oil of the Dietary Phytochemical Lippia citriodora. ABTS, DPPH
95  2018 Cholesterol modulates the liposome membrane fluidity and permeability for a hydrophilic molecule. Chol, DPPC, DSA, REV
96  2018 Comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals adriamycin-induced apoptosis via p53 signaling pathway in retinal pigment epithelial cells. ADR, p-CHK2, pChk1, PI, PVR
97  2018 Corticoids modulate liposome membrane fluidity and permeability depending on membrane composition and experimental protocol design. Chol, DPPC, DSA, REV
98  2018 Demethoxycurcumin-Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticle Downregulates DNA Repair Pathway to Improve Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. CHC, DMC, DMC-CHC NPs, ERCC1, NSCLC, TP
99  2018 Designed Functional Dispersion for Insulin Protection from Pepsin Degradation and Skeletal Muscle Cell Proliferation: In Silico and In Vitro Study. ---
100  2018 Effect of beta-Eudesmol on NQO1 suppression-enhanced sensitivity of cholangiocarcinoma cells to chemotherapeutic agents. 5-FU, CCA, DOX, NQO1